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The 10 Best Movies of 2011

I realize that I am bit late with this list, but the truth is I have been extremely busy with my writing, so I wish to excuse myself to my fellow and loyal readers. Regardless, with the Oscars on tonight, I felt this was the moment for me to show my picks. As always, mine go against what a mainstream critic would ever pick, but that's cause I ain't one. I would like to think that is part of the reason you guys enjoy reading my words.

As a whole, I found that last year had some good stuff, but I avoided, or at least tried to avoid the truly horrid shit. Anway, enjoy my list and go see all of them. And, if you already have revisit them!

10. Dead Hooker in a Trunk- Fun, energetic, wild, over-the-top, insane, bloody, these are just some of the words I can use to describe the Soska twins' debut movie. The fact that the lovely sisters directed, wrote, produced, and acted in it makes that much more impressive. In all, this one of the best indie/ underground horror releases in a long time. And, I think they will only get better as American Mary is one of my most hotly anticipated movies of next year.

9. Bereavement- Stevan Mena's own superior prequel to Malevolence is a nasty, dark, brutal, and mean-spirited romp that pushes buttons that not many movies have the balls to do so. It also happens to feature some solid acting from a good cast. Easily ranks as one of the best, if not the best, prequel in the horror genre.

8. Scream 4- I seriously had my doubts about this one. It had a lot going against including cast changes, the fact that Craven's recent out-put had been shit, including the preceding installment of this franchise which was utter filth, that self-reflective slasher films had run their course ages ago, and this was many years to late. But, this movie rose above that becoming the best in said series since the original. It's well acted, smart, well written, violent, funny, fun, and has a delicious female cast. One of the most pleasant surprise of last year.

7. Captain America- I had my doubts about this one, despite being a fan of Captain America since childhood. I mean all other attempts were shit! But, long and behold, this was an exciting, fun movie. The acting and action scenes are solid and well done, and the character is done with respect, never coming off as corny, which it completely could have. Also, Hugo Weaving is an awesome Red Skull!

6. The Mechanic- This bloody good remake of the Bronson movie of the same name is a rocking good time. Statham is just badass in the lead role and the flick moves a quick and exciting pace. The ultra-violent set pieces give the movie that extra kick in the ass that just puts it over the top. Maybe the best remake in the action movie genre, ever.

5. Yakuza Weapon- This might be the wildest and bloodiest movie of the year! An incredibly fun movie that stands as the best of the over-the-top splatter-style films to from Japan since The Machine Girl. While, that remains my favorite of them, this one comes close to topping it. Our hero is a fucking badass all the way, and his love interest in the movie is a goddess. It hits DVD and blu-ray this year, so get out there and buy it. Yes, I said buy it. Don't just fucking rent it!!

4. Drive- Some movies get a lot of hype but don't deserve it. This one does. Stylish, ultra-violent, exciting, with excellent directing, acting, and editing, this one of those times me and the critics agree. It's destined to become a modern classic. A great indie action film that I simply adored practically every frame of. And, I have to admit, of all the heroes I seen in movies this year, this is the one I wanted to be the most like. Well other than the fact that I really wish I was the hero in Yakuza Weapon cause he had the hottest love interest of the year. But, yeah other than that, I want to be the Driver! And, I want his jacket, too!!!

3. The Woman- Holy shit is this movie amazing or what?! Brutal, shocking, nasty, and very powerful, this might be Lucky (May) McKee's best work yet. It's very unflinching, but it also stands as great feminist horror. Some of the year's best and most shocking moments from the genre are featured here. This movie seriously needs to be seen by each and everyone of you. Provided you can take it, you will see an excellent film.

2. Warrior- Hey, another one the critics and I agree on! Shocking! But, come on this is just a great film. The best of it's kind since The Wrestler. But, this is not just a great MMA movie (and I can say this because I am a HUGE MMA fan) but a great film period!!!

1. Hobo with a Shotgun- To me this is THE best film of the year. Ultra-gory, funny, unpc, wild, over-the-top, nasty, crazy, stylish, but yet with a lot of heart. This movie loves the films that inspired it, and it shows. The cast is just great. Haur is clearly the man. I loved everything about this movie. This is one of the only top 10 lists, that compensate all genres, that probably has this as it's #1 pick. But, who cares? This movie fucking rules and that's the bottom line casue the Master said so!!!


The 10 Best Hammer Horror Movies

My latest article for Best-Horror-Movies.com has me picking the best of Britain's Hammer Horror. You can read my pics here: http://ossuary.best-horror-movies.com/m/news/view/62527/The-10-Best-Hammer-Horror-Movies


Anthrax, Testament, and Death Angel at Best Buy Theater 2/8/12

This Wednesday was thrash metal night in NYC as the Best Buy Theater had three killer thrash bands play one of the best shows, ever. This was the last night of the Anthrax, Testament, Death Angel tour, and the following is documented proof of the awesomeness of it.

