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The 70 Hottest Babes of 2012, pt. 7: 10-1

10. Maggie Q (last yr 7)- Nikita remains one of my favorite shows on TV. And, with Maggie Q's character now leading division, and looking as yummy as ever doing, she remains in the top ten. The season seems likes it's only gonna get better, so don't be shocked if she ranks even higher next year!

9. Jennifer Lawrence (new)- The gorgeous Ms. Lawrence pulls in a huge debut thanks in no small part to her killer combination of beauty and excellent acting skills. She pulled in a great performance in the surprisingly good The Hunger Games. She was also in the horror flick The House at the End of the Street, and though I didn't see it, I can say she looked delicious in the trailers!!

 8. Deborah Ann Woll (same)- The hottest woman in all of horror TV continues to hold strong her place at the the 8th spot thanks to a season that saw her get even more sexy and beautiful and play "Rock Band". Seriously, I think I fell even more in love with her after that scene in True Blood!  

7. Miko Lee (last yr. 10)- Miko co-produced and had a role in what is one of the biggest adult releases of the year: Spartacus XXII: The Beginning. She promoted the hell out of it, through her various social networks. And, through it all remained accessible and friendly to all her fans. Add that to her work to save and preserve sharks and it proves that Miko is both beautiful inside and out. 

6. Zooey Daschanel (last yr. 24)- One of the year's biggest leaps comes from the beautiful and talented Ms. Daschanel. Put it this way, she got to me watch her sitcom New Girl, which I said I never would watch. I mean I hate sitcoms. And, not only watch it but keep watching it. And, the start to like it. And, actually laugh while watching it! That speaks volumes of her awesomeness, and well, my fandom for her. And, I guess the show, too.

5. Tera Patrick (new)- The gorgeous Ms. Tera Patrick provided me with my biggest and most popular interview of the year, maybe even ever, at NYCC. She proved to be so amicable, down-to-earth, and intelligent in person. Not only did she visit us Eastcoasters for that show, but also did Exxxotica NJ a month later. She also did a non-sex cameo in upcoming The Expendables XXX, and with more appearances next year, I'm sure she will continue to have much success.

4. Grace Park (last yr. 2)- Still, the most badass cop show in the history of TV, Hawaii Five-O helps the stunning Miss. Park remain in a top four spot. Plus, it's been great seeing her character Kono actually doing more ass kicking and even get a romantic partner. It will be interesting to see where they go with that storyline on the show.

3. Dani Daniels (new)- Dani makes the highest debut in the history of this list, since it became a yearly thing. And, it's easy to see why. Naturally beautiful and smolderingly hot, Daniels is easily one of the industry's very best babes. She began the year burning up girl/ girl scenes including her own movie, Dani, which is the very best lesbian movie of the year. Then in September, she finally made the jump to boy/ girl scenes with Dani Daniels: Dare, which got a lot of rightfully deserved press. In fact, with those two releases, both from Elegant Angel who continue to put out the best porn, Dani has two of the hottest pornos released this year. And, I honestly believe that the sky is the limit for this gorgeous, light-blue eyed goddess!!

2. Jamie Chung (last yr. 3)- Jamie moves one spot up closing on in the first, as she proved to have a humongously successful year. Her star continues to rise, which makes me very happy. As long time readers, fans, followers, and friends of mine know, I have long been supporting her all the way back since she first started. And, I hope to continue to do so. And, with her work in four movies released this year, including the dumb fun of Man with the Iron Fists, and her TV appearance on Once Upon a Time, it's clear that she's here to stay!

1. Asa Akira (same)- For the second year straight, this goddess holds on the the top spot. She appeared in countless of releases this, including one of my favorite girl/ girls movies, her own starring vehicle, Asa Loves Girls and the ending to Elegant Angel's trilogy of hers' Asa Akira Is Insatiable 3, as well as continuing to draw attention form the porn world. She got lots of nominations from XCritic and the AVNs, which she will be co-hosting with Jesse Jane in January! It's very clear that her success continues to grow and rightfully so; as she totally deserves to keep her top spot! Can anyone beat her next year, on this list? I guess you'll have to wait till the same time in 2013 to find out!!

