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The 175 Greatest Heavy Metal Album Covers of all Time Pt. 16: 10-1

Finally! Here it is! The top 10 heavy metal album covers of all time! I'm sorry for the delay. Anyway, let's get to them, without any further adieu!

10. Iron Maiden- The Number of the Beast- Man is a puppet to the Devil who, in turn, is a puppet to Eddie, the Maiden mascot in this classic cover by Derek Riggs. It's one of the greatest and most iconic covers to one of THE greatest and most iconic albums ever, made. Also, it proves that Eddie is more powerful and awesome than Satan! And, don't forget this is the first album with Bruce Dickinson as the signer!!! A landmark album in every way shape and form!

9. Obituary- The End Complete- This amazing cover is for the third and best selling Obituary album, ever. Everything is amazing on it. From the desolate place it depicts to dragonizied version of the already cool Obituary logo!

8. Judas Priest- Metal Works 73-93- This compilation of Priest songs released at their 20th anniversary has a beautiful, exciting, and kick ass collage of the band's album covers as drawn by Mark Wilkinson. The battle between the Painkiller and the Hellion at top are breathtaking and badass to the max!

7. Type O Negative- Bloody Kisses (Digipak cover)- While, the original version of this cover of the third album from these Brooklyn metal masters was sexy and cool, the digipak version is ever HOTTER. The two girls actually locking lips in a delicious image. Metalhead boys and girls were immediately turned on, even more than before. The album, itself, is a 90 metal masterpiece!!!

6. Megadeth- Rust in Peace- The fourth album by Megadeth is their finest moment and a thrash metal classic! The sci-fi/ political cover has Eddie, an energy stone, an alien, and then leaders of the world. Not only is their finest moment, but Vic Rattlehead (the band mascot) as well!!

5. Obituary- Cause of Death- This classic death metal album is the second by the band. The cover is done Michael Whelan and was originally going to be used on Sepultura's Beneath the Remains, which instead used different art by the same artist. This cover would also be used on an HP Lovercraft collection.

4. Judas Priest- Painkiller- The twelfth and, in my humble opinion best, album by these British gods of metal features truly kick ass and exciting art with the Painkiller himself. He's riding off to whoop some fucking ass, surely! He seems triumphant as hell. So, maybe he already whooped some ass!

3. Iron Maiden- Live after Death- This classic live album, one of the genre's very best might I add, by Iron Maiden has such amazing art by Derek Riggs. It continues the story of Eddie, who is resurrected after being lobotomized in Piece of Mind. He also still has the chains from the Powerslave tour. The tombstone has a quote from HP Lovercraft, that reads as follows:
"That is not dead which can eternal lie
Yet with strange aeons even death may die."
It also reads Eddie's full name: Eddie T. H., referring to The Head, with the last name being obscured.
An all, this art is something straight out of a zombie movie and awesome for that!

2. Sepultura- Arise- The fourth album by the Brazilian thrash gods is their masterpiece on of the finest thrash/ death metal crossover albums, ever. The Lovecraftain/ sci-fi/ nightmarish cover is one of the coolest, most complex, and original covers ever. And, hence it gets the runner up award.

1. Iron Maiden- Somewhere in Time- The greatest cover ever is this, the studio sixth album by Maiden. Derek Riggs give us a kick ass  Blade Runner type futuristic world for Eddie to walk through with his gun. Allusions to other Maiden albums and songs abound in the complex, colorful, and eye-catching background.The use of the iconic Eddie, the setting, the richness and complexity, all amounts to it winning my top stop!

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JILLIAN JANSON Recieves an XRCO New Starlet Nomination!

All pictures courtesy of Star Factory PR

Jillian Janson is undoubtedly one of the fastest rising stars in the industry. Having had the pleasure to interview her just two month ago at the Adult Entertainment Expo in Las Vegas, I can also say that she is one of the most genuinely sweet girls I have ever encountered. Hence, I would very much like to congratulate this all natural beauty for this much deserved nomination.

