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Tasha Reign & Her Pony Butt-Plugs at Exxxotica NJ 2013

All photography by Negative Pop 
Video shot by Pat Keenan
Video edited by Negative Pop

With the ever rising cult following of My Little Pony, it seemed inevitable that the adult industry wouldn't come up with something, even if just from pure inspiration. And, so we now we have crystal ponytail butt-plugs courtesy of beautiful adult star Tasha Reign. Awesomely, her line has been getting a lot of mainstream press, including, not surprisingly, other geek culture sites. So, earlier this month, at Exxxotica NJ I thought it was the perfect chance for her to tell us more about them.

You can order her buttt plugs at http://crystaldelights.com/ 

I would love to wish you all a very happy, safe, and fun Halloween!!!  


Interview: Jennifer Blanc-Biehn Talks The Night Visitor and The Girl

I got to interview the multifaceted Jennifer Blanc-Biehn on two upcoming movies that she is involved with, The Night Visitor and The Girl, and more for best-horror-movies.com. You can read it here: http://www.best-horror-movies.com/news?name=interview-jennifer-blancbiehn-talks-the-night-visitor-and-the-girl


We Talk to The Twisted Twins & WWE About See No Evil 2 at NYCC

I got to attend and cover the WWE Films press panel on See No Evil 2 at New York Comic Con (NYCC) for best-horror-movies.com. You can read it here:

Cannibal Holocaust: Still the Ultimate Extreme Horror Film

Last night I popped in Cannibal Holocaust for for what is my third viewing of it. Now, this film is never easy to view. Madness – Portrait of a Video Nasty, a Facebook group that every year in October, picks a horror them. You can watch any type of horror movie, but get more points for movies that fit the theme. This year it's films that were boycotted band IE stuff that was on England's video nasties list for example. I knew this one would get me a lot of points, and it had been a while since I visited it. Actually the last time was when I bought the DVD at a Chiller. I have to say I was absolutely repulsed by the film back then and still am. Now, there was a contest for on writing a essay on Cannibal Holocaust, but I never really got the chance to write it. Still, having just revisited this Tuesday night, I felt that it was time for me to write my thoughts.
to watch really. I sort of popped it in because of the fact that I'm part of the

Cannibal Holocaust basically tells the story of a the professor who goes into the Amazons searching for a group of documentary filmmakers. He has to gain the trust of these a cannibalistic tribe who seems scared and uncomfortable that he is there. But, he does, and he gets the film reels back with him to New York. He sits and watches it with the heads of the group which had sent these documentary filmmakers. As they watch the footage still they discover horrifying atrocities that were committed not by the cannibal tribe, but by these filmmakers.

In viewing the movie this time around, I decided that I needed to get rid of the animal violence. Thank God, the DVD gives you that option. I didn't use it upon the first viewing of the disc; which was actually the second time I had seen the movie. I felt it needed to revisit complete and uncut. It was still repellent to me. The violence against animals had bothered me ever since I first saw it on VHS ages ago on bootleg. The image cleaned up for DVD did not make it any better, for me. So this time around and any other time I revisit this film I will always watch the non-cruelty to animals version. Actually, the beginning of the DVD stated that both Robert Kirkman and the director/ writer Ruggero Deodato, had asked Grindhouse to remove it completely, but they wanted the film to be completely uncut. Which I support, it needs to be left up to you just how to watch this film. I never want to see those scenes of animal violence again: the snake, monkey, pig who gets shot, muskrat, etc. I could go on, but the most horrifying scene has to be the turtle getting mutilated. For God sakes, I wish Gamera came out of the water and got them for that.

Let's talk about the movie's merits. Without a shadow of a doubt, Cannibal Holocaust is the ultimate extreme horror film. There isn't any film that comes close to touching it. Yes, I have seen quite a few disturbing films like I Spit on Your Grave, Irreversible, Maniac, Nekromantik 1 and 2, etc. But, even the most extreme of these still don't reach the gut punch that Cannibal Holocaust does. It's a film that stays in your soul and your mind; it never leaves you. The images of horror in this film are truly disturbing. There is, even devoid of the aforementioned real animal violence, a black heart of a film, a movie is as bleak and dark as it could get. An examination of the extremes acts that man is capable of.

