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This Friday marks the return of horror's most popular modern day monster: Freddy Kruger, in the A Nightmare on Elm Street remake. Quite frankly I feel underwhelmed by it. Seeing as exact scenes are redone doesn't really do anything for me. But, I am a huge fan of Jackie Earl Haley as Rorschach in the excellent Watchmen, and I think he is a great choice to take over for Robert Englund. I also totally love the beautiful Katie Cassidy, and it's always nice to see her in a genre film, even if she is the remake babe. Will I see it? Eventually, if I hear good things, I'll see it sooner.
And, yes, I know there was a TV series, but man that show was pretty fucking bad...
Anyways, in celebration of Freddy's return, I will do quick reviews of the movies, including picking my fav kill. I should point out that of all the horror villains, Freddy is my favorite and the Nightmare series holds a very special place in my heart, as they helped me get into the genre.

All reviews are out of 4 stars.

- A group of teens are terrorized by a hideously burned man in their dreams. But, if they die in their dreams they die for real. Turns out said man, Fred Krueger, is a filthy child murder, whom their parents burned alive when the courts let him go. He now wants revenge on them by killing their kids.
Craven's best movie is my third fav movie, ever. A dark, scary and imaginative horror movie that features some great effects despite the low budget. Our heroine, Nancy (the lovely Heather Langenkamp) is one of the genre's best heroines.
BEST KILL: Johnny Depp dies as a geyser of blood erupts from his bed, in a classic moment.
RATING: ****

- Taking place several years after the original a teen moves into Nancy's house, but finds that Freddy wants to possess him.
Though dark, this first sequel is one that I have never been a fan of. I always found it to be strangely uninteresting and uninvolving. It does have a weird homoerotic feel to it, though. And, there are some really memorable moments. The best of which is definitely when Kruger enters the real world at the pool party and tells the kids, "You are all my children now!". A truly classic moment.
BEST KILL: Friend gets impaled on door by Freddy's glove.

- The last group of the descendants of the parents who killed Freddy are being offed one by one at a psychiatric ward. Nancy returns to help them and destroy Freddy.
A return to form for the series, this is the best of all the sequels and one of the finest horror sequels, around. The tone is a perfect mix of the seriousness of the original and the jokieness that would take hold of the series from hear on in. The special effects are truly awesome. Including the beautiful effect that is Jennifer Rubin, who looks delicious as a punk babe. It was also great to see Nancy return. And, the whole concept of dream powers is pretty kick ass. Also kick ass is the Dokken title track played at the end of the film. A classic! This holds a special place in my heart because it was one of the first R-rated movies I saw in it's complete/ non-TV form.
BEST KILL: Kid gets turned into a puppet by Kruger with his veins as puppet strings. A personal favorite kill of mine!
RATING: ****

- Freddy comes back to kill the surviving characters from the last film, but Kristen (this time played by Tuesday Knight) gives her dream powers to the beautiful Alice (Lisa Wilcox). Freddy uses her to get to the other kids, though.
This one is totally over-the-top and would and mark the series officially turning towards a more campy villain. Freddy cracks lots of jokes, but Wilcox makes for a great heroine and the pace is fast. On top of that the FX work is excellent. A fun little ride.
BEST KILL: A hottie is turned into a roach. Awesome!!!!!

- Freddy wants to possess Alice's baby. Alice must stop him.
This one suffers from some pacing problems, but again Wilcox makes for a yummy and great heroine. The FX work is still awesome, but I don't like the way Freddy looks in this. The kills range from the silly (the comic book kill is terrible) to the awesome (most of the other kills). In all, this one is pretty decent, but definitely a let down from the the two that preceded it. It should be noted that this movie was given an X-rating by the MPAA, and the R-rated DVD is cut.
BEST KILL: The beautiful Erica Anderson plays a girl who wants to be thin and is forced to eat her own guts. One of the goriest kills in the entire series.
RATING: **1/2

- The last of the Elm Street kids are dead. Now an amnesiac looks for Freddy's daughter to battle him, kill him, and end this forever. We learn more about his past and how he got his horrible powers.
The worst entry in the series this "ending" to it is pretty silly. The video game death is ridiculous and a series low point. The only way to watch this is in 3D, for the climax, otherwise it is crap.
BEST KILL: Freddy makes a dude's head blow up.
RATING (in 3D): **
in 2D: *1/2