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The 70 Hottest Babes of 2012, pt. 5: 30-21
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The 70 Hottest Babes of 2012, pt. 1: 70-61

With tomorrow being New Year's Eve, I'm not sure I will get to post anything, so I would love to thank you for all your support this year, which has been my biggest and most succesful, yet. May 2013 bring all of us good things!!

Have a safe, fun, drunk, and very HAPPY NEW YEAR'S!!


The 70 Hottest Babes of 2012, pt. 6: 20-11

20. Katie Cassidy (last yr. 39)- A true long time favorite of my blog and I, Katie Cassidy takes a nice, big leap on this list, thanks in large part to her major role in the CW's Arrow. She looks as beautiful as ever, and as always, delivers some very solid acting. Don't be surprised to see her move up even more on this list next year. 

19. Misti Dawn (same)- One of THE hottest geek girls on the net and in the world, for that matter, the gorgeous Ms. Dawn still breaks hearts with her gig promoting Sugar DVD, public appearances at various cons, and awesome vlogs and posts online.

18. Linda Le (last yr. 22)- I finally got to meet her in person, after we knew each other for so many years online, at NYCC, this year. And, she provided me with a truly fun and lively interview. Linda continues to prove her love for all things geeky, and she remains, to me, the best and hottest cosplayer out there. Her love for metal only makes her that much more awesome! To put it quite bluntly. Linda "Vampy Bit Me" Le rules!

17. Tanya Tate (same)- The naughtiest of cosplayers, porn director and star and geek goddess extraordinaire, Ms. Tate has some of the best vlogs and posts out there, as she reviews and shows her love for POPS toys, blu-ray box sets, and Hammer horror busts. As always, she remains very sweet and friendly, in person, as she does appearances at both comic-book and porn conventions. And, of course, she's hot as fucking hell!!

16. Jen & Sylvia Soska (last yr. 20)- American Mary is the THE absolute best horror movie, I've seen this year. And, it is very probable that it will be the best horror movie that you see next year, when it opens up nationwide, since it will be hard to top. On top of being the future of the genre, with their immense talent, the Soska twins are extraordinarily beautiful. And, the proof lies both in their cameo in their movie, as well as all the sexy pics they post of themselves on the net.

15. Grace Helbig (same)- The funniest woman on any medium Grace is easily my favortite comedian on YouTube. And, she remains a total babe. Thankfully her videos will continue to allow us to look at her hotness and laugh at her awesome sense of humor, since the cancelling of Attack of the Show, means she won't be on TV anymore. Unless, someone is awesome enough to higher her, which they totally should, right now!!!

14. Gail Kim (last yr. 13)- Still the most beautiful woman in pro-wrestling, Gail Kim dominated the Knockouts division in TNA. She did eventually lose the belt, and the division is sadly not what it once was. That said, she can still work great matches and looks as drop-dead beautiful as ever!! Gail did get married this year, and surely broke many wrestling fan hearts, not only when it was declared onmline but when it aired on TV, as well!

  13. Courtney Cummz (last yr 16)- I have long said that it is always a pleasure to see Ms. Cummz at Exxxotica. This year it was even more awesome, cause she provided with might have been the most fun interview that I conducted that day! As always, she is absolutely gorgeous and sexy as hell. And, if your a sports, in particular football fan, she is a must follow!!

12. Joanna Angel (last yr. 13)- Speaking of interviews, after all the years, I've know Joanna Angel, I finally interviewed her this year. And, it was quite a fun and enjoyable little talk. But, beyond that the beautiful Ms. Angel has a had a busy, great year. Aside, from all the work she does in Burning Angel, there is the fact that she, along with her said alt-porn company, got a record amount of nominations from AVN. That in of itself, guarantees a high ranking this year.

11. Jada Stevens (new)- Debuting at the eleventh spot is this drop-dead stunningly gorgeous, big-booty goddess. There is no denying that her movie Jada Stevens Is Buttwoman is my absolute favorite porn trailer of the year. She also has my fav ass in the entire world right now. But, if I was a fan and admirer of hers before, then, it was truly cemented when I met her at Exxxotica. Not only she is even more beautiful and sexy in person, but she is also very sweet. I very much look forward to seeing her again next month, in Vegas, for the Adult Entertainment Expo!

