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One:12 Collective Silent Screamers: Nosferatu Bundle

One:12 Collective Silent Screamers: Nosferatu Bundle

Continuing our 20th anniversary celebrations with a call-back to one of the first figures Mez ever produced, Nosferatu joins the One:12 Collective.
Inspired by the poster art for the 1922 film ‘Nosferatu: A Symphony of Horror’, the original “Count Orlok” figure was sculpted by Stephan Linder. The One:12 Collective Nosferatu is a reimagined tribute to the original figure.
The One:12 Collective Nosferatu includes a lot of accessories inspired by the film that were not part of the original Silent Screamers release, as well as a brand new sculpt by sculptor Chu Ka Wa – a member of our Hong Kong team who worked in collaboration with Mez handling art direction. Nosferatu wears a coat, tights, and leather shoes, as represented in the original movie poster artwork. The infamous vampire features three head portraits capturing his inhuman visage, with long, rat-like fangs and pointed ears.
Nosferatu comes complete with a removable hat, a lantern that he can hold in his nightmare-inducing claw-like hands, a rat-infested coffin and lid that he can lay inside, a set of castle keys on a metal ring, and six rats.
Nosferatu is packaged in a retro-style tin lunchbox with art inspired by the animated cartoons of yesteryear; perfect for those long road trips to the Carpathian mountainsides of Transylvania.


  • Nosferatu T-shirt - featuring original art of Nosferatu that is sure to please discerning horror fans, this t-shirt is a screen printed, super soft, poly-cotton blend.
  • Nosferatu “Film Cell” - a limited edition, 30mm thick cell that features a scene from the stop-motion trailer used in marketing this figure - depicting the Mezco version of the infamous stairway scene. Presented in a protective card stock holder, this unique memento mori is suitable for framing to display in your casket.


  • One:12 Collective body with over 20 points of articulation
  • Three (3) head portraits
  • Hand painted authentic detailing
  • Approximately 17cm tall
  • Six (6) interchangeable hands
    • One (1) pair of posing hands (L&R)
    • One (1) pair of holding hands (L&R)
    • One (1) pair of grabbing hands (L&R)

COSTUME (non-removable):

  • Frock coat
  • Shirt and tights
  • Hanker-tie neck wrap
  • Leather shoes


  • One (1) coffin with lid
  • One (1) lantern
  • One (1) hat (removable)
  • Six (6) rats
  • Eight (8) keys attached to a real metal ring
  • One (1) One:12 Collective display base with logo
  • One (1) One:12 Collective adjustable display post

Each One:12 Collective Silent Screamers: Nosferatu figure is packaged in a collector friendly lunchbox tin, designed with collectors in mind.

The One:12 Collective Silent Screamers: Nosferatu Bundle is available to order at https://mezcotoyz.com/one-12-collective-silent-screamers-nosferatu-bundle.


Horror Crush: Cherilyn Wilson

It is time once again to induct another beautiful actress into Horror Crushes. And, today that stunning lady is the talented and naturally ravishing Cherilyn Wilson!

Wilson was born on October 28, 1988 in San Francisco, California. She's been acting since 2004, but I feel is severely underrated and unknown by many, even in the horror community. This despite the fact that she has extensive work in the genre, both on TV and in movies! Here is hoping this induction helps to change that if even just a little bit. Let's start by talking about her work on terror filled television shows.

Her first genre series appearance was on a Supernatural episode called "Long Distance Call" from way back in season 3 in 2008. The long running series is one of the finest horror shows ever. It also has had many a stunning beauty on it, so it is not surprising that she was on it. She played the character of Lanie Greenfield, in this one.

From 2009-2010, she appeared on some show, that honest to God, I had never heard of before, called Love Vampires (or I <3 i="" vampires="">. I don't konw anything about this and am not sure it is my cup of blood. But, if any of you do know or like it, let me know in the comments section below.

Speaking of shows that I never heard of, she was also on a TV series short called Zombie Roadkill in 2010, where she played a character named Amber. If you are a fan of this show also let me know in the comments section.

