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Horror Crush: Cherilyn Wilson

It is time once again to induct another beautiful actress into Horror Crushes. And, today that stunning lady is the talented and naturally ravishing Cherilyn Wilson!

Wilson was born on October 28, 1988 in San Francisco, California. She's been acting since 2004, but I feel is severely underrated and unknown by many, even in the horror community. This despite the fact that she has extensive work in the genre, both on TV and in movies! Here is hoping this induction helps to change that if even just a little bit. Let's start by talking about her work on terror filled television shows.

Her first genre series appearance was on a Supernatural episode called "Long Distance Call" from way back in season 3 in 2008. The long running series is one of the finest horror shows ever. It also has had many a stunning beauty on it, so it is not surprising that she was on it. She played the character of Lanie Greenfield, in this one.

From 2009-2010, she appeared on some show, that honest to God, I had never heard of before, called Love Vampires (or I <3 i="" vampires="">. I don't konw anything about this and am not sure it is my cup of blood. But, if any of you do know or like it, let me know in the comments section below.

Speaking of shows that I never heard of, she was also on a TV series short called Zombie Roadkill in 2010, where she played a character named Amber. If you are a fan of this show also let me know in the comments section.

One show, I do know, but have never watched is The Vampire Diaries. She appeared as Samara in a 2011 episode.

That same year she appeared on Dexter. I used to love this show, until it's terrible series ending. Anywho, in an episode that isn't the aforementioned ending, she played a character named Laci. Clearly, she looked absolutely gorgeous in it!

The last horror series that she appeared on was True Blood, on two episodes as Cammy in 2012. I actually vaguely remember her on this. Of course, she looks as stunning as ever!

And, that brings us to the horror movies that has been in, beginning with the movie that inspired me to write and induct her: William Malone's Parasomnia (2008). In this flick, she plays Laura Baxter, a young beauty who suffers from parasomnia, a condition in which someone spends most of their lifetime asleep, only waking up for very short periods. One day, a nice guy sees her in her hospital bed and immediately falls in love with her. Not that anyone is gonna blame him. Anywho, he sneaks her out to care for her, as he finds out that they are gonna move her to another place do study her. But, a serial killer with the power of hypnotic mind control is also in that hospital. He escapes cause he wants to keep her for himself and will use anyone to get her, including Laura, herself.
Malone gave us the loud, genuinely terrible, and annoying House on Haunted on Haunted Hill remake, but this is a much better film. It still is quite flawed, like having moments that come off as silly. But, it is an infinitely better movie. What it helps it a lot is the great cast and their acting. Among them are Jeffrey Combs, Patrick Kilpatrick (as the aforementioned baddie), and cameos by John Landis and Sean Young. Also amazing in her role is our girl Wilson.
She is incredibly likable and breathes some real life into Laura. Plus, she looks so beautiful, that as I said before, it easy to see how she can win anyone's heart. The movie also is that rarest of horror films, one in which the female lead is nude in it. In this case we get two topless scenes with (though I am only gonna show a pic from one of them)! Throw in some gore, and I feel that you should definitely check this one out. It is currently streaming on Shudder (which is where I saw it).

A year later, in 2009, she appeared in Chain Letter. I have never seen this one and reviews for it have always been shit. Any thoughts on it? And, how is she in it?

The last horror movie she appeared in was a very small role in 2011's The Roommate. While, I never seen all of this, I have seen enough of it to know its crap. To its advantage, aside from Wilson, it also has Minka Kelly and Leighton Meester, so it certainly delivers in the babe department. And, that is all it delivers on...

And, that is the horror career, thus far, of the beautiful Cherilyn Wilson. It's quite a bit, acutally, and here is hoping that she eventually returns to the genre. She is a solid and vastly underrated actress, giving strong performances, especially in the aforementioned Parasomnia. Of course, she is incredibly and naturally beautiful, pretty much a dream come true for lovers of blondes. And, with this, I am proud to make her an official Horror Crush of this site! Are any of you fans of hers? What is your favorite role of hers? Let me in the comments section below.