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Music Mix: This Riff Will Kill Ya!

Remember the last mix (More Metal than Metal) I made? I know a couple of my friends really liked that one, but while that was pretty fucking metal, wait till you hear my newest one! I picked songs with some of the sickest riffs ever. Riffs that will feel like a fucking chainsaw going right through your fucking head!

So, raise those horns and be prepared to brutalize your neighborhood with the hardest, most aggressive, and most badass mix your speakers or I-Pod has ever played!

Oh and fellow horror fans, yep, that's Lucio Fulci classic Zombie on my cover! Love that fucking scene!!!!

Anyways, you can download it here: http://www.4shared.com/file/c36NYtB3/This_Riff_Will_Kill_Ya.html

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Meat Your Teacher

Title: Meat Your Teacher
Studio: Tom Byron Pictures
Lisa Ann, Vannah Sterling, Trina Michaels, Carolyn Reese, Zoey Halloway

This porno has all scenes, that involve teachers. Duh! The first scene, has the lovely Lisa Ann reprimanding a student for taking pics of her. It's a good scene, and I just love her ass! He ends up splooging on her chest.

Next a guy has a porn mag and finds out that the phys ed teacher, Trina Michaels, posed in it. This was the least interesting scene to me. Trina does have a pretty face and nice ass, though. She gets a load on her chest, as well.

The beautiful Zoey Halloway reprimands the same dude from the first scene, in what is the movie's best scene. It's hot as fuck, and she even squirts! The gorgeous Ms. Halloway gets a load on her tits.

Vannah Sterling, whom ass I do so love, has the second best scene, as yet another dude gets in trouble. It leads to the movie's only facial, and it's a good one!

Carolyn Reese stars in the final scene. She gets caught and in trouble for posing for a porn site. It amounts to a decent little scene that ends with a good splooge on her tits.

The picture looks and the sound is also good. As far as extras, we get some good trailers. There is a good bonus scene with Nina Hartley, but why was this not in full screen?! The behind the scenes is decent enough. It also has a good phot gallery.

In all this is a decent little porno. Fans of slightly older women and those with a teacher fetish should give it a look.

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My most recent review for the Gorezone.net is of b-movie horror flick Smash Cut. It's got a great cast including David Hess, Michael Berryman, HG Lewis (hey it is a tribute to him!), and porn goddess, and beloved by this blog hottie, Sasha Grey.

Check it out here: http://www.gorezone.net/dvdcrypt/reviewstxt/stu/smashcut.html

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The A-Zs of Porn, Pt. 2 (N-Z)

N is for Natural- This is a trend/ sub-genre that I wish would be bigger (pun not intended) in the porn world. As I said in part 1 of this list, I greatly prefer real boobies. Thankfully there are series out there dedicated to real tits. My all time fav real breasts? They would have to be Gianna Michaels, London Keys (pictured left), Jessica Bangkok, Sara Stone, Joanna Angel, and Christy Canyon. So let's hear it for God-given tatas!!!

O is for Older Women- This sub-genre has been growing in popularity, and that's a good thing! Also know as MILF or mature women movies, they feature a cast of older, beautiful women. Some of my fav stars in these movies? Well, they would be Ginger Lynn (pictured left), Lisa Ann, Julia Ann, Dyanna Lauren, Kianna Dior, Sara Jay, Vicky Vette, etc. Really does prove that women, like wine, get finer with time!

P is for Playboy- At one point, the world's best selling men's mag Playboy has seen better days. The most famous skin rag ever was certainly influential and important to the adult mag biz, but the Internet has certainly put a huge dent in it's sales. Refusing to ever go hardcore and still the same crap rag it has always, Playboy is pretty much a dinosaur. And, when once you could have said, well hey they get celebs! Yeah, well big deal. As, you can go on the net and look at the spread and not have to buy it. But, hey I would be hard pressed not to mention them in this list.

Q is for Queeny Love- This German hottie is as nasty as it gets. I don't know if she still shoots films, but I like the work I seen with her. Aside, from shooting in her native country, she also worked in the US. Her work with Rodney Moore is what I really enjoy. They are nasty and hot as hell. She takes facials like few do, and she just looks gorgeous doing so! A real pro and probably one the best fucks in the biz. All hail the Queen!!!!

R is for Raylene- One of my fav stars of the 90s, this beautiful Jewish/ Latina is back in porn! A real MILF, this babe is hotter than ever! And, for that reason, I still love her. A close to my heart, and pants, personal favorite!