One show, I do know, but have never watched is The Vampire Diaries. She appeared as Samara in a 2011 episode.

That same year she appeared on Dexter. I used to love this show, until it's terrible series ending. Anywho, in an episode that isn't the aforementioned ending, she played a character named Laci. Clearly, she looked absolutely gorgeous in it!

The last horror series that she appeared on was True Blood, on two episodes as Cammy in 2012. I actually vaguely remember her on this. Of course, she looks as stunning as ever!

And, that brings us to the horror movies that has been in, beginning with the movie that inspired me to write and induct her: William Malone's Parasomnia (2008). In this flick, she plays Laura Baxter, a young beauty who suffers from parasomnia, a condition in which someone spends most of their lifetime asleep, only waking up for very short periods. One day, a nice guy sees her in her hospital bed and immediately falls in love with her. Not that anyone is gonna blame him. Anywho, he sneaks her out to care for her, as he finds out that they are gonna move her to another place do study her. But, a serial killer with the power of hypnotic mind control is also in that hospital. He escapes cause he wants to keep her for himself and will use anyone to get her, including Laura, herself.
Malone gave us the loud, genuinely terrible, and annoying House on Haunted on Haunted Hill remake, but this is a much better film. It still is quite flawed, like having moments that come off as silly. But, it is an infinitely better movie. What it helps it a lot is the great cast and their acting. Among them are Jeffrey Combs, Patrick Kilpatrick (as the aforementioned baddie), and cameos by John Landis and Sean Young. Also amazing in her role is our girl Wilson.
She is incredibly likable and breathes some real life into Laura. Plus, she looks so beautiful, that as I said before, it easy to see how she can win anyone's heart. The movie also is that rarest of horror films, one in which the female lead is nude in it. In this case we get two topless scenes with (though I am only gonna show a pic from one of them)! Throw in some gore, and I feel that you should definitely check this one out. It is currently streaming on Shudder (which is where I saw it).

A year later, in 2009, she appeared in Chain Letter. I have never seen this one and reviews for it have always been shit. Any thoughts on it? And, how is she in it?

The last horror movie she appeared in was a very small role in 2011's The Roommate. While, I never seen all of this, I have seen enough of it to know its crap. To its advantage, aside from Wilson, it also has Minka Kelly and Leighton Meester, so it certainly delivers in the babe department. And, that is all it delivers on...

And, that is the horror career, thus far, of the beautiful Cherilyn Wilson. It's quite a bit, acutally, and here is hoping that she eventually returns to the genre. She is a solid and vastly underrated actress, giving strong performances, especially in the aforementioned Parasomnia. Of course, she is incredibly and naturally beautiful, pretty much a dream come true for lovers of blondes. And, with this, I am proud to make her an official Horror Crush of this site! Are any of you fans of hers? What is your favorite role of hers? Let me in the comments section below.


Unborn Suffer- Commit(Ment To) Suicide (Album Review)

Musician: Unborn Suffer
Album Title: Commit(ment To) Suicide
Genre/ Subgenre: Death Metal/ Grindcore
Label: Selfmadegod Records
Release Date: June 26, 2020

Unborn Suffer are one of the heaviest and most brutal bands out there. And, on their sixth full length release, Commit(Ment T) Suicide there is not a single hint of them slowing their shit down. In fact, this is one of the most savage releases of 2020, a true fucking face ripper.

Their death/ grind sound is on full display in this album. It packs a walloping 27 songs in a mere 36 minutes! The music is intense and head crushing, as their playing combines with a battery of blast-beats and low end growls, screaming, and pig squeals. Songs range in length between 8 seconds and 2.16 minutes. Meanwhile, the production is dirty and helps to make the music sound as chaotic and unrelenting as possible,

"Cardboard Box" is blast-beat filled attack with pig squeals and enough viciousness to leave you battered and bloodied. "Solutions" opens up with a sample saying that there is "too many people on this Earth. We need a new plague", which is strangely chilling in our current world. The song, itself, has this really cool groove and striking drum sound that makes it both catchy and uncompromisingly ferocious, at the same time. The unbelievably barbaric "Point Zero" is a nasty and violently angry track that is probably my favorite. It's hammering blast-beats, slicing guitar riff, razor fast speed, and merciless breakdown leaves everything in its path in complete and utter destruction.

