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The 70 Hottest Babes of 2008, pt. 7: 10-1

10. Keeani Lei- - I will be damned if Keeani is not one of the cutest and fucking hottest porn babes out there. A skater, surfer, and video gamer there is more to this Asian/ Latina than being just another porno cutie. Plus, her vid of her playing Guitar Hero is one of my fav virals of the whole year!

9. Megan Fox- - One of the sexiest actresses in all of Hollywood, Megan Fox's hype is well founded. Earlier in the year nude pics (OK, she is in a see-through body suit, but I digress) from her upcoming horror flick, Jennifer's Body from Juno screenwriter, and fellow hottie, Diablo Cody, popped up online. Thus, further cementing her as an Internet, and starting with her star turning role in last year's Transformers, and geek fav. Her recent interview in GQ revealed that she has a thing for Olivia Wydle and Jenna Jameson. Tats, black hair, gorgeous eyes, a beautiful face, and body that just screams SEX, this babe has it all (though loses points for dating Brian Austin Green). And, remember kids, next year she will also be in Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. So, 2009 could be even bigger for her, and in turn, for us!

8. Tila Tequila- - She is still, the most popular person on myspace. Meanwhile, the second season of her reality TV show, A Shot at Love with Tila Tequila, proved to be even more wild than last season, and while she did not find true love, she did put out a book. And, Ms. Tequila went on an autograph tour meeting and signing her book for her legion of fans. In fact, meeting her was one of the highlights of 2008 for me.

7. Gail Kim- - She might have lost her TNA Knockouts belt, but she still proved to be the most talented, and to me, the most beautiful babe, currently, in all of wrestling. She is not in TNA anymore, and her fans anxiously await her in ring return. But, thank God TNA released the highly recommended, by yours truly, Knocked Out DVD to remind us of the kick ass and quality matches this Korean/ Canadian babe can put on.

6. Jamie Chung- - While, the mini-series Samurai Girl may have mostly crap, Jamie's presence and irresistible beauty made it, for me anyway, a must watch. Next year could be a break out year for this unbelievably gorgeous honey, as she has roles in the DragonBall Z movie and the remake of House on Sorority Row (now called simply Sorority Row). I hope more notice the amazing goddess that she is.

5. Vicky Vette- - One of the most beautiful MILFs on God's green Earth, Vicky is also really smart and fan friendly, which truly sets her miles apart from just about any woman, in any aspect of the entertainment business. The shapely Viking babe with stunning blue eyes gives blistering performances and won this year's Booble contest, thanks to her loyal (and deservedly so) fan following. Their votes made her beat Tera Patrick! And, remember she is 43 years old! Vicky is just, simply put, truly, truly amazing!

4. Audrina Patridge- - I hate The Hills as much as anything, but it has contributed one good thing to the world: Audrina Patridge. She far outshines the boring, vapid, and interchangeable blonde bitches that fester on that waste of air space. Audrina has one the most beautiful pairs of eyes on this planet and a killer body. And, just to remind us of how hot her body is Maxim magazine had her, this year, in one of their best shoots ever! Shes joins fellow top 10er (on this list) babe, Jamie Chung, in next year's Sorority House, making that one of the few remakes I actually give a flying fuck about.

3. Grace Park- - The first half (the second half comes in January) of the last season of Battlestar Galatica aired earlier this year, and fans could not have been happier. Aside, from being the greatest sci-fi show, ever, it has plethora of hotties. The hottest of which is this Korean/ Canadian babe, who might just be THE single, most beautiful woman in all of TV. Not convinced? Well then go look for her sexy pics in Complex magazine, which ranks, easily, as one of my fav non-nude photo shoots of the year.

2. Joanna Angel- - Joanna has appeared on G4's Attack of the Show, continued making her company Burning Angel the fucking greatest porn company ever, gave hot as hell performances, made great in person appearances (including a book signing in NYC and Exxxotica NY), and acted in interactive horror DVD Slumber Part Slaughterhouse making this another great year for a girl who is pretty much my dream come true. Cool, sexy, friendly, smart, fun, down-to-earth, sweet, hot as the fiery pits of hell, very, very few women can even compare to the porn punk princess, herself!

