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Hot Asian Girl of the Month: Julia Ling

It's very important to start off a new year with something really good. It sets the whole tone for the year to come. And, so what better way to start 2012, than with my pick for January's Hot Asian of the Month, the very cute Julia Ling!

She was born Xiao Wei Lin on February 14, 1983 in Temple City, California. She would go on to excel in athletics and in her class work.

Her TV debut was on of my all time favorite shows: Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Work on various TV shows like 8 Simple Rules, House, ER, and others would follow. She also worked on over 20 indie movies!

In 2007, she competed in Jackie Chan's Disciples. She became one of the "Top Four Finalists", but due to her shooting Chuck she could not compete in China.

On the aforementioned Chuck she played Anna Wu, from season 1-3. Now, I have never watched that show, don't feel I ever need to. But, I do remember switching channels and seeing her on it, and being like, "Damn! She's cute!". But, then I just switched to another show. That said you can see her top ten scenes from that show here: http://youtu.be/g8peWKCA8II

In case you need more proof of this babe's cuteness, check out this fan video:

With her cute looks, pretty smile, beautiful long, black hair, and sexy butt, Ms. Ling is a fresh-faced hottie that needs some more exposure. I would love to see her go beyond her cult status. Hope this helped to introduce her to you guys who don't know her.
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