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New Jersey Horror Con April 2022

I had not been back to New Jersey Horror Con, since my first time there, back in 2019, so I was super pumped to make my return on the weekend of April 9th, 2022. I went there with my friend, and Master's Minion, Freddie, but we were only there on that Saturday. Which was more than enough time to meet all the awesome celebs we wanted to. And, holy shit was the guest list ever stacked and fucking awesome!!

The first person I met is the still beautiful Lynn Lowry. Being a huge fan of her and many of the films she starred in, particularly I Drink Your Blood, Cat People, Debbie Rochon's Model Hunger, and David Cronenberg's Shivers, made her one of the people I was most pumped to meet. In person, she is incredibly sweet and friendly and has such a truly warm and kind demeanor to her.

Next up, for me was the gorgeous Catherine Mary Stewart, of Night of the Comet, Nighthawks, The Last Starfighter, and more. She is friends with a friend of mine, Bobby, who was sitting with her at the con. Now, I hadn't seen him in I don't remember how long. So, he asked how me how I was doing, being he'd seen my posts on Facebook, in regards to all the pain I felt at the passing of my doggy, Zoey.

This, then, led to me explaining to Stewart, what had happened to my dearest Zoey, but try as I may I couldn't hold back the tears. Honestly speaking, even simply writing this part makes me tear up. Well, she got up and gave me a big, warm hug and was legitimately sweet to me. I don't think my words could do justice to how kind she was. She's amazing and if you ever have the chance to meet her, you need to do just that. As, she is truly beautiful inside and out.

Being a huge fan of Chopping Mall, Kelli Maroney, who also starred alongside of Stewart in Night of the Comet, was the person I was most excited to meet. Having followed and interacted with her on social media and seen her on recent appearance on The Last Drive-In, only made me wanna meet her more. Much as she comes off on those, she is incredibly sweet and bubbly in person. She is also still a total hottie!

Speaking of The Last Drive-In, I once again met Joe Bob Briggs and the beautiful Darcy the Mail Girl. Both of them are always so fucking awesome to their fans! We talked AEW wrestling this time around, and it was especially cool when Darcy threw some shade at WWE! That kinda made my day.

The last person that I met on my own, was the lovely Jennifer Banko. Banko played both of the little girls in Friday the 13th Part VII: The New Blood and Leatherface: The Texas Chainsaw Massacre III and the teen punk girl in Barb Wire, among other projects. Let me tell you, she is one of the coolest, most fun, and lively guests, I have ever met a con! It was a blast to talk to her. She even took a pic of her and me for her Instagram (the two below)! She rules! 

The next celebs, are the ones that I met with my friend Freddie. They are:

Actor and signer Corey Glover of hard rock/ metal band Living Colour. He was so friendly and down to earth in person! We talked mostly about touring and CM Punk. 

Up next was the absolutely gorgeous Patty (Frankenhooker) Mullen, who fucking rocks in person! She talked to us for a good bit, about the Misfits and more. She is so lively and fun to be around. This is actually my second time meeting her, and she's always awesome as fuck!

We also went up to Cathy Moriarty, who has starred in a ton of great flicks like Raging Bull, Matinee. Soap Dish, and more. Talking with someone who has worked with such legends as Stallone, De Niro, Schwarzenegger, and more was fucking awesome! She was really cool and friendly to converse with.

Last but not least there was Barry (The Rocky Horror Picture Show, Slay Belles) Bostwick. I know I sound like a broken record, but he, like everyone else at this con that I met, was so nice, talkative, and friendly.

Also, there was a lot of cool cosplay on that day, and here are some of my favorites that I saw:

Here is a pic of that doggy above meeting another one.

These are the autographs that I got on this day, all are movies from my collection. The autographs are (left to right):
Catherine Mary Stewart: Nighthawks
Lynn Lowry: Cat People (on the slipcover)
Kelli Maroney: Chopping Mall
Jennifer Banko: Leatherface: The Texas Chainsaw Massacre III

Finally, these are the only things, that I actually bought at the con, Tromeo & Juliet on Blu-ray from the Troma booth and a Super7 Beavis and Butthead the Great Cornholio ReAction figure:

In all this con was a blast, especially when it came to the celebs. Were any of you guys there? If so who did you meet? Any other highlights for you? Let me know in the comments section below.