- Taking place in the "real" world Freddy tries to leave the cinematic world and enter ours, as he terrorizes Heather Langenkamp (the actress not the character of Nancy). She seeks out Craven and Englund for help.
Imaginative entry in the series marks the return of Craven to the series. While, the movie is a solid entry in it; it hasn't aged as well as it should have. Still, this ranks as the third best in the series and one of Craven's best movies. Great acting by Langenkamp, a solid script, and good FX work help this one be something truly worth seeing.
BEST KILL: Babysitter gets dragged up the wall and slaughtered by Krueger.
RATING: ****

- Freddy uses Jason to escape from hell. They eventually meet and battle.
It took years for this one to be made, but it is fun enough to be worth the wait. Sure it's silly, but come on; what where you expecting? Hot babes, cool metal tunes, and lots of fucking gore. Works for me.
BEST KILL: Truth be told Freddy only has one kill, and it ain't the movie's best. But, this blog is about him and his movies, so... Anyways, his kill of a dude in the bathroom is pretty cool, nonetheless.
RATING: ***1/2

So, there you have it. Hope this brought back memories for you guys. I would love to hear your thoughts on the series. And, I also wanna know, are you gonna see the remake? What are your thoughts on it? Anyways, remember, WHATEVER YOU DO, DON'T FALL ASLEEP!

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Chiller Theatre April 17, 2010

Another Chiller has passed and another awesome time has been had! This time it was Alan, Matt, and I who went out to Jersey. This is actually the first time in years I have not stayed at the hotel, but we still had a great time.

Matt went up to Zacherly, as he grew up listening to him. Zacherly is a fucking legend! Alan then went up to David Hess. I had already met him, so the first person for me to meet would be Camille Keaton.

When I first saw I Spit on Your Grave, I was completely traumatized, and I told her this, when I met her. I also told her how great her acting is. She was very nice and down to earth, by the way. She also looked amazing! And, I hear she is in her 60s! God bless her. She has some great genes.

We saw Richard Chamberlain eating a salad. See celebs are just like us. They eat food, too! I saw this chick who prob should not be your babysitter.

After this we decided to get lunch, as some of the celebs we wanted to meet were out for lunch to.

After a good burger, the next celeb I met was the lovely Kristin Bauer who play Pam on True Blood. As I have said in the past, I am a huge fan of the show. It's one of my favs on TV, so I was very excited that someone from the show was at Chiller. Especially her, since Pam is a total babe and one of my fav characters on the show. She is actually even more gorgeous in person! I CANNOT wait for season three!!!!!!

I then went up to Sherilyn Fenn for a friend. I been a fan of hers since I was in high school. She's a very underrated actress, in my humble opinion. Also, she looked great in person!
The next person I went up to is the one I most wanted to meet, this time around: Kristanna Loken. Now, I have liked this babe since she was in Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines. But, I think it was her role in Bloodrayne that solidified my fandom in her. In fact, back on myspace (remember myspace?), she is listed as one of the people I would like to meet. I told that she is actually one of my fav actresses, which she is. Though, I must say I was awe struck by her. She is without a shadow of a doubt one of the hottest babes around!
That was a the last celeb I met. We got some dinner at a nice little diner and then it was back to Chiller for the party!

At the party I ran into my friend Jan, who had not seen in a long, long time. He was with a group of friends. Sky was joining in parting with the group of girls. Sky is such a freaking hottie!

But hey, Chiller's party always has the hottest, sexiest and most beautiful babes! There I met Elyse. She and her friend were really cool and fun to hang with. Actually, I think this might be one of the most fun Chiller parties I been to in a while. And, if you think about what I just fucking said that is saying a lot!!!!!

Well, of course this meant the music was kicking ass and it was! The Dead Elvi gave us another great performance. Kevin, who runs Chiller, told me that there were many surprises, and boy he was right!

Lite Ford performed with them! She sang "Kiss Me Deadly", of course. And, it kicked fucking ass! A dude won a guitar from Lita! He, then, actually got to sing "Close My Eyes Forever" doing the Ozzy parts with her! And, dear readers and friends, he totally kicked ass! It was a awesome performance!!!!

