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Random Hotness

Because, I love you guys. i present this. I will run these every one in a while, just have a bunch of random hot chicks. I am sure you will not complain!

I have no clue who the fuck this chick, but she is smoking hot and dances to shitty rap music. While, the music don't work for me, the vid does!

While, I have always found Joss Stone to be hot; I can say that i don't care about her music. But, she gained lots of respect from me this week, when I read that she is cool with people downloading her music or music in general, for free! Awesome! all hail! Smart and sexy! Just my kind! And, if you doubt her hotness, here is something to make you reconsider that:

I have long been a fan of Angelina Jolie, since she did the stupid Cyborg 2 (which sadly is better than the first one). She is beautiful , has tattoos, a killer bod, gorgeous eyes, is some hot cross between a bad girl and a good girl, and is bi! I don't know if her new film Wanted will be any good, but it is made by the guy who did the Russian vampire Night Watch films. It looks like it could be violent fun, and Morgan Freeman is one of my fav actors. But, even if it sux, it has Jolie!!!!!!

And, now I leave you with this one last random babe. Her name is Sayaka Ando , and she is a beautiful, Japanese gravure idol, which is to say that she is a model who's work is aimed mostly at men, and guys is that not the best modeling of all?!


Chet Of The Undead said...

Angelina Jolie.... (pee shivers ;) )

No matter WHAT that women does that I don't like, I can never forget her DSL always on display! lol ;)

Delicious! B)