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The 10 Greatest Horror FIlm Franchises of All Time

Horror franchises, like their villains, never die. This is an undeniable fact. This year alone, we have had entries, of various degrees of quality and success, to The Ring, The Conjuring/ Annabelle, Alien, Chucky, and more. This past Friday marked the return of one of the most profitable, popular, and bloody of them all: Saw, in the form Jigsaw (which has done good at the box office!).

As such, now is the perfect time to ask and answer, which are the very best horror film franchises ever. I have taken into account, the quality of each series and the films there in. The better the movies and the higher amount of actually good films contained therein, the higher the ranking. Longevity, success, and influence are also weighed in. So, sit back and enjoy, and who knows, maybe you will wanna binge on some of these after reading this (it is Halloween on Tues, so now would be the perfect time!).

But first, here are some honorable mentions, in no particular order:
I Spit on Your Grave
The Texas Chainsaw Massacre
The Slumber Party Massacre

10. Final Destination- One of the most outright fun horror franchises ever made, the Final Destination movies are gleefully gory and imaginative in their creative kills. They don't always have the best characters, and not even the best film (that would be the first one, of course) in the series is great. But, none of the movies are bad. And, that is certainly more than I can say for most of the franchises here.

9. The Conjuring- The youngest franchise on this list, The Conjuring Universe is made up of two connected series: The Conjuring, itself, and its spin-off series, Annabelle. While, both Conjuring films are excellent, with the first one being one of the finest ghost films ever, the first Annabelle movie is a load of fucking shit. Thankfully, its sequel, Annabelle: Creation, released earlier this year, is a solid film.

8. Friday the 13th- The franchise with the most entries on this list, Friday the 13th, for better or worse, was synonymous with the genre in the 80s. The original remains one of the finest slasher movies ever made and a prime example of quality 80's horror. It's sequels, crossover, and remake range in quality from the solid (Friday the 13th part VI: Jason Lives and Freddy Vs. Jason) to a piece of cinematic excrement (Friday the 13th part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan). But, the majority of it is dumb fun, filled with some cool kills and hot, and many times naked, babes. And, for anyone who grew up in its era, is one that surely played a big part in their lives as horror fans.

7. Alien- The Alien franchise starts off amazingly with its first two entries. The original is a classic, but then along comes Aliens, the rare superior sequel and even rarer perfect movie, and blows it away! Perhaps the bar was set too high by these two movies, since the franchise could never reach those levels again. It's movies, which also included a semi-prequel, a sequel to that semi-prequel, and two crossover movies, range from the dumb and entertaining: AVPR, to the barely mediocre, mostly shitty: Alien Covenant and Alien 3.

6. Halloween- Perhaps the franchise with the most wildly all over the place continuity, this long, running series has, one sequel that has nothing to do with anything else before or after (Halloween III: Season of the Witch), as well as a remake and it's own sequel. A new sequel has been promised (threatened?), which will ignore everything expect the first one! The original, itself, is a masterpiece of horror and fear, a scary and extremely influential piece of genre cinema. It is arguably John Carpenter's best film. The following movies have ranged in quality from great, like the Rob Zombie remake, which at least attempted something new instead going through the same old motions, to the piss poor: Halloween: Resurrection. That movie is one of the absolute fucking worst entries in a major horror franchise ever! While most comparable to the Friday the 13th movies, I have gone on to appreciate the attempt of these movies at being more serious, especially in the stronger sequels. 

5. A Nightmare on Elm Street- The best of the big three slasher franchise, ANOES always had the advantage over Halloween and Friday the 13th because of characters. Freddy is an innately more interesting villain than Michael or Jason because, he has a personality. The other characters are usually fleshed out better, too, with more of an attempt at making them likable than the cardboard knife fodder of its competition. The series was extremely successful, enough so that it made New Line Cinema (AKA the House that Freddy built!). The first movie might very well be the greatest slasher movie ever. Aside from the sequels, it also had a crossover with Jason and a less than desirable remake. The quality of the movies that followed the first one range from one of the greatest horror sequels ever made (Dream Warriors) to one of the most imaginative meta-horror movies (A New Nightmare) to one of the biggest balls of fucking shit ever (Freddy's Dead).

4. Romero's Living Dead Films- I have to be honest, if not for the last two movies, this franchise would be number one. Sadly, those bring down the franchise to this position. That being said, the first three movies (Night of the Living Dead, Dawn of the Dead, Day of the Dead) are perfect. The fourth movie, Land of the Dead, is not on that level, but it still an excellent movie, one of the finest of its kind. That movie was a great way to end the franchise. Sadly, Romero decided to reboot it with the godawful Diary of the Dead. I hated that  movie, and must admit to never bothering with Survival of the Dead. Regardless, of the later entries, this series has three, possibly four, legitimate classics in its series. Most franchises are lucky if they have one, let alone two, legitimate classic films in its roster.  Also, it should be mentioned that at the best of these films, they are smart and profound (not words I associate with most horror franchises), and the gore is fucking phenomenal putting to shame most of the movies splatter content on here.