The 70 Hottest Babes of 2012, pt. 5: 30-21
The 70 Hottest Babes of 2012, pt. 4: 40-31
The 70 Hottest Babes of 2012, pt. 3: 50-41
The 70 Hottest Babes of 2012, pt. 2: 60-51
The 70 Hottest Babes of 2012, pt. 1: 70-61


The Master Talks to Joanna Angel at Exxxotica NJ 2012

All pics by Negative Pop and BAS Photography and Design
Video by Negative Pop  

Considering how long I know Joanna Angel, it might surprise some of you that I have never interviewed her, outside of a question here and there, from the times I've seen her. But, a full interview? Nope. Never. But, I finally corrected that last month when I talked to the lovely and sweet creator of Burning Angel at Exxxotica NJ. The result is this fun little talk, where her awesome and rocking personality really comes true, all while giving us some news on her, her company, thoughts on Measure B, and more.

I always ask the hardest hitting questions!


The 10 Best Metal Albums of 2012

First off, I hope you guys had a very merry Christmas and that you got to celebrate it with your loved ones. Now onto the metal:

Another year of metal music is passing us by. There were some really good albums, and the race to be in the top ten was a close one this year. It also took me quite a few spins to really determine the top five, but in the end, I think I have it, as there is a nice mix of thrash, death, progressive, alternative, and straight up rocking metal to please all rock and metal fans here. It was also nice to see bands put out some of their best work around. Anyways, let's starts this fucker, already!
10. Overkill- The Electric Age- After the amazing Ironbound, the best musical act to ever come out of Jersey release this fast and heavy hitting album that is even better! Songs like "Old Wounds, New Scars" rank among the most badass songs that they have ever fuckin made!!!

9. Testament- Dark Roots of the Earth- Much like Overkill, Testament had a lot to live up to after their phenomenal return and last album, The Formation of Damnation. This album is almost as good as that one. This is a heavy and blistering fucker, that even throws in killer covers of Scorpions and Iron Maiden. And, Chuck Billy remains one of the best signers in all of thrash metaldom.

8. In This Moment- Blood- Growing and maturing for a band is clearly important. Though change can alieanate fans, it can be quite crucial. In the case of In This Moment, a band not afraid to stray away from their metalcore beginnings, have done just that with what is their best work since their debut. In Blood the band mixes metal with some tinges of industrial and enough of a pop beat to sound accisable but never like sell-outs. Maria Brink sounds amazing and the tracks "Whore" and "Beast Within" ranks among the best of the year. Clearly people are agreeing cause this the band's most successful album, yet.

7. Fear Factory¬ The Industrialist- After all of these years Fear Factory have lost none of their edge. And, as great as their previous album, Mechanize, was; this one is even better. It's pounding, heavy music that pummels the listener. It's pretty much a jackhammer to your skull from beginning to the fucking end.

6. Kreator- Phantom Antichrist- This is Kreator's best album since Coma of Souls and considering how good the last few have been that's saying a lot. It just mixes the perfect amount of speed, heaviness, and brutality, with the just the right amount of melody to pull of the best thrash metal album from an old-school band of the year.

5. Gojira- L’Enfante Savauge- Technically sound and aurally brutal France's progressive metal master's have released a juggernaut of an album. One that from the very first listen is clearly one of the year's finest albums. In fact, the opening track alone, firmly certifies that they righteously belong on this and every other best of metal list for 2012.


4. Dethklok- The Dethalbum III- The best death album of the year comes courtesy of a band that is cartoon band. Of course, said band has some real fucking talent behind it including Gene fucking Hoglan! This album is every bit as heavy, badass, and brutal as you would expect from one of these guys; who are one of the best selling death metal acts, ever. And, the songs and album only get better with each listening!

3. Deftones- Koi No Yokan- Continuing with the sound and excellence of their last album, Diamon Eyes, the Deftones have provided us with another masterpiece. I still don't know which of the two albums I prefer, but I can say that this is my favorite album to write/ work to. And, I mean that compliment in all the best possible ways, since music is very important to me when I'm writing.


