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Horror Crush: Jane Levy

With Don't Breathe (which reunites the beautiful redhead with her Evil Dead director Fede Alvarez) opening in theaters today, I figured it was the perfect time to add the gorgeous Jane Levy to this website's list of horror crushes!
Jane Levy is 26 years old and was born in Los Angeles. She did some TV acting (Shameless, Suburgatory) and movies (Fun Size, Nobody Walks). But, I didn't know anything about her till she appeared in the excellent remake of the Sam Raimi's horror classic Evil Dead.
Evil Dead  was released in 2013, and I was skeptical of it. But, then I saw it and loved it! Fast paced and ultra-violent, it ranks as one of the goriest big studio horror releases of all time. The acting in the movie is good, with a lot of credit going to the gorgeous Levy. She is essentially the movie's answer to Ash. Though to compare the two is unfair as the characters are completely different, as is much of what happens to them. Unless you count being covered in blood.
In the remake, she plays recovering junkie Mia. Her friends plan an intervention of sorts in the woods, but alas it all goes to shit. You see the hipster dude among reads from a demonic book unleashing a hellish force that begins to posses them one by one. Though Mia is the first to get possessed, via the demonic version of herself barfing up a vine/ tentacle/ slimy, black thing, that crawls up her legs into her crotch (an obvious homage to the original movie's rape by vines), she is ultimately freed of the Deadite force thanks to her brother. Who buries her alive! Damn! She soon is left alone to battle an evil bitch from hell (who is naked but has no nipples! That's how you know she is evil incarnate!), under literal raining blood (Slayer would be proud)!
She ends up being a great final girl. Though the movie was successful, the excellent Ash Vs. the Evil Dead has stopped, for now anyways, the thoughts of there being a sequel or crossover with the Ash Evil Dead films. But, there are rumors, of maybe, a TV crossover happening, someday. Nothing confirmed, and I ain't heard shit in a while. But, here is hoping that happen. The thought of Ash and Mia killing Deadites together fills me with massive horror geekgasms!
Aside from her acting, Levy is quite simply put GORGEOUS! I love her light, blue eyes and fair skin. While, in that film she had raven tressed  hair (which looks stunning on her!), she's a red-head in real life. It's hard for me to choose which look I like more, so I will just say that she is stunning either way!
I will be seeing Don't Breathe tomorrow. I cannot wait to see what the reunion of Alvarez and Levy bring us. I have heard nothing but good things about this movie, combine that with the kick ass looking trailer, and you have my most anticipated movie released this month.
Levy is an absolute babe and equally talented actress. I am glad to see her do another horror flick. Let's hope she keeps doing them, but either way she is a great addition to my Horror Crushes!