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MANSION OF THE DOOMED (1976) (Full Moon DVD Review)

Title: Mansion of the Doomed
Director: Michael Pataki
Frank Ray Perilli
Richard Basehart, Gloria Grahame, Trish Stewart, Lance Henriksen, Al Ferrara
DVD Released by: Full Moon

Dr. Leonard Chaney (Richard Basehart) is a brilliant and rich eye-surgeon. One day a dog crosses in front of his car, as he is driving. His pretty daughter, Nancy (Trish Stewart) warns him, and he swerves the car to avoid hitting the pooch but crashes. The broken glass from the front window causes his daughter to go blind. So, while he may care about doggies (Yay!!), he is not necessarily a very good driver (oh well, no one is perfect!). He begins to transplant the eyes of living people into his daughter's eye sockets. She can see, but the effect doesn't last long. So, he keeps on collecting eyes for his daughter, with the help of his loyal housekeeper Katherine (Gloria Grahame). All the while, keeping his victims (including among them modern day horror legend Lance Henrikson as Nancy's fiance), all sans eyeballs, locked in a cell in the basement.
Mansion of the Doomed is actually the first movie that B-movie mogul and legend Charles Band produced. It's also the directorial debut of actor Michael Pataki (best known for acting gigs in movies like Halloween 4 and Rocky IV). He only directed two more times, and well, it's quite honestly better that he stuck to acting. Still, despite being a pretty derivative flick of Eyes without a Face, it still manages to be pretty entertaining, despite it's flaws.
Patakis isn't particularly good at building tension or suspense, and, for the most part the movie is kinda just there. Thankfully, it is pretty short and goes by fairly quickly. It's enough to keep you interested in what is going on, and what to know how it's all gonna end.
It's really aided by a cast that is way better than this movie probably deserves. Richard Basehart is really credible as the sort of sympathetic villain. He gives his all and helps to hold the movie together. Also, quite good is Gloria Grahame as the housekeeper who loves him and is will to do anything to help him and his daughter. They both add some class to the whole proceedings. Henriksen, one of my all time favorite actors, is quite young in what is one of his earliest roles. It's a cool one for us fans of his to see. He definitely has always had good acting chops, even while missing his eyes!
Speaking of eyes, there is lots clinical level grue with all the graphic eye surgery. It was enough to garner the attention of the British authorities during the whole Video Nasty era. While, it never made the official list, it was in the third section, which meant it could be seized. It's on the excellent second volume of the documentary, Video Nasties: The Definitive Guide Vol. 2, that I first heard about this one. The FX handled by a young Stan Winston (making this the second Terminator/ Aliens connection!) are excellent and gruesome.
Full Moon currently has a DVD of it out. It is full screen and has not been remastered, so it looks pretty grainy and crappy. The Mono sound is just OK. It sounds clear and there isn't any hiss or other major issues, that I noticed. It also comes with trailers to other exploitation films that Full Moon sells. Yet, oddly this movie's trailer ain't here. Huh? Still, the DVD can be found pretty cheap, and is worth looking for, at the right price.

Mansion of the Doomed is a little on the pedestrian side, at times. But, it's made watchable thanks to some solid acting and good gore. Coupled with a short running time and a suitably nasty ending, it turns out to be an overall decent little movie. So long as they don't expect a masterpiece or anything original (or a quality DVD), fans of gore, mad doctors, 70s cheapo horror, and/ or Lance Henriksen will be in for a little bit of a treat.

Movie: 2.5 out of 4
Picture: 2
Sound: 2.5
Extras: 1



All pics come courtesy of Wicked Pictures.

