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Job For A Cowboy Releases Absolutely Killer Video/ Single "Beyond the Chemical Doorway" from Forthcoming Metal Blade Release "Moon Healer" (Feb. 23.)

Photo by Chris Klumpp

Watch JOB FOR A COWBOY's "Beyond The Chemical Doorway" video HERE.

Experimental death metallers JOB FOR A COWBOY are pleased to unleash "Beyond The Chemical Doorway,” the latest single from their long-awaited new full-length, Moon Healer, set for release on February 23rd via Metal Blade Records. The release marks the iconic outfit’s first new full-length in a decade!

Moon Healer is a vivid illustration of what happens when creativity, aggression, and volatility tangle for the first time in years. Like the band’s critically adored, 2014-released Sun Eater offering, Moon Healer is musically multifaceted, unabashedly brutal, and compellingly conceptual. Featuring a newly refreshed and reinspired lineup of frontman and co-founder Jonny Davy, guitarists Tony Sannicandro and Al Glassman, bassist Nick Schendzielos, and drummer (since 2020) Navene Koperweis, the band seamlessly picks up the mantle where Sun Eater left off.

Compared to past offerings, Moon Healer is as bone-crushing as JOB FOR A COWBOY has ever been. But it’s more consistent and conceptual, composed with the utmost enthusiasm and confidence. “The evolution of our sound has become a big part of the band,” Davy says. “As we mature as musicians, our tastes and interests naturally expand. With age comes more experience and ideas that we wouldn’t have considered in our earlier years.”

When discussing the lyrical genesis of songs like “Grinding Wheels Of Ophanim,” “Into The Crystalline Crypts,” and latest single, “Beyond The Chemical Doorway,” Davy’s writing gets cryptic and elliptical-sounding, part Philip K. Dick, part Timothy Leary. “I envision this as a death metal album born from the mystical confines of an alchemist’s laboratory. The music acts as potent potions, inducing hallucinogenic journeys that unlock the secrets of the universe.”

With “Beyond The Chemical Doorway,” Davy explores Gnosticism -- an occult teaching based on Gnosis, a state of transcendence achieved through intuitive, unconventional means -- by way of Hieronymus Bosch’s art. Elaborates Davy, “On Moon Healer, we unravel the dismal narrative of a close friend consumed by an unwavering pursuit of enlightenment. They achieve this through a compulsive embrace of hallucinogenic drugs. This storyline emerges from the foundation set in our earlier album, Sun Eater, delving deeper into the intricacies brewing within our friend's psyche.

“When under the influence of these drugs,” he continues, “this individual claimed to encounter entities and find themselves in indescribable worlds that defy rational comprehension. Many who undergo such experiences draw intriguing parallels between diverse facets of Gnostic philosophy, biblical depictions of angels, and the stages of Bardo Thodol delineated in the Tibetan Book Of The DeadIn the album's opener, 'Beyond The Chemical Doorway,' our friend vividly voices his hallucinations, recounting the experience of breaching forbidden, gnostic-like realms, with each account culminating in the utter unraveling of his being.”

Watch JOB FOR A COWBOY's "Beyond The Chemical Doorway" video at THIS LOCATION.

Watch the band’s previously released videos for “The Agony Seeping Storm” HERE and “The Forever Rot” HERE.

Moon Healer was produced by Jason Suecof (Death Angel, The Black Dahlia Murder, Deicide) at his Audiohammer Studios and is the first JOB FOR A COWBOY album to feature session drummer Navene Koperweis (ex-Animosity). Davy previously worked with Koperweis in the progressive death metal side project Fleshwrought, which released Dementia/Dyslexia through Metal Blade in 2010. Koperweis also worked as a session drummer for Machine Head and Whitechapel and is currently in the band Entheos, whose third full-length came out on Metal Blade in March 2023.

