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Saturday Nightmares June 4, 2011: Exculsive Interviews with Suzi Lorianne & Debbie Rochon

A little after the screening and panel on Won Ton Baby, I had the pleasure of talking to the movie's two lovely stars: Suzi Lorianne and Debbie Rochon.

Earlier in the day, before interviewing Suzi, I picked up the February 2011 issue of GoreZone magazine. This is actually the last issue of the mag, as it seems to be done. Suzi wrote, in her monthly column in the mag, about a sick and twisted couple that picked up and tortured girls. It's a very interesting read, so check it out, if you ain't done so, yet.

When, it finally came time to interview Suzi, she gave me some great answers to my questions about Won Ton Baby.

Afterwards, I got a few quick words from co-star, the all around awesome Debbie Rochon!