Title: Suicide Squad XXX: An Axel Braun Parody
Directed by: Axel Braun
Cast: Asa Akira, Kleio Valentien, Riley Steele, Anna Bell Peaks, Katy Kiss, Tommy Pistol, Seth Gamble, Owen Gray, Lexington Steele, and Charles Dera.
Studio: Wicked Pictures/Wicked Comix
Min: 124
Amanda Wallace assembles a group of deadly super-villains to go into Arkham Asylum and retrieve the highly dangerous "Inmate Zero" from his holding cell. One of them double crosses the team, as that one is following different orders from Wallace.
Coinciding with the DC movie, Suicide Squad (duh!), currently in the theaters, this latest comic book parody from Axel Braun is a lot of sexy fun. It plays a lot of homages to the excellent DC animated movie Batman: Assault on Arkham (a movie superior to the film that is actually in the movies, currently), while still taking elements like some of the characters used and their looks from that aforementioned movie.
As is the case with Braun's movies, the cast is perfectly chosen for their respective roles. Reprising her character from Batman V Superman XXX: An Axel Braun Parody Kleio Valentien is a complete blast as Harley Quinn! Anna Bell Peaks is fucking AWESOME as Killer Frost! She better get an AVN nomination for this role! Also, very much worthy of an AVN nomination is Tommy Pistol as the Joker. He is straight up better in his role than Jared Leto is in his. Sue me if you dislike that statement, but that is the case, in my humble opinion.
Of course, the costumes look cool and awesome as fuck. You gotta love that Kleio wears the Harley outfit from both the movie and Arkham Asylum. But, we know to expect these things from Braun's awesome productions, as we do the hot sex. So let's not waste anymore time and talk about the fucking!
The first scene has Harley (Kleio) sharing a cell with the beautiful Japanese assassin Katana (Asa Akira). Kleio and Asa are totally fucking hot together and this scene proves that obvious statement! Kleio really embraces the fun of Harley as she calls Katana Pokemon during the sex scene. The scene starts with kissing then goes into pussy licking and fingering. It's all smoking, fucking hot with lots of kissing (a big plus in any lesbian scene in my book). Kleio even licks Asa's asshole, and Asa happily returns the favor. It's my second favorite scene in the movie.

Next up, since the last film Supergirl XXX: An Axel Braun Parody, the Enchantress (a returning Riley Steele) has lost her powers. We soon learn that only some good dicking will get her powers back (but, of course!). So Captain Boomerang (Seth Gamble) happily volunteers to do the honor. Smart man! The action starts with a lively cock-sucking by Riley, who is one of the best BJ givers in the biz, I think. From there we move on to doggy style, reverse cow-girl, back to more dick sucking, then more pussy pounding. On a side note, Riley really has a nice ass. I just had to say that! The scene ends with him shooting his load on her tongue. In all, it's a really good bit of screwing.
Poison Ivy and Killer Frost are, in my humble opinion, two of the hottest bad girls in the DC Universe. And, they are bought to smoldering life by Katy Kiss and Anna Bell Peaks, respectively, in the fantastic, sexy, and fun third scene. They give a great double blow-job to the Riddler (Owen Gray). Peaks gets licked and licks Katy's crotch. Then Peaks gets reamed doggy style and still keeps on licking Katy's delicious snatch (I LOVE her bush!!!), followed by the girls switching roles. Katy proceeds to ride Owen. Anna eats Katy's ass!! Extra credit goes to Anna Bell for her awesome dirty talk! When Anna Bell rides the super lucky Owen and Katy is licking and kissing, well that is when this scene turns nuclear hot! They take multiple turns getting fucked by him in what is THE best scene in the movie!
Lexington Steele, as Deadshot, is trapped in a room with Asa Akira's Katana. What will they ever do? Fuck, of course, in our fourth scene! Yes! It begins with some dick sucking, which we all know Asa is awesome at. She then gets boned by him while she lies on a table. This leads into some HOT anal action, which is another of Asa's specialties. The scene goes back and forth between anal and vaginal penetration. Some ATM follows and a facial ends the scene. But, then again Deadshot never misses!
The last scene has Harley (Kleio) escaping with Joker (Tommy Pistol), but Batman (Charles Dera) stopping them. Joker and Batman prepare to convince Harley to take their sides, by using their dicks! Of course, that is the best way, isn't? She starts of giving oral to both as she takes turns taking their schlongs in her mouth. Then it's time for some good ol'fashioned rotisserie style fucking! She switches between the two of them so that they both get the same amount of loving. I mean that is only fair, right? Then the Batman gives her some justice by sticking his dick in her butt. Followed by the clown prince of crime, the Joker, also boning her behind. It's then back to cock sucking them. And, it all ends with double facial.
Suicide Squad XXX: An Axel Braun Parody is a lot of sexy, nasty, fun. The fucking is great, in particular the threesome, which is sure to be a favorite of mine to go back and, uhm, "enjoy" in the future. The characters look cool and are bought to life by a lively and sexy cast. Plus, the story, itself, is better than the big budget movie that inspired it. It has a better climax, too (both literally and figuratively!)!
The DVD looks and sounds great.
In the extra department we get a cool behind the scene, highlighted by Seth Gamble trying to learn an Australian accent to play Boomerang. It's pretty awesome to see, quite frankly.
Three bonus scenes from:
Indiscretion: Asa Akira and Damon Dice
Batman V Superman XXX: An Axel Braun Parody: Kleio Valentien and Giovanni Francesco
Supergirl XXX: An Axel Braun Parordy: Riley Steele and Katrina Jade
As well as a photo gallery and trailers.

