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ASSAULT! JACK THE RIPPER is a violent pink film from Nikkatsu studios. It's my latest review for the gorezone.net, and you can read it here: http://www.gorezone.net/dvdcrypt/reviewstxt/abc/assaultjacktheripper.html

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10 Awesome Gore Scenes, Vol. 1

Ahh, a good gore scene is always gonna make for a memorable moment in a movie, isn't it? This is a new, semi-regular post I am adding to this blog where I pick ten awesome gore scenes (duh!) and post them here.

Note that these films are in NO particular order whatsoever, nor are they meant to be. Whenever possible, I will post pics or the actual scene, if I can't get it, sorry. Go see the movie yourself to see it. Which, you really should regardless, of anything else.

WARNING: Spoilers are present. Anyways, sit back and enjoy the blood flow and carnage!

1. Friday the 13th (1980)- This is the best kill in the original, which remains one of the best slasher movies, ever made. A young Kevin Bacon gets an arrow through his neck after fucking some hottie and smoking weed. Oh yeah, this is the uncut version of that kill, which we finally got to see in the DVD released earlier this year.

2. Dawn of the Dead (1979)- Like the aforementioned Friday the 13th, this one has excellent FX work by Tom Savini. This scene where a dude opens up the door only to get his head blown off by a shotgun is one of the best exploding heads ever!

3. Ichi the Killer (2001) - One of the best movies from shock-master Takashi Miike this masterpiece has many gruesome moments, though the most shocking comes in the form of a women who has her nipples sliced off. It's a harrowing scene in a highly controversial classic.

4. Alien (1979)- Often ripped-off horror/ sci-fi movie has this often ripped off classic moment. One of the greatest gore scenes ever as a dude has a little alien come out of chest while eating. Fun times!

5. I Spit on Your Grave (1978)- Controversial rape-revenge film is one of the most disturbing movies I ever seen. This classic moment where a scumbag rapist gets his dick chopped off in the bath by the victim is one of the best and most unforgettable moments in the film. Not to mention utterly painful to watch!

6. A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984)- Wes Craven's highly original creepy classic has some really great moments, but the best part has to be when a young Johnny Depp is killed in his bed and geyser of blood erupts! Messy!

7. Jaws (1975)- To me this is Spielberg's best film. Quint is my favorite character in the movie so it does suck when he dies, but he does die in a truly memorable and utterly vicious manner as the deadly great white chomps on the bottom half of his body.

8. The Devil's Rejects (2005)- Rob Zombie's modern classic is pretty fucking hard for a mainstream release and this scene where a pretty girl seemingly escapes the psychotic family only to get splattered by a truck is pretty fucked up!

9. Vampyres (1974)- This cult fav is the single best erotic-horror film ever made. This scene where our lovely, lesbian vamps share a victim's blood is both highly erotic and sexy, as well as bloody and violent! The ultimate mix of sex and violence!

10. Suspiria (1977)- Argento's best film has one of the best murder scenes ever, in the history of cinema as TWO pretty girls are killed in a vicious, jaw dropping scene accompanied by amazing music by the Goblins.

And, that's it for now! Tell me what you think of these picks and if there are any gore scenes you would like to see mentioned here, in the next volume.

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No Man's Land: Asian Edition 7

Title: No Man's Land: Asian Edition 7
Studio: Video Team
Cast: Jandi Lin, Bella Ling, Kyanna Lee, Destiny, Annie Cruz, and Lana Croft

This installment in the series has no plot, but who the fuck cares? Especially when it is this fucking good! Basically a bunch of hot Asian girls have lesbo sex in and out of bikinis or at least get wet thanks to water.

The first scene has the sexy and beautiful Annie Cruz and the gorgeous Destiny leaving the pool to go play actual pool in their bikinis! Girls could learn a thing or two from this! Anyway, the scene is insanely hot and sexy. I fucking LOVE Annie Cruz's bush. Yet, another thing girls could learn from. So, not only is this scene hot, but it is educative, too. You know the way great porn should be!

The next scene is the best one. And, when you see just how hot the other scenes are, that dear readers and friends, means this fucker is scorching! In it, the amazing Kyanna Lee (this month's hot Asian Girl of the Month), the goddess like Jandi Lin (another favorite of me and this blog), and the lovely Lara Croft. This scene is impossibly fucking hot! I mean it is truly, truly amazing! Usually toy use leaves me uninterested or underwhelmed, but in this one it is exceptionally well done. I just love how they dominate Kyanna in it. She has such fucking delicious curves! I love it when she sucks the dildo. Jandi Lin talks so sexy and dirty in this scene. It is really a shame that she is retired, cause she is a true gift from God! Fuck this scene is a gift to all of us!

