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Wrestling- These Last Few Weeks

I have been a wrestling ever since I was a kid. My earliest, vivid memory of it was Mr. Wonderful turning on Hogan. And, in the Attitude era, I was insanely into wrestling. But, since the fall of ECW and WCW it has been VERY hard to be a wrestling fan. Anywho, here are some of my random thoughts on recent shit that has been going down:

WWE Goes to the Kids- Back in the days of the Monday Night Wars, wrestling began to take a turn towards more mature storylines. Thanks to the underground popularity of ECW and the fact that WCW was kicking their ass in the ratings, the WWF began, in 1997 (though hints were already appearing before that) to add more sex, graphic language, adult themes, and blood to their TV shows. WCW would partake in this too, though, not really, until former WWF writer Vince Russo jumped ship to them. Cut to the present. With the wrestling biz getting slammed by the critics and the news, the WWE decides to fore go that type of entertainment and not concentrate on the 18-39 male demographic (who gave them their rating to begin with). So no more excessive amounts of blood, no Divas in thongs, no cursing, no beer drinking, no sex, etc. A recent segment had JBL trying to convince straight edger CM Punk to do a shot of whiskey. WTF?! A long cry from the days of Austin drinking beer in the ring. Guess, the WWE now cares more about selling T-shirts to Cena's 12 year old fans than to appeal to the older fans. Fuck 'em!

Jeff Jarrett and Sting- first and foremost, who gives a fuck about them? Do any of you? If so, please, write a comment, cause I sure as hell do not! I stopped caring about Sting after WCW folded. I was a huge mark for the guy. And, while he can still put out a good match, his promos suck ass. And, I care even less about this whole thing they are doing on TNA, with has he turned heel? Fuck Sting! And, fuck this storyline, too! And, it has only gotten worse, cause now it seems Jeff Jarrett will return. Uhm, why?! Known as the HHH of TNA, the last time I cared for him was also in the waning days of TNA. I was a huge mark for his "Slap Nuts" gimmick. But, I HATED everything he has done in TNA, since. Yes, he too, can pull off a good match, but his time is over. I really get angry whenever the guitar or bat appear on TV. Quite frankly, Sting and Jarrett can shove their weapons up their collective asses!

Gail Kim Leaves TNA- If you have read my past blogs on Gail Kim , you know I am HUGE mark for her. She recently got done with her three year contract with TNA . So, she has now signed with the WWE. I hope they use her right. Last time she was there, the WWE totally misused her. Expect me to way pissed-off if they do this again. I would love to see Gail on Raw and kick the ass out of all their Divas and get the belt. I greatly prefer her to anyone on the WWE roster. Hey, she might even get her own figure, finally! But it bares mentioning that her last weeks on TNA had a storyline involving her "sister", Katie Kim...

Katie Kim, Who the Hell Is She Really?- Well, she ain't Gail's real life sister, that's for sure. In reality she is referee's Earl Hebner's daughter the beautiful Jennifer Lee Chan . She has done acting on TV and used to wrestle, as Jade , on the shitty now dead brand known as WOW (Women of Wrestling) run by the guy who use to run GLOW, as Jade:

I wonder what they will with her now, that Gail is gone. But, goddamn is she hot or what?!