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Tila Tequila- The Reunion


I will be the first to say that I found it weird that they would air the reunion episode before the season finale but whatever.

Anyways, almost everyone was back last night and here are my random thoughts on some of them:

Jay- Ahh, Jay, thank you for remind us what douche-bag you are. Not that we need it. Loved it when the cute Jersey girl through a chair at him. Wish it would have landed on his fucking head. I am sure other people form Jersey are embarrassed by him.

Chad- Man, what an asshole. And, so conceited, too. He says he was the best looking dude in house and has a big dick. Hmm, anyone impressed? I thought not. He also called Bo's mom a whore. This guy is a fucking asshole. I wish he was not a cage (they end up putting him in one), and Bo could have kicked his ass. I ain't the biggest Bo fan, but I am with him on this one. Chad is easily one of the biggest tools on TV, ever, on reality show.

Samantha, aka "Glitter"- While, I usually find girls like Samantha to be annoying, I find her very endearing. Maybe, it is cause she comes off as so cute and sweet. That said, they showed lots of clips of her crying. But, hey she danced on stage! Yum!
Brittany - I hate, hate, HATE the fact that she got kicked off. But, clearly she is a fan fav. Plus, she made out last night with Sirbrina , who peck kissed a girl at a Mariners game and got kicked out. Assholes! But, hey Sirbrina and Brittany kissing = HOTNESS!
Kristy - She has an amazing ass! And, we learn it is all natural. She is gonna win; I can feel it in my bones (or is it boner?). It best not be Bo!
Next week- the season finale!!!