Unborn Suffer's Commit(Ment To) Suicide is committed to true brutality. It is one of the heaviest and most unstoppable releases of the year. Fans who love grindcore and their extreme metal as extreme as fucking possible take heed to this one!

3.5 out of 5 


Shudder: July 2020 Highlights for US


METAMORPHOSIS (premieres Thursday, July 2)
In this fresh spin on a demonic possession story, Joong-Su, an exorcist, must face a demon he tragically failed to defeat in the past when it targets his brother’s family next. The demon assumes the form of different family members to sow confusion and distrust, destroying the unit from within. With his loved ones in peril, Joong-Su must face the demon again, at the risk of his own life.  Starring Bae Sung-Woo, Sung Dong-Il and Jang Young-Nam. Directed by Hong-Seon Kim. A SHUDDER ORIGINAL (Also available on Shudder Canada and Shudder UK) Trailer: https://youtu.be/zdF-FC8VJI0 

THE BEACH HOUSE (premieres Thursday, July 9)
Escaping to a family's beach house to reconnect, Emily and Randall find their off-season trip interrupted by Mitch and Jane, an older couple acquainted with Randall’s estranged father. Unexpected bonds form as the couples let loose and enjoy the isolation, but it all takes an ominous turn as increasingly strange environmental phenomena begin to warp their peaceful evening. As the effects of an infection become evident, Emily struggles to make sense of the contagion before it’s too late. Starring Liana Liberato, Noah Le Gros, Jake Weber and Maryanne Nagel, directed by Jeffrey A. Brown. A SHUDDER ORIGINAL (Also available on Shudder Canada and Shudder UK) 

LAKE OF DEATH (premieres Thursday, July 16)
A year after her twin brother died a mysterious death, Lillian and her friends head to the old family cabin to say their goodbyes. But soon after they arrive, eerie and gruesome events begin to occur. As the lines between reality and Lillian's nightmares blur, she must fight both an external and internal struggle to stay alive. Is a horrific local legend becoming reality, or is the real enemy among them?

Director Nini Bull Robsahm (Amnesia) took inspiration from Norway’s popular 1942 novel (and later film adaptation) of the same name (De dødes tjern), credited with sparking the country’s interest in horror. Robsahm shot Lake of Death on stunning 35mm and brought on Academy Award-winner Bob Murawski (Army of DarknessDrag Me to HellThe Hurt Locker) to edit. Starring Iben Akerlie, Jacob Andersen Schøyen, Jonathan Harboe, Sophia Lie and Elias Mun. A SHUDDER ORIGINAL (Also available on Shudder Canada and Shudder UK 

IMPETIGORE (premieres Thursday, July 23)
(Sundance 2020 Official Selection) After surviving a murder attempt in the city, Maya, a down-on-her-luck young woman, learns that she may inherit a house in her ancestral village. With her friend Dini, Maya returns to the village of her birth, unaware that the community there has been trying to locate and kill her to remove the curse that has plagued the village for years. As she begins to discover the complicated reality about her past, Maya finds herself in a fight for her life. Starring Tara Basro, Ario Bayu, Marissa Anita, Christine Hakim, Asmara Abigail, directed by Joko Anwar (Satan’s Slaves, another Shudder Original). A SHUDDER ORIGINAL (Also available on Shudder Canada and Shudder UK
International Trailer: https://youtu.be/UH6vCL0Z0iM 

IN SEARCH OF DARKNESS (premieres Thursday, July 30)
Tracking major theatrical releases, obscure titles and straight-to-video gems, this four-plus-hour documentary explores ‘80s horror films year-by-year. Topics include groundbreaking practical effects; the home-video revolution; poster art and project marketing; creative and budgetary challenges; sound design and musical scores; the 3-D resurgence; heroes and villains; sex, nudity and “the final girl” controversy; and the pop culture context that fueled the genre. Filled with countless clips and entertaining moments, In Search of Darkness is a nostalgia trip through a game-changing decade, as told by both experts and the icons who influenced the modern landscape of genre cinema.