Next up is the stunning pair of Bella Ling and Lara Croft. These two get it on in the shower. There is a lot of nice dildo sucking. It's a sexy and hot scene, that is bought down a bit by the over use of toys, but believe me, it is still a great scene!

The last scene has the fantastic foursome of Destiny, Jandi Lin, Annie Cruz, and Kyanna Lee in the movie's second best scene. All of them get it on in the pool. It's a hot, hot scene that has a great beginning and manages to maintain an off the charts level of hotness throughout. Annie is so fucking good at tacking charge of the girls. She is clearly the dom in this scene. She also happens to squirt in this scene! It's an awesome moment in the type of scene that makes you want to have lots of Kleenex on hand!

Shot in HD and presented in 16:9 widescreen, this one looks gorgeous! I mean this is the type of porn your HDTV was made for! I played it on my up-converting DVD player and was blown away by it. The sounds is also awesome.

As far as the extras go there us a rather fun behind-the-scenes, in which we learn that Lara Croft is leaving porn, for now at least, after this film. Damn! That's two in this film (the other, as I said before being Jandi Lin). Anyway, Kyanna pretty much steals the attention of us the moment she appears on screen. This girl is fucking awesome and needs to get more work and have a bigger following. The photo gallery is nice, and the bios are cool. The trailers are really good, and it made me think of stuff I totally need to go and buy, as soon as I can!

No Man's Land: Asian Edition 7 is really not only one of the absolute best all girl movies (even though it has only four scene, one less, than what is common in this series) but, also, one of my new favorite porn films. It is one that you will definitely want to come back to for future visits. Fans of lesbian and Asian babes simply most have this one in their collection! This is a masterpiece of Oriental muff munching all the fucking way.

4 out of 4 Woodies

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Music Mix: No Man Is without Enemies

This month's mix was inspired from a group of us from CD Mom (the group that I trade mixes with) went to a Chinese/ Vietnamese restaurant, and when I got my fortune cookie it said, "No man is without enemies". Someone told me that should be my next mix. I said, "Yeah, I'll make them all songs about fighting". I was told that was a cool idea and so this mix was born.

I got some sleaze metal, thrash, metalcore, punk, death metal, etc. in here. This is basically a soundtrack to whoop someone's ass to. Enjoy and download here: http://www.4shared.com/file/106413249/a3eecef/No_Man_Is_without_Enemies.html

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Pirates: Stagnetti's Revenge

Title: Pirates: Stagnotti's Revenge
Studio: Digital Playground
Cast: Jesse Jane, Stoya, Gabriella Fox, Riley Steele, Shay Jordan, Katsuni, Sasha Grey, Shawna Lee, and lots more

Last year's most talked about porn film is the biggest adult production ever. A sequel to the original Pirates, this is one of those few movies that actually lives up the hype. Now, I never seen the original, but it does really not affect the enjoyment of this one.

Taking place after the first film, we are introduced to the beautiful but evil Xifeng (Katsuni) who wishes to resurrect the last film's main villain, Stagnetti (Tommy Gunn). Meanwhile, the governor is willing to grant Serena (Janine's character from the first movie, is NOT in this movie, by the way) a pardon, but only if Captain Edward Reynolds (Evan Stone) and his highly trusted first officer, and all around babe, Jules (Jesse Jane) find Xifeng. Soon, Serena's sister Olivia (Belladonna) and others join them and help them out.

The ten sex scenes in this movie are sizzling. Every single scene is hot and worth seeing. All of them are cut in length for the film, in order to keep the movie's pace, but are still very hardcore. The full scenes can be viewed on the 2nd disc.

Like I said every scene is fucking hot as the pits of hell. But to me, the best scenes are:

A scorching and nasty lesbian scene between Jesse Jane and Belladonna which ranks amung the best girl/ girl scenes I ever seen. Jesse proves that while she is a contract girl, she can get just as nasty as Belldonna. Belladonna has never looked more stunning. The long, black hair looks great on her! Lots of dirty talk, spitting, Belladonna squirting, and all around boner causing moments.

My personal favorite is the threesome between Jesse Jane (under Xifeng's power), the goddess that is Katsuni, and Tommy Gunn. It's yet another scenes that shows how nasty Jesse can get. Katsuni gets some good butt love and the money shot has both busty beauties sharing his load.

But, the scene is actually probably the best has Stone fucking Belladonna and Sasha Grey. By teaming two of the nastiest babes in porn, one gets a total mind blowing experience. Once again, the sex is nasty and hot and ends with both girls licking cum off of Stone's abodmen.

