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The Return of New York Comic Con 2021, Part 2: Saturday!

As I mentioned in the first part of my New York Comic Con (NYCC) report, while I was there on Thursday, I couldn't make in on Friday, but I was back on Saturday. This was also the only day, that I choose to cosplay. I'll definitely do more at the next comic or sci-fi con, but for now, this was fine. And, once again I was Captain America from Avengers: Infinity War.

Due to the pandemic related limited attendance, this was definitely the least packed Saturday, that I have ever seen at NYCC. But, regardless, it was an absolute blast to attend, and I had an even more awesome time than I had on Thursday!

This was the day that I decided to some celeb meeting. First and foremost I met legendary wrestling announcer Tony Schiavone. The former voice of WCW and currently AEW Dynamite, he was and is a huge part of my wrestling memories. I honestly believe that he is doing some of his finest work in AEW. In person, he was so nice and down to earth. It felt like he genuinely loves meeting his fans, even a dorky loser like me, who was like, "I'm such a huge and long time fan!" Jesus Christ, could I have sounded lamer if I tried?

I also met one of the artists that works on Garbage Pail Kids (GPK) trading cards. He was at the Topps booth and was signing an exclusive set of Oh the Horrible, their horror movie parody GPK cards.

And, now here are some more cosplay highlights, including some of my own:

Honestly, this might be my favorite cosplay that I saw at NYCC this year! As a life long Jaws fan, I found it to be both awesome and hilarious! If someone reading this knows and her and could let her know how incredible this is, please do so!

And, on this day I bought, besides those GPK horror cards I mentioned earlier, a Toy Tokyo exclusive Masters of the Universe Zodac Funko Pop.

To be concluded!


The First Ever Brooklyn Horror Con 2021!

On October 23 & 24, 2021, the first ever edition of the annual Brooklyn Horror Con was held at the Brooklyn Navy Yard. This marks the first horror convention held in New York City, since the by gone days of the old Fangoria Horror Weekend of Horrors (who here remembers those? Let me know in the comments section below!). Like all NYC events they checked for vaccination cards, which is great in my book! 

As I was not going be at any of the other East Coast horror cons held this year, so I was really looking forward to this event. For someone, like me, coming from shows like Chiller and MonsterMania,  though, this con really came off as small. But, it turned out to be awesome to meet celebs!

The first one I went up to was the lovely Samantha Scaffidi from Terrifier, one of the finest slashers of the last couple of years. She was a sweetheart to talk to, as we discussed where the movie was shot, the most brutal kill, and other aspects of this kick ass gorefest. She was so friendly and down to earth and absolutely awesome to meet!

Up next was Beatrice Boepple who played Freddy Kreuger's mom, Amanda Krueger, in A Nightmare on Elm Street 5: The Dream Child. She was so nice and awesome in person! Super friendly and sweet, we took some awesome pics, as she posed with a Freddy glove. 

The last person I met was the fucking beyond awesome and kick ass Dana DeLorenzo who starred in one of my favorite shows of all time: Ash Vs. Evil Dead! She had the most continuously active line at the con. DeLorenzo really loves talking to her fans and shows that she genuinely cares about them. Aside from being even more beautiful in person, she is fun and ball of energy. Honest to God, she ranks among the best celeb meeting experiences, I have ever had at a con, top five possibly. I was the last to meet her at that moment, as she was gonna take a bathroom break right after me. But, I didn't mind the wait at all, as I loved seeing the way she treated all her fans, especially the special needs guy that was two fans ahead of me.

When, she finally got to me, she was so sweet that I was further blown away. We talked about my love for the franchise and how Evil Dead 2 made me want to get into film due to its camerawork. She was surprised to hear that at 13 I was already thinking about the way something was shot. She told me that if I wanted to get back into film, that I should. Honestly, it touched me so much that she would say that or even care. And, she gave me a free autographed poster, on top of the autograph I had bought off of her (scroll to the bottom to see all the autographs that I got at this con). We got two pics together, one normal and one where she is strangling, both fucking kick ass!. Guys, if you ever get a chance to meet her, do not fucking hesitate, not for motherfucking second!

