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Hot Asian Girl of the Month: Smith Cho

As the weather starts to get more beautiful, I pick a babe that truly captures and epitomizes beauty, the ravishing and sexy: Smith Cho!

The lovely Ms. Cho is of Korean dissent. She call the California Bay Area home.

She made her acting debut on Emily`s Reasons Why Not on the ABC Television Network. I have never heard of that show but whatever.

One of the first times I saw her was on the new version of Knight Rider. I flipped to one day, cause her beauty caught my attention. So, I see this beautiful Asian babe, and I am like, "Damn! I need to watch this!" But, it took about two minutes to figure out it was a shit show. I guess others figured it out, too, cause it was eventually canceled, as I have mentioned here before. Anyways, on said show she played the character Zoe Chae. Anyway, I did find her to have a very likable presence on camera, as well as being a total babe!

This is her talking about said show:

The sexy Ms. Chae has also been movies. I mentioned the fact that she was in Fired Up the first time I talked about the her on this blog. Since then, I tried watching some of that movie, and man it was pretty bad. But, she looked hot as a cheerleader. And, the whole Panthers/ cat thing is pretty hot, too. There are other babes in the film, but, to me, Cho is the hottest one, by far! Other movies she has been include: Bad Boys II, Norbit, Pie in the Sky, and Blades of Glory.

In 2009 she appeared on Ugly Betty and 100 Questions. So, when is she gonna be in a show I actual wanna watch?

She has two dogs named Humphrey and Lauren. See, I love dogs, and when a girl loves dogs, too, I love her even more!

One of my fav series of pics I ever found of her has to be her bikini pics. Now, I believe that these are from the aforementioned Knight Rider TV show, but I could be wrong. Regardless, she looks amazing in a bikini! What a body! This next pic makes me wish I was this lucky fucking bastard! Damn, bro!

Cho has such a beautiful face, with sexy, long, black hair, and an amazing, simply killer body. I am really hoping she will do stuff I like and wanna see more of her in the near future. For now, though, I find her very underrated. But, as with many of my favorite babes, I look to change that with this and other blogs that I have written about her. I hope that have helped you get introduced to her and thus have become a fan of hers. And, for those of us who already know her love her? Well, then this should remind you why you do in the first place!

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