2. Halestorm- The Strange Case of…- I have heard of the dreaded second album curse, where it is said that a band who makes a great first album fucks up royally with the following album. Well that was not the case here. In fact, PA's Halestorm have released an album totally trumps their self-titled debut, which, in of itself, is one of my favorite albums to spin. I have listened to this album, God only knows how many times already. It's their biggest success, too, making them the highest charting for the first week sales of a female fronted metal/ hard rock act. Yes, this means they beat even acts like Evanescence! Both of the singles, "Love Bites (So Do I)" and "I Miss the Misery",  they released this year are not only big hits, but my favorite singles of the year. The fact that band did this by actually sounding heavier than ever, makes it that much better. But, they still have a lot of heart and soul to them, with some moving songs ("Here's to Us", "Beautiful with You") as well giving us seriously kick ass music with some headbanging good shit ("Mz. Hyge", "Daughters of Darkness", etc.).

1. Shadows Fall- Fire in the Sky- The album to beat Halestorm out of my top spot comes from this Springfield, Mass band. Now, I have long liked these guys, but now I like even more. And, it is most definitely thanks to this album. Shadows Fall has long left the metalcore sound, they were first known for and come into a more thrash influenced style. The result had been some solid work, but this trumps any of those. With a good classic thrash sound and quality production comes an exciting, ass kicking, fast, heavy, and pounding release. One that maybe the one to even convert the haters. Yes, it's that damn good!!

Honorable Mentions:
Huntress- Spell Eater
Meshuggah- Koloss
Sister Sin- Now and Forever



The 70 Hottest Babes of 2012, pt. 5: 30-21

30. Alexandra Deddario (last yr. 24)- I had the pleasure of meeting the beautiful and talented Ms. Deddario at NYCC this past Oct. She was so sweet, gracious, and down-to-earth. We will all have the pleasure of seeing her, and her awesome cleavage, in 3D in the upcoming sequel Texas Chainsaw 3D in Jan. That might just make this stunning light blue-eyed beauty rank even higher next year!

29. Lily Carter (new)- Though this blue-eyed stunner started in 2010, she's really made waves this year, in particular thanks to the critically acclaimed Wasteland, as well as her other major Elegant Angel release, which was part of the September superstar releases, Lily Carter Is Irresistible. With these movies and her AVN nominations, she is one of the fastest rising stars in the porn biz of 2012.  

28. Riley Steele (last yr. 27)- Earlier this year porn fans got sad to hear that Riley had retired. But, she hadn't! It was a joke. Thank God! That means we, and our pants, will be treated to more great porn from her, including the big hit that was this year's Nurses 2!

27. Kristin Adams (last yr. 70)- The beautiful Mrs. Adams takes a huge jump from last year, thanks to her frequent appearances on X-Play this year, which even had a best of her!! She even took over for Morgan Webb, when she was out! Someone give this leggy babe her own TV show, NOW!!And, yes I know she used to host Cheat, but that show got canceled ages, so...

26. Zoie Palmer (new)- Playing Lauren, the doctor and lesbian lover of lead character Bo on the phenomenal Lost Girl, the gorgeous Ms. Palmer is a vision to behold. Her beautiful brown eyes, gorgeous face, and hot legs (as seen in the pic to the left) combine with the hotness of her playing a lezzie. That she adds a lot of heart to it, has to do both with the excellent writing of the show and her own great talent. Come on, guys, I mean she's one half of THE hottest couple on TV, EVER. End of story!!

25. Anna Silk (new)- And, the other half of the hottest couple ever on TV is this raven-haired goddess. Quite simply put there has never been a hotter succubus than her. She has a perfect body, face, eyes, and cleavage. She exudes sex on the show, but also sympathy and heroism. Lost Girl has a dedicated following for many reasons, but without someone as great as Silk, who knows if it would have been as succesful. Seriously, every time she is onscreen I am utterly captivated and enthralled by her. In other words, she is what you want in someone playing a succubus.

