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All Cheerleaders Die

Title: All Cheerleaders Die
Writers/ Directors: Lucky McKee and Chris Siverston
Cast: Caitlin Stasey, Sianoa Smit-McPhee, Brooke Butler, Tom Williamson, Amanda Grace Cooper,
Reanin Johannink

Alexis (Felisha Cooper) dies in a cheerleader accident and her childhood friend, the beautiful Maddy (Caitlin Stasey), decides to join the squad. Especially, after having found out that Alexis' star football playing boyfriend Terry (Tom Williamson) has wasted no time and is now dating gorgeous cheerleader Tracey (Brooke Butler). She sets out to break them up. She tells Tracey of Terry's cheating ways with her and even seduces Tracey herself. They even have a lesbian tryst.

But, soon things turn deadly. Tracey confronts Terry, who proves that he is a sleazebag. He hits her. This enrages the other three girls (another cheerleader, her sister who is the team mascot, and Maddy, herself). They drive off angered, with Terry and his football team/ friends giving them chase. The car is forced off the road and crashes into a river. Maddy's ex-girlfriend, beautiful Wiccan/ goth babe Leena (Siaona Smit-McPhee) uses her magic to reanimate them. But, soon two problems reveal themselves: one- the two sisters have switched bodies by accident and two- the girls need blood to heal themselves and quench their thirst. They form a family, of sorts, and the next day they are back in school. This leads to the displeasure ofTerry and some of his crew. And, Terry soon reveals himself to be a truly evil bastard. 

All Cheerleaders Die is actually a remake of a video that McKee shot some years back. While, I never seen that film, this is an excellent film, that ranks as one of the most fun and sexy horror flicks of the year. While, the movie is filled with exploitative subject matter: hot babes, nudity, cheerleaders, lesbians, etc, these elements actually are well handled and add to the fun of the film. In lesser hands this movie would probably have been mostly stupid and insulting, as well as being just a simpleminded skin and gorefest providing nothing more.

But, thanks to  strong directing and a lively script that is not the case. As is with much of his work McKee, with added help this time around from co-writer/ co-director Siverston, is able to create strong female characters, that are much more than just pretty faces and hot bodies. He has a real understanding of women. In most films, the cheerleaders would have been written as bitchy or stupid or both. Here, they are all likeable and all believable. The story may not be ground breaking, but somehow it still manages to feel somewhat fresh. This is definitely due to it being handled in a manner that is always entertaining. And, while the movie is undeniably funny, it does not shy away from heavy subject matter like abusive relationships and rape. Kudos for being able to this so well.

It also helps that the whole cast is excellent. That the women happen to be breathtaking is just an added bonus. I was most in love with Stasey, who is my new horror crush. Butler and Smit-McPhee also took my breath away, as did Amanda Grace Cooper and Reanin Johannink, as the two sisters. Meanwhile, Williamson makes for a truly despicable villain, one whose death you will be cheering (pun not intended) on to happen.

The movie with it's use of gothy, sexy witch babe, lesbians, and, of course, cheerleaders, seems
tailor made for me. It's handling of these fetishistic themes coupled with the beautiful cast make for a very eye pleasing experience. There some great shots of the beautiful cast, and even nudity in the form of the stunning Johannik. Butler not only gives us some lesbian love, but she has one of the most memorable scenes walking across the street in just her undies. She has an ass to die for! 

It also has some nice gore, with stabbings, bitings, bludgeonings, and more. The make-up FX by Kevin Carter are really quite good. There is some CGI, but it's well done and used appropriately.  All of these postive factors comes together to add to a really suspenseful and edge of your seat climax. The ending is fun, too, and a little unexpected.

All Cheerleaders Die is a great example of how to do a horror-comedy. It'll make laugh and you will have a blast watching it. But, it also knows when to take the horror seriously. McKee is one of my favorite directors in the genre, as with films his best work, The Woman, May, and his episode of Masters of Horror: Sick Girl, he proves that he knows how to write some of the best female characters in the entire genre. It has everything that you could ask for in a horror film (lesbians, gore, babes, zombies, cheerleaders, sexy goth/ witch chick) in the confines of a smart and highly entertaining script. It all add up to a movie that I give my highest possible recommendation. It's streaming on NetFlix so see it now!

**** out of ****


TCM Screws Over Horror Fans with Halloween Blu-Ray Box Set


It's not always I got on this blog and get to vent some anger, but here you go. Yesterday morning, Bloody Disgusting's Twitter account posted a link where TCM (Turner Classic Movies) online store were selling the just released (as in it hit stores officially today) Halloween the Complete Collection on blu-ray set released by the combined team of Anchor Bay and Scream Factory for $19.99. Now, I looked at that was like. "Wow! Hope it ain't a scam." When I saw that it was TCM, I was like OK I can trust them, even if they have colorized black and white classic films.

So, I placed my order. Now, mind you I still could not believe it. This HUGE definitive set (the kind Friday the 13th should do if they were released  by people who do not have shit for brains), that even has the NEVER before released producer's cut of Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers was something that I was DYING to own. But, I seen it go for $100 plus, so I was gonna wait till a sale or a price drop. No need to this though when I saw this price. I was in!

But, this afternoon, I get an email saying that the order is canceled. And, they sent me a 30% off coupon. Tell me what that does for me? They can shove their coupon up their corporate asses! So, I was ready to report their unethical behavior. But, first I figured I would give them a call, let them get a chance to correct this infraction.

