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RIP For the Last Month of 2009

This last month of the year has had so many sad and tragic deaths (beginning with one of the saddest, Kerri Lee Tucker), that I felt compelled to write this blog. I consider myself a fan of all of the following people. May they all RIP and God bless them.

Dan O'Bannon (September 30, 1946 – December 17, 2009) - O'Bannon was an undeniable talent in the world of horror and sci-fi. The man wrote many great scripts, including the classic Alein, movie whose influence on horror and sci-fi is inarguable. Aside from many other genre scripts, he also wrote the second best Arnie movie ever, in the form of Total Recall, which has just about everything you could ever want in a film. He also directed The Resurrected and one of my personal favorite movies, The Return of the Living Dead , a movie that only gets better with age and viewings. Here is the trailer:

Brittany Murphy (November 10, 1977 – December 20, 2009) - The lovely Ms. Murphy's death shocked me to the core, so young, beautiful, and talented. Like many, I first remember her from Clueless. She went on to do lots of other films, but my fav role of hers remains to be her role of a virgin in the reverse (by reverse I mean that it is virgins, who get killed in this one), underrated slasher flick Cherry Falls. It was one of her, if not her, sexiest role. Here is the trailer to it:

My favorite movie she stared in has to be Sin City, one of the finest movies ever to be inspired by a comic book.

James Owen "The Rev" Sullivan (February 10, 1981 – December 28, 2009) - This one made me quite sad, as I am a huge fan of hard rock/ heavy metal band Avenged Sevenfold. I had the pleasure of seeing them live at an Ozzfest a few years. The fact that he died so young, makes the death that much more tragic. He was a solid, highly talented drummer in a band that is technically sound and plays some of the best rock in the biz, right now. Here is my absolute fav video they ever did:

"Dr. Death" Steven Williams (May 14, 1960 – December 29, 2009) - I only really know him for his short tenures in the WWE, when JR bought him in and WCW when he was with JR parody Oklahoma. Regardless, I did like the guy. He sub came to cancer, sadly. Here is a clip of him and JR on Raw:

Chas. Balun (1948- December 29, 2009) - Out of of these deaths I think this one hit me the hardest. Chas. was important to me growing up. He introduced me, and many other fellow gorehounds, to a lot of the hardcore splatter and gore movies, we so love, including foreign classics, many of which he was the first to champion, like Shogun Assassin, The Beyond, Cannibal Holocaust, and many more. I loved reading his stuff in Fangoria and Gorezone magazines, as well his classic books like the Gore Score and More Gore Score, books that, I still, to this very day, read over and over again. He was funny and highly opinionated. I cannot even begin to tell you how much his style is a direct influential to my own style of reviewing movies. He was also an artist and made the designs for many a rotten cotton T-shirt and wrote linear notes on some DVDs. He had been battling cancer and lost last night. Here is the trailer for one of his favorite movies, The Beyond:

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Thanks to Carol Zara!

First off, I hope all my readers and friends are enjoying the holiday seasons thus far. I know I am, even if it is brutally cold in NYC, right now. Anyways, I was recently told by Carol Zara (who I know from Twitter and Facebook) that I won an autographed poster from her! On Christmas, I got it, via e-mail, and it was definitely one of the nicest surprises and highlights of that day! I think she looks smoking hot in it:

Carol is one of my absolute favorite people to follow on Twitter. She's a total babe, funny, and a fellow geek. She also has one of the best blogs, Digitally Blonde, on all the net. I just love the stuff she posts as it is always funny and ingenious.

She will also be featured on tomorrow night's G4 special Women of the Web 2 at 7PM to be hosted by Kevin Pereira. For more info go here: http://g4tv.com/thefeed/blog/post/700976/women-of-the-web-2-december-30th.html I know what I will be watching at that time!

I leave you with a video of her at Fan Expo Canada Toronto, ON:

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The Hottest Babes of 2009, pt. 7, 10-1

10. Megan Fox (last year- 9) - Fox's popularity continued to grow bigger and bigger this year. She was all over the place in magazines and on TV. While, she starred in one of the year's biggest hits (even if it was the worst film I have seen this year, so far) in the form of Transformers: Rise of the Fallen as well as the lead in the horror flick Jennifer's Body (which I ain't seen, yet, but so need to!). Megan got a lot of praise for her acting in the later. Few women, if any, in Hollywood exude the type of raw, almost porn star level, degree of sexuality that she does. On top of that she admits to loving comics and the like, making her an extra fav among fanboys.