The mighty Death Angel opened the show with a killer set. Sadly, it was too fucking short. Six songs only? Damn. I wanted more. Still, they kicked ass despite the short amount of time onstage.
The last song they played was "Claws in so Deep" from their most recent release, last year's killer Relentless Retribution. If you don't own this one yet, you need to get it!!

Next up were the amazing Testament. Now, I been a fan of them since I was in high school. I got into them with Souls of Black and have loved them ever since. To me, Chuck Billy has one of THE best voices in all of thrash metal. And, it sounded just as good live! In fact, the band fucking killed it. They played many of their classics, like "Souls of Black", "Practice What You Preach", "Into the Pit", "Disciples of the Watch" and more. Plus, they also played tracks off their last album, the truly amazing Formation of Damnation, including the title track and the killer "More than Meets the Eyes".
It should be noted that drumming god Gene Hoglan, he of Dark Angel, Death, and Dethklok, was drumming for Testament. Let me tell you, he is a monster on the drums!! I fucking bow down to this man's talent. Now, on this tour, he was pulling double-duty also drumming for Anthrax. But, he only needed to play for Testament, as Charlie Benate was back drums tonight.

Now, it was time for the hometown band to play. Anthrax is, of course, one of the big 4 and is one of my four favorite bands of all time (the other top three are the rest of the Big 4). Anyway, I had always wanted to see them live, and tonight was the perfect night to do just that. Now, I have already declared their last album, Worship Music, as THE best album of last year. I am going to on the record and say this could be concert of the year!

As I said before Charlie made his return playing with the band, and he fucking killed it(!), as did bassist Frank Bello. They had a loss in their lives, but this being NYC meant they had to come back. And, the band just played a killer set! Not only did they play songs of their aforementioned perfect new album, but also classics like "Antisocial", "Medusa", and "Among the Living". One song that surprised me, pleasantly, was the classic "Deathrider" from their debut Fistful of Metal. They said it had been years since they played. Nice!

The pit was insane, in particular for "Caught in a Mosh" and then it got even crazier for "Indians". Scott Ian requested that everyone move, even the non-moshers. And, move we did. I was right in there, jumping and going crazy. The Wardance part of the song was THE fucking highlight for me!! I mean I was fucking pumped!!The encore consisted of a quick version of "I'm the Man" and full versions of "Madhouse", "Metal Thrashing Mad", and "I Am the Law". In all, just an awesome show, and if you missed, well at least you got my words and pics to make you feel a little better! Thrash metal for life!!!


Bleeding Through's Marta Peterson Is a Metal Goddess

Earlier today, I finally got around to hearing the new Bleeding Through album The Great Fire, and I really liked it. I think it is considerably better than their last album, the self titled one. While, I liked that one, I always thought it lacked something. This new though, is heavy and brutal, but yet with the right amount of melody. Bleeding Through, one of my utmost favorite, if not in fact favorite, metalcore bands are back in form. And, so I do think it's time for me to show love to their impossibly beautiful goth metal goddess and keyboardist: Marta Peterson!

The stunning Miss. Peterson joined Bleeding Through in 2003 replacing Molly Street on keyboards. It's the keyboards that really set Bleeding Through apart from the rest of the metalcore set, as it adds a black metal influence. In particular, with Marta who is a black metal fan herself. Another reason to be in love with her!!

I really became a fan of the band after the amazing The Truth album, which saw the keyboards really bought out. They took far more advantage of Marta's musical talents and in doing so they had one of 2007's best albums.

This video is actually my favorite song from that album. Yes, I realize it's a ballad but so what?! It's a great fucking song, with great lyrics. And, Marta looks fucking stunning in it.

I actually saw them perform at Ozzfest that year. Not only were they fucking killer onstage, but she is even more beautiful in person. I was floored by how sexy and gorgeous she looked. I started, like a dorky little fool, to scream, "I love you Marta!" But hey, what I can say? I really do love her!

And, I am not the only one. Marta has many times been declared, deservedly so, as one of the hottest women in metal. In fact, she's been on Revolver's Hottest Chicks in Hard Rock cover twice. The first one with the beautiful Cristina Scabbia of Lacuna Coil and the second one with the sexy Kat Von D.

My favorite album of theirs is their next one: Declaration. From that album comes this video which Beavis and Butthead would no doubt approve as it has kick ass metal, fire, and Marta's cleavage!!

Marta, though, has recently broken many a metalhead's heart by getting engaged with Machine Head guitarist Phil Demmel. Lucky dude! Give me some time, as I cry to myself...
OK, I'm back. Marta's beautiful blue eyes, pale, white skin, gorgeous, jet black, long hair, amazing, natural cleavage, and great legs make her a stunning vision of goth perfection. Add her love for metal and her playing so well in such a kick ass band, and you have someone who cannot be called anything less than a metal goddess!!!