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Blood of 1,000 Virgins

My latest review for best-horror-movies.com is a trailer collection named Blood of a 1000 Virgins. It's hosted by the lovely Playboy Playmate, Nikki Leigh. You can read it here: http://www.best-horror-movies.com/review?name=blood-of-1000-virgins-2013-review


Burning Angel at One Last Shag- 5/15/13

All pics courtesy of Negative Pop and myself.
This past Wednesday, May, 15, 2013, I attended my first Burning Angel event in what amounted to two years, and coincidentally, it was held at the same place that the last one I attended was at: One Last Shag in Brooklyn, NY. I had a real good time, and so did anyone else who attended this standing room only event.
Our host for the night was Burning Angel owner and head babe, the always beautiful and sweet Joanna Angel. She was her usual pleasant self and, of course, looked amazing! At the event one of her movies, Baristas, played. It basically tells the tale of a coffee place called, Coffee Hole, run by Joanna and where hot tattooed babes work at, played by Burning Angel hotties: Kleio Valentein, Krista Kaos, Veruca James, and Jessie Lee. Dana Dearmond is also in the movie playing a hippie. Though the movie was edited for time, making hardcore scenes still hardcore but a lot shorter, it was still clear that the sex was hot, especially the Kleio, Veruca, and one lucky guy scene. 

 But, the other appeal of the movie is the humor. It's a decidely really fun and funny movie. I think it ranks among the best of the Burning Angel movies. Besides it's about two of my favorite subjects: coffee and hot chicks with tattoos!! It also plays a parody on reality TV. In the last act of the movie the cast goes all Jersey Shore on us. Kleio and Jessie look AMAZING in black wigs, and Joanna is just awesome trying to be all Jersey Shore-ish, Joe Cappucino (Danny Wylde) is just a truly hilarious character!
 In the meantime the always awesome and totally hot as hell Kleio Valentein was serving free beer courtesy of PBR and free coffee from Pour'n Coffee. I mean how in the hell do you beat a free event that has free coffee and beer, porn, and hot tattooed chicks? You just can't! And, Kleio was, as she always is, a sweet and fun bartender. It's always such a pleasure to see and talk to her. 
After the film was over, Joanna answered some Q&A. As always, Joanna's friendly and down to earth personality really comes through. She talked about how the idea for the movie came about, among other subjects. One of the highlights had her saying that she is going to shoot in the Moon, thanks to Measure B. Hmm, the Mooninites from Aqua Teen Hunger Force (or whatever that shows calls itself now!), will be happy with that news!  
Joanna and Kleio also signed movies and pictures for the fans. As well as posed for pics with them. It's just further proof of how fan friendly Burning Angel really is. And, like you can see from my earlier mini-review, I really recommend Baristas. So go get it, now!
All in all, this was a lot fun and, I'm glad I went to it. Not just cause I had a blast, but because I got to cover it for you guys, who couldn't be there. 
 Kleio poses with the Pour'n Coffee. I had some of it. Man, it's good, strong coffee!
 Kleio is such a sweetheart. I can never say enough nice things about how awesome she is! :)
This might be my favorite picture I have with Joanna Angel, ever. Not an exaggeration! 

By the way, if you want more coffee related pics, be sure to check out this folder on the event on my and my friends coffee page on Facebook: Cawwwffee!


Interview with the Super Hot Jacky Joy at Exxxotica AC 2013

All photography by BAS Photography and Design
Video shot by Kristin Debenedictis
Video Edited by Negative Pop

At the first ever Exxxotica AC, I got to conduct this real fun interview with the beautiful and busty Jacky Joy. She was really sweet and sexy, and we got to talk sex, porn, and even a little about Ghostbusters! She was posing next to to the Ecto 1 car (the one from part 2 actually) and the Stay Puff Marshmallow Man after all!



My latest review for best-horror-movies.com has me taking on the upcoming, gritty survival horror flick, Black Rock, starring Kate Bosworth, Lake Bell, and Katie Aselton (who also directed). You can read the review here: http://www.best-horror-movies.com/review?name=black-rock-2013-review


Preview of "Shades of Pink"

All pics courtesy of Mile High Media and Sweetheart Video:

Today's preview is one hell of scorcher, from the erotic geniuses at Sweetheart Video and writer/ director Melissa Monet. I still cannot get over how HOT this fucking looks!!

From the Mile High Media description:

Justine Joli is a woman who knows what she wants. She has a well-trained slave in Maddy O’Reilly, who is perfection; but it’s time for Maddy to move on to another Mistress. So Justine has to search for her replacement; a woman she can bring pleasure to, a woman open to more than an ordinary life has to offer. Spotting Kirsten Price, Justine knows that Kirsten “is” that woman. By introducing different women into Kirsten’s life, Justine slowly begins the process of breaking Kirsten, turning her into the woman she always yearned to be, turning her into Justine’s ultimate slave. The cast includes: Dana DeArmond, Sinn Sage &; Kiera Winters. Written & Directed By Melissa Monet.

The full cast is:
Maddy O'Reilly, Kristen Price, Dana DeArmond, Sinn Sage, Kiera Winters, Justine Joli.