3. Saw- Perhaps the bloodiest big studio horror franchise, the Saw movies is one of only four film series on this list where I like, to some degree or another, all the entries. I love the plot and writing, and the honest-to-god attempt, and success there of, of keeping continuity. They took the care that Friday the 13th admit ably didn't seem to give a flying fuck about. The acting was also mostly, if not always, solid. The best sequel, the incredibly awesome Saw II, is my personal favorite entry, though, technically speaking the first movie is the best in the series. Yet, even its weakest entry, Saw IV, is still a pretty decent movie, which more than I can say about most of the worst of the aforementioned movies. Even more awesome, the latest film, the damn good Jigsaw, continues the story, and is not a motherfucking remake.

2. Evil Dead- Like Alien, the first two movies are masterpieces. Also, like Alien, its second installment tops its first. Though, the range of just how much better Evil Dead 2 is better than Evil Dead is much smaller than how much Aliens blows away Alien. Anyway, its next installment, Army of Darkness is easily the weakest in the franchise, but it has a huge amount of love, especially among more mainstream fans. That being said, it is still an very fun movie, one that easily tops the worst entry in most, if not all of the aforementioned movies. The remake easily tops it, though, and is one of the best modern remakes around, as well, as one of the bloodiest big, studio horror movies, ever!

1. Chucky- Coming to this conclusion took a lot of thought, on my behalf. But, for as many years as this series has gone on, it is amazing that it is still this damn good, and that it always was. It is the only major slasher franchise, and one of the few overall franchises, where I like every film. Even its weakest movie, Seed of Chucky, is still a very interesting movie, something that cannot be said about the worst stalk and slash sequels. It also, always cared for continuity and had continuously returning characters and actors. Plus, its creator, Don Mancini has been involved with every single movie, and still  is. Other than Evil Dead and the Living Dead films, none of the other franchises can attest to that. The finest movie is the great first film (the classic Child's Play), but its best sequel the fun, wild, and stylish Bride of Chucky is one of the most easy to love slasher sequels ever. Plus, it managed to add a female counter part villain to its lead villain in the form of Tiffany. She is embodied by, what a body it is is(!), and voiced by the gorgeous Jennifer Tilly. No other slasher series can admit to that. The fact that the latest movie, the fucking solid Cult of Chucky, still adds new twists and intrigue (and, even ups the gore!!!) is a testament to the greatness of these movies. And, so it is without question in my mind that Chucky is the king of horror franchises!

What do you think is/ are the best horror franchises? Do you agree with my choice as Chucky as king? Comment below and discuss!


NYCC 2017: Sat: Funko Pops and Best of Cosplay, Part 1

Saturdays at New York Comic Con are, rightfully, always known as the wildest, most busy, and most crowded. This Oct. 7, 2017, was no different. For me, it was also the earliest day that I had to be there. Having won one of the NYCC run lotteries that I entered, meant that I got a 9 AM slot to shop for exclusive Funko product. If you follow this blog or know me in real life, you know of my love for Pops. As such, I was so happy!

I got to pick-up three Pops for myself. They were: Flocked Beast-Man from Masters of the Universe, Flocked Lock-Jaw from Marvel's The Inhumans, and Old Man Logan from the X-Men. The only one I wanted that I could not get was director James Green. Despite being there as early I was, he STILL sold out right in front of me. That being said, I didn't get too pissed, as I got the rest and picked up some requested ones by my younger sister. Below, you will see my Pops I bought:

After my Pop buying adventure it was on to the con, as usual. This day marked the return of me as Punisher, but more on that in a future post. For now, here are some of my favorite cosplays of the day:

 Holy crap! This Spawn and Clown are fucking badass!
 These "Ghostbusters" villains were two of the coolest cosplays I saw all of Saturday!
 She has her multi-pass! 

 Dance of the Deadpools!

Mmm! Pizza break!

To be continued with more of the best of Saturday's cosplays!

Cosplaying as Logan on Friday at NYCC 2017

NYCC 2017: Thurs
NYCC 2017: The Best of Friday's Cosplays Pt. 2


Cosplaying as Logan on Friday at NYCC 2017

At this year New York Comic Con, on Friday 6, 2017, debuted my second ever cosplay: Logan from the phenomenal 2017 movie of the same name. I've been a Wolverine fan ever since I was in high school. I also happen to think that Logan isn't just one of the best movies of the year; it is one of the truly finest superhero movies ever made.
Battling a baddie from "Hellboy". Posing in battle scenes is always a blast!

Now I had been, toying around with adding a second cosplay to my repertoire since last year, after having enjoyed being Punisher so much at NYCC 2016. I thought of various characters, but it wasn't until my second viewing of Logan, that it hit me. He was the perfect character for me to do next. The result was very positive.
With my friend Rachel and her boyfriend.

In fact, people seemed to love it! They came up to me and asked to take pics of me and with me. In fact, this got an even better reaction than my even my Punisher had. It was very flattering and humbling and for someone, like me who battles with self-esteem issues, it was a wonderful feeling. People kept saying Old Man Logan or Logan whenever I would pass by. In all it was a truthfully awesome experience!
 First we were on the same side, then Hawkeye and battled it out! By the way, he was the best Hawkeye that I saw all four days.

