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WinterCon 2018, Part 2: More of the Best of Cosplay

As one might expect December 1, 2018 in Queens, NY, was fucking freezing. But, a cosplayer has to cosplay and media have to cover what is going. Alas, I was doing both and greatly enjoying myself, while, simultaneously freezing my ass off! But, then so were my fellow cosplayers, especially those in skimpy outfits.

Before I got to seeing and interact with them, I took the chance to sign and write a dedication/ message to Stan Lee. As many who grew up as a comic-book, especially a Marvel fan, Lee was a hero and more to me. His passing was heartbreaking to all of us. What I wrote may have been short, but it came from my heart.

What follows now, in this second part (you can see read the first part here) of more of the coolest and finest cosplay that I saw on that day:

DJing in the bitter was cold was awesome cosplayer The Tank, the Life Size Action Figure, doing a badass cosplay of Marv from Sin City.

 We are ready to open a whole can of whoop ass on some baddies!

I thought I was freezing, but I really felt for the following two lovely ladies, directly below!

Venom had a hold of Spidey! I had to do my best to save him! In all seriousness, this dude did a wicked cosplay of the anti-hero symbiont!

Jenna Daggers Cosplay made for an awesome and beautiful Black Widow. Her cosplaying kicked so much fucking ass!

The gorgeous Babs Butcher as Kate Bekinsale's character Anne Valerious from "Van Helsing". This such a beautiful and original cosplay!
The Punisher has a message for the Joker: eat your heart out! 
I loved this Spider-Man/ Captain America (below)! Plus, he was really cool.When I asked him if I could get a pic with him, he asked me if I wanted to hold the shield. I was like hell yeah! Really nice guy and a most excellent cosplay!

This was an awesome time, and I already cannot wait for next year's WinterCon!