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Burning Angel at One Last Shag- 5/15/13

All pics courtesy of Negative Pop and myself.
This past Wednesday, May, 15, 2013, I attended my first Burning Angel event in what amounted to two years, and coincidentally, it was held at the same place that the last one I attended was at: One Last Shag in Brooklyn, NY. I had a real good time, and so did anyone else who attended this standing room only event.
Our host for the night was Burning Angel owner and head babe, the always beautiful and sweet Joanna Angel. She was her usual pleasant self and, of course, looked amazing! At the event one of her movies, Baristas, played. It basically tells the tale of a coffee place called, Coffee Hole, run by Joanna and where hot tattooed babes work at, played by Burning Angel hotties: Kleio Valentein, Krista Kaos, Veruca James, and Jessie Lee. Dana Dearmond is also in the movie playing a hippie. Though the movie was edited for time, making hardcore scenes still hardcore but a lot shorter, it was still clear that the sex was hot, especially the Kleio, Veruca, and one lucky guy scene. 

 But, the other appeal of the movie is the humor. It's a decidely really fun and funny movie. I think it ranks among the best of the Burning Angel movies. Besides it's about two of my favorite subjects: coffee and hot chicks with tattoos!! It also plays a parody on reality TV. In the last act of the movie the cast goes all Jersey Shore on us. Kleio and Jessie look AMAZING in black wigs, and Joanna is just awesome trying to be all Jersey Shore-ish, Joe Cappucino (Danny Wylde) is just a truly hilarious character!
 In the meantime the always awesome and totally hot as hell Kleio Valentein was serving free beer courtesy of PBR and free coffee from Pour'n Coffee. I mean how in the hell do you beat a free event that has free coffee and beer, porn, and hot tattooed chicks? You just can't! And, Kleio was, as she always is, a sweet and fun bartender. It's always such a pleasure to see and talk to her. 
After the film was over, Joanna answered some Q&A. As always, Joanna's friendly and down to earth personality really comes through. She talked about how the idea for the movie came about, among other subjects. One of the highlights had her saying that she is going to shoot in the Moon, thanks to Measure B. Hmm, the Mooninites from Aqua Teen Hunger Force (or whatever that shows calls itself now!), will be happy with that news!  
Joanna and Kleio also signed movies and pictures for the fans. As well as posed for pics with them. It's just further proof of how fan friendly Burning Angel really is. And, like you can see from my earlier mini-review, I really recommend Baristas. So go get it, now!
All in all, this was a lot fun and, I'm glad I went to it. Not just cause I had a blast, but because I got to cover it for you guys, who couldn't be there. 
 Kleio poses with the Pour'n Coffee. I had some of it. Man, it's good, strong coffee!
 Kleio is such a sweetheart. I can never say enough nice things about how awesome she is! :)
This might be my favorite picture I have with Joanna Angel, ever. Not an exaggeration! 

By the way, if you want more coffee related pics, be sure to check out this folder on the event on my and my friends coffee page on Facebook: Cawwwffee!