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A Gallery of the Lovely Ladies of NY Empire Tattoo Expo 2016

Needless to say, there were lots of beautiful women at the NY Empire Tattoo Expo 2016, beyond the ones I already covered in my earlier posts. As such this feels like the right time to present some of these inked stunners for your admiration. Enjoy!

Many of the loveliest ladies were present to compete in the beauty contest held by Inked Magazine. The following are just of the ladies who competed:
Below is the sexy beauty who won the contest. She is definitely gorgeous and had some amazing ink, which she is beautifully almost completely covered in. You'll see (in the last of the series of pics with her in it) that I also got to get my picture taken with her.
I also gotten my picture with the following red-haired beauty, Savonne Stone, who was my favorite contest (go back all the way to top and that's her in the second pic in this gallery/ article):
Earlier in the day there was a show by Coney Island Circus Side Show. Among the performers was the lovely Zoey who danced with her python.
Finally, we (as in my friends/ Master's Minions and myself) ended the day waiting on line to meet my favorite current WWE Diva, the gorgeous Paige. I actually met Paige last year, the day before SummerSlam at Fan Access, along with Charlotte Flair and Becky Lynch. That time I got an autograph and pic with all three of them. But, this time, I got a pic just with her. She was not signing autographs, which is fine, cause I already have that. However, I really want my pic with her. She was really sweet and much more animated than when I met her Fan Access (then again she was signing a shit load of autographs and it was earlier in the day). Plus, it was FREE to meet her!! And, thus a fun day and event ended in the perfect way for us. We hope to return for next year!

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All photography by Negative Pop and myself.