S is for Squirting- Perhaps the greatest natural talent ever! Female ejaculation is not common, but it is hot as fuck! There are quite a few movies that feature this, with Elegant Angel putting out some of the best flicks in this style of porn. The best squirters of all time, I think, are: Flower Tucci, Annie Cruz, Kat, sand Angela Stone. If you can squirt, then God bless you!

T is for Tera Patrick- The second biggest name in the history of the biz, and one of the world's most breathtakingly beautiful women. This half Asian/ white goddess deserves to be on an alter for all to worship. I was captivated by her enchanting hotness the moment I first saw her. She also happens to be real smart and runs her own company, Teravision. She was married to Biohazard frontman Evan Sienfeld, but that's over. Now retired, she still runs her company, and we will always have the fond memories of this vision of perfection's performances.

U is for Undies- Well, you get the girls' panties off to have sex, right? Porn stars sometimes might not even wear panties, but we love them, don't we?

V is for Vivid- Perhaps the world's most famous adult company, Vivid has been around for many years. They really broke big in the 90s, though, with their Playboy level beauties. While, their look is not something I like as much as I did, when I was younger, IE blond hair, blue eyes, big tits, it is pretty much tied hand in hand with mainstream porn. And, any company that has had goddesses like Tera Patrick, Jenna Jameson, Julia Ann, Janine, Raylene, Kobe Tai, Brianna Banks, Kira Kener, etc deserves the recognition that they get.

W is for Where the Boys Aren't- And, speaking of the Vivid girl, in the 90s this was the major series they put out. Probably one of the most famous girl-girl series of all time. They always had their current crop of contract girls. I used to buy these religiously.

X is for XXX-rated- Well, come this was obvious. A rating given to movies with adult content, the rating has been around for ages. Besides, the letter X is pretty cool!

Z is for Zombie Porn- Belonging to the horror/ porn sub-genre, this one combines the extreme gore of zombie horror with the hardcore porn world. It's been around for a while (Joe D'Amato's Erotic Nights of the Living Dead) and still exists today (Re-Penetrator and Porn of the Dead). It ain't forever one, but if you enjoy it, then dive right in!

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The A-Zs of Porn, Pt. 1 (A-M)

I had so much fun last time doing The A-Zs of Horror and had such a great reaction from you awesome readers, that I decided to do another list. This one dedicated to one of the greatest form of entertainment, in the history of mankind: PORN!!!!! Enjoy.

A is for Asian Porn- It's my favorite sub-genre in porn. Asian women, to me, are the most beautiful in the world. And, so I greatly enjoy movies with lovely women from the Orient. So, whether made in the US (as in the case of series like Asian Fever, No Man's Land: The Asian Edition, or Slant Eye for the Straight Guy) or if they come from, say Japan, I love 'em. Of course, while Japanese porn includes jaw dropping visions of beauty, the blurry sex organs is kind of on the lame side.

B is for Butts- I love a nice ass. And, porn is certainly the place to find them. There are tons of anal vids out there. Bang Bros.' Ass Parade is one of my favs. And, my fav butts in the biz? Well, I would have to say Alexis Texas, Flower Tucci (here pictured to the left), Mika Tan, Olivia O'Lovely, Jessica Bangkok, Annie Cruz, and London Keys.

C is for Celebrity Porn- Personally speaking I think most, if not all, of these vids starring celebs suck. But, hey they make a lot of money, so what the fuck do I know? Then again I can't stand most of the celebs who have vids, so I am sure that has something to do with it...

D is for Digital Playground- Probably my favorite of the major porn studios, and I think it has a lot to with my liking of many of their contract stars like Jesse Jane and Katsuni. Plus, their movie Pirates: Stagnotti's Revenge is one of my all time favorite porno movies. Beautiful women and great production values make their stuff top of the line.

E is for Exxxotica- As of this writing, this is the only adult convention I ever been to. And, while I do hope to go to the AEEs someday, I have a special place in my heart for this show. It's amazingly good time, and THE single best con, I ever been to. This coming from someone who has been to countless of cons for many, many years. If you ain't been to it yet, you need to go! They hold shows in Miami, New Jersey (in fact the next show is on Nov. 5-7, 2010), and the recently added Los Angeles show (which was last month, by the way).

F is for Felecia- During the 90s this Latina cutie was my fav babe exclusively doing girls on film. Very beautiful, she also came off as a sweetie in interviews. She only worked once with a dude and was said to have hated the experience. She is retired now, but well remembered by her fans. And, for good reason. Her scenes were hot as fuck!

G is for Gianna Lynn- If you were to ask me who my favorite porn star is I would have to say this goddess. She is, as I have said before, my favorite one on one interview I ever conducted. Gianna is also, one of the world's most beautiful women. I have not heard much about her in a year, but she will always be a favorite of mine. Just go check out her work, and you'll see why I simply love this Filipino, Spanish, and Chinese vision of perfection.