9. Gail Kim (last year- 7) - To me, Kim remains the most beautiful woman in all of pro-wrestling. She is also one of the most talented. Sadly, the WWE have turned her into a jobber. Why? Cause the WWE suck fucking balls, that's why. They are wasting her vast talents. She should be, as she was in TNA, their top babyface. That said her in-ring ability and stunning good looks are one of the very few good things on Monday Night Raw. Here is to hoping the WWE will give her the push she deserves next year. If so, she will more than likely rank higher on this list, next time around.

8. Tila Tequila (same) - Admit ably there was some controversy attached to the lovely Ms. Tequila in 2009, but I am here to concentrate on the positive things that happened this year, for her. She continues to be an extremely popular honey on the net. Her, sometimes, wacky tweets are among my favorites. And, no girl that ain't in the porn biz posts posts hotter videos that she does. Always dressed sexy or semi-nude, Tila is a pleasure to behold. And, she took a stand against women being abused (a great cause, I think). She also became recently engaged to heiress Casey Johnson (that is fucking HOT in my book!). All of this makes Tila ever so delicious and awesome!

7. Sasha Grey (last year- 19) - I predicted that the future would be very bright for the gorgeous Ms. Grey and this year proved it. She gave an excellent performance in the underrated Girlfriend Experience and appeared on mainstream shows such as Attack of the Show. In fact for G4, she also hosted Sexpo Australia and did an excellent job at that, too. Showtime's great reality show Deeper Throat, had her featured prominently. In many ways she became one of the biggest stars in the porn world being able, to successfully parlay her success to mainstream popularity. And, still doing making porn and doing a truly hot job at that. In person, she has not let success get to her. She is always sweet and friendly, as anyone who met her at any of appearances (like this year's Exxxotica NY) can testify to. Smart, sexy, and sophisticated, Sasha might go down as one of the greatest porn stars in history of the world.

6. Olivia Munn (last year- 35) - One of the biggest jumps on the list this year has to be the one and true geek goddess and co-host of Attack of the Show: Olivia Munn. Her star grew bigger and bigger as the year went on. First off, in one of the greatest moments in the entire history of TV, she, and co-host Kevin Pereira, jumped into a giant pie in French maid outfits! Then, she had own website, where she posts her awesome blogs and her message boards, where members of the OMFG (that's the Olivia Munn Fan Group, for the uninitiated) gather around to discuss our (yes, I am a proud member and I consider OMFG as a family) love for her among other things. She made many appearances on TV, whether it be talk shows or TV series. She also starred in the recently released Slammin' Salmon. She has thus become, arguably, the biggest star to ever come out of G4, but as her website and actions prove, she continues to be close and care for us, her fans. Want more proof of that? When she posed for Playboy (albeit not nude), she signed and personalized all the copies to her fans. This month also saw her appear in Maxim (in a hot as fuck cover, might I add) and promised to the same for those, too. Plus, she will do the same for her as of yet unreleased, but coming very soon, Hey Olivia mag. With her book Suck It Wonder Woman: The Misadventures of a Hollywood Geek and her secret role, in my most anticipated movie of 2010, Iron Man 2 coming out next year, the sky is the limit for this wonderful beauty. All hail, Olivia Munn!

5. Asa Akira (last year- 18) - Perhaps my favorite porn star working continuously, Asa's popularity just keeps growing. A true doll when it comes to her amazing looks, she also quite nice and friendly in person. I can honestly tell you that, having met her for two consecutive years (including this one, of course) at Exxxotica NY, that she is one of my favorite girls to go up. Her pics and scenes drive me crazy and her amazing good looks are a sight to behold and worship. Asa is a living, breathing goddess!

4. Audrina Patridge (same) - The Hills continues to be a show that I could give a flying fuck about, but star Audrina Patridge is, without a shadow of a doubt, the most beautiful woman on that show and one of the most beautiful, in the whole entire world. She, along with another babe on this list, Jamie Chung, appeared in the biggest surprise to me of 2009 (in terms of how much fun and good it was) Sorority Row. She looked great of course in that, but also did a decent job with her role. She seems to have left the aforementioned The Hills (though, I recently heard that she will be back) to get her own TV show. While, it is doubtful I will ever watch that show, I will continue to admire this babe's amazing, breathtaking looks. Cause, when it comes to looking liking a true vision of beauty (as evident by her many paparazzi pics) few can even come close, much less beat Ms. Patridge.

