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Whatever Happened to Bobbi Bliss?

The beautiful Bobbi Bliss is a stunning and sexy adult film star with some of the most stunning eyes I have ever seen. She also happens to be one of the hottest performers in the industry.

Bobbi was born on January 6, 1973. She has a sexy and natural body. Her measurements are 34B, 26, 33 and her height is 5'6".

This ravishing redhead began her porn career in 1997. She has a great attitude that comes off in her scenes. She seems sassy, sexy, and up for anything. Her scenes were always sure to cause major boners. In particular it's her oral skills that are phenomenal. As a matter of fact in 2000, she won the XCRO Award for Orgasmic Oralist. It's an award she most definitely deserved!!

Bliss was always for any type of scene be it anal, interracial, or lesbian. She has a hot ass, that looks so good when she takes a dick in her backdoor!

I was first introduced to her via her work for Rodney Moore. I saw her in Monster Facials the Movie: Volume 3. With her beautiful, light, blue eyes looking up as she sucked Moore's dick, I was captivated immediately. But, when she swallowed; that's when, I fell in love!!! I think that's my favorite Bliss talent: cum drinking. HOT!!!

She ended up making over 150 movies by time she left the biz in 2007. She claimed that she need to find herself and take break.

During her time in the industry Bliss gave fans true joy with her hot sex scenes and nastiness. And, broke her hearts with undeniable beauty. Her fans know how amazing she was. For those of you she that have never heard of her before or are just not that familiar, I definitely suggest you check out her stuff. I know you will be blissful that you did!



I recently went to the New York Asian Film Festival and saw two movies. The first review review is for Yakuza Weapon. It's for the Gorezone.net, and you can find it under the July 27th news here: http://www.gorezone.net/news.html Once you longer find it on the news page go to the archives and look for it there, under the same date. It will remain there for three months.


My Exclusive Interview with Ann Marie Rios

NOTE: This interview was originally written for X-ratednews, but the website has not been updated in months, so I am posting it here. I conducted it in late December of last year.

I had the utmost pleasure of conducting an exclusive interview with the beautiful Ann Marie Rios. This Latin hottie came off as being very down-to-earth and sweet in our conversation. I think you guys will love reading her sexy answers to my questions!

What made you decide to get into porn?
I don’t think I made a conscious choice. It definitely wasn’t something I thought about in high school or anything. But, I went along with a girlfriend to an agent that she was seeing. I just got pulled in somehow. And, she’s a nurse, now, actually.

What’s your favorite type of scene to shoot?
I enjoy the most doing girl/ girl, boy/ girl, and doing foot fetish things, but I enjoy any scene with anyone who has a good attitude and the sexual energy is there.

Who’s your favorite performer to work with?
I don’t really have one. I have a bunch that I think are really cool, but I really don’t have just one. I just like people who have good attitudes. I could name names, but I would just be doing that, naming names, quite honestly.

What are some of your most recent projects?
I been working on a couple of really cool projects for Digital Playground, right now. They haven’t been released yet, so, I don’t know if I can talk about them. But, all I can say is that I’m working on a movie that is a trilogy, and I appear in all three parts of it. It’s been a lot of fun shooting for then. The second part of the trilogy filming is actually coming up, within the next week. I also recently shot Zero Tolerance’s Californication parody. In it, I played Marcy. I don’t watch that show; I don’t watch too much TV. So, I’m not too sure who that is, but I would say she’s a fun character. So, that was something really cool that I did recently. It’ll be out probably next year. Plus, I did my first 3D movie for Penthouse. I did/ was in four scenes for that project.

What turns you on sexually?
What turns me on sexually is someone who can make me laugh and someone who is confident in themselves, sexually, and is a good kisser.

What is your ideal type of guy?
Hands down my ideal type of guy is someone who has, for the most part, a positive attitude, makes me laugh, makes a jokes, makes me crack a smile, and who cooks a little bit. Not like a chef, cause I’m very deep into cooking. I love to cook, but it would be nice to have a guy who just surprises me with a nice dinner at home.

