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Random Hotness IX: Alone with Hotties

It feels like it has been a long time since I have put one of these, but now feels like the right time. It's hot outside and now it's gonna get even hotter wherever the hell it is that you're reading this!

Jennifer Lawrence- Last Saturday, I finally got around to seeing X-Men: First Class. Now, the movie itself was pretty damn good, with solid acting from the leads playing Professor X, Magento, and Sebastian Shaw. But, man did they ever rewrite X-Men mythos! Comic purists beware! If you can look over that you will like it, a lot actually. The movie had a couple of hotties, but I must say the best babe, to me anyways, had to be Ms. Lawrence. She plays a young Mystique (who apparently has been friends with Xavier since they were kids... wait, what?!). She is so freaking beautiful!! And, a good actress to boot!
She is a great Mystique and might even be, and this is saying a lot, more beautiful than Rebecca Romijn. She also looks hot with blue skin on. Is it weird that I would have sex with her with the Mystique make-up on?
Asa Akira- Easily one of my fav babes of all time, I am very excited about Asa Akira's upcoming porno flick, This Is Why I'm Hot. This movie ranks as one of my most anticipated porno flicks coming out this year. I've discussed it here before, but it bears mentioning again, cause now the hardcore trailer is up! The rest of the cast is smoldering, too (Chanel Preston, Gracie Glam, Kristina Rose).
From what Tom Byron, himself, has told me Asa's performance sounds amazing! But, then when isn't it? She is unarguably one of porn's hottest and best babes. Beyond that she is the embodiment of perfection. A true goddess, if you will.
I guess there isn't much I can add, that I have not said before, but it's Asa. Who the hell amongst you is complaining about me posting more stuff/ pics on her? No one? That's what I thought. :)Moon Bloodgood- I missed the first episode of Falling Skies cause I was in Vegas (yes, AGAIN!), but I caught the second episode. Now, a friend of mine had said it that the show sucked. But, I had to see it for myself. After, True Blood was over instead of flipping over to watch UFC (which I ultimately ended up doing); I made the mistake of watching this crap. The show was unoriginal and not interesting or entertaining at all.
Moon looks gorgeous, of course, but she does not make the show worth watching. I mean I tried, but I ultimately couldn't. It's great to see a beautiful Asian woman in a lead role on a major TV show (especially a babe that I am already a fan of), but it's just too bad the show sucks alien dick. Hey, at least looking for pics of her to post here made up for the annoyance of watching that shit!
By the way, she was on Attack of the Show (it seems the first episode owned in the ratings department, I'm sure that will not be the case for long) last week, and she admitted to liking sci-fi and horror movies. Beautiful Asian babe who loves the genre = future wife material for me!


Vicky Vette in an Indonesian Horror Flick- Trailer!

One of the most beautiful MILFs in the world, Vicky Vette, is starring in an Indonesian horror flick. This is pretty huge for fans like me, who love porn stars and horror movies. Vicky is one of Twitters top followed porn stars. She ranks alongside of Jenna Jameson, Sasha Grey (who also recently shot a horror flick in Indonesia), and Bree Olsen. Ms. Vette first mentioned this flick over on her blog. Today she posted the trailer. I figured I would do the same here and share it with you guys, here, as well.

The movie also stars the beautiful and exotic Misa Campo. Plus, some other beautiful Asian women. It looks campy, sexy, and silly. I hope it gets released in the US and soon! Come on guys, it has all the stuff that is loved in this blog. Vicky Vette, Misa Campo, Asian babes, zombies, etc. Seriously! How can this movie be anything but epic? Sit back and enjoy the trailer:


Nikkatsu Roman Porno: Trailer Collection

Nikkastu is the oldest major studio in Japan. From the 70s to 1988, they made censorship pushing erotica that fell into various genres. These movies were known as Roman (as in romance, NOT the Italian city) Pornos. While, crotch and insertion shots were not permitted (still aren't and thus get optical censoring), these movies were still extremely sexy and successful.

This is a collection of trailers of some of these movies. Impulse Pictures will be releasing twenty-five of them! You get a good taste of these flicks, here.

The trailers get a teensy bit repetitive, after a while, and it can be hard to tell the difference between some movies. But, the stunning women and sheer hotness will keep your eyes interested, throughout. The Japanese fetishes that might may make some get a little shocked include stuff like peeing and, to us Americans, most shocking of all: rape. Other fetishes are pretty much common porn fodder: nurses and teachers, for example.

A couple of titles seem to be real stand-outs, and I certainly want to own them, when they come out on DVD. Like I said before, they cover many genres including action, comedy, and straight-up erotica. Also, included is a shot-on-vid short from the studio called Ryoko's Lesbian Flight, which is pretty sexy (at least lesbian stuff is anyway).