From the Star Factory PR Release:

(HOLLYWOOD, CA) Up and coming adult beauty Jillian Janson (https://twitter.com/xojillianjanson) lands an X-Rated Critics Organization (http://www.xrco.com) award nomination for New Starlet. The brunette beauty hit the ground running when she launched her adult entertainment career by starring in a string of high profile scenes and movies that have critics talking. Jillian has already made such an incredible impression that she was tapped to act as an AVN Awards trophy girl earlier this year. Now, the star of movies like Black & White Vol. 2 from Blacked and Brothers & Sisters 3 from New Sensations, has been nominated for the XRCO’s New Starlet award.
“I bring my best to every scene I do and truly appreciate it when my work is recognized by critics,” said Jillian. “I look forward to attending the event and supporting the XRCO and my nomination.”
The 2015 XRCO awards are set to take place at Lure nightclub Hollywood on April 11th. More information on the event can be found on the organization’s official website: http://www.xrco.com.
In other Jillian news, the popular starlet is featured in the new Digital Sin release; My Sister's First Anal 2. Showcased on the video’s box cover wearing nothing but sexy little panties, Jillian is featured as a hot and horny young woman who has an insatiable desire for anal sex. Jillian shows off the hardcore moves that have made her a star. Directed by Eddie Powell, the trailer and box cover for My Sister's First Anal 2 can be found here: http://bit.ly/JillianJansonMSFA2.
Young, hot and loves sex! That’s Jillian Janson and she’s been nominated for New Starlet in the 2015 XRCO awards!
For more Jillian Janson, please visit the Jillian Janson network:
Jillian Janson is represented by Matrix Models
To interview Jillian Janson for your website and/or publication;
Please contact Star Factory PR:
(818) 732-0191
A press release by



All pics come courtesy of Mile High Media and Hard X.

Mile High's Media has entered the ethnic market with what promises to be a smoldering release in Latin Asses. It's filled to the brim with gorgeous Latina porn stars (many favorites of this site) and their delicious asses, and as such, I can't wait to see this!!

From the Mile High Media Press release:

Award-winning studio Hard X has entered the ethnic market with its new offering, “Latin Asses,” on DVD. From director William H, “Latin Asses” features Hispanic superstars Jynx Maze, Selena Santana, Carmen Caliente, and Luna Star. 


Latin Asses” showcases the sexiest Latinas in the adult industry in four hardcore, beautifully shot HD scenes.  Renowned director William H. perfectly captures all the steamy action, as the women of “Latin Asses” give in to their carnal desires… including some backdoor lovin’.

“[William H.] is back with a vengeance,” wrote XCritic.com reviewer Don Houston in his write-up of the director’s first movie for Hard X, “Squirt for Me.” “I look forward to more of what he comes up with…so check it out!”

AdultDVDTalk.com critic Captain Jack gave William H.’s Hard X debut four stars. He wrote, “William H. is one of the top directors in the biz, and Hard X is lucky to have him…[he] certainly knows how to film porn.  He is an outstanding director and captures these girls in states of ecstasy like none other.”

“Hard X is already a good studio, but will only rise to the top with William H. in the fold,” added Captain Jack.

“Latin Asses,” like all Hard X and O.L. Entertainment productions, uses gorgeous locations and high-end production values to capture the beauty of the performers and the passion of the sex.  In contrast to its sister studio, Erotica X, movies from Hard X include the wildest, kinkiest, and dirtiest sex available to fans, all featuring a trademark style developed by Mason.

Hard X’s official membership website, www.HardX.com, features all of the studios new scenes upon release.  Fans may now join the site to be among the first to see “Latin Asses.”

Latin Asses came out yesterday, March 25, 2015. Aside from the link above, you can also see it here: http://www.adultdvdempire.com/1734984/latin-asses-porn-videos.html?qs=Latin%20Asses&partner_id=42272314


Holiday Slasher ALL THROUGH THE HOUSE Releases Trailer

Everyone once in a while I run into a trailer so fucking awesome, that I HAVE to share it! I'm a huge fan of Christmas horror movies, and this one looks to be a great addition to the infamous sub-genre. And, the fact that it features such gorgeous and talented actresses as Jessica Cameron, Ashley Mary Nunes, and Jennifer Wenger, make even more excited for it!
From the press release:

"The Readmond Company has teamed up with Director/Writer Todd Nunes to bring you a terrorizing, blood-soaked Christmas slasher. All Through the House stars scream queens Ashley Mary Nunes (SYFY’S Robot Combat League), Jessica Cameron (Truth or Dare), and Jennifer Wenger (Jimmy Kimmel Live). The film’s gory special effects were created by Tommy Pietch of SYFY’S Face Off and Star Trek: Renegades.
All Through the House is an 80s-style slasher film featuring a deranged Santa Slayer who rips through the town of Napa for some yuletide-terror.