We had to break out a early, but nonetheless this was just another awesome time! And from what my friend Pat said Jim "The Anvil" Niedhart showed up later! Anyone got any pics of that?

As always all hail Chiller! And, here is to the next one!

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Olivia Munn signing for OMFG in NYC 4/11/10

Anyone who knows me or has been reading this blog for a long time knows how big an Olivia Munn fan, I am. And, I been dying to meet her for a long time. I missed the first meet up she had with the OMFG (Olivia Munn Fan Group), so there was no way I was gonna miss this one! As soon, as she announced on her twitter, that she was doing one in NYC, I flipped out! I was concerned I was not gonna get the e-mail (sent out only to OMFG members) as I had missed them in the past. But, then I got it! And, was pumped and ready!

I think the only reason I could sleep the night before was cause I was drinking the night before for my friend's b-day, thus I conked out. Anyways, Sunday morning I headed out to Forbidden Planet comics in Union Square for the signing. Now, it should be noted that she said that we did not need to buy the book (her upcoming book Suck It Wonder Woman!) in her e-mail, but if you wanted to get the exclusive poster, you needed to preorder it at the comic shop. Well, the store made you preorder it regardless. A lady told them they you need not, and I backed her up. They were like the publisher said to....

Anyways, enough with the negative stuff! Let's get to the cool part! I got on line and guess what? I ended up meeting up with my fellow members of the OMFG! The we, in the OMFG family, have become friends through the message boards for Olivia and twitter, so it was awesome to hang with them. They're all good guys. And, made the time go by fast. I was very happy to meet and hang with them. We are all fans and love Olivia and one of them, Vaughn, is dedicated enough to have the OMFG name shaved on the back of his head! Very awesome!

The line was slowly getting longer, by the way. At one point I turned around, and I was like, "Damn, this is a huge fucking line!" At another point, a pretty Asian girl showed up and stood in front of the store. She looked like Olivia but not very happy. But, this doppelganger was not her! The real Olivia showed up a little later, and a little late, but said she was sorry and came down and high fived us all. She was smiling and happy! Yay! This is the Olivia we all love and know!

Anyways, she was in a great mood talking to fans and posing for lots of pics. She never looked annoyed and was always clearly being a sweetie. No matter how much stuff you had she gladly signed it all. One of the best moments was when she picked up the store's phone and told someone that Evangeline Lily from Lost was signing at the store! Priceless!

Eventually they had to hurry the line. I mean, the poor girl has to had to catch a plane to get back to LA to shoot Attack of the Show today, for crissakes! I must say in person she is even more beautiful. Yes, dear readers and friends, as hot as she on TV she is even more so in person! And, her wonderful personality makes her even more of a babe.

OK, so when I finally got to up to her I must say I was a little awe-struck and wordless. Thankfully she greeted me with a warm smile and was very sweet. She even said my name in a faux-Italian accent (sexy!). So, I decided to tell her how I was worried that I would not get to meet her this time, as I never got the e-mail about the other meet up. I told her that I tweeted her about that and the fact that in this e-mail she had the wrong word in the name of the place. And, then she joked that I told everyone by doing that. She asked me what I did, I told her I was a writer.

She then told me about the pic (OK it ain't a poster, but it's still really nice!). I turns out that it is her author pic inside the book. I told her it was the best author pic, ever. And, she was like, "ever, ever?" I was like yes, ever in the history of ever! And, she made me tell that to her photog who took it. She put what became my fav autograph, that she did for me, on it.

She signed two other things for me, too. One was the Maxim that I had for a long time (I am a subscriber, afterall!) and the new Complex that she is in. I actually just got that in the subway, heading to the signing!
She posed for two pics with me and said bye and said that she is glad that I got this e-mail and came out this time. I must say that meeting her has solidified my love for her. She really is one of the most awesome celebs, that I have ever met. In fact, this whole meeting ranks as one of my absolute fav signings I ever been to. So, how can you not love her? Because to sum this all up: OLIVIA MUNN RULZ!

And, until the next meeting, and I hope there is another one, here is to my OMFG family!! OMFG KICKS ASS!!!!!!