1. Gianna Lynn- - Of all the people I have interviewed (including Rob Zombie), Gianna is my favorite. She gave me great answers and came off so smart and sweet. The result is what I believe to be, and others have told me the same thing, my best interview so far. So, meeting her, in person, at Exxxotica NY was an extra awesome pleasure. She is, without a shadow of a doubt, my favorite star that I met that day. Sweet, personable, and, of course, gorgeous, it was a true pleasure. Beyond that, this year, she starred in various porno flicks, including Predator II: The Return, which I consider one of the best all girl films, I ever seen, as well as one of the best looking porno films of the year. And, you know what? I predict that next year will be an even better for one of the world's most truly beautiful women.

Well, that's the end guys. I hope you enjoyed my list of babes. May next year bring us more hotties and good things, all around. Remember to drink a lot but stay safe, as I wish you all a VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR'S!!!!!!!!!

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The 70 Hottest Babes of 2008, pt. 6: 20-11

20. Katsuni- - The performance of this stunning Digital Playground contract girl in Pirates: Stagnotti's Revenge was classic. She has a truly exotic look, what with her Asian good looks, French accent, and smoking hot body (THAT ass!!!). Throw in the fact that she smolders in all of her scenes, and you have a porn babe to die for!

19. Sasha Grey- - It has been an AMAZING year for Sasha. She appeared in Pirates: Stagnotti's Revenge, and she proved to be one of the coolest actresses at the premiere edition of Exxxocita NY. But, her biggest accomplishment came when she was chosen to star in Steven Soderbergh's next movie, The Girlfriend Experience! Her blogs, on her myspace, about shooting it in New York City have proven to be some of the best I ever read. Weigh in the fact that she has shot some pretty nasty porn, and yet is breaking into the mainstream, and this marks a HUGE moment for this natural beauty. I think the future is very bright for Ms. Grey!

18. Asa Akira- - She is fairly new to the business, but she is already got my and other fellow porn fans' attention. This gorgeous New Yorker was a real pleasure to meet at Exxxotica NY and earns even more kudos from me cause, cause of her great attitude, beautiful looks, and the fact that she knows how to spell my Italian name, without any help (trust me when I say this something, cause people always ask ho to spell Giovanni)!

17. Flower Tucci- - One of the greatest performers in ALL of porn this breath-taking vision of beauty has one of the greatest asses that God has ever bestowed on a woman. She also excels in her scenes proving to be nasty, sexy, and gorgeous in all the stuff she shoots. Plus, she is one of the best squirters, EVER! But, beyond all that she is very sweet and good to her fans, as proven by her staying for a two autographs more (including mine!) at Exxxotica NY.

16. Josie Lee- - If ever there was a woman who leaves me speechless at the sight of her, it is this truly gorgeous and captivating model. Combine that with how sweet and down-to-earth she was at Chiller this October, and you have a woman who deserves the most amount of success imaginable.

15. Alexis Amore- - The Peruvian Princess herself, Alexis is one of the sexiest and hottest Latina porn stars, ever. But beyond that, she has a really great attitude towards her fans and is a total sweetie, as proven by, when I met her this year at Exxxotica NY.

14. Adrenalynn- - Tattoo artist, porn star, and all around hottie, this busty and exotic babe is one of my personal fav porn stars around. Not all does she exude sexiness, but she has a great attitude and is probably one of the coolest chicks in the biz!

13. Michelle Maylene- - This French/ Filipino babe is one hell of a hot and gorgeous, porn babe, but she gets lots of coolness points from me this year for doing her kick ass news reports on the AVN website.