3. Jamie Chung (last year- 6) - She started the year off with a role in Dragonball Z (which I did not see, yet), and appearing in one of my favorite layouts, ever, for Maxim. But, she really began to gain more notoriety (via interviews) when the aforementioned Sorority Row came out. While, that movie was filled with babes, including, as I just said, Audrina Patridge, Chung was the most beautiful of them all. Her acting was good in it, and her character was pretty likable. Jamie came off great in all the interviews she did for it, and it only helped to further cement my fandom for this underrated, amazing, jaw-dropping, Korean, babe. I hope, I mean really hope, that she gets even more work in 2010.

2. Joanna Angel (same) - The punk princess continues to dominate her type of porn. Aside, from her great directing of quality smut, and RED-HOT performances, Joanna gets lots of nominations and makes appearances at live events (like this year's Exxxotica NY). Her interviews on shows like G4's Attack of the Show mean that her crossover appeal is as big as ever. And, her bubbly, cute, and sexy personality make her one of the coolest chicks you will ever meet.

1. Grace Park (last year- 3) - What an year it has been for this top babe of 2009. It was the final season of the greatest sci-fi show in the history of TV, Battelstar Galatica, and her acting was as great as ever. Her character's relationship with Helo was that show's best romantic storyline. But, Grace fans got to see her in The Cleaner, as well. And, while that show is pretty corny, her acting is still great, and her beauty still as amazing, as ever. Plus, it pulls in solid ratings for A&E. And, then BSG fans got to see her again as the world's most beautiful Cylon model, when Battlestar Galatica: The Plan hit DVD. On top of that, she, and fellow BSG babe and co-star Tricia Helfer, appeared in what might be the greatest cover in the history of Maxim. The pics of them inside where drool worthy as well. And, thus Grace Park is not only the hottest women in all of TV, but THE babe of year. Congrats, Ms. Grace!

And, that dear readers is the end of my list. I hope you enjoyed and liked my picks. Thanks for reading!

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The Hottest Babes of 2009, pt. 6, 20-11

20. Gianna Lynn (last year- 1) - Before long time readers and friends say or ask anything, yes Gianna remains my absolute personal fav, but she drops from last year's top stop to twenty due to the fact that in the second half of 2009, we heard very little from this amazing beauty. Nonetheless, this year she stared in the much anticipated Operation Tropical Stormy where she played the villainess no less! She also mad Genesis' list of top stars, as well as was nominated for Best All-Girl Group Sex Scene for the movie Sun Goddess: Malibu. She, of course, remains the most beautiful woman on Earth, IMHO.

19. Kyanna Lee (new) - This naughty and sexy Asian babe has one of the best asses in the biz. She also makes every single scene she does blisteringly hot. Not, only that, but she come off as a pretty cool person. And, she is without a shadow of a doubt one of my absolute fav people to follow on Twitter!

18. Katsuni (last year- 20) - If I had to nominate one girl on this list for sexiest accent, it would be, hands down, this exotic and exquisite beauty. She is my absolute favorite contract girl. And, her performances are always something to drool over. Enough so that Dr. Jay named her one of the Must See Girls of 2010. Truth be told I think she is a must see all the time! Plus, she played a French teacher in Teachers. Which leads me to this thought: if French teachers looked liked her when I was in school, I sure as hell would have taken French!

17. Jada Cheng (new) - One of my personal fav models in the circuit this Sassy Assy babe is also one of the most fan friendly girls you will meet at cons. She is also impossibly sexy and hot. All of which was more than proven with her appearance at Exxxotica NY, this year. Oh yeah, she is also fucking awesome when it comes to following her on Twitter or being her friend on facebook. When it comes right down to it, Jada kicks ass!

16. Alexis Amore (last year- 15) - The Peruvian Princess continues to reign as one of the hottest and most beautiful Latinas in the whole, entire world. She, of course, is also one of the nicest, sweetest, and most all around cool actresses, and not just in the porn biz!

15. Josie Lee (last year- 16) - Aside from her drop dead gorgeous good looks, Lee is so sweet and friendly in person, that one cannot hope but totally crush on her. Anytime she makes an appearance at a con, like for example, this past October's Chiller, she is always one of the highlights at the show. Talking to her is always an utmost pleasure.

14. Kim Lee (new) - Quite easily one of the most beautiful models, I have ever laid eyes on Kim's light seems to be shinning brighter all the time. Her appearance on one of the covers to this year's excellent Show East magazine might be the single hottest magazine cover I seen in all of 2009. And, that dear readers and friends, is no small feet. And, the pics inside... They were fucking amazing!!!!!!!