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Asian P.O.V. 3

Title: Asian P.O.V. 3
Devil's Film
Cast: Mika Tan, Finesse Navaro, Gianna Lynn, Kina Kai, and Loni

P.O.V. is a pretty awesome concept in porn, having it be an Asian one is even more awesome! The movie opens up with the sexy goddess and world's most beautiful woman, Gianna Lynn. This is one of her earliest role, by the way. It's a sexy way to start the movie. She gives some great dirty talk and a great BJ, too. I love it when gets to the actual fucking. There are some nice shots of her getting porked doggie style. She has such a great ass! A nice facial ends it in a very good way.

Mika Tan stars in the movies next and best scene. She has a very sexy outfit on. She is simply great managing to be very sexy, seductive, and slutty as she talks dirty to the camera. Her ass and boobs are amazing. And, I will never tire of saying that here! Her performance is so very hot. I was in heaven when she got titty fucked! The fucking is RED HOT and the facial very good!

Loni looks very hot and has some sexy talk for us, as well. Her boobs are a true gift from God! She also has a delicious looking pussy. She gives a great performance and takes a good fucking all around. There is even some titty fucking involved! She gets a nice facial and her sexy personality really shines through out the scene.

Finesse Navaro has a sexy little intro. She is a total babe with a great looking behind! She also has a very hot body and nice pussy. The scene has lots of hot dick sucking, something which she is very good at. The lucky dude cums in her mouth, and she swallows it in a very HOT ending to the scene.

The last babe is a total cutie known as Kina Kai. I just love her skin tone! There is a hot and oh so yummy up-skirt shot to start the scene off, which allows us the first peek at her very pretty pussy. Kina really is so beautiful and sexy and gives an awesome BJ (hmm, come to think of it this movie really exceeds in the blow-job department!). It's a good scene that is only bought down by an OK facial, that could and should have been a lot nastier.

The picture looks just awesome and the sound is great, too. We get a good photo gallery and trailers to movies I don't care to see. In all, this an almost perfect movie. In fact gets an extremely, extremely hard

3 1/2 out of 4 Woodies

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Hot Asian Girl of the Month: Smith Cho

As the weather starts to get more beautiful, I pick a babe that truly captures and epitomizes beauty, the ravishing and sexy: Smith Cho!

The lovely Ms. Cho is of Korean dissent. She call the California Bay Area home.

She made her acting debut on Emily`s Reasons Why Not on the ABC Television Network. I have never heard of that show but whatever.

One of the first times I saw her was on the new version of Knight Rider. I flipped to one day, cause her beauty caught my attention. So, I see this beautiful Asian babe, and I am like, "Damn! I need to watch this!" But, it took about two minutes to figure out it was a shit show. I guess others figured it out, too, cause it was eventually canceled, as I have mentioned here before. Anyways, on said show she played the character Zoe Chae. Anyway, I did find her to have a very likable presence on camera, as well as being a total babe!

This is her talking about said show:

The sexy Ms. Chae has also been movies. I mentioned the fact that she was in Fired Up the first time I talked about the her on this blog. Since then, I tried watching some of that movie, and man it was pretty bad. But, she looked hot as a cheerleader. And, the whole Panthers/ cat thing is pretty hot, too. There are other babes in the film, but, to me, Cho is the hottest one, by far! Other movies she has been include: Bad Boys II, Norbit, Pie in the Sky, and Blades of Glory.

In 2009 she appeared on Ugly Betty and 100 Questions. So, when is she gonna be in a show I actual wanna watch?

She has two dogs named Humphrey and Lauren. See, I love dogs, and when a girl loves dogs, too, I love her even more!

One of my fav series of pics I ever found of her has to be her bikini pics. Now, I believe that these are from the aforementioned Knight Rider TV show, but I could be wrong. Regardless, she looks amazing in a bikini! What a body! This next pic makes me wish I was this lucky fucking bastard! Damn, bro!

Cho has such a beautiful face, with sexy, long, black hair, and an amazing, simply killer body. I am really hoping she will do stuff I like and wanna see more of her in the near future. For now, though, I find her very underrated. But, as with many of my favorite babes, I look to change that with this and other blogs that I have written about her. I hope that have helped you get introduced to her and thus have become a fan of hers. And, for those of us who already know her love her? Well, then this should remind you why you do in the first place!

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