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The 10 Best Movies of 2018

2018 was another awesome year for great movies. It was, in particular, a killer year for superhero and horror movies, who all but dominate this list. As always, making this list is always hard and takes a lot of thinking and moving around of movies. However, I am confident that this is my definitive list and order. I should note, that there are movies that I haven't seen, including Hereditary (but, I didn't like The Witch, so...), Aquaman, Bumblebee, Spider-Man: Into the Spiderverse, among others.

Anywho, here we go:

Honorable Mentions:
Creed II
Bohemian Rhapsody 

10. Deadpool 2-  While, I think the first movie is better, this film is still a very, very worthy follow up. Fun, funny, witty, and wild, it is really one of the most thoroughly enjoyable and entertaining movie going experiences of 2018. Characters, and the actors portraying them, like Cable, Domino, and Negasonic Teenage Warhead are among some of the coolest seen all year. Also, Ryan Reynolds proved, again, that he IS Deadpool, end of fucking story!

9. Overlord- At first some though that this was part of the Cloverfield universe, due to rumors. But, it isn't (considering how lame The Cloverfield Paradox was this might be for the better...). What it is, though, is a badass and exhilarating genre-bender. Mixing the war, action, and horror genres, this is tale of US soldiers battling Nazis and their zombie creations fucking kills! Audiences for some reason didn't go see this, but the critics loved it. Do not miss your chance to see it once it hits home media!

8. Bad Times at the El Royale- This stylish and violent neo-noir mixes Tarantino-esque elements with some of the best use of widescreen this side of John Carpenter to tell a twisty tale. Filled with fascinating and lively characters, splatter, and a hell of a climax this feature from the director Drew (The Cabin in the Woods) Goddard is another film overlooked by movie goers. It also features amazing performances, including a really surprising turn by the lovely Dakota Johnson and a scene stealing performance by Thor, himself, Chris Hemsworth, who needs to play more villains, right fucking now.

7. Unsane- This is acclaimed director Steven Soderbergh's first horror film, and it may very well be his best. It certainly is my favorite of his work, which is saying quite a lot. The movie is is shot all with an iPhone, however, it is worth way more than just the gimmick. Featuring an amazing performance by the beautiful Claire Foy as the lead lady who is screwed over and locked in a psyche ward where her stalker might be at. Or is he just in her mind? I won't tell you, but I will say that Joshua Leonard, he of The Blair Witch Project turns out what might be THE creepiest villain performance of the year!

6. Black Panther- The year's biggest box office hit is this culturally significant action/ sci-fi superhero movie from Marvel Studios. Featuring strong performances, especially from Chadwick Boseman in the title role and Michael B. Jordan (who is also phenomenal in the solid sequel Creed II) as Eric Killmonger. It also should be noted that the fleshed out and complex Killmonger is one of the finest villains Marvel has ever had, easily. I also want to say that from a cinematic standpoint this might just be the most beautiful big budget/ major studio superhero movie ever made.

5. Anna and the Apocalypse- The horror genre seems to get more and more Christmas movies each year. Too bad, that finding a good one is so hard. Thank goodness then that this year we got one of the greatest Christmas horror movies ever, in this wondrous British export! It is also the most outright different of all Xmas terror flicks. Aside from being a holiday horror flim, it is also a musical, comedic, zombie movie. Said music is fun and catchy, this coming from someone who hates musicals! The gore and make-up FX are great as is the acting (and their signing!). This is especially true for Anna, herself, played by the beautiful Ella Hunt.

4, Revenge- Without question one of the finest and important rape-revenge movies, ever made. It is also one of the year's finest and most beautifully lensed movies. My full review of this excellent and bloody masterpiece: https://www.themastergio.com/2018/09/revenge-2017-review.html
It is worth mentioning that the movie's phenomenal and beautiful lead star Matilda Lutz, topped another list of mine for 2018, that of the year's most beautiful women: https://www.themastergio.com/2018/09/revenge-2017-review.html

3. Avengers: Infinity War- This is it, not only is the outcome to a ten year build up of our heroes finally encountering the evil Thanos, but it's also the single greatest superhero movie ever made. Exciting, fun, emotional, and spectacular, this has become the one that all superhero movies must be rated against, topping even its own first film, The Avengers. A true milestone of the genre, as we prepare for next year to bring us the second and final part of this story.

2. The Night Comes for Us All- Director Timo Tjahjanto has made one of the greatest, and do mean that in every sense of the term, action movies EVER, with this exhilarating and thrilling masterpiece. It may very well be the bloodiest action movie, as well. Gore and splatter fly freely and graphically making this a tough view for the squeamish (though, I imagine if you follow this board, that ain't you). Honestly this has more blood letting than any horror movie released this year, It is a Netflix exclusive, which means there is no excuse for you not to see it (aside, from you not having the streaming service). Sadly, it also means that we probably won't be able to own a physical copy, ever...