12. Isabella Leong- - It's a shame that this babe has been in some rather crappy genre films like The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor and The Eye 3 (which only came to DVD this year in the US) because not only she so beautiful that she can distract you from the movie you are watching (which is a good thing considering how crappy those aforementioned movies were), but she is a highly talented actress. I truly hope she goes to get more roles, cause she would be a breath of fresh air in a Hollywood overrun by annoying, interchangeable, untalented, overrated, and stupid actresses.

11. Jenna Haze- - Aside from being one of the premiere porn babes in the world (including appearing in Pirates: Stagnotti's Revenge), the naturally beautiful Latin/ Caucasian honey did a short for James Gunn this year, and is gonna be in of his PG-Porn shorts. Aside from being sexy as hell, she is an avid fan of horror and gore movies (hence her work with Gunn), this makes her a horror fan's dream cum true!

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The 5 Best Christmas Horror Movies Ever

Before I start this list, let me begin by saying that Nightmare Before Christmas is not on this list. I mention this because I have seen a couple of horror websites have that film listed it as part of their Holiday list of films. While, I love that movie and it does show a definite love for all things goth and horror, I do not believe it to be a horror film. If I had a included it, it would have ranked in at number three.

OK, on to the list. I love horror films and Christmas, and so I REALLY love horror films that deal with Christmas. Why enjoy some sweet, nice movie with a bunch of bullshit happy feelings, when you can see a film filled with killer monsters, gore, murder, psychos, hot chicks, alcohol abuse, nudity, etc. Really! Makes no sense to me! Anyways, I hope this list helps you with some real quality holiday viewing!

5. - I am probably gonna get a lot of heat for listing this film, but so what? Yes, it is no where near the masterpiece the original was, but taking it as it's own film and judging it as simply a slasher film, this movie works. The plot is basically the same, a group of sorority babes are terrorized by a killer. But, there are many changes through out the film, enough so to stand on it's own and separate it from the original. Sure it ain't the smartest movie ever made, but films in this sub-genre rarely are. The back story given to Billy is both sleazy and silly. But, for the sake of this movie it does work. It moves at a nice pace, features a truly impressive cast of beautiful girls (including Final Destination 3's lovely Crystal Lowe who gets nude) and, in the unrated cut, some really nice bits of gore. I also liked the fact that the movie is set-up in a way where one does not know who the "final girl" will be; thus making for a who the fuck will die and who will survive bit of terror. In all. it is good, brain dead fun.

4. - A recent addition to the Christmas horror film, this suspenseful and well acted horror-thriller is a welcome, albeit over looked and underrated film. Still, I have seen more and more good reviews to this one pop-up, so hopefully it is catching on. A rather simple plot, really, a beautiful girl (Rachel Nichols) is the last to leave the NYC office building she works at. She finds herself locked inside of it and terrorized by the psychotic parking lot attendant (Wes Bentley) who has a sick obsession with her. Well plotted and directed the movie has some pretty intense moments and some very shocking bits of graphic gore. The chemistry between the the two leads is great and the lovely Ms. Nichols has, what maybe, the most amazing cleavage in horror film history.

3. - The most controversial and infamous of the list (although a couple of these movies have had their fair share of controversy) this nasty little slasher film had closed minded housewives protesting the movie upon it's release. It only helped in getting the film more attention and thus giving it a cult following way after it's initial release. Kid sees a crook dressed as Santa kill daddy and mommy (whom he makes sure to rip open her blouse and get topless before slitting her throat) and believes Santa punishes the naughty. When, he grows up he whacks bad kids while wearing a Santa outfit. The movie does a good job at using Christmas style decorations as creepy props and has a rather mean-spirited and "that's so wrong" feel to it. The acting is good enough and the plot is fairly well done for this type of film. It also features a nude Linnea Quigley, whose death on antlers is one of her career best, and some other rather unforgettable moments.