24. Candace Bailey (last yr. 23)- Attack of the Show is leaving us. And, with it, it's beautiful co-host, Candace Bailey. Bailey has really come into her own on the show, with a mix of the sexy, funny, cute, and sweet. Oh yeah, and some of the best legs on TV. I will miss her and AOTS. And, for that G4 gets the FUCK YOU of the year!

23. Nikki Hunter (new)- Let's see just how many awesome attributes this babe has: redhead, MILF, busty, hot ass, hot legs, bi, nasty, and beautiful. But, on top of that she is smart and geeky. In fact, my favorite posts of her are her geekier ones. I loved her just from her performances, including some blistering stuff for Brazzers that I had the pleasure of witnessing this year, but it's when I saw she was a REAL geek (you know, something that various wanna-bes just ain't!), that I real fell for her. I cannot wait to meet at AEE next month!!

22. London Keyes (last yr. 21)- London has long been one of my favs. Last year, when I interviewed Asa Akira at AEE, she said that she was one of her fav babes to work with. She pretty much made that clear on Asa Akira Loves Girls (one of the best girl-girl releases of 2012), that she may well be her favorite. In fact she stated that she's always the first one that comes to her mind when asked who her favorite girl to work with is (it's true! She is!). And, if Asa says that about someone you know she has to be! And, in the case of the beautiful Ms. Keyes, she most definitely is. And, in spades, no less!

21. Jennifer Love Hewitt (new)- There is something to be said about an ad campaign where it focuses so much on Ms. Hewitt's AMAZING cleavage and comes from the Lifetime network. More so when it gets me to watch said putrid channel. That the show sucked ass and couldn't keep me watching is their fault, not Hewitt's, who looked positively delicious. And, who the thought of her giving happy endings is pretty awesome, well in theory, anyways.

The 70 Hottest Babes of 2012, pt. 4: 40-31
The 70 Hottest Babes of 2012, pt. 3: 50-41
The 70 Hottest Babes of 2012, pt. 2: 60-51
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Joanna Angel & Burning Angel Receive 33 AVN Nominations!

Lovely punk porn goddess extraordinaire Joanna Angel and her alt-porn company Burning Angel  have received an unprecedented 33 AVN nominations! They are as follows:

Joanna Angel

Best Solo Sex Scene: “Joanna Angel: Filthy Whore” (BurningAngel/Vouyer) Joanna Angel [scene 1]
Director of the Year: Joanna Angel
Best Porn Star Website: Joanna Angel for JoannaAngel.com

