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The 70 Hottest Babes of 2011, pt. 7: 10-1

10. Miko Lee (new)- Miko has been one of the hardest working babes this year with lots of porn, including two huge upcoming films: the vampire flick Forbitten Desires and the hotly anticipated Spartacus XXX. All while remaining a total sweetheart to her fans and stunningly beautiful as ever!

9. Deborah Ann Wohl (last year- 46)- Man, every season of True Blood sees this babe get hotter and hotter! Any time we see her in bra and panties it's a good thing. Her character went through a lot, too. Which allowed her to show her amazing acting chops. Oh, and she's is great in the still unreleased Mother's Day, as well.

8. Tia Ling (last year- same)- One of the sexiest and yummiest porn stars, I am truly in love with the lovely Ms. Ling. She also happens to be very interactive with her fans on Twitter and post some great stuff on the net. She also continues to be in some of the most bonerriffic porn out there!

7. Laura Vandervoort (last year- 49)- V might have gotten the axe this year, but this goddess' amazing beauty and great performance on that show, give her the biggest leap on my list this year.

6. Maggie Q (last year- 13)- As soon as I saw the first new episode of this season of Nikita, I said to myself and on my Twitter, "Maggie Q has gotten even hotter, now! Damn!" The series remains quality programing, her acting is excellent, and she is just fucking gorgeous. I would die for those killer legs, alone!!!

5. Angelina Armani (last year- 10)- The lovely Ms. Armani starred in this year's hotly anticipated Chromeskull: Laid to Rest II. I also interviewed her twice this year. The second of which led to my first published article in the October 2011 issue of Fangoria. She's as sweet and down to earth as she is gorgeous. Thus, this leggy babe is the single highest ranking blonde on my annual list! But, hey I called it last year that this one was gonna be a good one for her. And, I think 2012 will be as good, if not better!

4. Sasha Grey (last year 3)- All hail Sasha Grey! She continues to push herself further into mainstream. This year also saw some dumbasses make a big mess about her reading to kids in a school. But, thank goodness many stood by her including Whoopi Goldberg and the goregous Aurora Snow. I, too, showed my support on my Twitter and Facebook fan page.

3. Jamie Chung (last year- 2)- She starred in two big movies this year: the underrated Sucker Punch and the hit Hangover 2. And, my God, she looked delicious in Sucker Punch (I have yet to see Hangover 2, but I can bet you my house she looked hot in that, too). You just can't beat a hot Asian chick with a gun! She also did some sexy photo-shoots. In short this was a great year to be a fan of this Korean goddess!!

2. Grace Park (last year- 1)- Last year's top babe drops one spot, but only cause the still badass Hawaii Five-0 gave more face time the new chick. Still, Park remains the hottest cop on TV and the most beautiful woman in the history of television.

1. Asa Akira (last year- 4)- What a year for this goddess it has been! She won five awards at this year's AVNs and gave me two awesome interviews at both the AEE and Exxxotica. She also starred in the smoldering and nasty as hell Asa Akira Is Insatiable 2. Plus, she was in a bunch of other porn that had tons of dudes reaching for the tissue box. With her star getting bigger by the second, she has become, arguably, the biggest Asian porn star out, right now, as well as one of the top and most popular porn babes of ALL. And, so there really is no one else, I could pick other than this vision of perfection to top my list this year.

And, so the list is done. It's been fun. Hope you all enjoyed it.

And, finally thank you for all of your support. I have had an amazing year for me and my blog, and I couldn't have done it with you guys. I promise to keep giving you the very best in the coming year! HAPPY NEW YEAR'S!! Stay safe and have fun tonight. And, may 2011 bring us all the very best.

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The 70 Hottest Babes of 2011, pt. 6: 20-11

20. Jen & Sylvia Soska (new)- Two of the most multi-talented (writers/ directors/ producers/ actors!!) and beautiful women in horror, today, the Soska twins really kicked the genre's ass with the awesome and fun Dead Hooker in a Trunk, a movie I really think is one of the coolest low budget genre films in quite some time. Next year these stunners will see this movie hit DVD and blu-ray, here in the US, and, hopefully the release of their brand new terror flick the highly anticipated American Mary starring Ginger Snaps lovely Katherine Isabelle.

19. Misti Dawn (last year 50)- One of the greatest geek goddesses in the history of the world, Misti remains one of the most beautiful and fun people to follow on the net. Her honest to god love for all things geeky makes her stand out in a sea of wanna-bes. Plus, she bestowed yours truly with three, count 'em THREE, kick ass interviews this year! While, she recently declared her retirement from the skin industry, she has promised to remain a constant figure in geek culture. And, that's good news, cause an internet without some Misti would suck!