1. Mandy- Mandy is a goddamn masterpiece. A jaw dropping, eye popping visual trip it is unlike anything else to be released. It takes a little bit too start but once it gets going it sucks you right in and holds you all the way until the very final second of it. In essence, Mandy is a revenge film meets Mad Max by way of a David Lynchian horror film with flourishes of Argento. The movie is chockful of chainsaw mayhem, demonic bikers, and killer hippie cults, all amounting to one of the most truly metal movies ever made (including our title character wearing metal shirts and black metal inspired title logo). Nicholas Cage is at his fucking best ever, as his performance, is pitch perfect. He might just be my favorite hero of the year, blood-caked and ass kicking. Oh, and the Cheddar Goblin rules. Don't know who he is? Just watch the movie, which you should be watching regardless. Or watch it again. You know what? Just. Fucking. Watch, It. NOW! Best film of the year, bloody hands down!

What were your favorite movies of the year? Let me know in the comments section below.

And, I want to thank you all for all the support you gave me this year and continue to do so. I wish you all a safe, fun, and very Happy New Year's!


The 70 Most Beautiful Women of 2018, Part 7: 10-1

10. Rose McIver- (last year #25)-  iZombie's beautiful Rose McIver moves up several spots up into the top ten thanks to a wonderful season of the genre show. It sucks then that next year we have what will be the show's final season.

9. Amy Forsyth- (last year #22)-  Slasher flick Hellfest was the very definition of middle of the road. A disappointing movie all around, one of its major (and few) saving graces was the gorgeous Amy Forsyth. Throughout the whole movie she is the ONLY likable character in this mostly forgettable  stalk and slash flick.

8. Mandy Muse- (last year same)- Mandy Muse continues her ever rising popularity in the adult industry. Of course, with her natural beauty and nuclear level hotness and sexiness, this is bound to be the case. Not to mention her backside, which might be the greatest on God's green Earth.

7. Evan Rachel Wood- (last year ranked 2016 #5)- Westworld finally came back this year with a hell of a mindfuck. Evan Rachel Wood's Delores was a big part of it all. But, let us hope that this is not the last we have seen of this beauty on this, one of the greatest science fiction shows ever!

6. Dani Daniels- (last year #3)- Dani Daniels may not be shooting movies, but she is always shooting cam content for CamSoda and has many other projects, includingo (but not limited to) her own clothing line and her own series on Amazon Prime Dinner with Dani! She remains as sexy, fun, and beautiful as ever!

5. Deborah Ann Woll- (last year same)- The gorgeous Deborah Ann Woll keeps her spot thanks to her performance in what unfairly ended up being the final season of Daredevil. Let us hope we get a little more of her as Karen Page in next year's season of Punisher, before that ends too...

4. Lili Reinhart- (last year #7)- Inching ever closer to the top is the stunning Lili Reinhart, whose portrayal of Betty on Riverdale makes her, easily, my second favorite character on that show.

3. Jen & Sylvia Soska- (last year #1)- Last year's winners were busy shooting their hotly anticipated remake of David Cronenberg's Rabid, and also wrote a comic-book story for Marvel Comics. Expect big things next year as we hopefully get to see that remake, the release of the Black Widow comic that they wrote, and they will be making the horror convention circuit, including Monster-Mania (which I hope to be attending).

2. Ella Hunt- (new)- Horror rules the top three this year with the runner up going to this stunningly beautiful British actress. The young beauty proved she could act and sign with the best of them in this year's amazing Christmas/ horror/ comedy/ musical/ zombie flick Anna and the Apocalypse!

1. Matilda Anna Ingrid Lutz- (new)- Making her debut at number (a first for this list, not counting the first edition), is this gorgeous Italian born German actress and model. Her amazing performance in the brutal and beautifully lensed Revenge has already cemented her in horror history. With her breath-taking beauty (the camera adores this woman) and breakthrough performance as the lead in this phenomenal rape-revenge horror flick, Lutz cemented her placement on this list from the moment I saw said movie.

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The 70 Most Beautiful Women of 2018, Part 6: 20-11

20. Mathilide Ollivier- (new)- This stunning French beauty won my heart in the awesome and criminally underrated (by cinema goers, not by critics) action/ war/ horror flick Overlord. She is perfectly cast as the beautiful and good hearted French, village girl.