Best All-Girl Release: “Lick My Punk Rock Pussy” (BurningAngel/Vouyer)
Best Anal Release: “Rock & Roll in my Butthole 2” (BurningAngel/Vouyer)
Best Art Direction: “Fuckenstein” (BurningAngel/Vouyer)
Best Big Bust Release: “Real Rockin Racks” (BurningAngel/Vouyer)
Best Comedy: “Asphyxia Heels the World” (BurningAngel/Vouyer)
Best Director – Non-Feature: “Fuckabilly 2” (BurningAngel/Vouyer) by Joanna Angel
Best Director – Parody: “Fuckenstein” (BurningAngel/Vouyer) by Joanna Angel
Best Double Penetration Sex Scene: “Fuckenstein: (BurningAngel/Vouyer) with Joanna Angel, James Deen & Ramon Nomar
Best Foot/Leg Fetish Release: “Asphyxia Heels the World” (BurningAngel/Vouyer)
Best Gonzo Release: “Joanna Angel’s Cumtastic Cook-Out” (BurningAngel/Vouyer)
Best Group Sex Scene: “Joanna Angel: Filthy Whore” (BurningAngel/Vouyer) with Joanna Angel, James Deen, Wolf Hudson, Mark Wood, Mr. Pete, Mick Blue, John Strong, Dane Cross & Chad Alva
Best Interracial Release: “School of Black Cock” (BurningAngel/Vouyer)
Best Makeup: “Fuckabilly 2” (BurningAngel/Vouyer) for Melissa Makeup
Best Makeup: “Fuckenstein” (BurningAngel/Vouyer) for Tom Devlin
Best Music Soundtrack: “Fuckabilly 2” (BurningAngel/Vouyer)
Best Non-Sex Performance: ‘Ssippi’ for “Fuckenstein” (BurningAngel/Vouyer)
Best Overall Marketing Campaign – Company Image: BurningAngel
Best Packaging: “Fuckenstein” (BurningAngel/Vouyer)
Best Parody – Comedy: “Fuckenstein” (BurningAngel/Vouyer)
Best POV Release: “P.O.V. Punx 6: The Anal Edition” (BurningAngel/Vouyer)
Best POV Sex Scene: “P.O.V. Punx 6: The Anal Edition” (BurningAngel/Vouyer) with Sparky Sin Claire & James Deen
Best Pro-Am Release: “It’s My First Time” (BurningAngel/Vouyer)
Best Screenplay: “Asphyxia Heels the World” (Burning Angel/Vouyer) by Joanna Angel
Best Solo Sex Scene: “Asphyxia Heels the World” (BurningAngel/Vouyer) for Asphyxia Noir
Best Three-Way Sex Scene (B/B/G): “School of Black Cock” (BurningAngel/Vouyer) with Indigo Augustine, Sean Michaels & Tee Reel
Best Three-Way Sex Scene (G/G/B): “Joanna Angel: Filthy Whore” (BurningAngel/Vouyer) with Joanna Angel, Skin Diamond & Ramon Nomar
Best Wall-to-Wall Release: “Fuckabilly 2” (BurningAngel/Vouyer)
Clever Title of the Year: “Asphyxia Heels the World” (BurningAngel/Vouyer)
Best Membership Site: BurningAngel.com
Best Web Premiere: “Fuckenstein” (BurningAngel.com)
From the AVN press release comes these words from Joanna, herself:
“It’s such an honor for our work to be nominated for so many awards this year,” says Joanna.  “I am truly proud of all the performers who have worked with us and my amazing production team.  It feels like just yesterday that I started this company in my college dorm room.  It’s hard to believe that this is all actually happening.  We can’t wait to see all of our fans at the best show of the year.”
In addition, Joanna congratulates popular BurningAngel starlet Jessie Lee on her AVN nomination for “Unsung Starlet of the Year” as well as BurningAngel favorite Brian Street Team for his AVN nomination for “Unsung Male Performer of the Year.”
As my long time readers, supporters, and friends probably know, I've been a loyal fan of Joanna Angel and Burning Angel since the very beginning. She's a smart business woman, great performer, sexy, and makes quality smut. But, aside from all of that she remains a sweetheart and thoroughly fan friendly. And, as such Burning Angel is one of my all time personal favorite porn companies. The porn they put out is great fun, hot, and totally stroke worthy. And, the BA girls are amongst the finest, hottest, yummiest, sweetest, and friendliest of all time.

I wanna take this time to congratulate Joanna, Burning Angel, and everyone nominated. It is all most certainly well deserved. And, here is to their continued success!


The 70 Hottest Babes of 2012, pt. 4: 40-31

40. Taylor Momsen (same)- Sexy is a word that gets thrown around a lot, but few are as sexy as this blonde beauty and front-woman for hard rock act The Pretty Reckless. Her band was on tour with hard rock and metal heavyweights Evanescence, Guns N' Roses, and Marilyn Mason, this year, as well as on their own. That's when I caught them. They're a great live act and she is even hotter and more beautiful live!! They also released an EP, Hit Me Like a Man, as well as the single, "Kill Me". They remain one of my favorite rock acts, and she one of my fav rocker babes. 

39. Jill Janus (new)- This bewitching beauty is Wiccan front-woman for metal band Huntress, who have released what is probably my favorite full length debut this year, in the form of Eight of Swords. Not only does Ms. Janus have an amazing voice, but her stunning looks are to die for. She also has no prob giving fans peaks at her beautiful cleavage, that along warrants her inclusion here. Her talent certifies her ranking.