2. - One of the things that make this movie so great is that was made before horror hits like Halloween, When a Stranger Calls, or Friday the 13th. The simple story of a group of sorority sisters being terrorized by an unknown killer works because of many factors. First off the acting of the all involved is great, and unlike so many slasher films, it makes us care for the characters. Margot Kidder's classic role of the drunken hottie inspires many a memorable moment. The film is also very suspenseful and has some thoroughly creepy moments. And, while there are some violent deaths, like Halloween or The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, it is very restrained in it's blood spillage. The final shot ranks as one of horror's creepiest moments, ever.

1. - Kid gets a cute and cuddly creature for Christmas. But, he has to follow the rules in order to take care of him. Of course, they are broken and all hell breaks loose when killer, little monsters are unleashed on the town. At the time it came out it caused lots of controversy thanks to it's graphic violence (for a PG rated film!) and, along with Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, it helped give birth to the PG-13 rating. But, as is typical with the horror genre, it also inspired a shitload of little monster movies that ranged form good (Critters) to terrible (Hobgoblins, The Ghoulies movies, etc. But, this movie worked because with Joe (The Howling) Dante in the director's chair the movie manages to be funny, scary, cute, touching, highly enjoyable, and violent (see the various gory deaths of the evil little gremlins). Plus, the cast is great and the characters wonderful. And, how can you not have a crush on Phoebe Cates? This film holds such a special place in my heart, as it was perhaps the first horror film, I was totally obsessed with. That and to this very day, I wish I had a pet Gizmo! He is so damn cute!

Anyway, I wish all my readers HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

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No Man's Land: Asian Edition 3

Title: No Man's Land: Asian Edition 3
Studio: Video Team
Cast: Fujiko Kano, Jade Marcella, Mia Smiles, Tia Son, Envy Mi, Bamboo, Cheryl D., and Kianna Dior

A beautiful, rich lover of the arts (Jade Marcella) asks a gorgeous "acquisitions expert" (Cheryl D., also known as Cheryl Dynasty and Cheryl Lynn Khan) to get her a book on lesbian erotic poems from Ancient Greece away from the Velvet Mafia a secret group of rich, Asian lesbians.

No Man's Land always delivers the goods, and they most certainly do just that in this third installment in their excellent series. This one features a cast that is fucking awesome!

The first scene has the absolutely gorgeous Jade Marcella in bed with the lovely Tia Son. It's a good scene and a nice way to prepare you for what will be a movie that will have you going through boxes of tissues before it is over.

It's the next scene that is the best, though. Our lovely heroine goes to talk to one of the members of the Velvet Mafia, the extremely cute and yummy Mia Smiles. She is being messaged by two gorgeous babes, by way of cover girl Fujiko Kano (here just under her first name) and Envy Mi (gotta love that name!). Soon, as would be expected, the girls begin to have sex with Mia, and it turns into a smoldering three-way. This scene is so sexy, that even before it actually gets started there is an air of sexiness that just drips forth from the screen. It is an excellent scene that you will want to return to in a future viewing, trust me.

In fact the film keeps a sexy feeling through it's duration, in much part thanks to it's amazing, awe inspiring cast. The owner of the book (the gorgeous Kianna Dior, here using only her first name) is into S&M, and gets it on with her beautiful slave (Bamboo). This another fucking nuclear hot scene, as I love the way Kianna dominates Bamboo. Seeing them dressed in fetish wear and doing the whole role-playing thing is hot as fuck!

Having gotten the book, Cheryl now begins to read it at her house. She soon begins to touch herself in a yummy moment. It leads to her fantasizing about Fujiko. I love the way it cuts between her fantasy, and she playing with herself. Cheryl is just so fucking cute and sexy. To bad this Vietnamese babe is no longer making movies cause I seriously love her. Combining her with Japanese goddess Fujiko, who has supermodel good looks, is a great idea. God bless the makes of this film!

Finally, the movie ends on a super, high note, as two of my favs get it on. Jade returns and seduces Cheryl, who is now clearly been convinced as to why girls should love other girls. On a side note, I wish this book really existed and could convince hot girls to being into other hot girls. I would totally be up for every hot babes everywhere getting one! Anyways, back to the scene. The kissing at the begin makes for a smoldering start to what is the second best scene in the film. I was waiting for these two to get it on since I first saw them talk to each other at an earlier part of the movie. And, this scene does not disappoint. It, and just this porno, as a whole, really pleases my Asian fever.