Moon Healer will be released on CD, digitally, and on vinyl in the following color variants:

Vinyl US:                          

Purple w/ Black Smoke

Blue And White Marbled

Pink And White Marbled

Magenta Marble (Independent Retailers)


Vinyl EU: 

Dark Purple Marbled (1000 copies)

Ice Blue Marbled (500 copies)

White w/ Purple Splattered (300 copies)

Blue/White Split Splattered (300 copies)

For preorders, visit: metalblade.com/jobforacowboy.


Jonny Davy - vocals

Al Glassman - guitar

Nick Schendzielos - bass

Tony Sannicandro - guitar

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New in Stores this Week: AEW, Rick & Morty, The Matrix, and More!

It’s Wednesday, which means it’s New Toy Day for comic shops and toy stores across North America! This week, Diamond Select Toys is delivering five new items to stores, including Minimates, action figures and Gallery Dioramas from Marvel, The Matrix, AEW, Rick & Morty and The Lord of the Rings! It’s the best of all worlds! Read on for details, then find a store near you at comicshoplocator.com, or order online at diamondselecttoys.com!


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The Ghosts of Tyranny & Hate Corrupt in the Feb. 23 Premiere of "History of Evil"


Premieres On Shudder February 23rd


In the near future, war and corruption have plagued America and turned it into a theocratic police state. Against the oppression, ordinary citizens have formed a group called The Resistance. One such member, Alegre Dyer, breaks out of political prison and reunites with her husband Ron and daughter Daria. On the run from the militia, the family takes shelter in a remote safe house. But their journey is far from over, as the house’s dark past begins to eat away at Ron, and his earnest desire to keep his family safe is overtaken by something much more sinister.

Writer & Director: Bo Mirhosseni

Cast: Paul Wesley, Jackie Cruz, Murphee Bloom, Rhonda Johnsson Dents

Genre: Horror

Language: English

Runtime: 98 min

About Shudder

AMC Networks’ Shudder is a premium streaming video service, super-serving members with the best selection in genre entertainment, covering horror, thrillers and the supernatural. Shudder’s expanding library of film, TV series, and Original Content is available on most streaming devices in the US, Canada, the UK, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand. Over the last few years, Shudder has introduced audiences to groundbreaking and critically acclaimed films including Rob Savage’s HOST, Jayro Bustamante’s LA LLORONA, Phil Tippett’s MAD GOD, Coralie Fargeat’s REVENGE, Joko Anwar’s SATAN’S SLAVES, Josh Ruben’s SCARE ME, Kyle Edward Ball’s SKINAMARINK, Christian Tafdrup’s SPEAK NO EVIL, Chloe Okuno’s WATCHER, Demi├ín Rugna‘s WHEN EVIL LURKS, and the latest in the V/H/S film anthology franchise, as well as the fan favorite TV series THE BOULET BROTHERS’ DRAGULA, Greg Nicotero’s CREEPSHOW, and THE LAST DRIVE-IN WITH JOE BOB BRIGGS.


TMNT #150 Is a Double-Sized Epic and Emotional Finale of the Run

LOS ANGELES, CA (January 11, 2024) – The colossal and cosmic time-consuming megalodon called Armaggon is trying to erase the TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES from existence. Now, only the brilliant and determined Donatello can potentially stop the fearsome foe by racing back to the past in a double-sized landmark 150th issue that celebrates more than a decade's worth of compelling TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES (TMNT) storytelling.

TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES #150 Cover B by Sophie Campbell & Kevin Eastman

Written by acclaimed author Sophie Campbell, the massive, epic and emotional TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES #150 is the must-read conclusion of the ongoing series – fear not, shellheads, because more will be revealed about what’s next for TMNT soon! This momentous milestone issue will feature art by ARMAGEDDON GAME’s Vincenzo Federici and longtime TMNT creatives colorist Ronda Pattison and letterer Shawn Lee. Returning for this giant issue are former series artists Dan DuncanFero Pe, and Campbell.


This climactic comic will pave the way for the next mutation of TMNT storytelling from IDW Publishing, but before looking forward, it’s important to visit the past, just like Donnie. IDW’s TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES ongoing series has presented fans with more than 10 years worth of brilliant and critically-acclaimed tales that captivated both longtime and new TMNT fans with its exciting and heartfelt stories.

