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The Top 5 David Cronenberg Films

Recently, I have been watching a bunch of David Cronenberg films, including watching Shivers (the first time I am seeing that film). Cronenberg is one of my favorite, if not in fact, my favorite director. While, he has mostly abandoned horror, post A History of Violence (although that film has elements horror fans can appreciate) his movies are still graphic and outside of what the typical, mainstream filmmaker would create. Also, aside from the unwatchable, to me anyways, Naked Lunch, I have never seen a bad film from him. That said I have no desire toe ever see M. Butterfly (his first non-horror film) and have yet to see Spider and Eastern Promises.

Overall his body of work is comprised of many classics, and he is the thinking man's horror director. Plus, his main running theme of body horror, sets him outside of others in the genre. In all, the man is a master, and, to me, these are his five best films. All of which you need to see, or if you already saw them, watch over again.

1. - My absolute fav Cronenberg film is, also, the best remake ever made. Chris Walas' FX work ranks among the best the genre has seen, with great looking monster make-up and animatronics and gruesome and gross content (including- acid vomit, arm breaking arm wrestling, an exploding head, maggot birth, etc), the movie also works because of the excellent acting and writing. You really feel sorry for the two main leads, Davis and Goldblum. And, the ending is actually very tragic. This is the ultimate beauty and the beast story and remains one of Cronenberg's biggest and best known films.

2. The best of his work in the 70s, The Brood is undeniably gruesome (in particular the scene where Samantha Eggar bites into the sack that holds one of her brood births), but it is also smart and one of his most powerful films. The acting is strong, and once again despite the gross-out moments, there is a strong message about the horrors of child abuse and the cycle and after results they create. Plus, like The Fly, there is a role that seems to be a villain but then becomes a hero. Not only that but Cronenberg has a way, in this film in particular, to make the impossible seem realistic in a scientific sense. And, that is no mean feat there.

3. - If ever there was a film that defines the "body horror" of Cronenberg it is this one. It is also a film that only gets more and more fascinating with each repeated viewing. Commenting on the affects of sex and violence in entertainment (in a film that is chockful of them), the age of video, what is real and what is not. I mean there are themes upon themes here. The cast is great. The grotesque make-up FX are shocking (witness the gory squibs, exploding head, vagina-like stomach opening, flesh guns, TV's barfing out guts, etc.). The story is not for everyone, but smart audiences, horror fans, and well those with an interest in Debra' Harry's hot, naked body, need to watch this. But, not just once... "Long live the new flesh!"

4. - After it seemed that Cronenberg could not get back to excellent level he is known for; he delivers this. While, the gruesome and sexually charged Crash was a good film, it was not up on par with the films on this list. This one is. Playing like what it is, a mainstream film by way of Cronenberg, this graphic action/ thriller is the only non-horror film on this list. But, as I said before it does have materiel that horror fans can sink their teeth into. The shocking, brutal violence (bludgeoning, gory squibs, head-shots, etc) and the strong sexual content (including full frontal nudity by the absolutely gorgeous Maria Bello and her getting a brutal fucking on the stairs) should be more than enough to please them. The movie is also a fascinating character study, one that only gets better after each viewing.

5. - The last film on my list, may have the least amount of shocking content, but by no means is it a walk through the park. A horrifying dream scene and the bloody, depressing ending, as well as the sex make sure your grandma won't be asking to see this one. Jeremy Irons gives his best performance ever, I think, and so does Genevieve Bojuld. A powerful, dark, and downer mix of horror, drama, and thriller.


Music Mix: By the Power of Ballad

Sorry, it took so long but here is the link to my first mix. It's all metal power ballads. And, they are not all hair bands. In fact, you will find thrash, metalcore, and goth metal bands, among, the typical power ballad guys. Hope you guys enjoy it.

You can download it here: http://www.4shared.com/file/60810390/9522253f/By_the_Power_of_Ballad.html


PREDATOR II and other Reviews

As some of may know I review movies for the Gorezone. Currently my review for horror themed porno PREDATOR II: THE RETURN is up. Said movie is directed, written, and stars the beautiful and talented Stormy Daniels . It also has one of this blog's most loved porn babes, Gianna Lynn , and a plethora of other goddesses.