Fifteen years ago, a peaceful Christmas neighborhood was engulfed by fear when five-year-old Jamie Garrett was mysteriously taken from her bedroom never to be seen again. Now on Christmas break, Rachel Kimmel comes home from college to find her neighborhood struck again by a reign of terror. A violent killer is hiding behind a grisly Santa mask, leaving a bloody trail of slaughtered women and castrated men to the steps of the Garrett house. Rachel finds herself in a horrifying nightmare as she discovers the twisted secret behind the mask.

“This slasher has been brewing in my mind since I was a kid,” says Director/Writer Todd Nunes. “It’s not a rehash of popular Christmas horror movie subplots, like punishing the naughty, Santa obsessed psychos, or death by antlers. This is a dark, scary, violent story that delivers on a big bloody body count, beautiful girls, and lots of terrifying action. It’s everything I love to see in a horror movie - every murder is shown on screen and the anti-hero is a killer with a diabolical, sadistic mystery.”

“Although I loved my character because she is strong and complex, I’m really drawn to the twisted and crazy characters she meets in this movie,” says actress Ashley Mary Nunes (as Rachel Kimmell). “The Killer in All Through the House is disturbing, gross and really unique - I’m fascinated by the depraved impulses. I know that everyone is going to love all the gore and violence, but there is also a twisted mystery that ties it all together like a big Christmas bow.”

All Through the House was shot in 21 days in the summer of 2014 in Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Lake Arrowhead, CA. The 95 minute film is currently in post-production. Director/Writer Todd Nunes graduated with honors from The Los Angeles Film School and studied screenwriting at UCLA's Writers' Program. This is the first film by Santa Monica-based The Readmond Company.
Full Cast: Ashley Mary Nunes (Robot Combat League), Jessica Cameron (Truth or Dare), Melynda Kiring (The Fog Lady), Jennifer Wenger (Jimmy Kimmel Live), Natalie Montera, Lito Velasco, Jason Rayer, Johanna Rae (Natural Born Filmmakers), Cathy Garrett, Matt Poeschl (Entourage), Danica Riner, Kelsey Carlstedt, Lyndon Laveaux, Justice Lee, Sarah Miller, Milijana Riner, Noah Boylen, John Nunes, and Sky Boylen.

Full Crew: Stephen Readmond (Producer), Christopher Stanley (Producer), Todd Nunes (Director/Writer), Ryan J. Anderson (Cinematography), Glenda Suggs (Assistant Director), Tommy Pietch (Key Special Effects), Josh McCarron (Special Effect David Passey (Gaffer), Adrian Rivero (Sound), Alexis Evelyn (Editor), Melissa Black (Production Design), Crista Llewellyn (Makeup Artist), Nigelle Paden (Makeup Artist), Patricia McPhaul (Script Supervisor), Sharon Nunes (Set Decorator), Grip (Tamra Garrett), Jennifer Nunes (Grip), Shane Nunes (Production Assistant)."

For more information, visit the film's official website at: http://www.allthroughthehousemovie.com


Update for March 2015

I haven't done any of these updates in months, but there's so much I wanted to cover, that it felt needed this time around. Let's begin with the tragic news that I saw yesterday, on the passing of AJ Pero.

AJ Pero- the drummer of Twisted Sister and Adrenaline Mob passed away yesterday at age 55. I grew up on Twisted's music, and there's no denying his drumming was awesome. I had the pleasure of meeting him way back in Oct. 2007 at a Chiller (see pic below). He was such a nice guy. The last I heard the cause of death seemed to have been a heart-attack. I was deeply saddened to hear this news. Still am. May he RIP.

