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The 70 Hottest Babes of 2012, pt. 6: 20-11

20. Katie Cassidy (last yr. 39)- A true long time favorite of my blog and I, Katie Cassidy takes a nice, big leap on this list, thanks in large part to her major role in the CW's Arrow. She looks as beautiful as ever, and as always, delivers some very solid acting. Don't be surprised to see her move up even more on this list next year. 

19. Misti Dawn (same)- One of THE hottest geek girls on the net and in the world, for that matter, the gorgeous Ms. Dawn still breaks hearts with her gig promoting Sugar DVD, public appearances at various cons, and awesome vlogs and posts online.

18. Linda Le (last yr. 22)- I finally got to meet her in person, after we knew each other for so many years online, at NYCC, this year. And, she provided me with a truly fun and lively interview. Linda continues to prove her love for all things geeky, and she remains, to me, the best and hottest cosplayer out there. Her love for metal only makes her that much more awesome! To put it quite bluntly. Linda "Vampy Bit Me" Le rules!

17. Tanya Tate (same)- The naughtiest of cosplayers, porn director and star and geek goddess extraordinaire, Ms. Tate has some of the best vlogs and posts out there, as she reviews and shows her love for POPS toys, blu-ray box sets, and Hammer horror busts. As always, she remains very sweet and friendly, in person, as she does appearances at both comic-book and porn conventions. And, of course, she's hot as fucking hell!!

16. Jen & Sylvia Soska (last yr. 20)- American Mary is the THE absolute best horror movie, I've seen this year. And, it is very probable that it will be the best horror movie that you see next year, when it opens up nationwide, since it will be hard to top. On top of being the future of the genre, with their immense talent, the Soska twins are extraordinarily beautiful. And, the proof lies both in their cameo in their movie, as well as all the sexy pics they post of themselves on the net.

15. Grace Helbig (same)- The funniest woman on any medium Grace is easily my favortite comedian on YouTube. And, she remains a total babe. Thankfully her videos will continue to allow us to look at her hotness and laugh at her awesome sense of humor, since the cancelling of Attack of the Show, means she won't be on TV anymore. Unless, someone is awesome enough to higher her, which they totally should, right now!!!

14. Gail Kim (last yr. 13)- Still the most beautiful woman in pro-wrestling, Gail Kim dominated the Knockouts division in TNA. She did eventually lose the belt, and the division is sadly not what it once was. That said, she can still work great matches and looks as drop-dead beautiful as ever!! Gail did get married this year, and surely broke many wrestling fan hearts, not only when it was declared onmline but when it aired on TV, as well!

  13. Courtney Cummz (last yr 16)- I have long said that it is always a pleasure to see Ms. Cummz at Exxxotica. This year it was even more awesome, cause she provided with might have been the most fun interview that I conducted that day! As always, she is absolutely gorgeous and sexy as hell. And, if your a sports, in particular football fan, she is a must follow!!

12. Joanna Angel (last yr. 13)- Speaking of interviews, after all the years, I've know Joanna Angel, I finally interviewed her this year. And, it was quite a fun and enjoyable little talk. But, beyond that the beautiful Ms. Angel has a had a busy, great year. Aside, from all the work she does in Burning Angel, there is the fact that she, along with her said alt-porn company, got a record amount of nominations from AVN. That in of itself, guarantees a high ranking this year.

11. Jada Stevens (new)- Debuting at the eleventh spot is this drop-dead stunningly gorgeous, big-booty goddess. There is no denying that her movie Jada Stevens Is Buttwoman is my absolute favorite porn trailer of the year. She also has my fav ass in the entire world right now. But, if I was a fan and admirer of hers before, then, it was truly cemented when I met her at Exxxotica. Not only she is even more beautiful and sexy in person, but she is also very sweet. I very much look forward to seeing her again next month, in Vegas, for the Adult Entertainment Expo!

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DrunkethWizerd said...

Jada Stevens... I got my first glimpse of her when she was wearing that car racing finish line outfit whatever those are called. Man, what a big sweet ass on her!

Giovanni Deldio said...

Jada's ass is a gift from God!! Amazing!!!!

Kim Dubuisson said...

Katie Cassidy is FUCKALICIOUS!!!!!!!!

Holy fuck!!!!!!!!!
HOT HOT HOT!!!!!!!!!



Giovanni Deldio said...

Yes!! I fucking LOVE Katie Cassidy!! So beautiful and hot!!!!!!