Featuring Tom Atkins, Doug Bradley, Joe Bob Briggs, Darcy the Mail Girl, Lori Cardille, John Carpenter, Nick Castle, Larry Cohen, Jeffrey Combs,  Barbara Crampton, Sean S. Cunningham, Joe Dante, Keith David, Katie Featherston, Mick Garris, Michael Gingold, Stuart Gordon, Andre Gower, Spencer Hickman,  Kane Hodder, Tom Holland, Graham Humphreys, James A. Janisse, Lloyd Kaufman, Eric Kurland , Heather Langenkamp, Don Mancini, Harry Manfredini, Kelli Maroney, Robbi Morgan, Bill Moseley, Greg Nicotero, Phil Nobile Jr., Cassandra Peterson, Mike Redman, James Rolfe, Ken Sagoes, Ben Scrivens, Mark Shostrom,  Corey Taylor, Cecil Trachenburg, Ryan Turek, Caroline Williams, Alex Winter, Heather Wixson, Tom Woodruff Jr., and Brian Yuzna,. Directed by David A. Weiner. A SHUDDER EXCLUSIVE (Also available on Shudder Canada and Shudder UK)
Trailer: https://youtu.be/T_kgOn4ymmQ 


July 1
THE BURNING (Director: Tony Maylam)
When an ill-advised prank misfires, summer camp caretaker Cropsy is committed to hospital with hideous burns. Released after five years, hospital officials warn him not to blame the young campers who caused his disfigurement. But no sooner is Cropsy back on the streets than he’s headed back to camp with a rusty pair of shears in hand, determined to exact his bloody revenge. Starring Brian Matthews, Leah Ayres, Brian Backer, Jason Alexander.  (Also available on Shudder Canada)

RETURN OF THE LIVING DEAD (Director: Dan O’Bannon)
Two employees of a medical supply company accidentally release a toxic gas that raises up the dead. Soon the area is overrun with flesh-eating residents of the local cemetery who are hungry… for human brains. Starring Clu Gulager, James Karen, Don Calfa, Thom Mathews, Miguel Nunez, Brian Peck and Linnea Quigley.  (Also available on Shudder Canada)

SLEEPAWAY CAMP (Director: Robert Hiltzik)
Bad campers meet brutal ends in this cult favorite ‘80s slasher series. In the first film, slightly traumatized and painfully shy Angela Baker is sent away to summer camp with her cousin. Not long after Angela's arrival, things start to go horribly wrong for anyone with ill intentions. Who's the secret killer? And what's behind their murderous motivation? Things start out campy but get nastier and nastier until the shocking (and problematic) ending. In the sequel, the grisly murders that terrorized Camp Arawak six years earlier have become beloved ghost stories around Camp Rolling Hills. But as the campers uncover the truth behind the murders, their carefree days at summer camp come to a violent end. And in the series’ third chapter set at a camp for troubled youths, the psychotic killer that has roamed the woods and been the topic of many ghost stories is still lurking about. (Also available on Shudder Canada)

July 2
METAMORPHOSIS (see above for details)

July 6
JERUZALEM (Directors: The PAZ Brothers)
In this award-winning supernatural horror, two American girls on vacation follow a mysterious and handsome anthropology student on a trip to Jerusalem. The party is cut short when the trio are caught in the middle of a biblical apocalypse. Trapped between the ancient walls of the holy city, the three travelers must survive long enough to find a way out as the fury of hell is unleashed upon them. Starring Yael Grobglas, Yon Tumarkin, Danielle Jadelyn. 