H is for Hustler- One of the big three of porn mags (the other two being Playboy and Penthouse), Larry Flynt's skin mag debuted in 1974. It dared to go where the other mags didn't and was successful just for that reason. It was at the forefront of freedom of speech, and Flynt is a hero of just that. While, the magazine biz ain't what it once was, the mag still persists today. It also produces many DVDs. The Hustler names will always be connected to quality and gutsy adult entertainment.

I is for Internet Porn- Where would the biz be without the Internet? Or the Internet, itself, for that matter? I mean when I first got a computer, yeah, I looked up horror and wrestling sites, but I also had to, and did, look porn on the net. Whatever you want, whatever your taste is, it's out there, at your fingertips. The recent movie Middle Men deals with the ones who started this. I am curious to see it. And, seriously can you imagine not being able to look for porn on the net? That would suck balls!!!!

J is for Jenna Jameson- She is THE biggest porn star in the history of the business. A star and head of her own company (Club Jenna), Ms. Jameson maybe retired now, but she has cash to spare. She is one of the only names you can mention and even the middle aged woman in the room will know who the fuck she is. And, in the nineties, she was my absolute fav babe. She was also very cool, when I met her to sign my copy of Make Love Like a Porn Star, which is probably my all time favorite book.

K is for Knockers- Also know as boobs, bazookas, tits, breasts, hooters, fun bags, etc. We know them, we love them. Personally, speaking I prefer natural boobies (but more on that in the next part). As, I think small, real boobies, are waaaaay better than large fakies. But, that's just me.

L is for Lesbian Porn- My second fav sub-genre, I got into girl-girl movies early on. I mean seriously is there anything hotter than seeing two, or more, beautiful women into each other? It's sexy and sensuous. There are lots of series and studios that put them out. My favorite series? Well, that's an easy one, No Man's Land: Asian Edition from Video Team. Those movies rule!

M is for Money Shot- It might be the most important, er, shot in a porno. Also, known as the cum shot, it's when the dude sprays his load on his scene co-star. You can splooge on her boobs, crotch, inside her, her ass, but my fav, and I am sure many or yours as well, is the classic facial. Rodney Moore has some of the best facials in the biz, so if you are looking for that check out his vids. In all, it's hot and nasty. And, we would not have it any other way.

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It's been quite some time, but a new review by me is finally up on the Gorezone.net. This one is to the excellent sequel The Stepfather II. You can check it out here: http://themastergio.blogspot.com/search?q=the+stepfather

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Love Kara Tai 2

Title: Love Kara Tai 2
Studio: Justin Slayer International in association with Kara Tai Productions
Cast: Kara Tai, Esperanza Gomez, Kylie Ryder, Elena Cole, Lisa Lee, Alle Mack, Fanny

This all girl movie staring the ravishing Kara Tai, whose company also co-produced it, begins with a hell of a hot scene. In it, Lisa Lee and Kara are skating and look hot doing so! Lisa is delicious and shapely, while Kara is sexy and gorgeous. It's all very hot. Kara is just fucking great! I fucking love her ass! Meanwhile, Lisa's curves are just to die for! And, she looks great eating Kara's beautiful pussy. Kara squirts as Lisa frigs her off, getting some juices on the floor!

The next scene stars our covergirls, as Kara and Latin babe Esperanza Gomez hook up. It begins as a photo shoot, and I have to say that I LOVE them in their black bikinis! Kara looks beautiful, of course. Esperanza is gorgeous, as well. Kara's pussy looks so freaking yummy! I just love seeing Esperanza finger it. Kara looks hot, herself, as she eats Esperanza's pussy. Another great moment has Esperanza make Kara taste her own sweet pussy juices as she makes her suck on her fingers that were just inside her. She ultimately makes Kara squirt.

In the third and best scene, Lisa Lee, Kylie Ryder, Elena Cole, and, of course, Kara Tai come from playing volleyball. It's an awesome orgy scene with lots of red-hot pussy eating. Lisa and Kara make their partners suck on their strap-ons in, yet, another hot moment. The strap-on fucking is nice, too.

Then, we get Fanny and Kara. The opening shot showing off their sexy long, legs is quite nice! It's a very sexy scene, even if it relies a little too much on toy play. This would hurt most scenes, but somehow not this one. There is some very hot dildo sucking. Fanny gets Kara to squirt with the dildo, and then she sucks it off of the toy.