What’s the best part of hosting Playboy’s Private Calls?
The best part about it is being able to talk to people throughout the entire country and in Canada. Whereas normal radio you only have a city. So, that’s very cool.

How do you feel about your two AVN nominations?
I think it’s cool. I’m thankful to AVN and the people who voted for me and nominated me. And, I’m definitely grateful to the companies and directors who hired me and put me in those movies that got me those nominations. It’s nice to have them because there are a lot of performers, a lot of movies, there’s a lot going on these days. And, it’s easy to get passed by. It’s nice to be acknowledged.

What was your proudest moment of 2010?
I’ve definitely had a lot of great moments this year, but if I was just going to pick one: I started feature dancing, which I had never done, ever before, in life. So, that was really cool. That was a great moment to just go out there and do it. But, I would have to say the best of the year was finally launching my website http://www.annmarierios.com/ I been in the business nine years, and I never really had one that fully functioned, like I do now, with the premium pass network. And, I’m really happy with them and how things are going. So, I would have to say that is probably the best and proudest moment. I spent a lot of years working and shooting content, since I was nineteen. I hate to call it content, since it’s not that. So, it’s definitely, getting it off the ground, where people can see it and enjoy it.
Thanks for watching! Anything that they wanna know, like appearances, where I’ll be dancing, and things like that is on my calendar on my blog, http://annmariesadventure.com/


Alex Sim-Wise Tries on Some Latex for SDCC!

San Diego Comic Con, the biggest geek gathering in the world, is going on this weekend. There is so much exclusive swag, panels, celebs, artists, and other stuff that make it heaven for those like us. There is also a shit load of hot babes. As always some of the hottest are from G4, including one of my current personal favs the sexy and voluptuous Alex Sim-Wise!

Now sadly, I, myself, am not there (but I promise I will be covering NYCC for the Gorezone). Thankfully, G4's coverage kind of makes up for it. Moreso, clips like this of the aforementioned Ms. Sim-Wise in latex. By the way, on Thursday she was dressed as Phoenix. HOT! Anyways, here is the amazing clip with her amazing rack!!!

The Deadly Duo (blu-ray)

Title: The Deadly Duo
Year: 1971
Min: 81
Director: Chang Chen
Writer: Ni Yuang
Cast: David Chiang, Ti Lung, Wu Feng, Wang Chung, Stanley Feng, Chen Hsing

Taking place during the Sung Dynasty, this film tells the tale of a group of heroes, that with the help of two great kung-fu warriors (David Chiang and Ti Lung) hope to save a prince that is heavily guarded by a legion of bad guys.

There is very little in the way of plot or character development, but you won't care cause the action never stops. Moving at a breakneck pace the movie never stops kicking ass. The fight scenes are beautifully choreographed and the violence is hard and bloody. Both of the leads are charismatic and good.

The exciting climax has so much ass kicking, you butt might start to hurt! This is a solid entry from the Shaw Brothers that fans of martial arts film will want to add to their collection for sure!

The blu-ray release from Media Blaster's Tokyo Shock looks absolutely gorgeous!! The colors are rich and bright and there are is no grain or pops on the screen. It truly looks flawless. Sound wise, though I must say that I am disappointed as the 5.1 surround sound can only be heard in the terrible English dubbing. You have to watch it with the original Mono sound to hear in it's original Mandarin language. That, to me, is a fail on Media Blaster's part. That being said the subtitles are clear and easy to read, but seem to be taken from the dubbed version and not the actual translation (as is proved by one of the trailers on the disc).

As far as extras we get two very good interviews with both of the leads, David Chiang and Ti Lung, conducted by a very pretty Chinese lady. Their is a trailer gallery with some more Tokyo Shock releases, as well as a pretty cool still gallery

Movie: ***1/2 out of ****
Picture: ****
Sound: ***
Extras: ***

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Whatever Happened to Loni?

