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Horror Crush: Lauren LaVera

As I said last time, I am planning on doing Horror Crush inductions more often. And, so today we induct a beauty who is destined, in my humble opinion, to go in the category of greatest final girls ever, the gorgeous Lauren LaVera!

LaVera was born in Philadelphia, PA on June 14, 1994. She is an all around ass kicker, having been trained for many years in various forms of martial arts, kick boxing, weapons, and firearms, and a trained dancer for ballroom and ballet. Also, she's been acting since 2016, working on various short films and TV, including the short lived Netflix/ Marvel show Iron Fist (2017). 

It's her role in the 2022 slasher sequel, Terrifier 2, that won our hearts, as well as this induction. After seemingly dying in the excellent first film, Art the Clown (David Howard Thornton) is resurrected by some evil entity, The Little Pale Girl (Amelie McLain). He soon begins his killing spree anew. In the meantime, teenager Sienna (LaVera) is getting her Halloween costume ready. Her younger brother Jonathon (Elliot Fullam) has become immersed in all things Art the Clown, even wanting to dress like him for the holiday. Sienna soon has a nightmare about Art and her costume's wings are set a afire in a seemingly supernatural manner. Eventually, Art targets her friend and mom, and kidnaps Jon. Sienna will have to do battle with the twisted and unstoppable clown. 

Terrifier 2 is that rarest of sequels, perhaps in even more rare in slasher subgenre, the sequel that tops its awesome first movie. Writer/ director/ editor/ producer/ makeup artist Damien Leone has made an epic and brutal masterpiece that cements Art as one of the great horror villains. Far crueler than his counterparts like Jason or Michael Art doesn't just kill. He mutilates in manners that make this absolutely merciless gorefest and one of last year's best horror movies

While, it is a bit longer than it may need to be, it does allow for character development, in particular when it comes Sienna. LaVera gives an awesome performance her. She is tough, likable, and brave. The way she is willing to not just take on Art, but her heart and soul, make her a great heroine. One that I think, as times passes, will be ranked right next to other great final girls like Ellen Ripley, Kristy Cotton, Laurie Strode, Nancy Thompson, etc. Of course, it goes without saying that LaVera is a natural stunner, on top of being a fucking badass!

I actually had the pleasure of meeting LaVera last year in November 2022's Monster-Mania. She is so sweet and gorgeous in person. I wish I had seen the movie when I met her, so that I could've told her how amazing she is in it. Hopefully, I will get the chance in a future con, and she can also sign my Blu-ray of the movie.

 Lauren LaVera has rapidly become a fan favorite thanks to her amazing portrayal of Sienna in Terrifier 2. Her beauty and badassery really bring her character to life. She's a fucking awesome heroine in a movie destined to become a classic of the genre. And, so it is a no brainer, that Lauren LaVera is a more than worthy addition to Horror Crushes!