19. Claire Foy- (new)- Gorgeous and talented Claire Foy had a spectacular, year, with much critical praise. But, it's her starring role in Steven Soderbergh's excellent Unsane, one of the year's finest horror movies. that is my favorite of hers. She gives a great performance with many levels of emotion in this psychological terror flick that will suck you right in.

18. Lily Adams- (new)- One of the sexiest babes in the adult biz, Lily Adams is also one of the coolest. I absolutely love following her on her Twitter, as she has some of the best tweets in the biz. This gorgeous beauty also gave me what might be my sexiest interview this year at Exxxotica 2018. Don't worry you haven't missed it. It will be posted soon. And, I promise you that if you ain't a fan of hers yet, you will be after seeing it!

17. Catherine Corcoran- (last year #15)- A long time favorite of mine and many other horror fans Catherine Corcoran appeared in what is THE best death scene in all of horror in 2018. Her brutal, uncompromising, and fully nude demise in Terrifier will make even the most hardcore among horror fans, jaws drop!

16. Krysten Ritter- (last year #29)- The beautiful Krysten Ritter moves up some spots thanks to the awesome season of Jessica Jones, which I think ranks among the finest moments in superhero TV history. She had such an emotional and complex storyline with her character, and she deserves all the credit in the world.

15. Aly Michalka- (last year #21)- Aly Michalka is one of the sexiest and most beautiful women on TV. Her character of Peyton on iZombie is one of the most interesting and best characters around. This past season might have had her character's best moments, which believe me, is saying a lot!

14. Amanda Schull- (last year #11)- Amanda Schull's Cassie had a hell of a season in the final one of 12 Monkeys. The ending of which was perfect! Schull is an amazing actress, and thanks to this show, one of my favorites. I do hope this gorgeous beauty does more great science fiction and soon!

13. Melissa Benoist- (last year #12)- Even if Supergirl is terribly uneven and highly flawed, Benoist remains ever so likable and captures and embodies the title character perfectly. She is also breathtakingly beautiful! Oh, and for all accounts and purposes, she seems to be cool as fucking hell, in person.

12. Trillium- (last year #16)- Can someone please explain to me how Trillium is not one of the biggest names in porn? She is absolutely gorgeous, perfect even. Her porn scenes are jaw droppingly hot scorchers destined to melt titanium steel! Also, her Twitter feed is one of the sexiest on the whole internet. I love fucking love Trillium!! If you can add a new year's resolution for me, could you make it that you will buy her stuff? I know you will thank me later!

11. Madeline Petsch- (last year #38)- The absolutely gorgeous Madeline Petsch jumps several spots into the eleventh number. This is because her character of Cheryl Blossom on Riverdale is not just my favorite character on that show, but one of my favorites on all of TV! Badass, sexy, tough, and complex, Cheryl fucking rules all. And, honest to God, the two episodes from the current season that she wasn't in, suffered from the lack of presence of her. And, all this and Petsch is perfect as her! Keep an eye on her for next year!

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The 70 Most Beautiful Women of 2018, Part 5: 30-21

30. Lily Mirojnick- (new)- Lily Mirojnick is one of the most beautiful women on TV. She also happens to  plays my favorite character (outside of the two lead characters), Det. Meredith McCarthy, on what is one of my absolute favorite new shows, Happy! That being said can we get to next month already so that the new season can FINALLY start?!

29. Arielle Carver-O'Neill- (new)- Arielle Carver-O'Neill, in my book, already has legendary status. Why? Cause, she played the daughter of one of the most legendary characters in horror, Ash Williams (Bruce Campbell). This happened on this the final season of Ash Vs. Evil Dead. That she kicked a ton of ass in the series, did some solid acting, and looked gorgeous, only further cements this as a fact!

28. Madeline Brewer- (new)- The beautiful Ms. Madeline Brewer gave one of the best performances in a horror flick this year in Cam. Said, psychological terror flick takes place in the world of cam girls and is one of the best genre films of the year. It is also, the finest horror movie to be a released as a Netflix exclusive in 2018.

27. Riley Reid- (last year ranked 2016 #34)- Is it me or does Riley Reid keep getting hotter all the time? She not only gives unfiltered, hot as the pits of fucking hell on-camera performances, but she has a great personality to go with it. Combining both a fan friendly approach and a "I don't give a flying fuck attitude" (she even posted a pic of herself with her armpits unshaven!), Riley deserves all the love she gets from both fans and the industry.

26. Diamante- (last year ranked 2015 #36)- Diamante's first full length album, Coming in Hot, is a fun and catchy hard rocker. It is, I think, one of the year's best debut. Diamante, herself, is a great singer with an amazing voice and awesome onstage presence. She is also happens to be one of the sexiest women in hard rock and metal.

