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New York Anime Festival- June 27, 2008

I first found out about this one day at work when a friend felt that this would be something that would be right up my alley. I totally forgot about it until i was reminded on myspace. But, I ended up going this past Saturday. And, ! had a fun time.

Now, I like Anime, but not as once I was did. I don't like cute stuff too much, but I have to admit to watching Pokemon. Yeah, I know, I know, this probably shocks you, but I pride my blogs on being honest, so...

Anywho, it took place at the Jacob Javits Center. As, soon as I walked in, I saw cosplay, galore.

I have to hand it to these dudes and dudettes, they put a lot of care and love into their costumes, and I think that is easily seen. Just looking at the costumes was fun, for me.

Of course, one of the major appeals is the amount of pretty girls that were there. Moreso, than say, a comic-con, of course. I think this is cause Anime, well at least some of it, is really girl-friendly. This girl was one of the prettiest, I think .

More from the hottie in this couple later!

This chick was cute, too.

There was lots of sword swinging action. None of, the swords were really, of course! Shit, even Ronald McDonald went Anime, into what was one of the days most original costumes .

This guy gets mad props because he was doing a beautiful, huge Vampire Hunter D painting on the floor. Look at his comic-book work. Truly gorgeous, amazing work!

Hey remember how I promised more of that hottie? Well, here she is a with a whole group of cosplaying people . And, here is a solo close-up .

This next one is definitely one of the coolest costumes.

As, I said before there were lots of pretty girls . Ariel was smoking hot ! This amazing hottie was getting interviewed. She told the reporter dude, that her character is NOT a slut! Good to know! Actually, she was very friendly and loved to pose for pics. Here she is with, yours truly. These two were especially amazing!

Of course, famous characters were everywhere: By the way, maybe, it's cause I don't know that much about Anime, per say, but shouldn't Swear Bear, I don't know, curse! Ignore me, if this some character everyone else knows, but I don't. But, hey he hangs with people who love V for Vendetta! I LOVE Robot Chicken and this costume!

I really liked this Jigglypuff costume too. The guy had to crouch down for pics and stuff, but he gets points for wearing this! I love Nightmare before Christmas. Shit, even Kiss was there , OK. not really! But, Lord Vader was there! The power of the Dark Side, bitches!!! I even learned that Jesus loves Anime! Who would have thunk it? But, since I am such a HUGE Transformers fan, then I have to say that my fav was Wheeljack.

Getting back to Vader, the New York Jedis were there. They did some light saber battles. There was also some live music on hand.

Speaking of music, lots of the kids there were dancing and having fun. Clearly, the Anime crowd are a happy one, and I am glad that they take such love and joy out of their preferred form of geekdom and rejoice in it. But, I have to say my day was made when Blanka from Street Fighter II (one of my all time fav video games) busted a move! Fuck yeah! Bust a move, Blanka!!!

There was lots of press, there. Now, I read that G4 was suppose to be there, but I did not see anyone. Which is fine, cause unless it is Kristen Holt, Olivia Munn, Alison Haislip, or Layla Kayleigh, I don't wanna see ANY of the jackasses from that channel! Anyways, this hottie interviewed this dude, whoever the hell he was! If someone knows who she works for, please pass the info, to me!

This con was filled with hugs and kisses. Well, at least lots of little girls who had free hug signs, and at least one group of dudes, who added NO GUYS to there hug sign. Funny if you ask me. But, hey this ghost gave kisses to all the girls, so you get the drift. People just wanted to have fun and be noticed Which is fine and all. But, this cow really got A LOT of attention , and he totally ruled! To boot, my friend Alan told me he designed that face. Cool!

Finally, an animatronic chick drew even more attention. She was really creepy and could "react" to your touch and stuff. Really freaky, but here she is with her creator being interviewed.

In all I had nice time and some nice memories. I bought some Asian horror films (Eko Eko Azarak 3 pack, Sukeban Boy, and Suicide Club) and a greeting card that this really pretty girl made (hey, I'm a sucker for a pretty face!). So, I'm glad I went. Who knows. Maybe I will be back next year. Special thanks to those who told me and/or directly or indirectly reminded me about this con!

Dexter- Third Season Premiere

Last night one of the best TV shows, ever returned to TV. Here are my thoughts:


So, this new season starts off with Dexter trying to get a scumbag drug dealer with a habit of killing young women (he has already offed two). Dex goes to permanently snuff the guy, but alas, he finds someone fighting him. The scumbag gets away, and Dex ends up killing the other dude instead. Who is he? Well he is the brother of a Miami DA, played by one of my fav actors Jimmy Smits. Smits' chaarcter is well loved in the community. Doh!

Dex has never done something like this. He needs to know if the guys is guilty or innocent. We soon learn that he is a junkie, thanx to Dex's sis. So, there must be more than meets the eye to this guy...