13. Courtney Cummz (new) - I am some what a new fan of the lovely Ms. Cummz, but with her beauty she quickly ran up up favorites charts. But, it is her sexy and fun personality that further makes her stand out amongst her constituents. She was, without a shadow of a doubt, one of the truest highlights at Exxxotica NY 2009. The finally icing on the sexy cake has to be her blog, which as I have said before, is one of my my true personal favorites on the net. She just comes off as a total sweetheart. I think the sky is the limit for Ms. Cummz.

12. Adrenalynn (last year- 14) - One of the most multi-talented babes on this list (porn star, tattoo artist, blogger) this busty honey is one of the most down right awesome babes in the whole entire net. If I was gonna get a tattoo, she is definitely one of the people I would most like to work on it. On the net, or any where else for that matter, she really shines at all she does, whether it is in one of her social networking profiles (in particular her twitter account), her tattoo artist pics, her sexy pics, her porn, and anything else she fucking does!

11. Angelina Armani (last year- 30) - Few porn stars have a had more successful or amazing year than Angelina. In a very short period of time, she is earned lots of well deserved props. On the porn side of things she has been making countless of recent appearances, including the Free Speech Coalition in the State Capital of California, not to mention the porn cons and award events she has attended. Just recently she was nominated for Xbiz's New Starlet of the year and was named one of Dr. Jay's Must See Girls for 2010. Not to mention all the nominations that she got, some that I have campaigned for her, right in this very blog. On top of all that, her love for horror and superheroes, as proven by her pics on her myspace and facebook, and her totally awesome blog, the Armani Watch, for Genesis Online, has made her into a fanboy's dream cum true! And, guess what? I think that 2010 might be even bigger for her!

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The Hottest Babes of 2009, pt. 5, 30-21

30. Kara Tai (last year- 28) - I still think this Floridian beauty is unjustly underrated in the porn biz. With a beautiful face, sexy skin tone, and body to die for, she should be one of the biggest stars in the biz. And having seen some of her work this year, I can assure you that she fucking smolders whenever she is on screen!

29. Kristin Kreuk (new) - Having starred as the hottest video game babe in history, Chun-Li, in Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li (of course!) this drop-dead gorgeous beauty proved she could kick ass, as well as provide some solid acting. Her appearance on Attack of the Show, to promote said film, was one of my fav interviews on that show, this whole year. And, regardless what you may think of that film (I enjoyed it, for what it is worth) you cannot deny that she she might have one of the most beautiful pairs of eyes in the whole entire world!

28. Moon Bloodgood (new) - This exotic babe also appeared int eh aforementioned Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li (damn! what a beautiful Asian cast that film had!), as well as Terminator: Salvation. I did not see that one, nor am I in any rush to do so, but I have heard about nudie scene of hers that got cut out for the PG-13 rating. I did see her sexy as hell pics for Maxim, though, and I can assure that she is one of the most utmost sexy actresses out there!

27. Betsy Rue (new) - She was the nude chick in the very enjoyable remake My Bloody Valentine 3D, and that meant her FULL FRONTAL nudity was in motherfucking 3D! If that does not warranty an appearance on this list, then what the fuck does?

26. Kelly Hu (new) - Truly one of the world's most undeniably beautiful women, this babe is still quite the busy honey. This year she did cartoon and video game voices as well as being on TV shows and movies (The Tournament, which I so need to see!) . She even appeared at the Big Apple Con in New York in September, which I sadly missed, as she is on the very top of my list of actresses I wanna meet. Not only that but she is 41 years old, believe it or not! A true goddess of the highest order.

25. Maryse Ouellet (new) - The WWE is overrun with interchangeable blonde, big boobie chicks, so to stand out, you have to be a truly unique vision of beauty. French Canadian Maryse is most certainly that. Plus, she has is just awesome as her snotty heel character, and, biggest props of all, her in-ring abilities have improved greatly. She held the Divas' Title but eventually jobbed it and was out of commission for some time due to an injury. But, any time she was/is on TV, she proved/proves to be one of the few reasons to actually watch the crap-fest that is Monday Night Raw.

24. Jasmine Mai (new) - One of the hottest and down right sexiest Import Models on God's green Earth, Jasmine continues to get yumier with each day. Plus, appearances at shows or cons like Chiller in April 2009 continue to prove that she's not just a pretty face, but one of the friendliest and coolest babes in the convention circuit.