25. Samantha Scaffidi- (new)- This jaw droppingly beautiful actress did a hell of a job on the ass kicking and blood drenched slasher flick Terrifier. I seriously hope we see more of her in the horror genre!

24. Amber Heard- (new)- It is hard to believe that this is the debut on this list for Amber Heard, but that is the case. However, with her eye catching appearance as Mera in Aquaman, there was no way she would not appear this year. Somehow, I have a feeling this will not be the last time she appears here, either!

23. Jillian Janson- (last year ranked 2015 #20)- Jillian Janson is a drop dead, breath taking beauty. She also shoots some of the hottest scenes you can currently see in porn. But, what makes her even more beautiful is her friendly and bubbly personality. Of course, that body of hers doesn't hurt matters!

22. Elizabeth Olsen- (last year ranked 2016 #20)- It was great to see that Elizabeth Olsen's Scarlet Witch kicked so much ass and had such an emotional arc on this year's magnificent Avengers: Inifinty War. Of course, it is always great to simply see Ms. Olsen, bonus when she is given great material to work with.

21. Sophia Grace- (new)- Sophia Grace is smolderingly hot. When she is performing on camera she is on fucking fire. Her beauty is nuclear level hotness, her eyes alone could melt anything in site. If you have seen her work, then you know why she was given my spotlight, earlier this year, and why she's on this list ( and ranked as high as she is). And, if you haven't, what the fuck are you waiting for to pay (yes, PAY!!) to see her work?!

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The 70 Most Beautiful Women of 2018, Part 4: 40-31

40. Brit Morgan- (new)- Brit Morgan is awesome as fucking hell. And, she is perfect as a bad girl in genre programming. I first saw her in True Blood, where she honed that talent. But, she perfected it as Live Wire in Supergirl, where she truly stole my heart. Sadly, her character was killed last season, just as she was turning good. Thank God then, that she is on Riverdale as all around hottie and baddie, Penny Peabody.

39. Rachael Taylor- (last year #34)- Rachel Taylor is a breathtaking beauty. Her character of Trish Walker is one of the most complex and compelling characters on Jessica Jones. It really fucking sucks, then that we may never see her fully become Hellcat, as the series end is sure to come thanks to Disney not wanting to renew the Netflix shows.

38. Hannah Emily Anderson- (new)- The beautiful star of The Purge series had already cut her teeth in the horror genre in Jigsaw. But, she really was allowed to shine in this intense and highly recommended series.

37. Elize Ryd- (new)- The latest album by Amaranthe titled Helix is one of the most fun and truly enjoyable metal albums of the year. Swedish beauty Elize Ryd, one of the band's signers, is one of the most beautiful and talented signers in the genre.

36. Kenzie Taylor- (new)- One of the most popular performers in porn today Kenzie Taylor is nuclear level hot. She is absolutely gorgeous, as well as being genuinely awesome in person. If you want to proof of this, be sure to check out my interview with her at this year's Exxxotica NJ, which became one of my most popular posts of 2018.

35. Emily Hampshire- (last year #28)- One of the greatest shows in sci-fi, 12 Monkeys, ended this season, But, it went out with a phenomenal final episode. Throughout the show, including this season, the beautiful Emily Hampshire played Jennifer Goines, one of my favorite characters on any show. I really hope she returns to science fiction (or even better does horror) in the near future.

34. Abigail Mac- (new)- Holy fuck, just how hot is Abigail Mac? Her breathtaking beauty alone is enough to blow you away. That is not even taking into account her screen melting on camera sex scenes. I am not exaggerating, and might, in fact, be doing her a disservice, by simply mentioning that she is one of the most beautiful women in the skin biz. Cause, honest to goodness, this extremely popular goddess is more than simply that! 

33. Jessica Cameron- (new)- Jessica Cameron remains one of the hardest working women in horror. Ever promoting herself and her projects, she is one of the genre's true queens of social media. This year saw the release of splatter flick American Guinea Pig: The Song of Solomon, as well as her continued presence in the indie horror world.

32. Jenna Kanell- (new)- One of the gorgeous stars of the year's best slasher movie, Terrifier (yes, you read that best slasher, sorry Halloween it ain't you), the beautiful Jenna Kanell has a great future ahead of her.

31. Madchen Amik- (last year #32)- As Alice Cooper, Madchen Amik is my favorite mom in Riverdale and not just cause of Amik's eternal beauty. But, it is also because her character is genuinely the most fascinating and complex of the all the lovely mommies on the show. Each season her character becomes increasingly complex and infinitely more interesting.

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