Some of the most mind searing scenes in this film include the village getting burned down, the absolutely horrific punishment given to an adulteress, the sequences of rape, the horrific forced abortion, the stake up to the ass and out the mouth, and the truly harrowing climax. By this point, you think you would be immune to the atrocities in it, but no you're not. This movie just pounds you with it's horrors; it gets into your soul in ways that I don't think any other film can.

But, what makes it most interesting perhaps is that it is so well made. The fact, that it isn't just some empty exploitation piece of shit. Yes it's exploitative, and I'll get to that in a bit, but it's horrific mix and dichotomy of beauty and horror that is perhaps best summed up by the gorgeous score the film has. To me, it's one of the most beautiful, soaring scores I've ever heard. And, to think that it's attached to this film, in particular is kinda mind blowing. One of the things of watching this film originally on a shitty video is the movie looked horrible grainy, like a snuff film. But watching it on the DVD, the cleaned up version really shows you that Deadato is a great cinematic film director. He learned his art of neo-realism by working with Roberto Rosellini. Which is clear to see in this movie.

This flick is also innovative in the fact that it's the first found footage film. Unlike movies that would be inspired from it, in particular The Blair Witch Project, not all of Cannibal Holocaust is a found footage film. Basically it's only the stuff in the reels of film. But it doesn't matter, because during those moments of found footage, the film is horrifyingly realistic.

It thankfully features very solid acting from the whole cast everyone who are pitch perfect in it. There is really no humor, aside from a little towards the beginning of the film, but that is soon lost. And, that's good because certainly humor is something that is not wanted or needed in this movie.

Now, I say that this film was exploitative as it does feature some very nice nudity from Francesca Ciardi, who, I guess, adds the other beauty element to this film. She looks great nude. I would call her the most sympathetic out of that whole crew but she's still not really a likable or good person.

Back in the day, Cannibal Holocaust was not legally available in the US. One would have to watch it on bootleg or the import Japanese laserdisc. Eventually Grindhouse Releasing had a tour of it playing in the theaters, and would release the film on DVD. Over in England, where it was one of the main video nasties, it remains a banned film. The movie has been censored and banned everywhere. It remains a vile must see. But, perhaps not by everyone. It's one of those horror films that while I consider to be one of the finest in the genre; I don't think everyone can handle it. A lot of horror fans think they can deal wit it all, but Cannibal Holocaust is a completely different animal. This is not Saw, Friday the 13th, or even The Evil Dead or Zombie. It just does not fuck around.

As I have, said the animal violence, on its own, could be enough to turn you off. I suppose you could watch this DVD without having to endure that, but it is still the ultimate extreme horror experience. This truly is the movie that, as it quotes itself as being, is "the one that goes too far". Even watching other cannibal films like Cannibal Ferox ( AKA Make Them Die Slowly) can't prepare you for this film. It is truly the genres' sickest, most horrific, utterly disturbing film, but it remains a high watermark in the extreme horror sub-genre. For those of you have never seen it, I'll leave it up your hands on whether you will or won't. For those of you who have, you already know the power of this film. Personally speaking I would love to hear your opinions your thoughts on it. Do you love it, hate it, both? In the end, Cannibal Holocaust is the ultimate classick that has lost none of it's power to revile, sicken, disturb, and shock.


Vampy Bit Me at NYCC 2013

All photography by Negative Pop 
Video shot by Kristin Debenedictis
Video edited by Negative Pop. 

It's always a pleasure to see the beautiful and very sweet Vampy Bit Me, and at New York Comic Con (NYCC), she promised various cosplays for all four days. On the first day, Thursday, she was in her Jun cosplay from Battle of the Planets, AKA G-Force AKA Gatchaman. Over the course of the next three days she wore other cosplays, all of which were just awesome! As always Vampy is so sweet and friendly. She really loves meeting and talking to her fans and her personality just brightens up the whole convention.

It's always cool to talk to her and the following video is from an interview I conducted. In is she talked about how she has been a Gatchaman fan since she was a kid, much as me. And, how the character of Jun is really a badass. She also told me how relaxed it is where she was sitting at and about all the cosplays she was doing at NYCC. Unfortunately, due to some technical problems much of it was lost. But, thankfully the very end wasn't. And, I think it serves to capture just a little of just how sweet and wonderful she is in person. There is no doubt in my mind that she is my favorite cosplayer of all.

