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Saturday Nightmares June 4, 2011: Zombie Crawl & Bonus Fan Pics!

The last part of the day, consisted of the zombie crawl. I've done zombie crawls before, though I ain't done one in ages, but this is the first time I ever seen one at a con. Yes, other cons have had them, but none I have ever been at. For those not in know, a zombie crawl has fans dressed at zombies and walking a selected path. What made this one extra cool was that was lead by Dawn of the Dead star Ken Forree!!!

Anyway, at this crawl I was not a zombie, myself, I just took pics. And, at one point became a victim! Good times!

The zombies looked great (I hate when a person just slaps on some white crap and calls himself a zombie!)! But, a couple really stood out.

One of my favs had to be mini-Maniac Cop!

One thing I learned is that zombies not only love human flesh, but they drink soda, too!

Cult/ b-movie actor John Link makes for a great zombie!

They're coming to get me, Barbara!

Creepy ass girls!!!

Political zombie! Wait don't we have these already in real life?!

Beauty queen zombie! Even as a member of the living dead, she will strike a sexy pose for you!

Crawling for human flesh!!!

By, this point Ken Forree has already sent his living dead forces to attack my friends, Pat and Alan, and I! What were to do? Honestly, that made my day!!!!

Oh, crap! I'm done for!!

THE best zombie of the day: Dorothy!! Wicked Witch watch your green ass!!!!

Much like humans with great taste in metal, zombies like W.A.S.P., too!

Ken Forree gathering the living dead troops!!!

And, so the zombie crawl drew to an end, but not without a final word from Forree and the walking dead:

The real-deal Dawn of the Dead hare krishna zombie!!!

Hey, mon! It's rasta zombie!!!

And, now for some random pics not related to the earlier posts that I took at the con.

I did not attend the Creature screening, so I have no clue, how the movie was but the girls promoting it looked hot, so.....

This Ghostbuster was spotted at the crawl. Can a Ghostbuster beat a zombie?! I don' t know. There was a comic, but I didn't read it.

And, now the truth can be revealed. The Master's master is Cthulhu!