The women are all stunning in this movie, every single one of them, with Katsuni, Stoya, Gabriella Fox, Sasha Grey, Shay Jordan, Belladonna, Brianna Love, and Riley Steele being my personal picks.

Perhaps what is most surprising is how the movie, itself, really works. The FX are great (much better than big budget crap like The Mummy movies or The Hulk), and the action scenes are exciting and well done, beating anything in the last Pirates of the Caribbean movie. In fact, this film pretty much buries that piece of fish shit deep in the bottom of the sea. The cast is quite good as well. Both Sasha and Belldonna are good add-ons to the cast, with Belladonna really kicking some major ass. Katsuni has what has to be the hottest accent on God's green Earth. Man, I would pay for this woman just talk to me! She plays a great, sexy, evil bitch to boot. Evan Stone is so fucking funny in this movie. I think this guy has some great comic timing. Also funny is Shay Jordan as Wu's sister and Steven St. Croix as Marco, who unwillingly ends up with her. Everyone is non-sex roles is awesome, too.

And, while the movie itself is a blast, there is no reason to make or see the available R-version. The movie is shot in HD and looks beautiful. The 5.1 Dolby Digital Surround Sound is also excellent. This is a porno to enjoy on your big HD TV with your kick-ass sound system, for sure.

This four disc set is packed with extra features. Aside, from the second disc having the extended sex scenes, the movie also has star audio commentary on the first disc, of course. Said second disc also has a smoldering bonus lesbo scene with Katsumi, Stoya, and Belladonna. Yum!

The other two discs have an excellent behind the scenes docu and slide show. Lots of special featurettes, an entertaining look at the lovely Riley's first time on set, and more. Including some great interviews, the best of which has to be Stoya, who, while all the others do serious interviews, she gets fucked by Stone! Awesome! I fucking love this girl! Also, there are some really funny bloopers, the making of the excellent FX, a cool and interesting casting call, some cool, deleted scenes, and from the first Pirates movie, it's history making turn at the AVNs and it's premiere party. There is also the teaser and trailer for this film, the trailer for the first movie, and a shit load more trailers from DP.

Make no bones (well other than the one in your pants) about it, this is last year's best porn film (and one of the best porn films ever made) as well as one of the best DVD releases from last year (porn or otherwise). This is a must have all the way.

4 out of 4 Woodies

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I have two recent reviews up on the gorezone.net for Japanese cult films.

The first one is for pinky violence favorite RICA.

And, the second review is my latest. It is for the wild, ultra-gory TOKYO GORE POLICE.

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Wrestling: Raw, TNA Impact! ratings, and Babes

I been watching a lot more wrestling than I had been, for better or for worse...

- Is this show really suppose to be the flagship show for the WWE? Cause, if so, God help us all... Last night, like every Monday Night, it was a load of festering shit. While, I hate what the WWE does with women's division of wrestling, I have to say that Santina/ Santino is the most entertaining thing on Raw. And, that dear friends and readers, is fucking sad. I laughed pretty hard last night, when they tried to out Santina to be Santino by having Rosa Menedes kiss her/ him. She/ he then revealed himself to be a... lesbiano!!!!! Funny stuff, and Rosa is a total babe , but still really fucking stupid! Here is the clip:

Speaking of stupid, I have mentioned my hatred, or as he would say it, "loathing" of Batista. Well, I stand by that. Last night, he once again made Legacy look like his bitches, in a bunch of terrible and boring segments and two matches. I genuinely like Legacy , but jeez, this faction is simply NOT what it should be. It, at this point in time, will not ever be the Horsemen, the nWo, or DX. Shit, they ain't even Evolution. The Main Event Mafia are a way better faction.

TNA Impact!- Speaking of the MEM, TNA Impact! has been getting some good ratings, that keep on the up slope. TNA has been pretty good these last few weeks, so I am hoping they keep this up. They have some good matches, good segments and promos, and are just entertaining. Four out of the five highest rated segments recently have all had Scott Steiner in them. I am a long time fan of Big Poppa Pump , so this is cool news to hear. Check out his highly rated segment with a pogo stick a few weeks ago:

The one thing I still don't get is what the fuck are they doing with Samoa Joe ? This Nation of Violence thing is turning out to be kind of lame.

- I really like this blonde, French-Canadian bombshell. She is the second hottest woman in wrestling right now, I think. And, props to her cause she keeps getting better as an in the ring talent all the time. She is working that nice ass of hers rather well, I would say!

