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Eyes Set To Kill- Webster Hall, NYC 8/191/14


This past Tuesday, Sept. 19, 2014 I got to attend a kick ass show by one of my favorite bands Eyes Set To Kill (ESTK) at Webster Hall in NYC. I had seen the band perform earlier this year at Revolver's Hottest Chicks of Hard Rock Tour, but I was dying to see them headline. And, man what a show did hey ended up putting on!!

I met the Rodriguez sisters for a second time, before they played. Like last time, they were so sweet and utterly stunning in person. I bought an Eyes Set To Kill patch, which got me a free poster that they both signed for me.

 Bass player the beautiful Anissa Rodriguez and I
 Lead signer and lead guitar player the gorgeous Alexia Rodriguez and I. Between her awesome Karloff Frankenstein tat and her Saw tee (which I told her that I loved), it's clear that she is a fellow horror fan. That makes her even more hot!

After a bunch of opening acts ESTK, finally came out and kicked some serious ass! Practically all the songs they played were off of their amazing latest release Masks. They played more songs then they did last time, including the songs that had screaming (the screaming used to be covered by a former band member) in it. Alexia did both vocals, and she did an awesome job of it! They also played "Secrets Between" which was featured both on the aforementioned album and the one that preceded it, White Lotus. I love it whenever they play "Little Liar" cause not only is it my favorite song from Masks, but when Alexia introduces it she talks about how much it sucks to be hurt by those who lie to us. I hate liars, so this song always gets to me.

I been going through an extremely rough time, so I debated going to the show, at all. But, in the end, I am so glad that I did. I had a fucking awesome time, and it got my mind off of shit. Thank you, Eyes Set To Kill for a truly killer performance, we fans love you to death and await your next show!
 Anissa tunes up her bass before the show starts.
 Then, she rocks the fuck out!
 Alexia signs and plays her ass off!!!
 Artsy pic of the night!

 Smoke machine FTW!