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Hot Asian Girl of the Month: Charmaine Glock (Special Exxxotica NJ 2012 Edition)

All pics and video by Negative Pop. 

One of the sexiest and hottest models out there right now, has to be the awesome, beautiful, hot, and sexy as fucking hell Charmaine Glock. With her fun attitude, kick ass ink, and smoking hot body, she's the perfect choice to close off the year as the December 2012 Hot Asian Girl of the Month!

Last month, at Exxxotica NJ, I got to interview her, where she was sitting with the Sassy Assy booth. And, it proved to be a lot of fun to do so, as we talked two awesome subjects, that begin with the letter "T": travel and tattoos! She also looked hot as fucking hell in that black bikini!!!
 Charmaine has such an awesome and fun loving personality! It's impossible not to love her!
 Charmaine representing me and this very site of mine!
By the way, yesterday was Charmaine's birthday. I certainly hope she had an awesome time!