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The Art of Living Dead Dolls

Title: The Art of Living Dead Dolls
Publisher: Mezco
In honor of the 16th anniversary of Mezco's highly successful line of horror dolls, Living Dead Dolls, the toy company has released a beautiful softcover, coffee table sized book filled with artwork and pictures of the macabre and cool dolls, called The Art of the Living Dead Dolls.
The book opens up with world famous horror artist Basil (Famous Monsters of Filmland, Rob Zombie, etc) Gogos doing a foreword where he talks about the Living Dead Dolls (LDD) and their creators. Short and to the point, it's a loving and fun way to start off the book.

From there we go right into art inspired by various dolls themselves. There are lots of artists showing their work and paying tribute to the LDDs in all sorts of artful manners. They include pen and ink, pencil, watercolor, digital, photography, and more. All the pieces of art are just that and look beautiful, stunning, and creepy. And, all are done with a distinct quality of spooky fun.

The next chapter has pics from the 2006 LDD art show. These are various dolls created by various artists for display at it. It is followed by a fun chapter on LDD fan art. Finally, the book closes off with a real cool chapter on LDD tattoos. There are lots of pics of various ink fans have gotten to show off their love for these adorable and evil dolls.

In all The Art of Living Dead Dolls is a beautifully put together and fun book. You'll wanna look at it over and over again. And, at 20 bucks it's a steal! It's a true must have not just for fans of the LDDs, but for all fans of morbid and horror related collectables.