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Asian Fever: Sex Objects

TITLE: Asian Fever: Sex Objects

STUDIO: Hustler

CAST: Kina Kai, Roxy Jezel, Ashley Marie, Veronica Lynn, Mya Luanna, and Mika Tan

White guys fuck hot Asian chicks, in some Oriental type- dark room. That's it. That is all this film is about. Not that you need much of anything else.

The first scene has the ravishing Mika Tan in it. Tan is a stunning beauty and while the scene starts off well, it sort of lacked the suffice amount of heat to keep me interested. That said the facial at the end is smolderingly hot.

The next scene is THE best scene in the film and is worth the price of the DVD for it, alone. In it, cover babe Kina Kai and the ever so exotic Mya Luanna have a threesome with some lucky guy. Both of them are stunning, with Mya becoming a favorite of mine based on this scene alone. There is some great chemistry between all the participants and the scene smolders with fucking heat. In the end, they both get a load shot on their faces and kiss, making a killer ending to a absolutely killer scene, that surely makes the stock in Kleenex tissues go up!

The next scene has the goddess known as Veronica Lynn in it. Lynn is impossibly beautiful. It starts off hot and ends hotter, but loses some of it's heat in the middle. Still, Lynn is a sight to worship and drool over.

Up next is Roxy Jezel, who I think is very underrated and deserves more fame, who might be the single most beautiful woman in this film. I simply love blonde, beautiful Asians, and Jezel more than fits the bill. She gives killer head in a good scene, but I would have preferred it to end in a facial and not her butt and back.

The final scene features the lovely Ashley Marie. It is a pretty good scene and the facial finale is hot, but like most of the other scenes; it could be hotter.

Overall, all the scenes are good, but with the exception of the threesome, none are great. Still, you can probably find it cheap and, if you like Asian porn, it is definitely worth getting. The picture and sound quality are excellent.

As far as extras, all you will find is trailers and commercials for other Hustler stuff. The back says behind the scenes. But, all that is is more lies. Still, don't let that be reason not to get it.

3 out of 4 Woodies