18. Tanya Tate (last year 32)- One of the hottest porn stars also happens to be one of the best cos-players out there. Want proof? Do a Google search for her as She-Ra. Fucking hot, I tell you!! Beyond that she's been doing comic-book con appearances, as well as comic book and blu-ray reviews making her one of the yummiest geek babes out there. And, in person, she remains a sweet and down-to-earth babe with a hell of a sexy accent!

17. Jada Cheng (last year 16)- Still one of my favorite models and clearly this is the same case with many other people. She did lots of public appearances and most of awesome of all, had a very naughty and sexy T-shirt released by the always awesome guys from TITS (Two In the Shirt)!!

16. Courtney Cummz (last year 18)- She is one of THE sexiest, friendliest, most bubbly, and down-right delicious porn babes out there. And, is it me or does she get sexier at every con appearance?

15. Grace Helbig (new)- I will make no bones about this, Grace is THE funniest woman alive. There is also no doubt that she is the hottest looking comedian in the history of the world. And, after meeting her at NYCC, I can tell you that she is as sweet in person as she is beautiful. Truly one of my favorite internet celebs.

14. Joanna Angel (last year 5)- She remains THE one true queen of alt-porn, of course if you run Burning Angel, that goes without saying. Combine her beauty with her sweetheart personality and you have a woman, who will probably NEVER lose that crown!

13. Gail Kim (last year 21)- After the WWE shitted all over her, the single most beautiful woman in all of pro-wrestling, returned to TNA (or Impact or whatever the fuck they wish to call each other this wk), and soon got the Knockouts tag-belt (along with mega-cutie Madison Rayne) and the world's title soon followed!! Last night, she defended that title in a main event match! A solid, twenty minute match at that! This has to be one of the few things TNA has done right, so take that WWE!!!

12. Adrenalynn (last year- same) This long time favorite of mine remains one of the sexiest, most beautiful, and truly awesome babes on the net. And, she is still cool as hell to follow on any of her accounts. It is is pretty much impossible not to love her. And, that, dear friends and readers, is a fact!

11. Natasha Nice (new)- One of the highest debuting newcomers to this list this naturally busty and jaw dropping gorgeous babe managed to give me one of the most fun interviews that I have ever had the pleasure of conducting. It was sexy and funny, and bonus: she flashed me and my camera!! Good God, I love you Natasha. And, I greatly thank you, cause that lead to one of my most popular posts of this entire year!!!

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Title: Remains
Director: Colin Theys
Writer: John Doolan
Cast: Miko Hughes, Lance Reddick, Grant Bowler, Evalena Marie, Tawny Cypress, Anthony Marks
Min: 88
Year: 2011

An accident has led to the zombie apocalypse. Two survivors in Reno, Neveda, who had a past relationship with each other, hide in a casino. They must now battle the flesh hungry hoards of the living dead.

This is an adaptation of Steve (30 Days of Night) Niles' comic of the same made by horror cable channel, Chiller TV as their first feature. I have never read the Niles' comic, so I'm going to rate this one on it's own merits.

With that said, I find this movie to be highly derivative of many other zombie movies. The movie has fast zombies, and then at the climax faster zombies, which I loathe, and they clearly ripped off from the Dawn of the Dead remake. Throw in the whole, "hey we're trapped in one place" and the military popping up and you have a film that pillages from all of the major movies of this kind that you can think of. I will say this, though, I wouldn't mind getting stuck in a nice casino/ hotel (though I would pick Vegas over Reno). In fact, I think I might enjoy getting stuck in there even more than I would at a mall!

The new things it adds to the zombie mythos are that zombies do in fact sleep, albeit standing up, and that they eat other are not particularly interesting. That last point leads me to say this, I thought zombies don't cannibalize each other because they prefer fresh meat. Oh well, I guess this movie ignores that or has decided to change that. Whatever.

To it's advantage there is some good acting, more so from our two leads. Miko Hughes, who dealt played zombie as little Gage in Pet Sementary, is quite good as our hero who has past. But, the real highlight, for me, was the gorgeous Evalena Marie. She plays a tough, badass, at times bitchy heroine in Tori. Plus, she looks fucking hot as hell in her denim shorts and cowboy boots. I, dear readers, was in love.

There is also some pretty good gore including flesh-eating, bloody squibs, impalings, and fingers getting sliced off. It has a good pace, but like I said before; there is the whole feeling of I've been here and done this, and done this better. So while it ain't boring, it won't really hold much of your interest either. Well, other than any time that we can get look at Marie's great legs, anyway.

I can't really say that this movie is worth catching. It's not horrible, it's not good. It's sort of just there.

** out of ****

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The 70 Hottest Babes of 2011, pt. 5: 30-21

30. Courtney Cox (new)- Let me start by saying I hate Friends with a fucking passion. I hate most of the cast, as well. But, I do love Courtney Cox! And, she was and is still fuckin hot!, a MILF, if I do say so myself. She had her own TV show, which I never bothered to watch. But, much more cool with me was her being in the new Scream sequel. She has great legs and beautiful eyes, and I was happy as hell to see her on the big screen. Her last name is awesome, too. Seriously, this babe should be doing porn!

29. Karen Kougar (new)- Another MILF hits the top 30, this one, though, does do porn! Yay! She, too, has beautiful eyes, plus an amazing God-given rack! Her performances are really hot and, having interviewed her at last month's Exxxotica NJ, I can tell you she's really fun to be around and a total sweetheart. I love me some Kougar!

28. Layla Lu (new)- This gorgeous model is one of THE hottest to ever step in front of the camera. She was this month's Hot Asian Girl of the Month and gave me a cool as hell interview at Exxxotica NJ. Try not fall in love just from looking at those beautiful eyes of hers!

27. Riley Steele (new)- Last year she graced one of the the year's best horror films, Piranha 3D, and got lots of mainstream attention. This year, she drew a lot of attention from the media and fans at the AEE. Her line was one of the longest. But, as her appearances at that event and Exxxotica NJ proved, despite her huge popularity she is a sweetheart and very down-to-earth. Of course, she also happens to be hot as fuck!!!

26. Alex Sim-Wise (new)- My God whenever this goddess is on Attack of the Show my pants are so grateful to G4! Those eyes! That accent! And most of all those boobs!!! Damn!! She also happens to do a lot of sexy news segments. No doubt about it, Alex is one of THE hottest red-heads, ever!!!!

25. Milynn Sarley (last year- 23)- Speaking of G4, can you guys please get Ms. Sarley back on AOTS? Seriously, man, I need some more of her in my life! She can still be found geeking out on the net, thank God. She was also on Chiller TV's countdown of the creepiest kids in horror. The program itself was pretty forgettable, but her mere presence was anything but!

24. Alexandra Deddario (new)- I greatly enjoyed Bereavement, the superior prequel to the writer/ director's own Malevolence, because of how well it was made, how nasty it got, and how good the cast was. Also, cause of how hot Ms. Deddario was. And, how distracting her chest was. She never bared them, sadly, but good God, they still looked amazing. She'll return to give more woodies to horror fans next year in Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3D. While, that may well suck, and 3D does, indeed suck, seeing those knockers in 3D will probably be awesome!

23. Candace Bailey (last year- same)- Olivia who? is what Candace fans are saying. This Southern belle really came into her own, this year, in particular. And, I have to say, she might just be a better host than you know was! Candace is cute, funny, and bubbly. And, she has great chemistry with her co-host Kevin Pereria. She honestly makes that show more fun that it already is!

22. Linda Le (last year- same)- Cos-player, metalhead, anime & horror fan, blogger, and all around goddess, this stunning babe rules. She is my personal favorite cos-player. She always posts the sexiest pics and is a true fellow geek. I'm a long time fan and supporter of hers, and she seems to have gotten even bigger this year. She recently announced that she will be featured in legendary horror mag Fangoria, a publication that she, like many other horror fans, grew up reading. She made many con appearances this year, and I think she will be even more popular next year!

21. London Keyes (new)- This naturally beautiful goddess makes her long overdue debut on this list at quite an impressive ranking. But, if you have seen her smoldering performances in releases like Asa Akira Is Insatiable and The Spit and the Speculum it will come as no surprise to you. As gorgeous as she is nasty, and vice-a-versa, this vision of perfection is one that will make you waste a ton of tissues!

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Dear God No!

Title: Dear God No!
Director/ Writer: James Bricket
Cast: Jett Byrant, Madeline Brumby, Paul McCimskey, Olivia LaCroix, Nik Morgan, John Collins
Year: 2012

A vicious gang of murdering and raping bikers, The Impalers, invade a home after a bloody shoot out at a strip club. They hold the father, his daughter, and a couple hostage. Humiliation, rape, and murder follow, but there is something in the basement and in the woods... Sasquatch!

This totally politically incorrect exploitation throw back to the 70s is an amalgam of a biker film, a home invasion flick, a Bigfoot monster movie, and even some Nazisploitation. And, in the end, it's all fucking good!

From the get go you know know you're in for a film that don't fuck around, as it opens with a dead nun, who was clearly just raped and whose pussy is exposed. Her body, then, gets run through with a spinning biker wheel! From then on it's a movie where no one is safe, not even children or pregnant women. The gore and violence come in high amounts with vicious rape, stabbings, head-shots, blood rushing squibs, bisections, decapitations, and tons more as blood and even piss gets shot out! A guy even gets choked out with his own intestines! There are tons of holy shit moments, so I don't wanna reveal anymore. It's best you check them out yourself, and get your jaw to drop the way I did.

