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Chiller Theatre: Oct. 2018

Due to a nor' eastern we had to reschedule our plans to hit Chiller Theate from Saturday,  Oct. 27 to Sunday, Oct. 28, 2018. There also ended up being a gas leak/ bomb scare on that Sat, but you can read more about here.

So, on Sun, we headed off to enjoy the greatest convention in the world: Chiller!

The first person I went up was Hammer Horror legend and former Bond girl, the lovely Martine Beswick. I told her that my friend, and I had had recently seen Dr. Jekyll and Sister Hyde. I also told her that we loved the film, and that it now was one of our favorite Hammer movies! She was very sweet and spoke to me about Italy and even complemented me on my hair, which completely blew me away! To say that I was flattered would be the understatement of the year!

Terrifier is the best slasher film of the year, and, as such, I was so happy to talk to David Howard Thorton, who plays the evil Art the Clown. He is so incredibly nice and friendly in person, that he talked to us for a good ten minutes! During this time, a fan cosplaying as Art the Clown got a pic with him!

After all these years, I finally decided to meet the lovely PJ Soles, who of course "totally" played Lynda in John Carpenter's masterpiece Halloween. She was also in classics like Carrie, Rock n' Roll High School, and Rob Zombie's The Devil's Reject's. Speaking of RNRHS, we talked a little bit about the awesomeness of The Ramones. After all, she had their shirt on, and I have a patch of theirs on my battle-jacket. I also learned that she is not, actually a horror fan! Soles is legitimately one of the nicest celebs you could ever meet. She is so impossibly sweet and down to earth, that every fan loves her!

My friend Freddie and I, both met the lovely Lisa Loring, who played Wednesday Addams in The Addams Family TV series among other great roles. She was very sweet, as well, and we both got a pic with her. She is such a freaking legend!

We also got to catch up and say hi to Mr. Chiller, himself, Kevin Clement, who runs this amazing convention. None of this would be possible without him. And, while he was not doing well some time before, he is feeling good now. He is even walking around on his own. He looks great and is truly one of the nicest guys you could ever meet. Bless him and Chiller!

The last person that I met was the gorgeous Kelly Hu, star of Friday the 13th Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan, Martial Law, X2: X-Men United, and countless more. She was, without question, the person that I wanted to meet the most; at this show as I am a huge and long time fan of hers. I can tell you that she is awesome in person! Not only is she breathtakingly beautiful, and clearly does not age, but she is also super friendly. Not to mention energetic! She was lively and seemed genuinely happy to meet and talk to her fans. Meeting her is one of the true highlights of this year for me!

These are my movies that I got signed at the con:
From Russia with Love by Martinez Beswick and Halloween by PJ Soles.

Finally, this is the swag that I bought at the con:
From Severin Films: 3 Blu-rays for $50- Anthropopagus, Absurd, and Eaten Alive (the Umberto Lenzi cannibal movie)
A Cannibal Holocaust $5 turtle in which proceeds went to the TSA (Turtle Survival Alliance)- if you have seen this movie, you know that it has a horrible scene where a turtle (among other poor animals) gets killed for real. Being that this was for a turtle charity made me feel great about buying and owning this, as I love that movie but HATE that scene (and all the other real animal killing scenes)
And, for buying a copy of Screem magazine, I got a free Blu-ray of Trilogy of Terror!

And, so ends another Chiller, we already can't wait April for the next one!


NYCC 2018: Sun, Part 2: Badassery!

 More of my favorite cosplays from Sunday, Oct. 7. 2018!

This Avengers trio was pretty fucking badass. So, my Punisher had to join them!

Speaking of badass Avengers, check out the following group of cosplayers. They even added some Captain America: Civil War style fighting to add to the overall badassery and awesomeness of their cosplaying!

 Two of the sexiest and loveliest cosplayers that I saw on Sunday!
 I wanted more Vampirella and this beauty had to be one of sexiest ever!
 This Dr. Strange was AMAZING!!!

To be concluded!

NYCC 2018: Sun, Part 1: Total Awesomeness!


Horror Crush: Virginia Gardner

I finally saw the new Halloween movie two days ago, having been sick in bed before that. And, with it being the season, I figured it was the perfect time to induct a beauty from that movie into Horror Crushes. So let us  add the gorgeous Virginia Gardner!
Born Virginia Elizabeth Gardner in Sacramento, California on April 18, 1995, the lovely Miss. Gardner has appeared in various TV shows and movies since 2011. And, she is just recently beginning to rack up a couple of horror roles.
Her first genre role came in 2016's Tell Me How I Die.  I have never seen or even heard about this one before, today. It deals with college students who take part in a clinical drug test. But, the side effect is that they can see the way that they will die. Gardner plays the lead role. The trailer to this actually looks good and the idea is pretty interesting. Any of you seen this? If so, what are your thoughts? Leave them in the comments section below!