Sophie Campbell: “I still can't quite believe I've gotten to work on this much TMNT, I thought for sure I'd get the boot in the first year but nope – here I am four years later still here against all odds. It's really been amazing, truly a dream job. I wonder what my 10-year-old self would think if she knew what she'd go on to eventually do. The fact that this chapter is ending and I'm leaving the series is bittersweet, I'll miss it for sure but it's time to move on and let somebody else have a shot at the Turtles, and I'll be back for more before you know it, whatever form that might take. As two great men once said, ‘change is constant’ and ‘life at best is bittersweet.’”

Vincenzo Federici: “The meaning of this experience as a TMNT artist is too much for me to describe. If someone has had the opportunity to listen to my crazy speeches at NYCC panels in the last two years, they know that the TMNT were the main reason to make me choose this job when I was seven. And that's it!

When Tom Waltz asked me to be the artist on ARMAGEDDON GAME I was so excited that I stopped sleeping for two days! Then, at the end of that event series, I was asked to be the main artist on the ongoing series until issue #150 and this was the ultimate blast. I was truly inspired by the previous artist's job, this helped me to create a personal vision of the TMNT and their world. This Road to #150 is an amazing run, full of surprise and action. Many revelations will be made and the fans will be delighted by them. I feel that TMNT is an evergreen title and they are able to cross generations. I put all of myself into these pages."

TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES #150 Cover D by Jesse Lonergan

Ronda Pattison: “It's been a real career highlight to be part of such an impressively long run of TMNT with IDW, right from the beginning. I've worked with some amazing colleagues – writers, editors, an impressive array of artists – some of whom I'm lucky enough to call friends now. Most of all, I'm grateful for the opportunity to contribute to such a beloved franchise and – hopefully – leave my mark in some small way.”

Shawn Lee: “Having grown up a fan of the comics, the cartoons, the toys, it's just a fantastic feeling to have contributed, in my small way, to this quirky self-published comic turned global smash!”

Fero Pe: “As a fan of Turtles since the '80s and living through the Turtlemania of the '90s, it was always a dream to be able to participate in anything related to my heroes. Since issue one of IDW's TMNT came out, I told myself that I wanted to participate in that comic. Having the opportunity to draw them, and for several issues, exceeded any expectations. I am very grateful.”

Dan Duncan: “The Turtles introduced me to comics as a kid, so this book was not just the job that started my career, it changed my life. I'm so proud of my time here and grateful to IDW, Nickelodeon and Kevin Eastman who let me be a part of it.  Even after I left, I was excited to be a fan and while it’s sad to see something so special wrap up, I hope everyone is as proud as I am and as a fan I'm excited to see what's next. Congratulations to you all!”

TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES #150 Cover RI 1:50 by Campbell & Eastman

Tom Waltz: “Back in 2011, when I was first asked to join Team TMNT at IDW as the ongoing series writer, I was praying I'd at least get four issues of the story I'd concocted out to the public before I was run out of town. But before I knew it, four issues became 12, then 25, then 50... and suddenly I was at issue #100, and it was time to hand the main writing reins over to the amazingly talented Sophie Campbell. And here we are now, on the final stretch of The Road to 150, and Sophie has taken our beloved TMNT series to new and exciting heights during her fantastic run, all the while maintaining the core consistency of what makes a TMNT tale a... well, a TMNT tale. Family, friendship, relatable protagonists, nuanced antagonists, real-world dangers and drama mixed with gritty street action and fantastical adventures, and on and on. It's all been there every step of the way for Sophie's fifty issues, and she's gonna wrap it all up with one mind-blowing bow on top. What a great time to be a shellhead!”

Kevin Eastman: “For me, the IDW TMNT Comic Book Universe is a definitive one. When it was launched in 2011, Tom Waltz proposed to bring together elements from the first 25 years of storytelling, and from all various TMNT Universes, and with the help of a small army of extremely talented artisans, and nailed it brilliantly for 100 consecutive issues. Passing the baton off to Sophie Campbell for the following 50 fantastic issues solidified this TMNT foundation as the place where anything is, was, and has been possible. This wonderful place has been our collective ‘home’ for the past 12 years, and although we may see a ‘conclusion,’ but after 40 years of adventures, we won't see an end.”

TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES #150 goes on sale April 10, 2024, and will include 68 pages of story for $9.99 USD. The milestone issue will have a Cover A by Vincenzo Federici, Cover B by Kevin Eastman and Sophie Campbell, Cover C by Dan Duncan, and cover D by Jesse Lonergan.

Fans and retailers have until March 4, 2024 to preorder.  For updates on everything regarding TMNT comics, be sure to follow IDW and the official TMNT accounts on social media.


About IDW Publishing

IDW (NYSE AMERICAN: IDW) is a leading media company providing uniquely compelling stories and characters in various genres for global audiences across all entertainment platforms. The award-winning IDW Publishing and IDW Entertainment divisions holistically evaluate and acquire IP for franchise development across comics and graphic novels, television, theatrical, merchandise, and other entertainment platforms, in addition to bringing world-renowned storytelling to life with our creative partners.



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WinterCon 2023

The weekend of December 2&3, 2023 marked the latest edition of one of my personal favorite conventions: WinterCon! Of course, I was on hand, on that Saturday, to cover it all for you guys, as well as have a great time, all while wearing my Rick Flag cosplay once again.

The first thing I did was go up to the two cast members of the always fun to watch  Jaws 2, Gigi Morgan and Gary Springer. As a fan of this movie, they were the two I was most excited to meet. As I have said in the past on here, my stuff was in storage (if anyone cares I finally have my stuff back). So, that meant that my Blu-Ray copy of this sequel wasn't with me. I had to buy it on 4K that very Friday. Anyway, I got it signed and got pics with them. They were both so incredibly nice and friendly and were a great way to start my day with legit awesomeness!

The only other autograph that I got that day was from the legendary Larry Hama, He is the longest running and most famous writer of the G.I. Joe comic, as well as the file cards from the back of the original A Real American Hero toy-line. This was the second time meeting him in just a couple of weeks, since I was at a signing for the release of issue #301, which marked his return to G.I. Joe, at Forbidden Planet the month before. As a lifelong G.I. Joe fan meeting him, however many times is both awesome and an honor. Also, he is super nice in person. This time around he signed a facsimile of the first issue of the comic. He also told he that when he broke into comics he wanted to write cartoon humor stuff and never imagined himself doing a military comic! Mind blown!

But, there was a ton more of cool sites to see, including, of course, lots of cosplay. Here are some of the favorite things I saw that day:

As always, it's great to see my friend Nelson D. Martinez, here with his finance. 

I actually got to partake in another DC photoshoot. Where I got to photograph a throwdown between Dr. Fate and the Flash! This is actually one of my favorites that I shot this con. 

Finally, I got some great deals including, one dealer who was trying to get rid of his NECA figures, so he sold him at $20! Even more awesome was one dude who was selling and trying to get rid of G.i. Joe Classified figures. So, he sold ANY that he had at $10 each to me! Honest to God, if he had more, that I didn't already have and wanted (he had some from the Snake-Eyes movie, but I don't collect that sub-line), I would've bought a shit more! 

Anywho, here is what I bought at the con. They were:
NECA Universal Monsters The Mummy (Boris Karloff)
G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero #1 facsimile (which Larry Hama signed for me) 
Peanuts Charlie Brown Hallmark Christmas ornament
G.I. Joe Retro Classified: Destro
G.i. Joe Classified: Cobra Viper
Lady Jaye
Cobra Trooper

I had so much fun, cosplayed, met some great celebs, and got kick ass deals. What more could one ask for? I already can't wait for the next edition of WinterCon! 

One more thing, I want to thank you guys for your continued support and readership. Moving had made to write last year, but I am hoping that I will finally be back to my usual often posting. I also want to wish you all a very happy and healthy New Year. May this be a good year for all of us!