23. Kaylani Lei (same) - My second absolute fav contract girl this smart, beautiful, and friendly Wicked Pictures starlet remains at the very top of her game. Any time she in a film, you know she will fucking burn the screen with her hotness. So much so that she, very rightfully so, got AVN awards this year for her performance in last year's awesome The Wicked (best actress and best group sex scene).

22. Alison Haislip (last year- 21) -Let me tell you something, anytime I see this babe on Attack of the Show, I am a happy camper. And, the short hair she got this year made her even hotter. With her great, bubbly personality, she is the very definition of the word cute. Along with the earlier ranked, in this list, Kristin Adams, she is one of the few girls that I actually like replacing Olivia Munn, whenever she is out.

21. Tiffany Shepis (last year- 23) - Aside from continuing to star in genre films, this year she also had her own advice column in Arrow in the Head. She is perhaps the sexiest American horror actress in the history of the genre. Tiffany may also be the coolest. Few people can be that perfect mix of sexy, playfulness, humor, and down-to-earth approachability that she has. Any time she does a convention one just has to go up to her. This year, at the October Chiller, she even hooked my two friends who could not make it to the show, with a free autograph. Is there any wonder why this babe has such an ardent fan following?

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The Hottest Babes of 2009, pt. 4. 40-31

40. Jesse Jane (new) - When a world of interchangeable big boobed blondes Digital Playground contract babe Jesse Jane really stands out. And, not just cause of her chest! Mega-hot and bubbly Jane is one of my fav busty blonde honeys. She continues to star in many of DPs best and biggest pornos and is always a pleasure to see in person, as her appearance in this year's Exxxotica once again proved. Throw in appearances on G4 and you have one of the brightest shining stars in the biz.

39. Gianna Jun (new) - Staring in the horror/ action flick Blood: The Last Vampire the beautiful Ms. Jun proved to be one of the sexiest and most ass kicking vamps ever! This fun adaptation of the Anime, of the same name, has this Korean beauty killing vampires in a school girl outfit! Making me ask the question, Kate Bekinsale who?

38. Mika Tan (last year- 40) - The impossibly beautiful Ms. Tan has been working at the Bunny Ranch this year, which means if I was ever to visit them I would, without a shadow of a doubt, want to pay her a visit! A true goddess that makes us thankful that prostitution is legal in Vegas!

37. Kim Ok-Bin (new) - Staring in my fav movie of this year, thus far, Chan Wook Park's Thrist, the stunningly ravishing Kim Ok-Bin played THE hottest vampire babe that has EVER been caught on a celluloid. But, behind her truly awe inspiring and breathtaking beauty lies an immensely talented actress that, hopefully, we will see more of soon.

36. Chelsea Handler (last year- 37) - She's funny, has a potty mouth, speaks her mind, loves drinking Grey Goose vodka, has great legs, and is smoking hot. What is there not to like? She has the single most lucrative contract on E! and has one of the highest rated shows on that channel. Her star continues to grow bigger and brighter. She even appeared in Playboy this month, though sadly did not show the goods. Life is so unfair sometimes!

35. Laura Vandervoort (new) - ABC's reboot of V drew some huge ratings, despite the fact that there were only four episodes this whole year! One reason I kept tuning in is this beautiful blue eyed blonde babe, who played an alien that hooks up with a lucky human dude. Seriously, this babe makes me think that intergalactic sex is a great fucking idea!

34. Naughty Nina Kay (new) - You know the Internet has a lot of hot nudes models, so to stand out you really need to set yourself apart from the crowd. Being impossibly hot, having good tweets on Twitter, and hooking up your Twitter followers with a free autographed pic, something this amazing hottie did this year, is definitely the way to just that. I think this babe has a great future ahead of her!

33. Stoya (last year- 49) - Digital Playground's gorgeous contract babe made some headlines by dating metal goth dude Marilyn Manson, who gets props for sticking to his type so well. But, she recently dumped his ass. Stoya remains unmitigatedly hot and yummy. And, one of the hottest contract girls, in the history of pornography.

32. Sophia Bush (last year- 26) - This incredible beauty is still on One Tree Hill. Which leads me to my next question: when will she be on something I like? Regardless, she remains one of my long time personal favorites.

31. Natasha Yi (new) - This fun and gorgeous Asian babe has, in a very short period of time, become one of my favorite Internet models. Anyone can have hot pics posted (though few are as beautiful as Ms. Yi is), but very few can have as fun a blog as she does: http://natashayi.tv/ Which is a big reason as to why I love her so much!

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