She wouldn't return to the horror genre till two years later, with this year's Halloween. This sequel ignores every sequel in the series and retcons the whole Laurie Strode and Michael Myers are brother and sister. They aren't, but Laurie traumatized is lying in waiting for him, as he has escaped. Anyway, back to the reasoning. Devoid of the eariler famiy ties, we know now that his only reason is that he is simply evil, scary, and brutal. The movie keeps him in mystery and menace,
The film is well acted, especially by Jamie Lee Curtis in what is the best incarnation of Laurie, since the first one (if not ever). I love the take on PTSD, and she is a fucking badass. The climax is probably one of the film's better parts. While the movie, itself, isn't great and has its issues, it is cleaning up at the box office.
Gardner plays Vicky, best friend to Allyson (the lovely Andi Matichak) Laurie's granddaughter. Vicky is a babysitter, who, of course, wants to tonsil hockey her boyfriend. I would say you can guess the rest, but the above image, already a favorite among fans, says everything. This being a slasher, I feel it important to let you know that she does not get nude in the movie.
Regardless, she looks gorgeous throughout, and plays a very likable character. That in, of itself, is rare for stalk and slash movies. Gardner is clearly a talented actress. She has a natural charisma about her that shines in this role. This is destined to keep her a fan favorite with a great future ahead of her. 
Her next horror flick Monster Party comes to VOD and Digital HD on Nov. 2, 2018. It reportedly tells the tale of three thieves who pose as waiters at a Malibu mansion dinner party where the dinner guests ain't that innocent. Now they gotta get out of the house without getting killed. Gardner plays one of the aforementioned trio and based on the trailer below, solely, it looks really fucking good!

Virgina Gardner is the all American, beautiful, blonde girl. With her blue eyes and naturally lovely face she has the looks to break many a movie-lovers heart. Especially horror fans, as she is destined to make a name for herself, especially after her encounter with Michael Myers. I would love for her to star in more genre movies, but based on her performance in Halloween and these movies (which I most definitely plan to see), I officially make her one of this site's Horror Crushes!


NYCC 2018: Sun, Part 1: Total Awesomeness!

Sunday, Oct. 7, 2018, may have the last for NYCC'18, but it was just as wild and fun as the preceding day. In fact, it may have been more so, for me at least, as I got to spend more time shooting and hanging with fellow cosplayers.

The day, for me, began with the Miles Morales Spider-Man battling Venom (movie version)! Well, two cosplayers dressed as them, to be exact.

I did my Punisher cosplay on this day, and did some villain battling myself. I took on Hella (Thor: Ragnarok version)! Actually, her cosplay looked incredible! The pic below was taken by my friend BAS Photography and Design.

When I wasn't battling the forces of evil, I got to pick-up Michael Gingold's phenomenal book Ad Nauseuam: Newsprint Nightmares from the 1980s (published by 1984 books). Gingold has been clipping and collecting NYC horror movie newspaper ads since the 80s. This book collects his whole stash of them from that decade. It's an awesome idea for a book, as I remember loving those ads myself as a kid. As such, I had been meaning to get since I first saw the book at the last Monster-Mania in Cherry Hill. Bu, now at Comic Con, was the perfect time, as it was being sold at a great price, and he was signing it!
Gingold, who has written for Rue Morgue and edited and written for Fangoria for several years, is an immensely knowledgeable horror writer and fan, one whom I admire a lot. This book couldn't have be in better hands! He told me that he might do one for horror in the 90s! Count me in for that, too! I am currently reading the book and loving it! I can't stop looking through all the cool ads! It is definitely a new favorite book of mine.

Perhaps the single most amazing cosplay that I saw on that day was this incredible Sentinel (below). This giant, robot hunter of mutants was so cool! The detail and work that clearly went into it is beyond admirable. The cosplayer even went the extra mile of sticking old Marvel/ Toy Biz era X-Men action figures to make it look like they are battling him. It gave him an awesome scale and made you want to look at every inch of his suit.

Anyway, here are a couple of more of my favorite cosplays from Sunday:

My friend Nelson D. Martinez, as Shredder, was part of a fucking epic Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles shoot. They were fucking amazing! And, troopers, too, as it was hot as balls that day. The two Turtles were dying in their suits. Poor guys! Anyway I got to join with them in a pic.

 To be continued!


NYCC 2018: Sat, Part 2: More of the Best of Cosplay

Last time I showed you the first part of my Saturday coverage at NYCC 2018. Here is the second part of it! These are more of my favorite cosplays that I saw that day:

 Oh yeah!

Holy shit! Look at all the detail and then think of all the work that must have gone into this Doomsday (below)! Amazing! Also, it should be noted that this is better than the CGI crap that was in the shitfest that is Batman V Superman. And, done with less of the budget and resources, just saying.

 Is he interrupting your tweeting, Spidey?

 As a huge fan of Indiana Jones, I fucking loved these two!

This awesome cosplay is done by my good friend Nelson D. Martinez.

And, here I am with my friend:

Check out this AMAZING Annihilus (below)! He may well have been my favorite cosplay of the day. I made sure to "battle" him! 

One more pic, also with me as Logan. But, this time posing with a lovely cosplayer doing a fucking awesome Dark Phoenix! I love the way this pic came out and is one my favorites of the day: