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The 70 Hottest Babes of 2011, pt. 7: 10-1

10. Miko Lee (new)- Miko has been one of the hardest working babes this year with lots of porn, including two huge upcoming films: the vampire flick Forbitten Desires and the hotly anticipated Spartacus XXX. All while remaining a total sweetheart to her fans and stunningly beautiful as ever!

9. Deborah Ann Wohl (last year- 46)- Man, every season of True Blood sees this babe get hotter and hotter! Any time we see her in bra and panties it's a good thing. Her character went through a lot, too. Which allowed her to show her amazing acting chops. Oh, and she's is great in the still unreleased Mother's Day, as well.

8. Tia Ling (last year- same)- One of the sexiest and yummiest porn stars, I am truly in love with the lovely Ms. Ling. She also happens to be very interactive with her fans on Twitter and post some great stuff on the net. She also continues to be in some of the most bonerriffic porn out there!

7. Laura Vandervoort (last year- 49)- V might have gotten the axe this year, but this goddess' amazing beauty and great performance on that show, give her the biggest leap on my list this year.

6. Maggie Q (last year- 13)- As soon as I saw the first new episode of this season of Nikita, I said to myself and on my Twitter, "Maggie Q has gotten even hotter, now! Damn!" The series remains quality programing, her acting is excellent, and she is just fucking gorgeous. I would die for those killer legs, alone!!!

5. Angelina Armani (last year- 10)- The lovely Ms. Armani starred in this year's hotly anticipated Chromeskull: Laid to Rest II. I also interviewed her twice this year. The second of which led to my first published article in the October 2011 issue of Fangoria. She's as sweet and down to earth as she is gorgeous. Thus, this leggy babe is the single highest ranking blonde on my annual list! But, hey I called it last year that this one was gonna be a good one for her. And, I think 2012 will be as good, if not better!

4. Sasha Grey (last year 3)- All hail Sasha Grey! She continues to push herself further into mainstream. This year also saw some dumbasses make a big mess about her reading to kids in a school. But, thank goodness many stood by her including Whoopi Goldberg and the goregous Aurora Snow. I, too, showed my support on my Twitter and Facebook fan page.

3. Jamie Chung (last year- 2)- She starred in two big movies this year: the underrated Sucker Punch and the hit Hangover 2. And, my God, she looked delicious in Sucker Punch (I have yet to see Hangover 2, but I can bet you my house she looked hot in that, too). You just can't beat a hot Asian chick with a gun! She also did some sexy photo-shoots. In short this was a great year to be a fan of this Korean goddess!!

2. Grace Park (last year- 1)- Last year's top babe drops one spot, but only cause the still badass Hawaii Five-0 gave more face time the new chick. Still, Park remains the hottest cop on TV and the most beautiful woman in the history of television.

1. Asa Akira (last year- 4)- What a year for this goddess it has been! She won five awards at this year's AVNs and gave me two awesome interviews at both the AEE and Exxxotica. She also starred in the smoldering and nasty as hell Asa Akira Is Insatiable 2. Plus, she was in a bunch of other porn that had tons of dudes reaching for the tissue box. With her star getting bigger by the second, she has become, arguably, the biggest Asian porn star out, right now, as well as one of the top and most popular porn babes of ALL. And, so there really is no one else, I could pick other than this vision of perfection to top my list this year.

And, so the list is done. It's been fun. Hope you all enjoyed it.

And, finally thank you for all of your support. I have had an amazing year for me and my blog, and I couldn't have done it with you guys. I promise to keep giving you the very best in the coming year! HAPPY NEW YEAR'S!! Stay safe and have fun tonight. And, may 2011 bring us all the very best.

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