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"The Sensual World of Black Emanuelle" Unboxing (Pics Only)!

Yesterday, on July 29, 2023, my most anticipated box set ever, Severin Films release of The Sensual World of Black Emanuelle, came in the mail for me. I preordered it a day or two of when they were available to do so, back around April or so, I believe. As a huge fan of the gorgeous and legendary Laura Gemser, Joe D'Amato, and the Italian Emanuelle films, this was a must have for me. When I had it in my hands, finally, I was happier than a pig in filth!

The following is a picture based unboxing. Since I am between the houses right now, I don't have all of my equipment. Though to be fair, there is no way, I could have made this into a YouTube video, what with the nudity, subject matter, and genres/ subgenres covered and included in this set.

At top was the front of the box set, here are sides and back of it:

The front has Emanuelle's camera, which using a dial, you switch between images. They include some nudity, not surprisingly, and even a horse! And, if you know about why the later is included, uhm, sorry for the trauma you experienced, and if you don't, well just use your imagination... Anyway, I've included a few. Hey, I don't wanna ruin ever surprise for you guys!

The set comes 15 discs, 24 films in total, 21 of which are from the Black Emanuelle series plus two adjacent movies starring Ajita Wilson, and Joe D'Amato documentary Inferno Rosso. Also included are two CDs, over 40 hours of extra features(!!) including a docu on Gemser's husband/ co-star Gabriele Tinti, and shit load more. I've seen and own a couple of these movies, but many I have not. The following is where the movies are contained, starting with the front of the encasing, each sleeve where each is disc is enclosed, and ending with the back of it:

Also included in the set is the heavy and thick paperback, The Black Emanuelle Bible. It is edited by the amazing Kier-La Janisse. She wrote the incredible House of Psychotic Women, which I am currently reading. One skim through it will reveal a comprehensive, fascinating, and beautiful looking book:

As I said, I am between houses, so I can't dive into the films and the extra features, but I can't wait to do just that. The mix of horror, exploitation, softcore, hardcore, and, of course, Laura Gemser(!!) and other gorgeous women makes this one that is right up my alley. It may just be the greatest box set in film history, and dear friends and readers, that is not an exaggeration nor is it bullshit.


Ranking the Scenes of Hairy Raquel (Rodney Moore Edition)

Let me begin by saying that Hairy Raquel (sometimes simply called Raquel) is one of my all time favorite ladies in the adult business. In fact, she's easily in my top five of girls (Nadia Nyce, Ember, Koral Pineda, and Dorian Grant being the other four) who's scenes I have and continue to revisit the most often. She had this perfect combination of natural, girl next door beauty, a curvy body, and hairiness. She always came off as nasty, sexy, instabial, fun, and sweet.  While, she rightfully ranked in the top 10 of my list of the Hottest Hairy Girls from Rodnievision, it is definitely time for her to get her own post. Especially when you consider that some girls have had two or, in the case of Nadia Nyce, even three written about them.

Unlike, any of the other girls that I have written about, I do believe this to be a definitive list. There really is no information on the gorgeous Ms. Raquel. I can't find any proof of her having shot for anyone else or even other scenes for Rodney Moore. On a side note, she appears in the cover credits and on the back's description for Horny Hairy Girls 10, but she isn't anywhere on the video. Though it does feature other beauties like Annie Body, Nina Rome, and Delilah, the cover-girl and best scene in the movie. Anyways, let's get to ranking all of Raquel's scenes!

4. Hairy Raquel, Rodney Moore, and Wolf Savage 2 (BJ)- Horny Hairy Girls 27 gives us a glorious double shot of our lovely Hairy Raquel. The last two are hers with Rodney and Wolf Savage, AKA the Cum Brothers. In it, she is returning cause she didn't get fucked in vagina the last time and needs to make that happen. Both of these lucky dudes plow her gloriously hairy hole. It's nasty and sexy and Raquel looks gorgeous, as well as very natural and real, a big part of her appeal. She has a cute smile and that soft voice of her is so sexy! She takes an absolutely MASSIVE double load from both on her beautiful face.