The first girl politely told me that they had sold out. And, she didn't know when and if they would restock. She also said that she could not honor the price if they did. I called back and asked for a manager. He told me that corporate noticed the mistake and canceled the orders. I told him that is not my problem, as the customer I am right. I worked retail, you gotta honor a price, whether you fucked up or not (BTW, I never cursed or raised my voice during any of these conversations). He said he could do nothing more. I told him that they are getting reported. Which, I assure I did report to them, to anyone that I could think of.

Don't ever buy anything from TCM. Fuck them and their shitty way to solve this problem. If you go to Twitter, you will see that they got lots of tweets from angry fans. They say they are sorry, that can't full fill orders, that the 30% works on more titles, they even say a few orders went through, before they canceled them all. Well, guess what? All should go through. Learn to treat your costumers with respect and truthfulness TCM. So you fucked up, not us.

I doubt they will do shit. They won't do anything worthwhile for the fans expect hide behind their corporate bullshit. This anger is not meant to their workers. I understand they what they are told. I get that. But, it is meant to corporate who should grow a set of balls and learn some fucking ethics. End of rant.



The 175 Greatest Heavy Metal Album Covers of all Time Pt. 13: 50-41

We are now in the top 50 album covers! And, here we go:

50. Anthrax- We've Come for You All- The ninth studio album, and last one with John Bush, by one of thrash metal's Big Four has comic book artist Alex Ross art with the band surrounded by arms with the Anthrax pentagram behind them.

49. Morbid Angel- Altars of Madness- The debut album by these Floridan death metal masters has a very cool cover of "a flat disk made of a fossil material, that has captured souls" by Dan Seagrave.

48. Bleeding Through- The Truth- The fourth album by this American metalcore band is probably their best and most popular. It also has their best cover art. It's a photographic cover of a ripped out jaw. Bloody and in black and white, this is a striking and awesome image!

47. Def Leppard- Pyromania- The third album by this British hard rock act is my personal favorite of theirs. It also has their best, and most controversial, cover: that of a bullseye on a building top set ablaze. It was enough to have some stores refuse to carry it, and music censorship loving Tipper Gore flash it during the PMRC trials.

46. Danzig- III: How the Gods Kill- The third and highest charting album by Danzig has a magnificent cover taken from H.R. Giger's Meister und Margeritha (The Master and Margarita). Giger modified it, so that the erect penis in the painting became a dagger with the Danzig skull, which in turn was used on the cover to the single, "Dirty, Black Summer".

45. Cattle Decapitation- Monolith of Inhumanity- The sixth, and so far best album,  from these American deathgrinders has a Simian humanoid ripping out the flesh from his face on the cover. He is surrounded by bones and garbage and in the background, a monolith and other simians. It's gory and cool and recalls a nightmarish take on Kubrick's 2001: A Space Odyssey.

44. Entombed- Clandestine- The second album by this Swedish death metal act features a beautifully unusual cover of some other worldly place.

43. Motorhead- Rock 'n' Roll- The eighth album by these British metal masters, had a very different and intricate idea by it's artist Joe Petagano for it's cover. But, the band went with this cool take on Snaggletooth, instead. It looks awesome, so that's all that matters. right? 

42. Dio- Holy Diver- The classic debut album by Dio has one of metal's most iconic covers: in it, their mascot Murray has a broken chain and there is a priest chained up with his head sticking out of the water. Dio has said don't "judge a book by it's cover" on the meaning of this amazing piece of art.

41. Death- Leprosy- The second album by Death is an out right classic of the subgenre. As is its' awesome cover of a cloaked man suffering from leprosy.


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All pics courtesy of Mile High Media and Sweetheart Video:

Everything about this latest release from Mile High Media, Sweetheart Video, and director Melissa Monet just screams MUST HAVE. Not the least of which is that smoldering cover above. I mean goddamn it, that is just sexy as fucking hell And, then there is the beautiful cast which is just amazing!

A.J. Applegate, Ryan Ryans, Misty Stone, Anastasia Morna, Sinn Sage, Justine Joli, Dana DeArmond, August Ames
Good God! Now read on for further proof of it's hotness.
From the Mile High Media description:
Nell (Justine Joli) has a wonderful business; she teaches women how to kiss, but she can’t do the job alone. So with the help of her beautiful assistant Katy (AJ Applegate) and kisser trainee Rose (Sinn Sage), the three women kiss their way into the hearts of all the single girls and LTR couples that come to their Girls Kissing Girls seminar weekend.

 From the Mile High Media press release:
“Steamy lesbian sex,” wrote XCritic.com contributor The Mooninite in his review of Volume 14.  “It delivers explicit action performed by a cast of sexy ladies and shot by someone who obvious cared about their work.”

Mile High Media Vice President Jon Blitt says, “‘Girls Kissing Girls’ is one of our most popular series from Sweetheart Video.  Its seductive and passionate scenes make it perfect for consumers looking for an entry into all-girl adult entertainment… or for anyone who appreciates the beauty of two women together.”


Girls Kissing Girls 15 came out yesterday (Sept. 17, 2014), and you can, totally have to, get it on DVD or VoD at: http://www.adultdvdempire.com/1709539/girls-kissing-girls-vol-15-porn-movies.html?partner_id=42272314