I liked the extras, too. There is a photo shoot for the cover, featuring Fujiko and Jade. God, I love both these girls, and their attitude is so sexy that it makes this totally worth watching. Oh, and the fact that they get nude helps, too! I would have loved to see Jade (who I simply adore) being on the cover with Fujiko, but that is a weak complaint consider how fucking good this movie is.

The behind the scenes has interviews with all the girls. We learn a little about each girl. They all act sexy, when they are interviewed on camera. In the case of Bamboo and Fujiko, I just simply LOVE their accents! In all, this is more good stuff that will have your eyes popping out of your head. Four trailers to other entries in the No Man's Land series are also included.

The sound and picture are excellent. So, if you, like me, love Asians and lesbians, then this movie is one you have to own. A stroke-a-lific masterpiece all the way!

4 out of 4 Woodies

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Reviews of THE WICKED, FLOWER & SNAKE, and Lots of J-Horror

I have shitload of new reviews up at the Gorezone.net, including horror/ porn hybrid THE WICKED and the 2004 version of Japanese S&M shocker FLOWER & SNAKE.

Also, check out reviews for the first two installments in J-horror series Eko Eko Azarak:



and yet another J-horror film in the form of CURSED.

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Tight & Asian 7

Title: Tight & Asian 7
Studio: Devil's Films
Cast: Gianna Lynn, Mika Tan, Veronica Lynn, Kaila Lynn, and Mya Luanna

This excellent gonzo flick starts off with a bang by having the best scene be the first one. The beautiful Mika Tan, whose ass should be worshiped by all straight men, gets fucked and fucked good by some dude. She gives great head and takes it up the ass like a champ. The scene is nasty and sexy, and Mika is so damn hot that your DVD player might actually melt. This scene will make you go through tissues like the Juggernaut goes through walls. An awesome facial ends things on a super high note. Perfect!

Next up is the lovely Veronica Lynn (here only called Veronica). She hangs out by a pool and is then joined by some dude. Soon, another dude joins in. She gets fucked rotisserie style, in a very good scene. Veronica is stunning to look and a good performer. The money shot has one dude blasting on her face and the other on her vag.

The third scene has the very sexy Kaila Lynn in a one fucking VERY good scene. Kayla is fucking gorgeous and has a killer body. A good performance that ends with her not only taking the load in her mouth but pushing the droplets with her finger into her mouth, then swallowing it all! I was pretty much ready ask this woman to marry me at this point!

As always, Mya Luanna proves that she is one of the sexiest babes in the biz. I absolutely love the way she talks to the camera, as the scene starts. This girl is so fucking hot, that she probably cause fires just from walking! It's a damn good scene, too, one that matches her beauty and heat. She takes a nice facial to end it all.

The final scene has cover girl and my personal fav babe, Gianna Lynn (only called Gianna, here), once again reminding us why she is truly a goddess among goddesses. She has an ass and body to die for. This movie was shot early in her career, for those care to know such things. Anyway, she takes on two lucky guys, and in the end, gets a load on her beautiful face and another on her snatch.

This is a fucking killer, smoking hot, most have porno. It ranks as one of the hottest in the Asian subgenre, I have ever seen. It's quality stroke material all the way and as good as it gets.

The picture quality is excellent and the sound is kick ass. This one has some great fucking bass. The only extras are sexy stills of each of the beautiful actresses and trailers to other Devil's Film movies. I have to say that aside from maybe one movie, I don't I care to see ones.

4 out of 4 Woodies

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The 70 Hottest Babes of 2008, pt. 5: 30-21

30. Angelina Armani- - This tall, leggy, Russian New Yorker with supermodel good looks was formerly known as Ariana Armani, but now goes by Angelina Armani. She is Digital Playground's newest contract girl. She was also extremely sexy and cool when I met her at Exxxotica NY, this year. I have a feeling next will be huge for her!