38. Jessica McNamee (new)- When it comes to new horror crushes for 2012, few can be as hot and as beautiful as the gorgeous Ms. McNamee. She has a great supporting role in the phenomenal The Loved Ones, where she seems destined to break the heart of every full-blooded male horror fan, who gazes into her smoldering, light-blue eyes. But, she ain't just pretty face. She gives a complex and amazing performance mixing pathos with goth sexbomb appeal. Over in her home country of Australia, McNamee already has a rightfully deserved fan following. Here's to hoping the same happens here. She completely deserves it!!

37. Audrey Cleo (same)- Beautiful, geektastic, and awesome as hell, Ms. Cleo keeps her 37th post, thanks to her great job covering events and movies for sites and channels like the TV Guide Channel. She is sooo hot and so good, that I will watch her even when she cover stuff like the Twilight films. And, that dear readers, speaks volumes of her hotness and coolness.

36. Lzzy Hale (last yr ranked 2010- 38)- Let me say this right now: I fucking LOVE Lzzy Hale!! Gorgeous, sexy, badass, kick ass, REAL rocker chick, talented, amazing voice- I don't know if there are enough adjectives and phrases to describe to her greatness. While, her band's Halestrom's self-titled debit was fucking good, the new album, The Strange Case of... is even better. It also presents a great success for the band. In fact, it debuted at the highest status that any female-fronted hard rock/ metal band ever has. Yes, even high than Evanescence. It is, without a shadow of a doubt one of the very best albums of the year. Plus, Lzzy owns it when she play her music. Want proof? Check out the kick ass videos for the mega-hits "Love Bites (So Do I)" and "I Miss the Misery" (which has some of my favorite lyrics of the year). And, that's another thing. Ms. Hale just writes great lyrics. Plus she took THE top spot in Revolver's Hottest Chicks in Hard Rock. I could go on and on praising her all fuckin day!

35. AnnaLynne McCord (new)- Much like Yvonne Strahovski, ranked earlier, Ms. McCord was the type of blonde who did little for me. But, low and behold she turns a darker shade of hair color and plays an emotionally unbalanced teenager, who fantasies about necrophilia, licks blood, and does and thinks about other antisocial, possibly sociopathic behavior, all while looking quite hot, in of the year's finest horror films, Excision, and I'm completely smitten with her. Again this probably speaks volumes about me, but seriously, at this point who cares? Beyond that, it's great to seeing her and her heartbreakingly beautiful blue-eyes leave her Beverly Hills 90210 comfort zone and play such a deep and complex role with such great results.

34. Kelly Hu (last yr ranked 2010- 38)- The gorgeous Ms. Hu remains one of the most stunning women on this entire planet. And, best of all she worked on two of the best new TV shows this year: on Arrow she played China White, where she got to kick some major ass. But, I do wish we would have gotten a better look at her hotness. Also, it was revealed, that she lent her voice to the awesome new cartoon reboot of The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles as Karai for an upcoming series of episodes.

33. Kleio Valentein (same)- One of the hottest, if not in fact the hottest, girl shooting movies for Joanna Angel's Burning Angel, Kleio is also one of the sweetest and coolest. And, anytime you see her at an adult convention she gives you a knockout punch with those hot looks of hers. She has a strong fan following, but with her gorgeous beauty howt he hell can she not?

32. Akira Lane (same)- Aside from her breathtaking beauty, Akira Lane is also beautiful inside. She remains one of the nicest and most friendly nude models online. As well as being one of my favorites to follow, on social media.

31. Cobie Smulders (new)- It takes a lot to outshine the hotness of Scarlett Johansson, as the Black Widow, in the geekgasm that is Marvel's The Avengers, but goddamn it, Smulders did it! Playing Agent Maria Hill of S.H.E.I.L.D., she fucking did it! That black hair, light skin, and beautiful blue eyes, combined with that tight outfit (that ass!!) and her tough and smart attitude made her the most memorable non-super powered character in the entire film. Well to me, anyways. Regardless, Smulders is great in it, as well as being on How I Met Your Mother, which while I never watch, I know how yummy she looks on it!

The 70 Hottest Babes of 2012, pt. 3: 50-41
The 70 Hottest Babes of 2012, pt. 2: 60-51
The 70 Hottest Babes of 2012, pt. 1: 70-61