Other horror and exploitation films I have recently reviewed:


Wrestling- These Last Few Weeks

I have been a wrestling ever since I was a kid. My earliest, vivid memory of it was Mr. Wonderful turning on Hogan. And, in the Attitude era, I was insanely into wrestling. But, since the fall of ECW and WCW it has been VERY hard to be a wrestling fan. Anywho, here are some of my random thoughts on recent shit that has been going down:

WWE Goes to the Kids- Back in the days of the Monday Night Wars, wrestling began to take a turn towards more mature storylines. Thanks to the underground popularity of ECW and the fact that WCW was kicking their ass in the ratings, the WWF began, in 1997 (though hints were already appearing before that) to add more sex, graphic language, adult themes, and blood to their TV shows. WCW would partake in this too, though, not really, until former WWF writer Vince Russo jumped ship to them. Cut to the present. With the wrestling biz getting slammed by the critics and the news, the WWE decides to fore go that type of entertainment and not concentrate on the 18-39 male demographic (who gave them their rating to begin with). So no more excessive amounts of blood, no Divas in thongs, no cursing, no beer drinking, no sex, etc. A recent segment had JBL trying to convince straight edger CM Punk to do a shot of whiskey. WTF?! A long cry from the days of Austin drinking beer in the ring. Guess, the WWE now cares more about selling T-shirts to Cena's 12 year old fans than to appeal to the older fans. Fuck 'em!

Jeff Jarrett and Sting- first and foremost, who gives a fuck about them? Do any of you? If so, please, write a comment, cause I sure as hell do not! I stopped caring about Sting after WCW folded. I was a huge mark for the guy. And, while he can still put out a good match, his promos suck ass. And, I care even less about this whole thing they are doing on TNA, with has he turned heel? Fuck Sting! And, fuck this storyline, too! And, it has only gotten worse, cause now it seems Jeff Jarrett will return. Uhm, why?! Known as the HHH of TNA, the last time I cared for him was also in the waning days of TNA. I was a huge mark for his "Slap Nuts" gimmick. But, I HATED everything he has done in TNA, since. Yes, he too, can pull off a good match, but his time is over. I really get angry whenever the guitar or bat appear on TV. Quite frankly, Sting and Jarrett can shove their weapons up their collective asses!

Gail Kim Leaves TNA- If you have read my past blogs on Gail Kim , you know I am HUGE mark for her. She recently got done with her three year contract with TNA . So, she has now signed with the WWE. I hope they use her right. Last time she was there, the WWE totally misused her. Expect me to way pissed-off if they do this again. I would love to see Gail on Raw and kick the ass out of all their Divas and get the belt. I greatly prefer her to anyone on the WWE roster. Hey, she might even get her own figure, finally! But it bares mentioning that her last weeks on TNA had a storyline involving her "sister", Katie Kim...

Katie Kim, Who the Hell Is She Really?- Well, she ain't Gail's real life sister, that's for sure. In reality she is referee's Earl Hebner's daughter the beautiful Jennifer Lee Chan . She has done acting on TV and used to wrestle, as Jade , on the shitty now dead brand known as WOW (Women of Wrestling) run by the guy who use to run GLOW, as Jade:

I wonder what they will with her now, that Gail is gone. But, goddamn is she hot or what?!


Camilla Belle

I was watching The Quiet (more on that film later) last night, and I thought to myself, "Man, it really sucks that Camilla Belle is underrated." So, I decided to write this in appreciation for her talent and beauty .

Born Camilla Belle Routh , of a Brazilian mother named Cristina Routh, a former fashion designer in Brazil and current manager to her, and construction company owner, Jack Routh, on October 2, 1986, Belle began her actual career at the age of nine doing print ads. She went on to do lots of direct to video and TV roles. Most of these films are made up of stuff I will probably never see (Trapped Beneath the Earth, Annie: A Royal Adventure!), as well as minor roles in stuff like Lost World: Jurassic Park. But, it wasn't until her appearances in The Ballad of Jack and Rose and The Chumscrubber that she began to get some recognition.

Her most well known role, though, came in the remake of late 70s horror film, When a Stranger Calls . I talked a little about this film in the blog on Katie Cassidy, so just read 'em there.