In all it's worth owning and is gonna remain in your minds longer than the big budget flick does.

3.5 out of 4 Woodies 


Blasphemer- Ritual Theophagy (Album Review)

Musician: Blasphemer
Album Title: Ritual Theophagy
Genre/ Subgenre: Brutal Death Metal
Label: Comatose Music
Release Date: Oct. 14, 2016

Six years after their EP, Devouring Deception, the brutal, Italian death metal mavens known as Blasphemer are back. Ritual Theophagy is their second full length album, and it is absolutely brutal and unrelenting.

This trio deliver music that is evil, extreme, and down right savage. Righteously unholy, and well, blasphemous, the music fires on all cylinders. The drumming by Darren Cesca is a pure blast beat assault. It as accompanied by vicious guitar shredding and the brutal, growling, multi-vocals.

"Worship in the Void" is a thundering attack of speed and anger. "Annihilated Divinity" feels like a freight train pummeling towards you at breakneck speeds. Chanting leads into a dark and brutal aural attack that feels like you are being bombed from above in the vicious "Obscuring the Holy Light", which only slows down (if you can even call it that) for some savage crunching. It might be my favorite track on the album. To prove that they are not just about speed, the track "Fetishistic Idolatry of the Cross" begins with more mid-tempo crunching only build up, slow down and build up again, while always remaining heavy and evil as fuck.

With an appropriate band name and evil, truly brutal, music this anti-Christian monster has delivered one of the heaviest releases I have heard in the last couple of weeks, if not months. Blasphemer's Ritual Theophagy is sure to please fans of bands like Deicide, when it gets released on Oct. 14, 2016.


3 out of 5



Title: Don't Breathe
Director: Fede Alvarez 
Writers: Fede Alvarez, Rodo Sayagues
Cast: Stephen Lang, Jane Levy, Dylan Minnette, Daniel Zovatto
Year: 2016
Min: 88

Three thieves (Jane Levy, Dylan Minnette, and Daniel Zovatto) plan one final caper. They are going to break into the house of a blind man (Stephen Lang) who recived a huge amount of cash from the a trail involving a car accident that took away the life of his daughter. It seems like an easy enough job, at first. But, the blind man ends up be highly resourceful, deadly, and psychotic. Now, they are trapped in his house.

Don't Breathe is the second movie from Fede (Evil Dead 2013) Alvarez. And, to put it quite bluntly, it is absolutely fucking amazing! First and foremost, the synopsis you read above is all you need to know, as the less you know the better the film plays. The shocks come better and harder that way, trust me, that's how I saw it and am glad for that.
Alvarez is shaping up to be the future of the genre. The Evil Dead remake was an excellent debut, and I think ranks among the best rremakes. But, this film is an even bigger step forward. In fact, it ranks as one of the absolute best horror movies in recent memory. It is certainly the most nerve-shredding. This is a pure white knuckle horror/ thriller, that had me one the edge of my seat, clutching the arm rests. It was uncomfortable to watch cause I felt just so damn tense. I thought that the Green Room and 10 Cloverfield Lane were intense cinematic experiences in terror from this year. This one tops those, and, that dear readers is strong praise, indeed.
Alvarez not only keeps the tension strong, but the look of the film is great. The use of shadow and light is top-notch, in particular when The Blind Man shuts off the light, making them playing in his rules. I also like that movie does not play it safe. And, the sound design in this movie is flawless, as it helps to ratchet up the tension.