Gail Kim - But of course, to me, the hottest woman remains Gail Kim. But, sadly she has been made to job cleanly to both Maryse and, even worse, Michelle McCool. Why? How is this talented, beautiful woman being used so badly by the WWE?! What the fuck are they thinking?! I just don't get it! While they pay better in the WWE, Gail was better off in TNA, where she was over as their top female babyface. I hope she is pushed the way she should be and soon.

Daffney - I been a fan of the lovely Daffney since her days in the WCW. Gorgeous, fun, and spunky, it is great to see that this babe is back in full goth mode. Look how yummy she looks in this awesome segment, featuring two other dudes I am a huge mark for Dr. Stevie and Abyss:

I am pretty sure that this is will lead to something involving Lauren, which is cool by me. By the way, Lauren is a babe , too. Anyways, getting back to Daffney, I had the pleasure of meeting her a few years back at Chiller. She was dressed as Wonder Woman and looked so cute! I have pics, but they are put away in my basement. So, sadly I can't post 'em here.

One more thing go to FYE, they have some awesome sales on older WWE DVDs, some for as low as 13 bucks!

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The Top 10 Sequels Ever

Sequels are a something that has existed for ages and is, for better or worse, a major part of the movie world. Summer always brings us sequels (OK, fuck that the whole fucking year is always filled with sequels), and this summer is no different. This month, alone, we get a prequel, that seems to have completely reinvented a series in Star Trek and another that is directed by the guy who did the wretched Charlie's Angels movie and is a PG-13 entry in an R-rated series (and movies like Robocop 3 and Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome already proved that idea always sucks cock and swallows) in Terminator: Salvation.

And, while we can all mention and think of countless of horrible, terrible, miserable sequels that should be shit on and buried never to be seen again, this blog is about the best of the best. Now, it is more than likely that you will feel differently about this list, and that you think I omitted some movies and whatnot. If so, tell me what films you think should be on this list.

But for now here goes my list. Enjoy.

10. - I know part 3 gets a lot of love, and rightfully so, and that, too, is a HUGE personal favorite of mine, but I think, overall, this is the better film. Sleazier and more violent than the original classic (though NOT better), this one ranks as one of the most exploitative and down and dirty mainstream action films ever made. It also has some pretty badass lines by my hero Charles Bronson. Too bad, we never got the unrated cut released on DVD overseas.

9. - The greatest movie of the golden age of horror, this classic manages to top the wonderful original. A true classic of American cinema.

8. - The sequel to the greatest American made action film is probably the second best American made action film! A bigger and more violent sequel this one is full of great stunt work, amazing set pieces, bloody violence (including a guy who gets sucked into an airplane motor, an icicle to the eye, throat slashing, gory squibs, headshots, etc), some really funny one-liners, and nail biting suspense.

7. - This is one of those films that solidified my love of horror and splatter. More of a remake than an actual sequel, though Raimi says that it is a sequel, this wonderful mix of humor, over the the top gore, and horror remains Raimi's best work. Bruce Campbell fucking rules, and you know it!

6. - I always call this film the thinking man's zombie film, cause it is. A smart gorefest with great acting and phenomenal FX work by Savini. The ultra-bloody climax remains one of the best the genre has ever seen.

5. - Considering how great the original is, it is mind boggling to see how amazing this movie is. I simply love how this movie cuts between the rise of power Don Corleone and Micheal's current position of power. A phenomenal movie, sequel or not, it also has some pretty somber and sad moments, as well as some of the best acting in this entire list.

4. - One of the most important and influential horror movies ever made DOTD is a perfect movie. Romero's directing and writing is in top form as are Savini's FX work and the cast's acting. Funny, smart, exciting, ultra-gory, and scary.

3. - Hey, we all know Lucas has shit all over Star Wars, in recent years, but this movie is one of the greatest films ever made. There is no movie I have seen more times than this one. Amazing FX work, great dialogue and acting, and a wonderful plot makes this one a masterpiece. From the jaw dropping battle on Hoth to the then shocking revelation this darker, more brutal film manages to amaze each and every time I watch it. Get on your knees and worship this film, now!

2. - One of my favorite movie going experiences, ever, I think this movie tops the original. Going in a more action oriented manner, than the nail biting suspense of the original (which truthfully tops some horror movies, in that respect), this movie is wall-to-wall excitement, with some of the best FX work, around, including amazing CGI and excellent make-up work by Stan Winston. It also has a lot of heart and is sort of moving, actually. Shit, the ending made me cry, when I was younger, but the mushy stuff never interferes with the kick ass action.