3. Hairy Raquel, Rodney Moore, and Wolf Savage 1- The preceding scene from the above mentioned Horny Hairy Girls 27, starts with Rodney and Wolf hanging out in a park trying to come up with a scene. When suddenly, they notice our gorgeous goddess, Raquel.

She recognizes them as the Cumm Brothers. And, she let's them know that they don't need a plot when they have boobies as beautiful as hers (which she flashes at them)! I mean, no one is gonna argue with her on that. She heads back with them, and they have hot, oral sex. They enjoy her gorgeous bush, while she sucks them both, this ends with a double and massive facial.

Raquel is so naturally beautiful. She has a great smile and a fun personality. She comes off as cute, sexy, and nasty. And, it's impossible to not crush on her. That and her body is incredible! Aside, from the aforementioned boobage, there is her hot legs and butt. And, of course, there's her smoldering hot body hair. In all, this is a hot and nasty good time!

2. Hairy Raquel and Rodney Moore- "Photo Shoot" BJ- Our runner-up can be found in Seattle Hairy Girls 21&22, and it is a absolute scorcher!! Our dark haired goddess, looking absolutely gorgeous, is at Rodney's studio to do a shoot for him.
From the moment she appears, we're transfixed on her. Her mix of cute and slutty really pays off here, from the very get-go, with the short, one piece she has on. She shows off her sexy armpit hair, amazing, hairy legs, and killer, natural boobies. This leads to what is a earth melting BJ, which ends with her taking a MASSIVE load. It bubbles in her mouth for a while, till she swallows it all!! 
One of my absolute fav BJ scenes (and scenes, in general), everything works in it. Her soft voice, cute personality, beautiful smile, big, brown, eyes, that amazing body(!!), her hair, like I said everything! But, it's the money-shot that truly seals the deal. It cements it as a must-see and watch a million times over. It is, without a shadow of a doubt, one of the very best, if not THE very best, cum shots involving one girl, that isn't Nadia Nyce ever! 

1. Hairy Raquel (Solo)- Taking the top spot is this solo scene from Seattle Hairy Girls 29&30. It has from the moment I bought the DVD, become one of my most watched scenes of all time. And, it's because it is a barn burner of total and complete hotness from beginning to end.

Raquel, who looks absolutely gorgeous, looks at the camera and talks to us, while she walks down a little path. She tells us how she likes being unshaven and natural (which we LOVE, too!), and shows off her sexy pits and amazing legs. Soon, she shows off her God-given and beautiful big tits and her big, round, and incredible behind. She shows us the goods a couple of times, actually, her soft and sexy voice and gorgeous smile adding to the sultriness.
She even jogs a bit, first with just the sweater covering her ample chest, then nothing, with them gloriously flapping away. All of this is so fucking hot, that it is mind-blowing, and it isn't even that graphic. That comes in the second half, which is somehow even hotter, as she is then shown indoors.
She is now wearing a super short one piece, that she thinks is too short. But, I think we can all agree is just fine! And, she looks fine as fucking hell! She again shows off her amazing body and hair. Those legs! That butt! Those knockers! That bush! Her pits! Damn, just damn! 
She soon gets fully nude, and if you somehow made it this far (and, truth be told, I never have), you'll be done for sure soon. As she soon plays with herself. This solidified her as one of the top five babes I revisit the most amount of times.
Raquel is amazing and breathtaking and no scene proves it better than this. Sexy and hot, it is the perfect way to admire and worship her hairy perfection!

BONUS!! Hairy Raquel (Money Shot)- Found in the awesome compilation Monster Facials 4: The MovieIt's an (I would say just, but there is no just here cause this is AMAZING!) extended longer take of the cum-shot from our third place entry. Involving cum playing (including rubbing and swallowing!!), this was what truly made me fall in love with her, despite still not liking hairy girls back then. She is gorgeous, nasty, and sexy, and this stands as another of the greatest splooge moments in adult history! And, it makes me ask yet again, Mr. Rodney Moore, why didn't we get more entries in this comp series?!

I hope this introduced you to this dark haired and curvy stunner. And, if you were already a fan of hers, that's awesome! You are, clearly, someone of fine taste. To those of you, I ask you, which is your favorite scene of hers? And, if you know of her doing other work, let me know about it in the comments section below!