Anyways, back to The Quiet . This underrated little known about film came out in 2006. In it she plays Dot a deaf-mute girl that is taken in by a family. Their daughter Nina (the beautiful Elisha Cuthbert) hates her and picks on her, but discovers one day, that Dot has her own secret. And, decides to tell her her's , that her dad is having an incestuous relationship with her. Dark and disturbing, the movie is highly recommended by me. The cast pulls out some great acting, and the film is certainly not a feel good movie. Belle is really good, and this is excellent proof of why this beauty needs to be more movies.

Sadly, her next role was in sci-fi flick 10,000 BC , a movie I am in rush to see, anytime soon.

Anywho, with her beautiful jet black hair, gorgeous eyes, dark eyebrows, nice rack, and beautiful face (having some Brazilian blood is definitely a good thing), Belle is easily, to me, one of the most gorgeous babes out there, hope we will be seeing more of her (in all aspects of that phrase!).


Battlestar Galatica- The Greatest Sci-Fi Show Ever!

Man, I only recently got into this AMAZING sci-fi show. Why? Did it take, yours truly, so long? Well, I never liked the original show. I always thought, even as a kid, that it was a piece of shit (sorry to any fans out there, but that is my opinion). So, cut to the present, with too much free time and other reasons, I decide that I wanna finally wanna check what the hype for this show is all about. Behold, they have season 1, 2.0, and 2.5 for 20 bucks each at Circuit City last month. So, I cave in and get them.

Having just finished season 1 , as well as sn 2.0 , and currently into season 2.5 , I can tell you that this show owns! It is worth every bit of hype that it gets. Gone is the cheese and lameness of the original (I know, I know it has it's fans, but I just told you I ain't one of them!).

It is much darker, violent, sexy, and deeper than that show could ever dream of being. It touches on so many subjects: life, religion, war, what it is to be human, I mean jeez, this show is perfect! The characters are complexly written and so is what happens around them. Despite the sci-fi trappings it is a drama first and foremost. A human drama, that I have become completely obsessed with. In fact, I find myself thinking about this show, and waht happens in it, quite often. Beyond the adjectives I just gave to you, I can add involving, uplifting, powerful, inspiring. This is the only sci-fi show that I have ever cried or been shocked, or been disgusted by the actions of the characters. And, many of those characters are not even Cylons!

The story, I will sum it up for you. Humans are at war with the Cylons . We made them, but now they have evolved and made themselves look and feel like humans . The Galatica looks to find the mythological planet known as Earth. All the while, evading and defeating the Cylons. I ain't telling you anything else. Go see it for yourself.

The cast is amazing , and their acting is excellent. I have long been a fan of Edward James Olmos and he is fucking awesome in this show. His character (Commander Adama) is one of my five fav characters in the show. Who is my fav? I'll answer that in a few seconds.

The visual style of the series is great, and it all helps to keep the show grounded in reality. I like the fact that they use bullets, as opposed to laser fire. Not only does it make for messier violence (in a show that is pretty violent and intense for TV, no less), but, well like I said before, it keeps all more real.

OK, so I know that you are saying, "Wait, this is the Master, and yet, he is not talking about how hot the babes are in this show. " Well, of course, I am gonna discuss that! Like I said the show is a lot sexier than the old show ever was. I know Tricia Helfer gets a lot of press. Now, she is fucking hot and all and is very sexy, seductive, and deadly in her role as Cylon Six who has a relationship with a human Dr. Baltar. She was also in Playboy . But, personaly speaking, my fav babe is Grace Park . She plays Sharon "Boomer" Valeri, who is also a Cylon (God, they really make them hot, don't they? ), but her character is very complex. As are her relationships with others. And, that answers the question of who is my fav character. It is Boomer! She was recently in Complex (ahh, coincidence, considering, what I just said) magazine and looked AMAZING in it . Truth be told Grace is one of the hottest women that ever lived.

Anywho, I know this 4th season will be the last one, but let me finish watching the rest of the show befoe I get to that. Till, then, I hope you fans keep watching, and that I may have convinced another of you guys, much like I was, to view this modern masterpiece. For this is THE greatest sci-fi show, ever!