The last scene is my second fav in the movie. In it Alle Mack and Kara go from the pool to the bedroom. Allee is very pretty, and Kara's body is just jaw dropping! They looks so good and sensuous sucking and eating each others twats. Again, under lesser hands this one would have been hurt by the toy play, but I actually rather enjoy it here. I love it when they use their mouths to put the dildo in each others pussies. And, must of all I just love Kara's beautiful face as she takes it. Kara ends up squirting, and it hits Alle's pretty face. She then licks it up off of her. This is just so sexy and hot!!! I mean damn!!!!

The picture quality, shot in HD, is top notch. It looks flawless. The sound is also perfect. As far as extras go, it features a fun and sexy behind the scenes with some interviews, photo shoot, and extra sex taking place. It's good stuff! There is also a very nice photo gallery and some trailers.

This is an excellent all-girl movie. In fact, it ranks as one of the best, ever, and certainly one of my favorite recent porn releases. I mean come on it stars Kara Tai in every fucking scene! She has to be one of the sexiest, hottest, most beautiful babes in the biz, today. Plus, there is squirting, too! How can you lose with this one? This is a must have for Kara Tai fans and those into squirting, lesbians, and Asian and Latin women.

4 out of 4 Woodies

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Hot Asian Girl of the Month: Kelly Hu

Just last night I saw the very enjoyable Batman: Under the Red Hood animated movie, and one of the excellent voice cast members is one of the most unquestionably beautiful women to ever walk on God's green Earth, this month's Hot Asian Girl: the truly perfect Kelly Hu!

The beautiful (does word even do her justice?) Ms. Hu was born on February 16, 1968, in Honolulu, Hawaii of Chinese, Filipino, and English decent making for a stunning and exotic mix. She she went to Pepperdine University in Malibu and currently lives in Brentwood, CA. This goddess has never been married. So, this gives us some sort of hope, right?!

She was Miss Teen Hawaii USA and in 1985 became Miss Teen USA. She has also long had an in interest in singing and dancing, as well as martial arts.

She did some TV shows like Melrose Place, 21 Jump Street, and Night Court. Her first movie role was in Friday the 13th pt. VII: Jason Takes Manhattan. Despite, her breathtaking beauty, this remains the worst entry in the series. Still, it has Hu's debut, baby!

She had two major roles on two TV shows in the form of Nash Bridges and Martial Law. I gotta say that it is through these two shows that I completely fell in love with this goddess!

It was around time that she began her first few appearances in mags like Stuff and Maxim further cemented her, in my mind, as one of the world's most beautiful women.

Here is a video from her Maxim shoot.

Speaking of the very fun Scorpion King, it was one of many big roles, she would get. In that film,she wore an outfit that was jaw dropping!!!!

She was also in Cradle to the Grave. That movie is just OK, but her presence is so distracting, I find it hard to pay attention to anything or anyone else in that movie. Not that you really need to think a lot when watching that... X2: X-Men United is her best film and, as Lady Deathstrike, one of her best roles!

She has continuously done movie and TV work (including the CW's The Vampire Dairies). One of my other fav roles that she did was in the fun horror flick Devil's Den. Sadly, I do catch her on some real crap, like Succubus: Hell Bent, but she always outshines even such things.

As I said at the beginning of this blog, she did the voice for the latest Batman animated movie. This is nothing new for Kelly, as she has done voice work on other toons like Robot Chicken, The Spectacular Spider-Man, and Afro-Samurai. Plus, she has also done voice work for video games like Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords and Terminator Salvation.

Aside from her large body of work, she is also very active for the democratic party. She is a member of CAUSE USA an organization that encourages Asian Americans to participate in the democratic process. She also campaigned for President Obama's run for the office. On top of that, she is an avid poker player. In fact, she frequently takes part in the World Series of Poker and World Poker Tour. Man, is there anything this babe cannot do?!

Here is a well done (well OK, I dislike the music, but I digress..) and much deserved tribute to her:

I know this blog covers a lot of beautiful women (particularly Asian women), but I truly believe that Kelly is one of the world's most stunning women. It is hard to believe that she is 42 years old, because she only gets more beautiful. She has one of the most beautiful faces I have ever seen, as well as the body of a goddess. I mean have you seen that flat stomach, sexy legs, and KILLER ass?!!!! She looks amazing kicking ass and her voice alone (as proven by her voice work) is sexy enough to drive me insane. To me, she is hugely underrated. She should be one of the biggest actresses, ever, as her beauty, talent, smarts, and personality outshine a million of Hollywood's interchangeable, idiotic celebs. Kelly Hu is not only August 2010's Hot Asian Girl of the Month, but one of the hottest of the women of all time.

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