The acting is excellent for all. Especially the two leads. The beautiful Jane Levy (who I recently added to this site's Horror Crush section) is great as Rocky, a young mother trying to get a better living for her daughter, hence her life of crime. Levy is shaping up to be one of the genre's best heroines, and this movie further cements that. I am so glad to see her working Alvarez again. Meanwhile, Lang is fucking terrifying as the blind man. He is the very definition of menacing. If you thought Daredevil made blind dudes dangerous, well you ain't seen shit, yet.
Make no bones about it, Don't Breathe is the best horror movie of the year. And, this is saying a shit load as this is a year filled with quality horror movies. This is as nerve shattering and intense as it gets. Alvarez has made a modern masterpiece. Meanwhile, in the acting department, Levy and Lang dominate their roles. The movie is already making a killing at the box office and rightfully, so. For those of you who may not have seen this one yet, get your fucking ass out of your seat and go see it, now!

 4 out of 4


Horror Crush: Jane Levy

With Don't Breathe (which reunites the beautiful redhead with her Evil Dead director Fede Alvarez) opening in theaters today, I figured it was the perfect time to add the gorgeous Jane Levy to this website's list of horror crushes!
Jane Levy is 26 years old and was born in Los Angeles. She did some TV acting (Shameless, Suburgatory) and movies (Fun Size, Nobody Walks). But, I didn't know anything about her till she appeared in the excellent remake of the Sam Raimi's horror classic Evil Dead.
Evil Dead  was released in 2013, and I was skeptical of it. But, then I saw it and loved it! Fast paced and ultra-violent, it ranks as one of the goriest big studio horror releases of all time. The acting in the movie is good, with a lot of credit going to the gorgeous Levy. She is essentially the movie's answer to Ash. Though to compare the two is unfair as the characters are completely different, as is much of what happens to them. Unless you count being covered in blood.
In the remake, she plays recovering junkie Mia. Her friends plan an intervention of sorts in the woods, but alas it all goes to shit. You see the hipster dude among reads from a demonic book unleashing a hellish force that begins to posses them one by one. Though Mia is the first to get possessed, via the demonic version of herself barfing up a vine/ tentacle/ slimy, black thing, that crawls up her legs into her crotch (an obvious homage to the original movie's rape by vines), she is ultimately freed of the Deadite force thanks to her brother. Who buries her alive! Damn! She soon is left alone to battle an evil bitch from hell (who is naked but has no nipples! That's how you know she is evil incarnate!), under literal raining blood (Slayer would be proud)!
She ends up being a great final girl. Though the movie was successful, the excellent Ash Vs. the Evil Dead has stopped, for now anyways, the thoughts of there being a sequel or crossover with the Ash Evil Dead films. But, there are rumors, of maybe, a TV crossover happening, someday. Nothing confirmed, and I ain't heard shit in a while. But, here is hoping that happen. The thought of Ash and Mia killing Deadites together fills me with massive horror geekgasms!
Aside from her acting, Levy is quite simply put GORGEOUS! I love her light, blue eyes and fair skin. While, in that film she had raven tressed  hair (which looks stunning on her!), she's a red-head in real life. It's hard for me to choose which look I like more, so I will just say that she is stunning either way!
I will be seeing Don't Breathe tomorrow. I cannot wait to see what the reunion of Alvarez and Levy bring us. I have heard nothing but good things about this movie, combine that with the kick ass looking trailer, and you have my most anticipated movie released this month.
Levy is an absolute babe and equally talented actress. I am glad to see her do another horror flick. Let's hope she keeps doing them, but either way she is a great addition to my Horror Crushes!