And, now just me posing with a couple of awesome cosplayers:

Bub, you are about to get your ass kicked! In all seriousness, this Apocalypse is fucking AMAZING!

Directly below: two fellow Logan brothers!

 Batman, you may not have been able to do this, cause you're a pussy, but Logan ain't! In all seriousness, awesome cosplay by both of these kick ass and lovely ladies. 

 The battle YOU demanded! Logan vs. Shredder! Shredder is another amazing cosplay by my friend Nelson D. Martinez.
 I fucking love this pic!
Sorry to spoil "Justice League" for you, but Logan joins the team!

Stayed tuned! More NYCC to come! For now be sure to click on my earlier posts:

NYCC 2017: The Best of Friday's Cosplays Pt. 2


Horror Crush: Jessica Rothe

This has to be a first, here, at Words from the Master. A new induction into the Horror Crushes section that is of a girl I never heard of before and who stars in her first horror movie, one that is currently out in theaters. For that to happen it would mean that this lovely lady has made a HUGE impression on me. This beauty that I am referring to, had indeed done just that. And, so it is time for me to introduce the newest Horror Crush: the absolutely gorgeous Jessica Rothe!
Rothe, born Jessica Rothenberg on May 28, 1987 in Denver, Colorado, began her acting career in 2010. She has many TV and movie credits, but I don't think that I have seen a single one of those prior to her, thus far one, horror role: Happy Death Day.
I just saw the movie yesterday and completely loved it! And, in turn, I completely fell in love with her. The flick tells the tale of Theresa "Tree" Gelbman (Rothe) a popular and beautiful college student who is admit ably not very nice. The film takes place on her birthday where she is killed, by someone in a creepy baby mask. By the fucking way, that mask rules! I need it in my life and want to cosplay as him! Anyways, back to the film, she keeps waking up in some dude named Carter's (Israel Broussard) dorm room after being killed. She needs to find out who her killer is, so she can go, hopefully living her life.
See, how creepy and cool that mask is? If you can get me that mask, I will love and be gratefully for you forever and ever!

Rothe gives a great performance as Tree. She is funny and manages to play it well between bitchy and playfully, as well as having good comedic timing. She also adds heart and pathos to the character, with one scene in particular being actually quite moving. 
As said, before she is absolutely gorgeous. Much like her character is suppose be, if this babe had been in any of my college classes, I would have totally crushed on her. Then, been too shy to say shit to her. She has a killer body, but this being a PG-13 don't expect to see any naughty bits. There is one tease, though, that is one of the few moments where the rating actually made me wish was an R.
Sorry celebrity skin fans, the above is all we get.

Regardless, to say this a huge complaint, would be a lie. The movie is so fucking good, that it does not need nudity. And, she is so awesome and beautiful, that her character does not need it either.
Jessica Rothe is an excellent actress and is naturally beautiful. With a lovely face, pretty, blue eyes, and that amazing body, she has the looks department. I see an extremely bright colors future ahead of her and certainly hope she does more horror. For all these reasons and for having an awesome debut in the horror genre, I proudly induct the beautiful Jessica Rothe, into the Horror Crushes section!


NYCC 2017: The Best of Friday's Cosplays Pt. 2

And, now for the last half of the best cosplays on Friday, Oct. 6, 2017:
 Two badass and beautiful cosplayers doing excellent cosplays of Cami and Chun-Li.
 Quite possibly the best couple that I saw on Friday, if not all four days. I mean come on, they're doing two of my all time favorite characters from Masters of the Universe in Skeletor and Evil-Lyn and doing them awesomely!
 Not enough people do Selene from the "Underworld" franchise as cosplay. This beauty did it and excellently, might I add!
 Badass "Street Fighter" cosplay!!!

I am not bullshitting when I say that this next cosplay is one of the most amazing that I have ever seen! It is an AT-ST (AKA the Chicken Walker) from Return of the Jedi, and to a lesser degree The Empire Strikes Back. The Star Wars fanboy in me had a major geekgasm that only got bigger when the lovely Rey and her BB-8 ran into it and all posed together!

This dude has to be one of the most awesome Bizaro cosplays that I have ever seen!

The Gwenpool in the following two pics is my favorite cosplay that I saw of the character in all four days. The cosplayer, herself, is freaking gorgeous! The Spidey that posed with her in the first pic is pretty fucking awesome, too!

 Two cosplayers looking great as Catwoman and Lara Croft (who was a fairly popular cosplay this year).
Oh my fucking God, this "Sin City" duo were too fucking awesome and badass!!!!
 Not enough people do Agent 13 cosplays, which kinda sucks, cause she is an awesome character. I love that this lovely cosplayer did her so well!. 
 In my very humble opinion, the above gorgeous lady was the most awesome and badass Lara Croft cosplay that I saw all four days, if not ever.

Let me end the best of Friday's cosplays with two different takes on Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn.
 These two are fighting over this lucky Yellow Lantern Scarecrow!
I LOVE the black, white, and red take on this infamous duo!

That is it for now. Next my adventures as Logan on this very same day!