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Blasphemer- Ritual Theophagy (Album Review)

Musician: Blasphemer
Album Title: Ritual Theophagy
Genre/ Subgenre: Brutal Death Metal
Label: Comatose Music
Release Date: Oct. 14, 2016

Six years after their EP, Devouring Deception, the brutal, Italian death metal mavens known as Blasphemer are back. Ritual Theophagy is their second full length album, and it is absolutely brutal and unrelenting.

This trio deliver music that is evil, extreme, and down right savage. Righteously unholy, and well, blasphemous, the music fires on all cylinders. The drumming by Darren Cesca is a pure blast beat assault. It as accompanied by vicious guitar shredding and the brutal, growling, multi-vocals.

"Worship in the Void" is a thundering attack of speed and anger. "Annihilated Divinity" feels like a freight train pummeling towards you at breakneck speeds. Chanting leads into a dark and brutal aural attack that feels like you are being bombed from above in the vicious "Obscuring the Holy Light", which only slows down (if you can even call it that) for some savage crunching. It might be my favorite track on the album. To prove that they are not just about speed, the track "Fetishistic Idolatry of the Cross" begins with more mid-tempo crunching only build up, slow down and build up again, while always remaining heavy and evil as fuck.

With an appropriate band name and evil, truly brutal, music this anti-Christian monster has delivered one of the heaviest releases I have heard in the last couple of weeks, if not months. Blasphemer's Ritual Theophagy is sure to please fans of bands like Deicide, when it gets released on Oct. 14, 2016.


3 out of 5