As far as dealers go, this con was really tiny. It kind of felt like a flea market meets a very mini-Comic Con's artist alley with an emphasis on horror. Sadly, there were no dealers really selling horror flicks or a huge T-shirt selection. I'm sure it was due to it being new and being held the same day as MonsterMania in Philly and Spooky World in Florida. So, all I really ended up getting, cause it's really one of the few things that caught my eye, was this super cool Undertaker figurine sold and made by Ruined Creations

There was were some cosplayers around, representing their love for the genre. Including a lady who bought her super adorable doggy, a Pomeranian. Both of them were cosplaying as Freddy together! That little doggy was one of THE main highlight, for me, outside of the celebs. Anyway, you can see them here, along with a few others.

Finally, here are all the autographs that I got:

 I hope to be back to this convention next year, but hopefully it won't be booked on the same day as other major horror cons, especially none in the northern East Coast. And, hopefully they get more dealers next time. But, for meeting awesome horror celebs and having a nice little time, this con definitely delivered the goods! Did any of you guys attend this con? What were your thoughts if you did? Who did you meet? Will you return next year? Let me know in the comments section below.


The Return of New York Comic Con 2021- Thursday!

After being cancelled last year, thanks to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, New York Comic Con (NYCC), finally came back last month, between October 7-10, 2021. I was there on three out of the four days, missing only that Friday, to cover the event, on top of having a damn good time doing it.

Thanks to New York City's well placed pandemic regulations one needed to show proof of full vaccination and pick up their bracelet as of proof. I went to pick that up the day before, and so that Thursday I was ready to not just have a great time but return to conventions! By the way, I do believe that NYCC was the first major/ huge con held since everything went to hell. 

The con was smaller than years past, due to a limited capacity. And, of course, everyone had to be masked up. Also, exhibitors were less close together. All of these rules, made me feel much more comfortable than I would have been at the more lax cons that were held earlier this year. I, honest to God, wish more cons would follow the example set by NYCC. Anyways, enough with logistics and my thoughts, on to the happenings of the very first day, Thursday, October 7, 2021!

I didn't cosplay on this day, as I wanted it to be my shopping day, plus, I wanted to get back into the swing of things. While smaller, the con still had a lot of fans and cosplayers walking around. I actually got a little emotional as the whole cons are back thing hit me. Here are some of my favorite highlights:

First off, there was the jaw dropping statues of XM Studios. This company dedicates itself to high-end, beautiful, and highly detailed statues. They are super expensive, and you might have to sell your first born to get one. But, they are so gorgeous, that it's understandable doing just that! Comic books are represented, as is Godzilla, which was what really made my eyeballs go crazy! 

While, there wasn't a whole ton of cosplay, as compared to years past, they were definitely present. Here are some of the most awesome ones that I saw:

Some of other eye catching and cool things I saw:

The Legion M booth had some cool shit, especially if you're a fellow fan of Mandy, including this head of Nicolas Cage!

The Chucky ice-cream truck was super popular throughout the duration of the con, always having a long line for it. It was promoting the truly awesome show airing currently on SyFy. Any of you guys fans? Let me know in the comments section below.

I been using Thursdays at Comic Con, to buy the shit, I want. This time around was no different. I got:
An FYE exclusive Funko Pop Masters of the Universe Leech
A Funko Pop Marvel Venomizied Punisher 
From the Full Moon booth I picked up Joe D'Amato's Emanuelle and the White Slave Trade on Blu-ray
And, from TeeTurtle, an exclusive "I left my room for this?" (which I ask myself, oh so many times!) tee

Overall, it was a nice little return to some degree of geeky normalcy. But, the even more fun days were to come!

Where any of you at NYCC on that Thursday? Was there anything that really caught your eye? Let me know in the comments section below!

To be continued!