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4 Must See Scenes: Dorain Grant

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I LOVE Dorian Grant. Like we are talking top shelf favorites of mine. She was perfect and her scenes were amazing. I talked about this curvy and delicious Latin goddess several years ago, but you can think of this as companion piece to that or revisit of it. Or you could see this as just an excuse to talk about just how awesome she was! It's honestly kind of all those combined!
I'm ranking this list, but all four of them are totally worth your time and tissues! I have a link in the movie's title to where you can legally, of course(!), see/ purchase it.

4. MonsterFacials 3: The Movie- This was the scene that introduced me to this curvy babe. With her beautiful face, body, jet black hair, fair skin, and aforementioned eyes, I was utterly captivated. Like all the scenes here, it's edited down to just the highlights, basically. It starts off with her fixing herself up. Rodney Moore comes in and gives her hand. From the get go it's obvious she has the perfect, naturally, and shapely body. Her boobs look amazing. The money shot is hot and she has this crazy and sexy look in her large, brown eyes that made me melt. She then goes to the bathroom to wash herself up.  And, thus, I was made a fan immediately and needed more of her. So, I did some internet research, which led to even hotter scenes!!

3. Real Big Tits 10- This one combines some of my favorite things in the world: naturally curvy girls, fair skinned girls with black hair, and lesbian action. In it, Dorian hooks up with delicious Caucasian/ Latin babe Katheryn Marie (here simply named Kate), as they reveal their attraction for each other. This one is hot from the start due to to the curves and beauty of both ladies. To say that both of these delectable beauties are totally my type to a T would be a fucking understatement!

Anywho, they talk about how much they like each other and love each other's big, God-given boobies. Kate poses for Dorian, who is turned on. They take it inside which leads to pussy eating and 69ing. Both ladies have really good chemistry together, but one draw back is that for some reason they never kiss. I am a huge fan girls kissing girls and this sorely missed. But, even devoid of this scene is still smoldering and has me done many times over. I honestly need to see more of Dorian's lezzie scenes.

2. Big Boob Bangeroo 17- Holy fuck, is this scene ever hot, with me rarely making it past first couple of minutes. But, I mean how can one, when it starts with Dorian bent over? That ass is pure perfection, a gift from the Lord, if you may. And, then she turns around. Wow. Just fucking wow!! She looks incredible in the green, tight, and skimpy outfit she has on. Those curves just make me melt (I use that word a lot, but that's what Dorian makes me do!)
Also, cause is for me to melt, is that the dude who is holding the cam asks her is she got bigger. She says that she is sorry that she gained some weight. He states what I think every time I see this, that there is nothing wrong AT ALL with that. In fact, I would say that is just super yummy! Anywho, she teases the camera with her body, words, and action, and then gets to the fucking. She is AMAZING at acting provocatively, having not only the perfect words and look, but also voice for it. And, those aforementioned eyes! Wow. Just fucking wow!!!
Holy shit, she is pure sex or what? I mean when she does the come hither, I am ready to ask her to marry me! Anywho, both dudes, do her and there are multiple money shots (edited together, it looks like).

1. Little Latin Plump Humpers 9- This is not just my favorite scene of hers, but one of my top personal favorite scenes, by anyone. I have rewatched it countless of times. It is volcanic in its heat. From start to finish, she has me completely captivated by her beauty and unfettered sexiness.
She wearing this super, tight and revealing white dress that looks spectacular on her. Her body is so curvy and hot! Her legs, ass, and natural boobs look breathtaking . And, she drips sex from every pore of that perfect body of hers.
Also perfect is her ability to play up to the camera, doing and saying everything in a perfect and seductive manner. She knows she is hot and beautiful and knows how to seduce the viewer. To me, this whole tease scene is a 10+++. This tease is failry long, which is great, in my oh so humble opinion. I rarely make it very far and that is also fine by me.

I rarely make it to her being on all fours crawling, but if I somehow make it that far, it is even more difficult to make it even further! Seriously her behind is AMAZING (and even that word might not be doing it justice)!

If by some act of nature, I make past that, I can assure you I won't ever get to the actual fucking, cause, once again her come hither is the stuff of legends. When it gets to the actual fucking, of course, its nuclear hot. Once again both of the same dudes from the earlier scene do her and multiple money shots are done. She is one of hell of a performer and seems to be enjoying it, almost as much as we enjoy watching her. By the end, you will have a wasted enough tissues to fill a landfill and will be wanting to ask her for her hand in marriage.

Holy fuck. There is no doubt in my mind that Dorian Grant is one of the sexiest, most beautiful, delicious, and perfect woman ever, If their is a top-tier list of the women I enjoy spanking the monkey to the most, then she is in top 3 for sure, along with Nadia Nyce and Ember (clearly I do LOVE my raven tressed ladies). With her tasty, curvy, and natural figure, beautiful looks, and sensuous attitude, Dorain Grant was a true skin flick goddess. Let me know if you are a fan of this spectacular Latin beauty. If I get enough a response and/ views who knows, maybe I'll do a third article on her!


Anonymous said...

Absolutely one of the sexiest of that era.
Just know her from the Rodney Moore movies.
He was always able to discover some naturally beautiful women.
Great post.

Giovanni Deldio said...

Glad to hear from a fellow fan. She was so fucking sexy! I hope this post makes you look for some of her non Rodney scenes!
And, yes, he rules; he always used/ uses such beautiful women!