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Saturday Nightmares June 4, 2011: Won Ton Baby Screening & Panel

My friends and I sat to watch the hilarious horror/ comedy Won Ton Baby. Written (from a story by Suzi Lorianne) and directed by James Mogart, it tells the tale of a hooker/ madam named Madam Won Ton (Debbie Rochon) who has sex with an Elvis impersonator. But, they do drugs and the daughter (Suzi) comes out a little on the slow side and with an embryo inside of her. When it is birthed, it begins a spree that includes killing, jerking off to poop fetish porn, and rape.

The movie's cast is quite likable, and it all adds to a very fun time. There is some good gore and the female cast is very easy on the eyes. If you love stuff like Evil Dead, and in particular Basket Case, you will totally adore and enjoy this one! It's very politically incorrect, which I really appreciate. Though, if you are closed minded and easily offended this movie might not be for you. But, if you are I doubt you would be reading my blog. Now would you? With that being said, I can't wait till it hits DVD!!! I give the movie *** out of ****.

Afterwards, there was a panel with the cast and crew. It was equally fun and entertaining and informative to boot. This is some video that I shot of it.

Next part: Interviews with Debbie Rochon and Suzi Lorianne!! Stay tuned!!