Let's talk TV shows. But, WARNING SPOILERS AHEAD!!! All thoughts/ reviews are followed by a rating of the season so far out of 4 stars.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles- THE best TV or movie take on the Turtles continues to be just that. The last two part episode with our heroes, teaming up with a new group of mutant heroes, to save the mutated New Yorkers from Dimension X was, in short: AMAZING!!!
The Walking Dead- Let's be honest here. Most websites spend their time kissing the ass of this show. This is NOT most sites. I think that this half of the season has been awful. A complete snoozefest. However there are bright spots here and there. I am LOVING seeing the beautiful Alexandra Breckenridge on it. Carol is THE best character on the show. The episode where they found themselves in that place full of zombies was great. I cheered on the death of Noah! HATED that character. And, last night's mostly excellent episode proved what a badass Rick is! And, what the fuck is up with Michonne?!
Bates Motel- We are only a few episodes in of this season, and it may just be the show's best yet. Norman going full "Psycho" is awesome! The creep factor is very high and so is the undertones of incest.
The Flash- Man, how good is this show?! And, that last episode with Wells killing Cisco, but then it being reset by Barry going back in time is ALL KINDS of awesome!!!
IZombie- Here is a show I had VERY low expectations for. Based on a Vertigo title I never read, but now want to, this tale of a pretty  girl who is a zombie and solves crime via brain eating had a fun first episode. Of course, the fact that Rob (Veronica Mars) Thomas is behind it, helps. I'll give it two more episodes to see if I stick with it. But, I think I will.
Arrow- Man, it's just DC heaven! I LOVE what they are doing with Thea and her dad! I LOVE the whole Raa's Al Ghoul/ Arrow thing, I LOVE Nyssa. Maybe she can finally help Laurel be a good Black Canary via her training her... maybe!
Grimm- All I have to say is that Juliet as a Hexen Beast is everything!! This is THE best thing they ever did with her, and this season may end up being their best season, yet!!
12 Monkeys- I never saw the movie (I know, I know), but this show is AMAZING!! Smart and thought provoking, serious sci-fi, at it's best. It has a GREAT cast (a couple from Nikita) and some of the best writing on TV. Also, Amanda Schull (right) is a goddess!!


Here is some horror and porn news for you!

31- Ginger Lynn returns to work with Rob Zombie again, in his upcoming "31". You may recall she was in The Devil's Rejects, in Captain Spaulding's dream. The gorgeous MILF porn goddess is a super welcome addition to the film!!!!
True Detective- I have heard much about this show. I think I failed by not watching it. I need to correct this. The next season, which will be it's second one, will have two porn stars do cameos in an orgy scene: Amia Miley (insert, left) and Peta Jensen (larger pic, left). Peta is already a favorite of mine after having met her at AEE in Jan. And, I am definitely a fan of Ms. Miley, as well. She is stunning!!! True Detective isn't a horror series, per say, but from all I hear, it may as well be one. Gonna try and catch with it, so I can watch it next season!

Finally, let's talk comic books! In particular two awesome new Marvel titles. These reviews are out of 4 stars, as well:

Darth Vader- The Sith Lord gets his own monthly title with good art and a fast paced story. The second issue was especially good, as we saw his take no shit attitude.
Spider-Gwen- This is my favorite new title, since Superior Iron-Man. This Gwen Stacey is from an alternate universe, where she is Spider-Woman after having being bitten by a radioactive spider, and Peter Parker is dead. The character is so popular that she has been given this excellent book, with fun, quirky writing by Jason Latour and beautiful art by Robbi Rodriguez. This universe offers a fresh on fun take 0n Spider-Man characters like Mary Jane, Frank "The Punisher" Castle, Kingpin, the Vulture, an evil Matt "Daredevil" Murdock, and, of course, Gwen, herself. A must read!



Naughty and Sexy Britney Amber & the Teddy Love Bear at AEE 2015

Photography and video shot by myself
Video edited and encoded by BAS Photography and Design

As I was winding down on Friday, January 23, 2015, I passed by the Teddy Love booth, and I happened to catch a large crowd around it. The beautiful, blonde, and busty Britney Amber was posing for pictures in a very suggestive manner and everyone started to snap away. The pics I took at that moment might be the sexiest I took the entire time I was at the expo this year. As such, I figured I would save these for my last write-up on it. Britney is so impossibly sexy, that I just couldn't stop taking pics! Her body is amazing! She has a great rack, a really sweet ass, beautiful, blue eyes with in look in them that scream SEX(!), a tantalizing and naughty smile, hot legs, and a beautiful face.

Of course, the booth was promoting the Teddy Love bear, a sex toy that combines the cuteness and warmth of a teddy bear with some vibrating action that surely will please that special lady in your life. Below she tells me a little bit this loving and naughty little bear.

And, that dear friends, followers, and readers, ends my coverage of the 2015 Adult Entertainment Expo. I hope you enjoyed it. Let me know what were your favorites from this year's expo of my interviews, coverage, pics/ video I shot, whatever. I hope to be back next January. And, of course, there will be tons more of adult entertainment related coverage till then. Just keep reading!