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Random Hotness

Because, I love you guys. i present this. I will run these every one in a while, just have a bunch of random hot chicks. I am sure you will not complain!

I have no clue who the fuck this chick, but she is smoking hot and dances to shitty rap music. While, the music don't work for me, the vid does!

While, I have always found Joss Stone to be hot; I can say that i don't care about her music. But, she gained lots of respect from me this week, when I read that she is cool with people downloading her music or music in general, for free! Awesome! all hail! Smart and sexy! Just my kind! And, if you doubt her hotness, here is something to make you reconsider that:

I have long been a fan of Angelina Jolie, since she did the stupid Cyborg 2 (which sadly is better than the first one). She is beautiful , has tattoos, a killer bod, gorgeous eyes, is some hot cross between a bad girl and a good girl, and is bi! I don't know if her new film Wanted will be any good, but it is made by the guy who did the Russian vampire Night Watch films. It looks like it could be violent fun, and Morgan Freeman is one of my fav actors. But, even if it sux, it has Jolie!!!!!!

And, now I leave you with this one last random babe. Her name is Sayaka Ando , and she is a beautiful, Japanese gravure idol, which is to say that she is a model who's work is aimed mostly at men, and guys is that not the best modeling of all?!


What I Have Learned About Traveling thanx to Horror and Explotation Films

While, horror and explotation films are full of the stuff you expect them to be, what you may not know is the fact that they teach us about travel! Really! Here are some chioce spots that I have learned to either aviod or visit thanx these films:

The Woods/ Camping- So, according to films like Friday the 13th, The Evil Dead, Sleepaway Camp, The Blair Witch Project, and Cabin Fever, we should never go camping or to the woods. Think about it. You might encounter crazy machete wielding women, their unstoppable psycho-hokey mask wearing son , get possessed by demons, a crazy transsexual , an evil old witch, or some foul flesh disease! Not only that but sex is a bad idea, cause even if the chick is smoking hot, you will fucking die! Bummer, man! To make a long story short, don't go to the woods or camp!

Japan- Seemingly Japan suffers a lot of attacks by giant monsters . I mean they fight and thrash the city and probably kill lots of people along the way. But, on the other side, films like The Machine Girl and Yo-Yo Girl Cop (not really an exploitation film but certainly a cult film) prove to me that I need to go there cause there is a shitload of hot chicks . So, i think I will risk the giant monsters and just go check out the hot babes!

Texas- Really, man, this is the last place you want your car to breakdown when heading out with your girl and/ or friends. Cause if this happens to you and your bros, a family of cannibals , including a dude who wears a mask made of human flesh who wields a chainsaw will catch you, kill you, and, possibly, eat you! Fucked up! Unless, of course, your goal in life is to be some chili!

That's it for now! In the future, I will review other travel spots based on what I have learned from watching way to many DVDs!

Tila Tequila- The Reunion


I will be the first to say that I found it weird that they would air the reunion episode before the season finale but whatever.

Anyways, almost everyone was back last night and here are my random thoughts on some of them:

Jay- Ahh, Jay, thank you for remind us what douche-bag you are. Not that we need it. Loved it when the cute Jersey girl through a chair at him. Wish it would have landed on his fucking head. I am sure other people form Jersey are embarrassed by him.

Chad- Man, what an asshole. And, so conceited, too. He says he was the best looking dude in house and has a big dick. Hmm, anyone impressed? I thought not. He also called Bo's mom a whore. This guy is a fucking asshole. I wish he was not a cage (they end up putting him in one), and Bo could have kicked his ass. I ain't the biggest Bo fan, but I am with him on this one. Chad is easily one of the biggest tools on TV, ever, on reality show.

Samantha, aka "Glitter"- While, I usually find girls like Samantha to be annoying, I find her very endearing. Maybe, it is cause she comes off as so cute and sweet. That said, they showed lots of clips of her crying. But, hey she danced on stage! Yum!
Brittany - I hate, hate, HATE the fact that she got kicked off. But, clearly she is a fan fav. Plus, she made out last night with Sirbrina , who peck kissed a girl at a Mariners game and got kicked out. Assholes! But, hey Sirbrina and Brittany kissing = HOTNESS!
Kristy - She has an amazing ass! And, we learn it is all natural. She is gonna win; I can feel it in my bones (or is it boner?). It best not be Bo!
Next week- the season finale!!!