 Here she is with my cameragirl and friend Kristin and I.
As some of more older readers may know, the Punisher is my favorite superhero. I know she's done this one on many occasions, but it was AWESOME to see her do it in person! This pic, by the way, is from Friday.
 And, as such I just had to get a pic with her in this cosplay!
 On Saturday she did the New 52 Nightwing. Here is she signing autographs for fans.
On the last day, Sunday, she did this truly awesome Spider-Woman. I asked her about visibility, she jokingly said, not so good! 


NYCC 2013- Friday

All photography by Negative Pop and myself.

The highlight of the second day of New York Comic Con had Alan, AKA Negative Pop, and I attending a roundtable press panel for the very fun and funny Big Ass Spider. But, I'll post most on that in due time, since I covered it for best-horror-movies.com. For now, let me share the pic of us and the cast and crew of it, director Mike Menudez and Greg Grunbreg and Lombardo Boyar.

The rest of the day had me going all over the place taking pics, buying shit, and having a great time. Let's now go with some of the cool toys I saw that day:
 At the Mattel booth: I LOVE the Masters of the Universe line!! Too bad they are sooo expensive...
 Modulok!! One of my favorite characters!!!
 Not at the Mattel booth, but still more MOTU awesomeness!!
 The above and bottom are from the Hallmark booth.

And, now for some of my favorite cosplays of that day:
 Dear God, she is HOT!!!!
 Best. Shredder. EVER!!! The Ninja Turtles are DEAD!!!
 Damn, you, Spidey. You get all the hot chicks!
 Hot Asian dressed as a cop, blowing bubbles with her nightstick. Needed I say more?
 Total cutie!!! Glasses are hot!!
 It's always great to see my bro Nelson. He was doing a group anime cosplay.
 The girl doing the Borderlands cosplay was GREAT!!! And, the other girl had the hottest legs of that day!!!
 Zombie Mario will eat your guts! NOT mushrooms.
Black Manta was one of my true personal favs.


Well, she does love big cans? Do you?

 It's Orko, motherfucker!!!

Check out Negative Pop's write up on Friday: 


Current Horror TV Series Review


Usually around this time, I try to post as much horror write-ups as I can, but I been so busy it ain't been easy. I always take requests, though, and, someone wanted a Supernatural write-up, so I figured it was a good enough time to look at the current crop of horror shows on TV.

Supernatural – only two episodes this season, and it's has already been wild!! There are so many crazy things happening not the least of which is: Cas no longer has angel powers, angels have crashed down to earth as they've all been kicked out of heaven, Sam has an angel inside of him, but it's not just all angel stuff. The very sexy and tasty Abbadn is back! This hot warrior of hell is one that hot, evil bitch and on the second episode, which is the one she returned on, she cause a lot of problems for the Winchester boys. Like I said, it's only been two episodes, but I'm already really into this season. Which is much more than I can say for last season which was all right, but kind of uneven.

The Walking Dead – The most popular horror show, and one of the most popular TV series ever, returned for its fourth season. The first episode was, I think, a little uneven. It started off kind of boring and quite frankly there are way too many, new characters and I gave a flying fuck about, but... It kicked into full gear when they entered an abandoned store and fucking zombies were falling from the ceiling!! And, that one ended with quite a kid who was sick, died, and came back as a zombie. Which led to this past Sunday's episode where he contaminated a bunch of people, turned then into zombies, our heroes had to fight then, and there also zombies trying to get into the prison, from the outside, because apparently, some fucking reason, someone has been feeding them rats. Really good episode, easily one of the best I've seen in quite some time on this series. Here's hoping that this is a solid season, unlike the very uneven second and third seasons. As I've said in the past on twitter, Facebook, and probably here,  I enjoy The Walking Dead, but I've been having issues with it since its second season. Let's hope this is the one that gets right back on track like the excellent first season.

American Horror Story: Coven- After the atrocious last season, Asylum, this series is back on track with a tale of witches. GREAT cast, cool, characters, and a very awesome story highlight this one. I loved the last episode, where we even got a Frankenstein zombie creature!! And, we met a necromancer (witches with power over the dead), who reanimated gators and them eat the hunters, who had killed, them. Also, Emma Roberts is really fuckin. Just saying.

I should mention that this Friday is the return of another great horror TV series, Grimm. Last season was phenomenal so I really, really can't for this coming season to start! I think it's gonna kick some major ass!

Oh, and for those wondering, I tried watching Sleepy Hollow and wanted to kick my cable box. What an awful, stupid piece of shit!! And, the upcoming Dracula looks even worse, even if it does have the hottie who played the Huntress on Arrow on it...