Like the movies it plays loving tribute to it features more than it's fair share of skin. Including a nice, long take of topless strippers dancing around, some of them wearing Nixon masks! Another highlight for skin fans will be the gorgeous Madeline Brumby who as the daughter, does her own striptease. She's got some pretty nice knockers, if I do say so myself.

The best acting has to come from lead baddie Jett Byrant is just an evil motherfucker! But, he is also pretty funny. The movie itself is funny as hell and has some great and priceless dialogue. It's certainly nasty, but it will make you laugh your ass off at times, and yet other times it totally kicks you straight in the nuts. Moving at a breakneck pace, it all leads to a killer climax and ending that is just fucking awesome!

In all, this crazy, over the top movie is one that fellow fans of 70s movies need to watch. Bricket is honest in his love for movies like this, and it is shown clearly here. This is not just another fake grindhouse movie. This one, dear friends and readers, is the real deal!

Hopefully this movie will hit blu-ray and DVD soon, as there is strong interest in having it get released. It's been getting a ton of good press and reviews, all of which it righteously deserves. When it does hit blu-ray, expect a ton of cool extras.

And, writer/ director Bickert told me he has just finished writing the sequel, Frankenstein Created Bikers (great title, by the way!), and plans to start shooting it in the Summer of 2012. I for one, can't wait, and when you see this flick, neither will you be able to wait! In fact, I think that Bickert is definitely one to watch, as he is the future of exploitation film making.

***1/2 out of *****

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The American Pornstar Experience Volume 1

Title: The American Pornstar Experience
Director: Tom Kougar Melonhead
Cast: Karen Kougar
Studio: ILBT/ Kougar Mountain Production

This hot little all-Karen Kougar MILF smut flick opens up with the beautiful Ms. Kougar in bondage. She has a blindfold on and a ball gag in her mouth. She then precedes to suck off Carlo Carrera, rather nicely. He fucks her while she is cuffed. He then pulls out and blows his load on her belly, and then gets back to fucking her some more! As Darth Vader would say, "Impressive! Most Impressive!". Then comes some doggie style action. After, he gets to play with her amazing boobs, which I just love. He then, fucks her reverse cowgirl style and takes the gag out of her mouth. He keeps doing her until he is done for good this time. She then wakes up, and her pussy is all wet!

In the next scene, she walks in on Ethan Hunt showering. This is a very playful moment that leads to them heading to the bedroom. There is some awesome titty-fucking here, as well as some hot BJ action. In all, there is some real hot screwing here with doggie style and reverse cowgirl getting major points. There is some more HOT titty-fucking which leads to more fucking and back again. Those awesome knockers of hers make him cum, and the same will happen to you!

She comes over to see a young guy (D'Nothing) who wants to get into the business. Karen looks simply gorgeous in this scene! The sex starts with her sucking his dick. He then eats her pussy, after he fucks her on the couch. So HOT!!! Then it turns into some nice doggie-style screwing. After some more fucking her sprays his load on her pretty facing, ending what is a fun, sexy scene and my favorite in the movie!

Next up is a scene where she's ready to do Brandon Longwood, whose big, black cock was recommended by both Totally Tabitha and Sara Jay, she tells us. When he whips it out, it's fucking huge! But, she sucks it like a champion. Then we get some reverse cow-girl style fucking. The real hot stuff comes when she lies on her side, and he porks her from behind. Another highlight, for me, would have to be when she takes his huge schlong cowgirl style. He fucks her some more until he sprays between her wondrous tits. She scoops up a little of his cum with her finger and puts it on her tongue. This is a truly awesome ending!

The final scene has Karen looking delicious in her bikini, as she gets ready to fuck Patrick J. Knight. She sucks his cock, and then titty-fucks it. He pours some oil on her and does her while they are on a slippery mat. I must say I fucking love the way her juggs jiggle here! The following doggie style is really hot! But, it only gets hotter from there as he gets on a cot, and she rides him, she even reverses herself, while his cock is still inside her! After fucking her some more on the mat, he splooges on her beautiful face. She then licks his cock and nutsack, ending what is my second favorite scene.

This is a solid and sexy movie that fans of beautiful older women will surely love. Karen Kougar is one of the hottest MILFs in the biz right now, and her fucking scenes, as evident by this release, are charismatic, sexy, and fun. The disc looks great with beautiful vivid colors and nice clear sound. You can, and most definitely should, order it here: http://www.karenkougar.com/catalog/product_info.php?products_id=30

***1/2 woodies out of ****

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