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Mezco Toyz at Toy Fair 2015

At Toy Fair 2015, Mezco Toyz had lots of awesome product that I feel would be of interest to my readers. As such, in this post, I'm gonna focus on the Mortal Kombat, horror, and Batman toys that will be putting out in the months to come.

The plush Mortal Kombat dolls of Sub-Zero and Scorpion at the top are sooo cute and cool! They will be out in Sept. Meanwhile, the Mortal Kombat figures to the right are in a smaller scale than the two below. The first batch below won't be out till Sept. While, the ones below that will be out sooner, in May.

Fellow fans of Chucky will have a lot to look forward from Mezco, who are going to be releasing a bunch of cool toys. It's kick ass to see that Tiffany is part of the very cool and cute minis boxset coming out in Sept.

The talking Chucky doll to the right says quotes directly from the sequel. We were not able to hear said quotes, but I am sure they are awesome. As I mentioned, they're from the sequels, as the first film is licensed under MGM not Universal, like the other films in the franchise. 

Horror fans should also be excited that we will be getting a bunch of Beetlejuice stuff in Oct, so just in time for Halloween! Based simply on the pics to the left, they look like they will be awesome!

Finally fans of Frank Miller's seminal The Dark Knight Returns have much to celebrate as they are releasing AMAZING action figures based on the classic graphic novel. These rank among some of the best looking and coolest Batman toys ever!!!!