1. - This genre hybrid of sci-fi, action, and horror is my second favorite movie, ever. Exhilarating, touching, scary, gory, and featuring great acting and some of the greatest make-up FX work, ever, by way of the late-great Stan Winston, this movie is a fucking perfect, gift from the heavens. This is perhaps the single greatest monster movie ever made. And, it is a sequel that blows the classic first film out of the air hole and sends it deep into space (by no means is this a disrespect to the original, as it is a classic of both horror and sci-fi, in it's own right, I just greatly prefer this movie).

One more thing, today is Mother's Day, and I would love to wish all the mom's reading this a very Happy Mother's Day! And, to the rest of you I hope you all have something nice planned for your moms. They deserve it!

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Five Dolla Sucky Sucky

Title: Five Dolla Sucky Sucky
Studio: Wicked
Cast: Gianna Lynn, Asia Carrera, Kaylani Lei, Mia Smiles, Mika Tan, Miko Lee, and lots more!

Clocking in at fours hours this twenty scene Wicked compilation porno features some of the most popular and beautiful Asian women in the biz, ever. There are way too many scenes for me to review every single one of them, so I will just give you a quick over view and idea of what you are getting.

All the scenes are taken, of course, from various Wicked movies. The first scene has cover girl, and this reviewer's fav star, the goddess named Gianna Lynn. It's a good start to a DVD, whose scenes range from smoking hot to good to just OK. But, even in the least interesting scene the women are so hot that is worth at least a quick glance over.

There are scenes with multiple performers, one on one hetero, threesomes, and lesbians, which, actually rank as some of the best in this comp. Wicked contract girl and gorgeous Kaylani Lei has a quite a few scenes in here, not surprisingly. Her scenes actually rank as some of the most sexy in it. Among my favs of her is a lesbo romp in the bathroom and a hot rompe with a dude in the second to last scene.

Other fucking hot moments include action with Mika Tan (love it when she takes on two dudes!), Mia Smiles, Kianna Dior, Eva Angelina in lesbo action with a gorgeous Asian, and some other good stuff. While, I did hit the fast forward button for a few moments or scenes overall this is worth a buy for fans of Asian porn stars.

The picture quality is good, though ranges depending on the scene in terms of just how good it is. As does the aspect ratio of each scene, including some which appear not to be anamorphic widescreen. The stereo sound is really good, and the menu gives you the option to jump to the money shot, in scenes that have, needless to say. Aside, from the typical Wicked profile, there is no other extra features, to really speak of. But, with this much porn, it probably ain't really that necessary.

3 out of 4 Woodies

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Hot Asian Girl of the Month- Kyanna Lee

This month is my birthday month, so I decided to give myself a present and you, my loyal readers, new readers, and friends, a treat. That treat is in the form of super sexy and yummy Hot Asian Girl of the Month, Kyanna Lee!!!!!!!

The stunning and curvy Ms. Lee is 21 years old. She was born in Cambodia. She resides in Long Beach, California. She is a cute 5'2" feet tall, and has a 34B size cup. This babe is a Scorpio.

She began her porn career in 2006. Clearly this was a year we should all be grateful about!

I lover seeing her work movies as she is fucking hot and sexy. Her threesome scene in Asian Fever 35 is one of THE best interracial scenes that I have ever seen! Right now, I am enjoying her in No Man's Land: Asian Edition 7, which is so far jaw-droppingly AMAZING!!!!!!! Don't worry, when I am done, I'll have a full review of it. You can count on it!

Kyanna has also done modeling for Sassy Assy. Now, long time readers will know that these guys have some of the hottest models on God's green Earth working for them. Kyanna certainly fits that bill! She was at the Exxxotica Maimi show. Wish she had done the NY one, but who knows, maybe she will this year! Look at her shaking her AMAZING ass in these vid clips:

And, now it's time to talk to her pussy! Yes, please!

I'm really a big fan of this babe. I think she is thoroughly underrated. Come on guys, she deserves and needs more exposure! She's awesome! Of course, she swings both ways , which in my world, is of utmost importance!

Her myspace is pretty damn good. She always has hot pics, and I really enjoy visiting it often. For those of you on twitter, and no I am NOT on Twitter, you can follow her here: twitter.com/kyannalee .

Kyanna has a beautiful face and sexy, almond eyes. I love her skintone, but above all it is her body that I adore. She has small, God-given boobies and really nice nipples. But, it's her ass that is to die for. She might have THE single greatest ass ever to be bestowed upon an Asian woman in the history of mankind . As always, I hope I have managed to make you a fan of this stunning goddess.

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