The linear notes from Behind the Pink Curtain author Jasper Sharp is very interesting and infromative. The picture quality is excellent and blows away ANY trailer collection, I have ever seen.

In all, fans of classic Japanese pink cinema should definitely pick this up. The amount of beautiful nude, sexually active Japanese girls should be enough of a reason for you to own this!

*** out of ****


The Top 10 Horror TV Shows of All Time

Last night the fourth season of True Blood started. Now, I will be the first to say that last season while, having it's moments was the weakest, yet. Last night's episode was interesting. I hope the series gets back into shape. There is a reason why I have professed my love for it countless of times, afterall.

Now, then, I had suggested to my Twitter friend and fellow horror blogger, Ruby Violence, to do a blog on horror TV shows. Now, it's my turn, particularly with the return of TB. Due to censorship issues doing horror on TV is difficult. Though, the amount of violence now allowed on TV is much greater. And, in general, genre shows have gotten much better and smarter, moreso with the aforementioned liberty now allowed on channels like HBO and Showtime. So, sit back and enjoy my picks. If you feel there is some show that should be on this list, definitely let me know!

10. Tales from the Darkside- This anthology series was highly uneven, as the comedic episodes many times did not work. But, when it was played seriously, it provided us with some classic genre moments. The FX work and acting were at their best in these episodes. Besides, it has the best intro to a TV show, this side of the Twilight Zone.

9. Friday the 13th: The Series- Controversial when it aired, for it's TV pushing gore, it could also be pretty corny, sometimes. And, the episodes followed a definite pattern, but likable characters and actors (and the hotness of Robey) made this one the best horror show on regular TV, at it's time. It far outshines stuff like Monsters and Freddy's Nightmares and holds a very special place in my heart. Watch the episodes surrounding the cursed coin, that feature zombies and Satanic cults, for those in doubt of whether this show belongs on this list.

8. Harper's Island- It only lasted for one season, but this mystery/ slasher series really rocks hard. One by one people invited to a wedding (that of beautiful Katie Cassidy, pictured at left) die at the hands of what could be a killer thought to be dead. The deaths are pretty gruesome for TV, the cast is good, and the babes are hot (but Cassidy is the best!). I only started watching this show now on Chiller TV, but I'm really into it. I highly recommend it!

7. Tales from the Crypt- The first HBO original series. Without there would be no Sopranos, True Blood, etc. Filled with amazing casts and directors, the great mix of horror and humor makes this THE best pure horror anthology TV show of all time. Being on premium cable meant the show could get away with the kind of graphic gore, sex, and nudity that regular TV could not ever show. The show lasted for a long time, and it meant that as a horror fan you had to subscribe to HBO. It also earns points for the fact that each episode was based on an issue of the 50s classic horror comic (along with it's sister mags The Haunt of Fear and The Vault of Horror), meaning that Crypt's influence was undeniable on practically all forms of horror entertainment.

6. The X-Files- While, the core of the series was sci-fi, IE alien investigations, make no bones about it, this show worked best when it went all out horror. Well, expect for vampires, it really, er, sucked at that. But, it held it's own when it came to: werewolves, ghosts, demonic possession, witches, Satan worshipers, mutants, monsters, serial killers, psychics, etc. Episodes dealing with inbred hillbilly killers (which shocked Fox execs and earned itself the rare, on regular TV, rating of TV-MA) and the death fetishist (let's call a spade a spade, he was a necrophiliac) rank among horror's finest on TV, as well as some of the most boundary pushing (again for free TV). All that said, the last two seasons or so, suck and swallow alien cock.

5. True Blood- Man, I can honestly say that I can be pretty obsessive when it comes to this show. The first season was good, but it's the magnificent second season that truly blew me away. I already talked about the last season and my hopes for this one. But, at it's best TB is smart, sexy, and gory. It's got a great cast of characters and actors. But, it's romance at it's core works. And, that is really important here that it does. The amount of sex, nudity, and babes makes it a feast for eyes. And, the gore splattering reminds you that this ain't not Twilight shit. I remain a Trubbie and proud of it!!!

4. Angel- THE greatest spin-off in the history of TV. Darker than Buffy, Angel started off good, but like it's sister show it didn't hit it's stride until the second season. It ended with a far superior season (when compared, again, to it's sister show). With a very likable and intense lead and his great supporting cast, the show's mix of horror, humor, fantasy, and detective story worked exceptionally well. The fact there were some real hot babes was, to me, an added bonus. Oh yeah, the episode were Angel gets turned into a puppet is one of the finest on any TV show, of any genre!