The beautiful and naturally busty Loni has long been one of my fav performers from the first time I saw her. And, while she no longer stars in pornos, I still enjoying going back and seeing this beauty in action.

Loni was born on July 6, 1977. Her height is 4'11", and her ethnicity is Filipino. Her amazing God-given rack is an impressive 34C. I simply LOVE her boobs!!!

She entered the skin biz in 2002, after receiving an honorable discharge from the US air-force after 3 years of sleeping with girls. Boo! I think she should have gotten a medal for that! That's freaking HOT! She was training to be a medical assistant, until she saw an ad for Jim Souths for being an adult model.

From what I have read, she had some lesbian relationships in the porn biz, first with the beautiful Kimmy Kahn and then with the lovely Phoenix Rae, with whom she lived with in beautiful Las Vegas, Nevada.

Regardless, of that onscreen she worked with both guys and girls, delivering blistering performances with either or. She did anal and could even squirt. Plus, she also did some fetish stuff including S&M and smoking vids. She blows some smoke in your face here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZQ1lnqRS4Mk

Anytime that I have seen Loni in a scene she's always delivered the goods. Not only she is gorgeous, but her accent it real sexy! I LOVE it!

Watch her jiggle her HOT tits, here:

Yet, my favorite scene of hers remains a HOT as fuck lesbian scene between her and this blogs, first ever Hot Asian Girl of the Month, Lily Thai. I found it in a lesbian comp DVD (Just Like Sisters), but I'm sure the longer version exists on some other flick. Still, even in the shorten version (still hardcore, BTW), it's too hot for mere words!!!! They kiss in some of the hottest lip locking my eyes have bared witness to. The strap-on action is volcanic! Since, both performers are two of the best in industry has ever seen, it just works! Loni's voluptuous beauty combined with the sexiness of Lily Thai makes it all so delicious!! If you can get your hands on this scene, see it!!! Your dick will thank you greatly!!!! It's easily one of my all time favorite scenes to revisit.

She continued to work in the biz, till 2008. She then left the industry. From what I read, some months back, on a Mika Tan tweet, she's now a nurse. Good Lord!! She can be my nurse anytime!!


Exclusive Interview with Girlfriends Films at 2011 AEE

This interview that I conducted with two of the lovely ladies, Ela Darling and Jincey Lumpkin, from Girlfriends Films, was never posted on any site. It was meant writing for the site that I was writing for at the time, X-ratednews.com, but that site hasn't been updated in a very long time.

I did it back in January, of this year, in Las Vegas at the AEEs. I really enjoyed talking to them, and while it might be a few months old, I think you guys will love it, too. Enjoy.



Title: The Lodge
Directors: Brad Helmink, John Rauschelbach
Writer: Deb Havener
Cast: Kevin McClatchy, Elizabeth Kell, Owen Szabo, Mandi Kreisher

A couple decide to spend a weekend at a mountain ranch. All seems well enough, until they discover that the caretaker is a psychopath, that wants to terrorize, rape the girl, and, ultimately, kill them both.

Once again, a horror film reminds not to go to the woods. This is basically a story with very few characters, and as such, it is a little slow to start. But, once the horror and suspense begin it certainly grabs your interest. In this type of film it is important for all those involved to be good performers, and they most certainly are. Also, key to a movie like this success is that the lead characters are likeable. The couple are, and you want them to get to away. Plus, lead babe Kell is pretty also has a nice rack. She sadly don't show it, but they look great in tight sweaters. The lead villain is suitably evil and sleazy. You want this fucker to get his come up ins.

There is a hard edge to the violence, including an off screen rape. The climax is exciting and suspenseful enough. Sadly, the shock ending is kind of groaner. You'll be rolling your eyes at that one. Still, as uneven as it is, this movie has it's moments and is most certainly not without merit. I say give it a look on one of those days you might not have much to do.

**1/2 out of ****


Asa Akira Is XCritic Dr. Jay's Must See Girl for July

Asa Akira rules. And, so it's awesome to see her get this honor. She's been on fire, in particular since last year. In fact, she's only gotten hotter (both figuratively and literally) since then. As my friends and loyal readers know, my blog, and I have been supportive of her since the beginning of her career.