Asian Fever: Sex Objects

TITLE: Asian Fever: Sex Objects

STUDIO: Hustler

CAST: Kina Kai, Roxy Jezel, Ashley Marie, Veronica Lynn, Mya Luanna, and Mika Tan

White guys fuck hot Asian chicks, in some Oriental type- dark room. That's it. That is all this film is about. Not that you need much of anything else.

The first scene has the ravishing Mika Tan in it. Tan is a stunning beauty and while the scene starts off well, it sort of lacked the suffice amount of heat to keep me interested. That said the facial at the end is smolderingly hot.

The next scene is THE best scene in the film and is worth the price of the DVD for it, alone. In it, cover babe Kina Kai and the ever so exotic Mya Luanna have a threesome with some lucky guy. Both of them are stunning, with Mya becoming a favorite of mine based on this scene alone. There is some great chemistry between all the participants and the scene smolders with fucking heat. In the end, they both get a load shot on their faces and kiss, making a killer ending to a absolutely killer scene, that surely makes the stock in Kleenex tissues go up!

The next scene has the goddess known as Veronica Lynn in it. Lynn is impossibly beautiful. It starts off hot and ends hotter, but loses some of it's heat in the middle. Still, Lynn is a sight to worship and drool over.

Up next is Roxy Jezel, who I think is very underrated and deserves more fame, who might be the single most beautiful woman in this film. I simply love blonde, beautiful Asians, and Jezel more than fits the bill. She gives killer head in a good scene, but I would have preferred it to end in a facial and not her butt and back.

The final scene features the lovely Ashley Marie. It is a pretty good scene and the facial finale is hot, but like most of the other scenes; it could be hotter.

Overall, all the scenes are good, but with the exception of the threesome, none are great. Still, you can probably find it cheap and, if you like Asian porn, it is definitely worth getting. The picture and sound quality are excellent.

As far as extras, all you will find is trailers and commercials for other Hustler stuff. The back says behind the scenes. But, all that is is more lies. Still, don't let that be reason not to get it.

3 out of 4 Woodies


In Remembrance of Stan Winston

Stan Winston died on two days ago, on June 15, 2008. he was born on April 7, 1946 (age 62). he passed away of multiple myeloma (it is a type of cancer to plasma cells). An FX master, his passing away is truly sad one for fellow horror and sci-fi fans. The made some of the most memorable creatures to ever hit the big screen.

To me his best work can be seeing in films such as the Monster Squad , The Terminator films, Jurassic park , Predator 1 & 2 , most recently Iron Man , and countless others. Perhaps, his finest moment was the amazing Alien Queen from Aliens.

He also directed cult fav Pumpkinhead , as well as produced gore series Wrong Turn I & II . He, of course, did the FX for of these films, as well. He will be greatly missed by all lovers of monsters, the horrific, the fantastic, the amazing, the out of this world, and the gory. God bless him and may he RIP.

More Reasons to Love Keeani Lei!

Always here to remind you of the hotness of past girls I have blogged about, I present to a you a clip of the lovely Keeani Lei, that just reaffirms, why I love her. In it, she disrobes and goes off to surf. It is censored and censorship sux, but I think you will find it to be a nice tease.

Day in the Life of Keeani Lei

Being that I am a nice guy, here is another vid of her surfing, but first she lights one up, before hand:

Finally, this is the latest one, and it has her skateboarding:
Keeani at Lee & Joe Jamail Skatepark

I figured this would be further proof of why she is one of the coolest (and hottest) babes ever!

Some more pics to cement this fact in your mind:

Convinced yet?! :p


Tila Tequila Meets the Family

So, this Tuesday night was the episode where Tila meets the families of the remaining four contestants. It was a great episode, and I think, better than the same one they did last year.