3. Dexter- One of the best acted and smartest TV shows ever made is the best way to describe Dexter. The show hit it's pinnacle two seasons ago with the Trinity killer. Lithgow remains the show's best villain. Sadly one problem that has marred the other seasons (well, other that the first one and the Trinity one), and that's having a fitting ending. Last season was a great example of a great season, with a terribly weak ending. Still, when it's on track this is as captivating as TV gets. And, it also features what is easily one of the most interesting lead characters on any TV show.

2. Buffy the vampire Slayer- For a long time, to me, this was the pinnacle of TV, and not just horror. That it was based on a terrible movie, only makes that much more impressive. The first season was fun, but once season two came it trampled all the horror that came before it. Smart, funny, scary, and even moving. I cared so much for these characters, that I cried when Buffy's mom died! And, Spike was (is?) my hero! I even dyed my hair to look like him. And, then there was the babe factor, and the writing! Really. For a show with a rather silly name the scripts were really intelligent. Season five, with the awesome and beautiful villainess Glory, remains one of my fav seasons on any TV show. Sadly, the last season was it's weakest, by far, but the final episode rules!

1. Supernatural- When I first heard of this show, I was like, "Oh, no, Buffy with dicks". But, little did I imagine how great it would be. Each season is better than the last. The two leads are great, likable, and interesting characters. The violence pushes what can be done regular TV, the babes rank among some of the yummiest on any show. And, just when you think that can't top themselves, they do. This show NEVER fails to amaze me. I thought they could not top Lucifer, from two seasons ago, I was wrong. Last season was incredible. I don't know how they do it, and do it so fucking well. I pretty much worship this show. Nothing before it can touch the level of quality it has set for itself. Oh yeah, the car is fucking cool, too! Oh, and so is the use of rock music!!! Honestly, I could gush on and on about this show, but I will end before I come off as a fanboy... Hmm, I think it might just be too late for that!


Saturday Nightmares June 4, 2011: Zombie Crawl & Bonus Fan Pics!

The last part of the day, consisted of the zombie crawl. I've done zombie crawls before, though I ain't done one in ages, but this is the first time I ever seen one at a con. Yes, other cons have had them, but none I have ever been at. For those not in know, a zombie crawl has fans dressed at zombies and walking a selected path. What made this one extra cool was that was lead by Dawn of the Dead star Ken Forree!!!

Anyway, at this crawl I was not a zombie, myself, I just took pics. And, at one point became a victim! Good times!

The zombies looked great (I hate when a person just slaps on some white crap and calls himself a zombie!)! But, a couple really stood out.

One of my favs had to be mini-Maniac Cop!

One thing I learned is that zombies not only love human flesh, but they drink soda, too!

Cult/ b-movie actor John Link makes for a great zombie!

They're coming to get me, Barbara!

Creepy ass girls!!!

Political zombie! Wait don't we have these already in real life?!

Beauty queen zombie! Even as a member of the living dead, she will strike a sexy pose for you!

Crawling for human flesh!!!

By, this point Ken Forree has already sent his living dead forces to attack my friends, Pat and Alan, and I! What were to do? Honestly, that made my day!!!!

Oh, crap! I'm done for!!

THE best zombie of the day: Dorothy!! Wicked Witch watch your green ass!!!!

Much like humans with great taste in metal, zombies like W.A.S.P., too!

Ken Forree gathering the living dead troops!!!

And, so the zombie crawl drew to an end, but not without a final word from Forree and the walking dead:

The real-deal Dawn of the Dead hare krishna zombie!!!

Hey, mon! It's rasta zombie!!!

And, now for some random pics not related to the earlier posts that I took at the con.

I did not attend the Creature screening, so I have no clue, how the movie was but the girls promoting it looked hot, so.....

This Ghostbuster was spotted at the crawl. Can a Ghostbuster beat a zombie?! I don' t know. There was a comic, but I didn't read it.

And, now the truth can be revealed. The Master's master is Cthulhu!


Saturday Nightmares June 4, 2011: Exculsive Interviews with Suzi Lorianne & Debbie Rochon

A little after the screening and panel on Won Ton Baby, I had the pleasure of talking to the movie's two lovely stars: Suzi Lorianne and Debbie Rochon.

Earlier in the day, before interviewing Suzi, I picked up the February 2011 issue of GoreZone magazine. This is actually the last issue of the mag, as it seems to be done. Suzi wrote, in her monthly column in the mag, about a sick and twisted couple that picked up and tortured girls. It's a very interesting read, so check it out, if you ain't done so, yet.

When, it finally came time to interview Suzi, she gave me some great answers to my questions about Won Ton Baby.

Afterwards, I got a few quick words from co-star, the all around awesome Debbie Rochon!