29. Jandi Lin- - With sexy tattoos and a beautiful face this naturally stunning Asian porn goddess has rapid become one of my fav performers in the biz, today. She pretty much exudes sexuality from every pore in her body.

28. Kara Tai- - This Floridan goddess has, in a very short period of time, taken my heart. She is so beautiful and sexy, it is hard not love her. Besides, I think she has one of the coolest names I have seen in a while!

27. Camilla Belle- - I did not bother seeing her newest movie 10,000 B.C., but I ain't in no rush to do so, anyways. Still, she has one of the most beautiful faces in all of Hollywood. She is also a very talented actress. Totally underrated and I don't know why!

26. Sophia Bush- - The One Tree Hill actress has not been in any bad horror movies this year (unlike last year's The Hitcher and 2006's Stay Alive), but she is with a shadow of a doubt one of the most stunning, breath taking, awe-inspiring beauties to ever please our eyes.

25. Christine "ForBiddeN" Dolce- - This dream come true for rocker chick lovers is, along with Tila Tequila, one of the two most famous babes on all of myspace. Cool, sexy, beautiful, how in the fuck could you not be in love with her?

24. Grace Kim- - Playboy is guilty of boring me to tears with their interchangeable looking blonde bimbos. So thank God, for Grace Kim who is quite simply put the most beautiful Playmate in ages. She is a breath of fresh air. And, with her love of Guitar Hero, a nerd's wet-dream come true.

23. Kaylani Lei- - Wicked Pictures' beautiful contract star, Kaylani Lei, kicked major fucking ass, and showed how nice her ass is, in horror/ porno crossover The Wicked. She was also really cool and smart when I had the pleasure of interviewing her for the Gorezone.net, earlier this year.

22. Tiffany Shepis- - Perhaps the sexiest horror actress ever, Tiffany Shepis rules. And, she rules conventions she appears at, too, as proven by her two appearances at Chiller this year.

21. Alison Haislip- - The cutest, prettiest, yummiest girl on G4, Alison has become a fan favorite fast. She has a great attitude, and makes any appearance of hers on Attack of the Show or Whacked Out Videos worth watching.

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The New Duffs Is better than ever!

NOTE: Many of the pics are courtesy of my good friend Alan.

As I have said in the past, Duffs is my fav bar, ever. I missed the opening, but my friend, Alan, hit the new Duffs on Friday. The new locale is now at 168 Marcy Avenue, (Btwn. S 5th & Broadway), Williamsburg.

Anyways, The new place is bigger and better looking!
I was absolutely floored with how good it looks. Now, some have called the old Duffs a hole in the wall, but was, and always be, special to me. The new place is huge and NOT a hole in the wall, by any stretch of the word. There is ample room to move around and even seating in the back. The seating by beautiful, long, white bar is great.

As always there is memorabilia, both new and old, through out the bar.

This guitar is from Nergal of blackened-death metal masters Behemoth:

The jukebox is still the best in the world. I pretty much flipped out when I saw the amazing "Carcass- Heartwork" album was added to the box! That album is one of the first, and best, melodic-death metal albums, ever. Goddamn does this place rule!!!!!!!!!!!!

Of course you here to drink, and while there is no tap beer, the selection is still sweet as hell:

The bartenders are back, of course. So, Tracy and Laurie-Ann are there, and I will be damned if there are better and cooler bartenders on any place in this world!

The old place is still owned by Jimmy Duff but is now called the Bunker. They have new bartenders and has become more of a rock n' roll place as opposed to a metal joint.

So, I don't know how to say this, but get your fucking ass to the new Duffs if you ain't been there, yet. And, if you have then you know what I am talking about. And, you need to go back, like right fucking now. Or, when get out of work. Cause this place fucking rulz all!!!!!!!!!!!


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