First off, hallelujah! She got rid of super-tool Jay! First off, Jay's family may have been the most wild family, but they were also the most fucked-up. I mean, his mom (who is pretty nonetheless) and step-mom kissed, and they flashed their tits, in front of both their sons. Plus, everyone (in the family) jumped in the pool and passed Tila around to hug. I don't even for me, this was a little, too freaky! Anywho, she did send "Jersey" (as he likes to call himself) packing. And, she has the quote of the week with, "Jersey called, and they want you back!" Fuck yeah! Tila rulz! All hail! My faith was renewed in cute girls! But, in all seriousness, it was nice to see a girl kick the asshole out. And, in such a great way, too. Jay further proved to be a dick, by his violent reaction to being sent home. Jay, you suck, stay in fucking Jersey!

Bo has grown on me. His family was nice, but I really don't want him to win. Still, i don't mind that he is the final three.

Kristy is gorgeous, blonde, and bi (duh!), baby! Her family came off as cool and pretty nice. i can tell Tila had fun with them.

But my fav remains Brittany , I just think she is so heart breaktakingly beautiful. She is also, so it is said, a gold star lesbian (IE never been with a dude) I thought the stuff with her family was very, in particular, when she showed Tila her baby pics. That was so sweet! I think she and Tila make for a HOT couple!!!!!!!!!!!! By the way, the lovely Ms. Brittany Rae (that would be her last name) is selling her T-shirt on her myspace. It says (and I am not making this up) Brittany is my HOMO girl. It has a pic of hers. It is 30 bucks, but she will sign it for you.

Anywho, next one more goes, then it is the season finale!!!! Here is to Brittany staying on the show!! And, here's to Tila, who of course, owns!


The 10 Greatest Guy Heroes Ever

With the release of the awesome Dirty Harry DVD box set, i thought it would be fun to run through the 10 greatest guy heroes, ever. they are all badass and are a man's man. Here they go:
10. Iron Man - I could have chosen Batman, but Tony Stark is a cooler "guy hero", if only because he does not lead as a dark a view on things, he is rich, drinks (perhaps harder than anyone on this list being a recovering alcoholic and all), gets lots of hotties, has awesome battle suits to kick evil ass, plus he has a fucking porn mustache. How cool (or not) is that?!

9. Indiana Jones - OK, so the last one was kind of bleh, but ignore it. He gets hot babes and battles Nazis and evil cults and other assorted low lives. And, he does it all with a nice bit of attitude. And, yet somehow, he finds the cool artifact!

8. Marion Cobretti - What do you get when Dirty Harry meets Rambo? Why Cobretti from Cobra of course! Bad ass gun, tooth pick in mouth, and cool car, this dude is one of the coolest cops, ever!

7. Wolverine - Listen the dude kills, fucks hot babes, smokes (but can't die from cancer), has a healing factor, fucking claws come out of the back of his fists, drinks, and has a bad attitude, of course, he is on this list!

6. Snake-Eyes - Despite being mute, there is no more badass G.I. Joe than Snake-Eyes. he is a ninja, has killed lots of bad guys, and gets the hot redhead (Scarlett!). Oh, yeah and he has a pet wolf, how cool is that?!

5. John J. Rambo - In the shoot-em up world, there is no greater one-man army than Rambo. The guy can take on asshole cops, Nam, Soviet, or Burma soldiers and bury their asses. Plus, in the second one he scored a hot Asian girl. that she got snuffed is a different story, but hey, the bad guys got it for doing that. Plus, he always he has the best speeches, even with Stallone's garbled delivery!

4. The Punisher - Of all comic-book heroes none are more deadly than the Punisher. In a world were heroes allow their enemies to live, Castle puts the fuckers six-feet under. And, he has no super powers, which makes that much cooler, in my book.

3. Paul Kersey - Film's definitive vigilante, Death Wish's Kersey takes vengeance on the scum of the world. He does what many wish they could. And, how badass, and awesome, is it, when a man his age mows down scumbag punks in Death Wish III?

2. Dirty Harry - He is the work model for the loner hero. All others came from him. The cop that will do whatever it takes to kick the ass of the bad guy. He has the most bad ass lines, and is not above making a perp suffer (witness him stepping on sick-o villain, Scorpio in the classic original).

1. James Bond - He is pretty much the guy, every dude wants to be. I mean I have wanted to be Bond since I was a kid. He has a license to kill, is well dressed, beats the bad guys, gets all the girls, travels the world, saves the day, has the cool car, and the best gadgets. Do i really need to explain this one?