XCritic's Dr. Jay always makes great choice, but I think this is my favorite. Check out the link here: http://www.xcritic.com/drjay/Dr_Jays_Must_See_2009/2011.html#6 There, you can also see who are the other girls he has picked in the past.


Director: Tony Giglio
Writer: Dan Kay
Year: 2007
Cast: Josh Randall, Briana Brown, Nick Searcy, Beth Broderick, T.W. Leshner

Mike (Josh Randall) and his beautiful girlfriend Sheryl (Briana Brown) decide to go camping in the woods. They are soon kidnapped by a trio of religious nut-jobs. They make the couple get married so that Sheryl can get knocked up and have the kid that crazy-ass Ida (Beth Broderick) can't. When, they choose not to comply they get totured, meanwhile the deformed looking Deacon (Sascha Rosemann) has his lustful eye on Sheryl. Can they escape these deadly pyschos?

As you would expect this hillbilly horror flick is derivative of movies like The Hills Have Eyes, Deliverance, and Wrong Turn, but it's entertaining nevertheless. This has a lot to do with the solid cast. Everyone does a good job in their role. Particularly good is Borderick, who as Ida might be craziest of the baddies. As far as eye-candy goes the stunning Ms. Brown is delectable as the lead. She also happens to be character you can cheer on, as is Randall's character Mike.

The pacing is fast so you are never bored. There is a good amount of violence, torture, and gore. Squibs, headshot, decapitation, and whippings are just of the fun and well done bloody FX.

So, while no new ground is broken here, it is a fun trip. And, it's infinitely better than The Hills Have Eyes 2 (either one of them!). I definitely recommend a trip to Timber Falls. You're gonna like it there.

*** out of ****


Complex Magazine Declares Tori Black the Hottest Porn Star (Right Now)

Very recently Complex magazine did a list of The Top 100 Hottest Pornstars (Right Now), on their website. At number one is one of the most beautiful women, ever, Tori Black! More on my thoughts on her spot in a bit, but first let me talk about the list, itself.

Now, I've heard varying opinions on the list. Many fans liked it, but some in the industry didn't, saying that some of the girls aren't even working anymore (which would go against the whole "right now" thing). Fans though, seem to be enjoying it, at the very least. Of course, there are the typical complaints of who ranked where, but most of the feedback I heard has been quite good.

My own thoughts? Well, I like seeing a mainstream mag covering porn (come on Maxim, I love ya, but you need to get with it!). Some rankings where indeed questionable, but not enough for me to really bitch about it. I am glad to see Asian babes ranked, but more needed to be in there (well, that's just a taste thing in my case), like Lucky Starr, for example. In fact, my biggest complaint was actually in who was NOT there. Perhaps, the biggest omission is Misti Dawn. Seriously, how is the geek goddess of porn not there? And, where is Alexis Amore? Still, it's great to see Adrenalynn, Asa Akira, London Keyes, Jessica Bangkok, Kaylani Lei, April O'Neil, and others, including, of course, the aforementioned Ms. Black, on the list.

It's hard to argue with Ms. Black being their number one pick. Of course, her current status in the biz is still in question, but there is no denying her hotness. I have long declared her to be one of THE most beautiful women anywhere. And, she most certainly is. Personally, I would have ranked her as #2 and have their #4, Asa Akira, in at #1 (their #2 Isis Taylor would be fine as #3). Asa is my fav current babe and her status is still fucking on screen. Also, she is without a shadow of a doubt one of the most popular performers right now.

Regardless, I congradulate Ms. Black on topping the list. It's very rare that I have little to no problem with a girl getting the #1 spot on any babe list. In fact, for the most part I am super happy about it.

I think Tori Black will go down in history as one of the industry's hottest and most beautiful women. Whether it be right now or of all time, cause the bottom line is Tori Black fucking rules!