July 9
THE BEACH HOUSE (see above for details)

July 13
MANIAC COP (Director: William Lustig)
MANIAC COP 2 (Director: William Lustig)
MANIAC COP III: BADGE OF SILENCE (Director: William Lustig)
Two New York policemen (Tom Atkins, Bruce Campbell) and a policewoman (Laurene Landon) search for a killer in uniform who should be dead. In the sequel, the "Maniac Cop" is back from the dead and stalking the streets of New York once more. And in part three, when footage is doctored to place blame for a hostage’s death on a comatose officer, the “Maniac Cop” takes it upon himself to exact revenge upon those responsible for smearing her name. (Also available on Shudder Canada)

July 16
LAKE OF DEATH (see above for details)

July 20
NINA FOREVER (Directors: Ben & Chris Blaine)
Holly wants to prove she’s not some prude, but when she starts dating the brooding Rob, she’s not expecting a three-way relationship with a rotting corpse. Though the dead-ish Nina’s blood can be washed out of the sheets, the couple have to go to greater lengths to give her soul peace—if that’s even possible. Starring Cian Barry, Abigail Hardingham, Fiona O'Shaughnessy.

THE POOL (Director: Ping Lumpraploeng)
In this simple yet surprising film, a young couple find themselves trapped in a 20’-deep swimming pool with no way out—and that’s only the beginning of their problems. Starring Theeradej Wongpuapan, Ratnamon Ratchiratham. (Also available on Shudder Canada and Shudder UK). 

July 23
IMPETIGORE (see above for details)

July 27
PATRICK (Director: Richard Franklin)
A comatose patient uses telekinesis to kill in this terrifying Australian horror classic. Lying quietly in his hospital bed, one might mistake Patrick for a hopeless case. But Patrick’s more than meets the eye, and when he becomes fixated on his nurse, he starts using his powers to stop anyone who tries to come between them. Starring Susan Penhaligon, Robert Helpmann, Rod Mullinar. (Also available on Shudder Canada).

TURKEY SHOOT (Director: Brian Trenchard-Smith)
In a dystopian future, a group of prisoners become targets in a state-sponsored hunting game called a “turkey shoot,” where they’ll be preyed upon by evil gun-toting government officials. If the prisoners survive, they’ll be set free. But the prisoners don’t want to take that chance, and soon the totalitarian rulers find themselves with targets on their backs. One of Ozploitation horror king Brian Trenchard-Smith’s greatest films. Starring Steve Railsback, Olivia Hussey, Michael Craig. (Also available on Shudder Canada).

July 30
IN SEARCH OF DARKNESS (see above for details)


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The Pretty Reckless Drop "Death By Rock And Roll" Lyric Video — WATCH

The Pretty Reckless recently released their new single "Death By Rock And Roll," which has been tearing up the Billboard and Mediabase Rock radio charts, garnering massive love from fans and critics alike. The song screamed into the Top 10 in just three weeks' time.

The band just shared the lyric video. Watch it here.

"Death By Rock And Roll" is enjoying universal praise from the press. PAPER declared the track "an uproarious new offering." Loudwire labeled the song as "a badass, outlaw-styled rock track with an ascending, evocative chorus and vibrant guitar melody," while Consequence of Sound deemed it "a guitar-driven anthem." Alternative Press proclaimed, "In a time of mass uncertainty about the world and a general feeling of dread, the rough-riding, raucous anthem by the Pretty Reckless might be just what we need to break on through." MXDWN christened it an "instant rock anthem."


The Pretty Reckless formed in New York City during 2008, and the musicians and late producer Kato Khandwala initially made waves with their 2010 debut Light Me Up. After countless gigs, the band returned with Going To Hell in 2014. Not only did the record crash the Top 5 of the Billboard Top 200, but it also ignited three #1 hits —the gold-certified "Heaven Knows" (the biggest rock song of 2014), "Fucked Up World," and "Follow Me Down"— a feat that had not been accomplished by a female-fronted group since The Pretenders in 1984. Meanwhile, their third offering, Who You Selling For, saw them return to #1 on the Mainstream Rock Songs Chart with "Take Me Down," which cemented them as "the first band to send its first four singles to #1 on the chart," according to Billboard. Praise followed from VogueNylon, and more as the quartet lit up television shows such as Letterman and Conan. With over half-a-billion streams, they headlined countless sold out shows and toured with Guns N' Roses, Soundgarden, and ­many other heavy hitters.