An interesting and bold beginning, I must say, having your anti-hero kill, a possibly innocent man. The episode was good and an interesting set-up to the rest of the season. My only complaint? It's a weak one, really. Dex's sis, Debra, has a new possible love interest. Does she really need a new one every season? The first one ended fucked up and the second one actually came off as rather sweet. Give the girl a season off of romancing, please!

Speaking of sweet, I love the relationship of Dex and Rita and her kids. It is very heartwarming and tender. And, getting back to Debra, what is up with that cute Asian chick from internal affairs, who keeps going up to her, to help her out on a case. Deb rejects cause she ain't a rat, but where will that lead to?

Call me intrigued, once again, by one of the best genre shows, ever!


Whatever Happened to: Stephanie Swift?

Fellow porn fans may remember the lovely Stephanie Swift as a major porn starlet and Wicked girl in the 90s. Some of you may even be wondering what happened to her. Well, here is the answer.

Stephanie Swift was born in February 7, 1972 in Louisiana. She has one hell of an ethnic mix, as she is: Cajun, Irish, English, Spanish, Filipino, and Norwegian!!! At age ten her father died, and her family moved to Southern California. At, nineteen she moved to San Diego and became a stripper. She also earned a degree as a dental assistant. And, eventually went into nude modeling.

She moved into adult movies in 1995. Soem of her earliest work was with a softcore scene in Playboy TV's Up Close and Dangerous, and her first hardcore scene was in Space Sirens. She was a Wicked contract girl and has made a total of more than 300 porn films.

Here is a trailer for one of her Wicked films, Red Dragon:

She has also won a varied amount of awards, including being inducted into the AVN Hall of Fame in 2006.

She is most famous for her smoldering lesbian scenes. And, while she is openly bi in real life, she prefers relationships with girls more than with guys.

Here she is one of my all time, absolute fav porn beauties, Chloe Nicole:

While, she no longer works as regularly as once did, nor is she a contract girl, she still doing work and here and there. She made her Naughty America debut this year and more is expected! Yay!

I am very pleased to know that the lovely Ms. Swift is still in the business. She is an exotic looking beauty with beautiful almond shaped eyes, a pretty face, and smoking hot body. I look forward to more of this babe's work output.

To close out here are some thoughts from the lovely Ms. Swift, on what she likes about staring in erotica:


Season Premieres: Supernatural and Heroes

With the new fall season upon us, TV shows have come back with new episodes. I will go into two of them: Supernatural and Heroes.


Last season, Supernatural left on a high note. The death and ultimate sending to hell of Dean was a shocker.

This fourth season opened with a shocker of it's own. Dean is free from hell! But, who set him free? He thought it was bro, Sam, but alas it was not.

By the end of the awesome episode we learn it was an angel sent by God! Dean don't believe in God, but looks like he may have to now.

Meanwhile, Sam has been learning how to use his powers, which include exorcising demons. Too bad, he still don't how to do it without killing the host. Doh! But, he has help from Ruby! But, he told Dean that she is dead. And, she has a new host body, played by the pretty Genevieve Cortse . Hey, I think she is attractive, but she ain't no Katie Cassidey. Still, lets give her a chance, OK?

Anyways, this season has AWESOME written all over it. I am so pumped for it!!

The same cannot be said for Heroes....

Last season was really fucking bad. The writer's strike definitely hurt this show and hurt it bad. Right up to the TERRIBLE season finale, which was easily the worst season finale, that i saw this year. A lot of places love to kiss this show's ass, but not I. I will, on the other hand, gladly, kiss Hayden Panettiere's ass .

Anyways, I saw it last night, as on G4 as I went out on Monday night. I was underwhelmed to say the least.

At two hours, it was hard for it to catch and hold my interest. Here are some, very, random thoughts on it:

- Sylar having his powers back is great and all, and his attack on Claire (Hayden Panettiere) was really good and suspenseful. but, I have a problem with it. He says she cannot die, but in the alternate future shown in the first season, he did kill her, this same manner. I have a theory as to why she was able to live in this case (he gave her the top of her head back, and hence she was able to heal herself), but I ain't sure that this really makes all that much sense. But hey Hayden is hot!

- I consider Ali Larter to be one of the hottest babes ever . In fact, I am a long time fan. Yep, I have liked her since her appearance in Final Destination. Anywho, I don't really like the corporate look for her this season. And, I usually LOVE the sectary look, but just not for her. Still, she looked great in the first shot that she is in. But, her having yet another personality, this time as a lady in government is lame. How many different personality will she have? Is she gonna have one every fucking season, for chrissake?! Anyways, here is one more pic for my fellow Ali fans:

- The villains, for which this season is named after, suck. All of them rip-off some supervillain, whether it be Pyro, Magneto, or, just about master of fear villain (Mr. Fear, Scarecrow [both the DC and Marvel versions]), etc. To say nothing of the fact that the villain Hiro meets is a Flash wannabe. Very lame, very unoriginal, and, in all, not very interesting.

So it goes like this: Heroes has two more episodes to regain my interest, otherwise it gets flushed down the toilet.