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6 Must See Scenes: Eve (Rodney Moore Hairy Girl Edition)

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Eve (who is also known Vicky over on ATK Hairy) has to be one of the sexiest girls to ever shoot often for Rodney Moore's Seattle Hairy Girls and Horny Hairy Girls. Shapely, beautiful, impossible busty, and hot as hell, her scenes were always bonerific. The following are my favorite scenes that she appeared in his work. They are in ascending order of hotness, though all of them are super strokerfic! As always all scenes come with links were you can legally see/ purchase them.

6. Eve and Rodney Moore- This sexy scene from Seattle Hairy Girls 29&30 has the beautiful Eve looking around for a seamstress. She runs into Rodney Moore, who tells her to come to his hotel room. He has her nude pic on his laptop, and she is embarrassed. He convinces that if she gets nude and she blows him, that he will help her find the seamstress. This fun and sexy scene has Eve showing us just how and awesome she is at teasing. It also showcases her knockout curves and sexy hair. The whole scene is good, but it's the first half that has my favorite moments.

5. Eve, Honey Bunch, and Rodney Moore- In this one from Seattle Hairy Girls 39&40, Eve plays a dominatrix that Rodney hires, but she gives him whiplash with her huge knockers. She calls in a nurse, who is played by the absolutely beautiful and delicious Honey Bunch, to help her revive him. This hot a scene threesome with two hairy and curvy babes that will make you wonder why this never happens to you when you stay at a hotel!

4. Eve and Polly Garter- Speaking of curvy and hairy babes, this lesbo scene found in Horny Hairy Girls 32, fits that category to perfection. In it, Eve and Polly Garter work at the same place. Eve has heard that Polly has called her slut. She soon learns that Polly is a virgin, even though she has a boyfriend. She volunteers to teach the lovely Polly the ropes. Very hot kissing begins a woody causing scene that also has huge boob sucking, masturbation, and strap-on action. I love the ending, where Polly falls in love with Eve, but she's a slut and don't play that shit! Both Eve and Polly have curvy bodies, jet black hair and bush, sexy legs, big boobs, fair skin, and beautiful faces, thus complement each other perfectly!

 3. Eve and Saffron- Right off the bat, I have to say that Saffron is one of the most beautiful and sexy hairy girls around (she did, after all, rank in the top three of my best hairy girls from Rodney Moore ever ). Anyway, in this Seattle Hairy Girls 33&34 scene, Eve knows and thus confronts the stunning, shapely, hairy, and leggy Saffron about fucking her hubby. She tells her that now, she'll have to fuck her, too. This scene absolutely smolders from the moment that it starts.

2. Eve (Solo)- Honestly though, my favorite scenes of hers are her solo stuff. Hence two of them take the top spots. Taking the silver medal is this scrocher from Seattle Hairy Girls 27&28, in which she is the gorgeous and voluptuous cover-girl. It starts off with Eve going up the escalators and walking on the sidewalk. Then, she stops to say hi to us. She looks impossibly breathtaking! The short and revealing dress really shows off her incredible cleavage and heartstopping legs. She soon tells us to come up with her to see more. 
Inside, she asks what we like, focusing on her very sexy and hairy attributes. Her soft and sexy voice is perfect at sounding flirty and hot, playing up to us (the camera) with hot, dirty talk. This leads her to, of course, play with herself. The scene never lets up in being HOT. It's fucking incredible and takes full advantage of having one of the sexiest babes with one of the best bodies ever in it.

1. Eve (solo)- And, now for my pick for her hottest scene. This is the one I revisit the most often and is, in fact, one of my top favorite scenes by anyone. It comes from Seattle Hairy Girls 49&50. In it, she plays a nervous girl who is learning to play the piano. She is fucking up and soon notices that you are checking her out. And, she likes it, a lot!

She, of course, begins to tease you with her body and eventually plays with herself, even getting on top of the piano to have more naughty fun. I haven't wanted to play the piano this badly since I first saw the video for Motley Crue's "Home, Sweet Home"! She is so sexy and so fucking good at talking dirty and playing up to the camera, that the screen fucking melts every single time I watch it! 

The short and revealing outfit looks incredible on her, as she looks absolutely gorgeous, in it. Her face looks captivatingly beautiful and her boobies look spectular. Her legs look beyond incredible!! In fact, as a big fan of her legs, its this that really cements this as a perfect scene for me (though the fantasy setup definitely helps). And, then there is her big butt, oh and her bush! And, well, look point is she looks and is perfect in this hotter than fucking hell, absolute must see (and own!) scene!!

Honestly, writing this reminded me why she is one of my favorites. And, why I revisit her scenes so often (especially the top two). So, are you a fan of Eve? Any favorites scenes of hers of yours? Let me hear your love for Eve in the comments section below!


Anonymous said...

Eve is definitely one of my favorite's, a classic hairy voluptuous beauty!

Giovanni Deldio said...

Glad to hear from a fellow fan of Eve!! She's so hot, hairy, sexy, and gorgeous.