 Maddy O'Reilly
 Dana DaArmond
 Justine Joli
 Kirsten Price
 Kiera Winters
 Sinn Sage

From the Mile High Media press release:
“I’m so excited for fans to finally see a preview of ‘Shades of Pink,’” states Director Melissa Monet.  “The movie shows a new dimension of Sweetheart Video, while giving fans amazing sex scenes with some of their favorite performers.”

After I saw the incredibly sexy, even its SFW form, trailer, I was sold, fifty million times, over!! Here it is:


This sexy flick will be hitting DVD on May 15, 2013. I am running to my local adult store to get a copy for myself. After seeing all of this, I know you will want too, as well!!


Hot Asian Girl of the Month: Celina Jade

Hey, it's my birthday month: May!!! And, my pick for this month's Hot Asian Girl of the Month is the gorgeous actress Celina Jade. She can come party with me on my birthday, or any other day, for that matter.

She was born in June 10, 1985. Her father is Roy Horan, an American star of Kung Fu flicks, who worked with the legendary Bruce Lee AND Jackie Chan! She is of Chinese, Spanish, French, English, and American Indian decent.

This multi-talented beauty is an actress, model, martial artist, and a signer!

She made her acting debut in Legendary Assassin. Though, I first became aware of her in the RZA's Man with the Iron Fists. She was one of many gorgeous Asian beauties in that fun, blood-drenched flick.

It's on the CW's Arrow, though, where she has really caught my interest. Playing Shado, she truly looks absolutely stunning!!

 As I mentioned before, she also a signer:

With a flawlessly beautiful face, hot body, and a multifaceted career this stunner will hopefully continue to rise in popularity. She is already a favorite here!



RIP Jeff Hanneman of Slayer

Last night, while at my favorite bar in the world, Duff's Brooklyn, I read on Facebook that Jeff Hanneman, a founding member of one of thrash metal's big four Slayer, passed away, at age 49! I was shocked and saddened deeply, to say the least. We of course wasted no time in playing some Slayer at the bar. We had, too. And, I have been listening to their music, almost all day, today, as well.

He died of liver failure due to flesh-eating bacteria. This is rumored, but not confirmed, to have come from a spider bite he got years ago. That ended up causing him an arm infection. It was ultimately dealt with, but it is possible that this liver disease was some underlying result.

Regardless, of the cause, it's a tragic and sad death, and to be taken so young, too. He was an exceptional guitarist, one of the greatest ever, I and many would say. I got into Slayer as a sophomore in high school, with what remains my favorite album of theirs: Seasons in the Abyss. That was one of those albums that changed my life. It would push me to look for darker and more evil bands, but none could or can touch the mighty Slayer. They, along with the other Big Four (Metallica, Megadeth, and Anthrax) remain my four favorite bands, ever.
I met them in 1994, a week before Divine Intervention came out at Sam Goody in NYC. I only really talked to singer and bass player Tom Araya, but they were all cool, to their fans. 
You can see Jeff, in the middle, face covered by his long blonde hair. You can spot me as the guy with Metallica hat and Megadeth backpatch with a Jansport schoolbag.

Jeff will always be remembered. I hope all of my fellow metalheads are blasting Slayer, as we speak. May he RIP.


Preview of Corrupt Schoolgirls 4

All pics courtesy of Mile High Media and RealityJunkies.
NOTE: There are no balloons on the cover, but I don't post hard-on pics on this blog, so either look it up on the site or use your imagination.

Ahh, corrupt schoolgirls, are there a better type of schoolgirl? No, I think not! And, thankfully Reality Junkies are here to remind us of just that with their latest release Corrupt Schoolgirls 4

Here is the description from the Mile High Media site:
Veronica decides to cut gym class because she isn’t as athletic as the other girls, but coach Ferrara feels otherwise. Bright student Molly has the hots for her teacher but doesn’t know how to tell him, so she decides to cause a little trouble to get Prof. Everhard’s full attention. Nobody respects teachers aid Casey, but when Prof Stone returns he gives her all the respect she deserves. Principle Gunn receives tons of complaints about Kelly pissing off staff members, so he springs into action to discipline her.

Directed by Bobby Manila, this entry has a very sexy cast. They are:
Veronica Rodriguez, Molly Bennett, Casey Stone, Kelly Surfer, Manuel Ferrara, Erik Everhard, Evan Stone, Tommy Gunn

I recently me the beautiful and sexy Veronica Rodriguez at Exxxotica Atlantic City, actually, where she later that night, won the Fanny for best Non-White Chick of the Year (Ethnic Star of the Year). My crew, friends, and I loved her, and I promise to have some pic(s) of her from that event here, in the near future. But for now you can enjoy these HOT cast pics:

Molly Bennett
 Casey Stone
 Veronica Rodriguez
 Kelly Surfer

From the Mile High Media press release:
“This has been one of our best selling new series,” states Mile High Media Vice President Jon Blitt.  “Our studios’ schoolgirl series are always popular, but ‘Corrupt Schoolgirls’ takes the genre to even kinkier heights. 

Corrupt Schoolgirls 4 hit DVD yesterday, so get it already!